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When my wife takes control

     Enjoy You stand at my back, lean in so I feel your rack.   Pull my hands out of sight; I feel a handcuff closing tight. Be my slave tonight, I promise to treat you right. Your hands are cold, as you slip on the blindfold. You glide them down my back, all I can see is black. My knees feel week as you caress my ass cheek Squeezing my ass tight you...Read On


I was a wartime TV for the US Army

Reform school teenager is offered a unique chance to serve the troops during WWII

  'I was a Wartime Transvestite for Uncle Sam!               TJ Ryder                                            Chapter 1           Reform School Romance!     I couldn't believe that all I got from my uncle Bill when he died after all he said to me about my being his favorite grand nephew was an old diary from World War II.    I mean I thought we got along pretty darn good, and its not...Read On


Sister's Sexy Workout

A very sexy workout outfit finally gives an aroused brother courage.

For years now, I have been attracted to my younger sister. It’s not only her gorgeous looks but she is so warm and just a great person to be around. I think she feels the same attraction to me as we always have a great time together. As we have grown older, our sexual feelings have become more bold and stronger.   I’m the 28 year old brother of a beautiful 19 year...Read On


My Black-Maled Wife! Chapter One

Husband discovers his wife has a big black lover!

Black-Maled Wife! TJ Ryder Chapter 1      It's not easy having a beautiful wife when your'e an average looking smallish guy.  As an accountant I did the books for a lot of border line entertainment companies, and one was Gold Productions in Reno, where my wife then worked as a dancer, going by the name of Debbie Delight instead of Debbie Pulaski.  Ten years ago she was getting tired of that,...Read On


Tango at the Vingt-Deux

Was this a case of look before you try?

The Vingt-Deux is an intimate club just behind the Rue Fénélon.    It’s really a night club, but for those in the know, the bar is open during the afternoons except for Mondays.    Whatever else we might be at the Vingt-Deux we are discreet. Although I work with the band, on this particular Tuesday afternoon I was behind the bar instead of Henri, our usual barman.   Henri is a...Read On



With Sue Lee he found his asian princess. With Lilly he found his asian slut girl.

    Daddy’s Old Army Buddy PART 3 LILLY It was about two week after Sue Lee’s eighteenth birthday, and both Dennis and Sue Lee was still experiencing the highs that two people go through after becoming lovers. For Dennis the fact that he had raised his new lover from the time she was two months old, seem to have made what happen between them even more beautiful. In a span of two...Read On


Fun at work

Based on a true story of fun I had in the office

'Hi how you going my name is Christy and I have been sent from the temp agency to work with you for a couple of weeks' I said to the tall attractive gay man behind the reception desk. 'Hiya' he replied 'my name is Darren and you will be working closely with me so let me show you around the department and introduce you to everyone'. I followed Darren around while he showed me what's what...Read On


Double Play

A typical evening with Master and Mistress

I enter their home. They're James and Margaret but I know them better as Master and Mistress, Sir and Madam or, on occasion, Daddy and Mommy. It depends what mood they're in. I fit myself to them. I try my best to be whatever they need me to be. By being there for them, I attain satisfaction, completion. I'm like a lock without a key until I see them, until they fit their key into me. There's...Read On


First Sex with big bro

i promised myself that i wouldn't be forced to do this, but somehow it happened anyway

I wasn't going to let Jason do this to me. I had only agreed to letting him take pictures of me nude, but not this... My name is Marissa. I am 21 and like to think of myself as a kick ass sex machine. I have size 36 D tits, long tan legs, insane curves, a nice ass and long blonde ringlets. I was aware that my brother was hot, but i didn't think that he liked me in more than a...Read On


Dani's New Life - Chap 4b

Dani's degradation and humiliation continue

Dani's New Life Ch. 04b by Lauries Husband© (If you haven't already, please read Dani's New Life – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4a. This will make much more sense if you do...) Only a few minutes had passed since Dani had lost consciousness; her eyelids fluttered and she gasped her first waking breath. Never before had she been so totally overwhelmed by such intense feelings...Read On



We all stared open mouthed at the two girls. Our little village had never seen such... beauty. The eldest, who could have been no more then sixteen or so had long blonde locks, that seemed to cascade over her shoulder. The second was a sharp contrast, with jet black hair and pale skin but her eyes were a vibrant blue and danced with excitement as she stared at us all. They were both...Read On


Being naughty for daddy

A daughter shares her father's love with her best friend.

Being Naughty for Daddy, H my name is Christy and I love telling stories, especially ones where my daddy and I are fucking the hell out of each other. Its just so happens that I have one of these naughty little tale that I wound love to share with you tonight. You see a little over a week ago daddy and I had one of the best fuck sessions, I can not remember the last time we had sex...Read On


Friends first

     Watching her head snap to the side made me hesitate a moment. She looked shocked for a second then stared at the floor.          “Get up”, I growled but meant it to sound more menacing than it did because I, too, was surprised at the force of the backhand delivered. I could already see the imprint of my hand creeping across her jaw and cheek.        She stands awkwardly...Read On


Thanks to My Hubby pt2

It was time for him to see what it was like

The conclusion to I Thank My Hubby... A couple of days after Larry stayed over, and shared his beautiful cock big cock with me, I got a call from his wife. Elisha and I had been friends since we roomed together at a small rural college in the middle of nowhere. We had often played around sexually doing the normal girlie things, both in and out of bed. "Hello Elisha, how are you" I asked ...Read On

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A story that makes me smile..

Do you want me to be slutty for you? I think you do, and when I think about it I lose breaths that normally I take for granted. We’ve never touched before and as I look at your hands I wonder how they will feel on me, I wonder about the little things, the electricity between the tips of your fingers and the skin on my neck, how warm your hands will be on my breasts. I wonder about the...Read On