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Carla's Caress

Carla decides to have her wicked way with her two friends at a fancy dress party...

Carla didn’t care anymore; caution had been thrown to the wind. She wanted to fuck her two friends, or to be fucked by them. They had flirted enough, hinted enough, drunk enough. It was time for sex. She was hot and wet, eager for her first taste of pussy, and the moment was right. This was no time to hold back. She pressed forward against the French Maid and lifted her short flared...Read On


Guilty Pleasures

Black nylons, for starters Trimmed with frilly lace garters Would make for a very nice touch To some, lingerie is a luxury For me, it is a vice Yes, I am guilty of such I'm not asking, but telling you And I won't be saying it twice In order to please You need only tease I've already said way...Read On


Nature's Rewards - Consummation

She took, I gave, she asked, she received...'s only just here, and already I can feel it's effects.  As other organisms in nature begin to respond, so to do I. An awakening of sorts, a stirring from deep down. My own nature stirs in earnest, hungry and anxious  For new and fertile ground to flourish in. My root grows in it's desire to plunge deeply,  Gathering strength and girth as it does so,  Seeking a moist,...Read On


A Lover's Embrace

For my husband and lover, Sam

He is walking towards me at his seductive pace I'm against the wall without any breathing space His big hands are gentle as he envelops my face Just looking in his eyes I know this is my place With the tip of his tongue my lips he begins to trace I wrap my arms around him in a lover's embrace His tongue joins mine to begin their ritual dance I feel his passion and desire and...Read On


My Boss's Shocking Secret

Some secrets never stay secret forever.

Sylvia Watson, a twenty six year old young journalist, walked over to her desk at the New York Times and sat down in her chair and sighed. She placed her bag on the back of her chair when an Asian guy in a dark suit came over to her. "The new boss is in the office," he whispered. "Her face is like thunder. Where have you been? The first meeting with her was half an hour ago." "My alarm...Read On


Cheating Wife and Employee

I fuck my sexy redheaded boss.

Work was done for the day and we slid our time cards through the slot and left the factory as soon as possible. It was payday and we all wanted drinks at the bar. This was the highlight of our week, the after-work drink at the bar. We worked second shift and that didn’t leave much time for a social life, especially when we were working seven days a week. It had taken a toll and that week a...Read On


Their first time

An argument, a walk on the beach, a chance encounter. It became... their first time.

"Damn you!" I shouted, "You are not going to spoil this holiday for me just because you cannot do what you want to!" I grabbed my cardigan and handbag and stormed out, slamming the front door behind me. I'd had enough of him for one morning. My husband, Philip had health problems which meant that sometimes he did not have the strength to walk far due to his extreme fatigue and difficulty...Read On


Seducing my stepsister

A stepbrother is more than willing to do what he needs to, for his stepsister

My name is Ryan, and I'm twenty-five. I have black hair, and brown eyes. I have a stepsister named Kate, who is twenty-seven, and she just got divorced. She caught her husband cheating, and she was devastated. She came right to me, because she had no one else to go to. She cried in my arms constantly, and I had no idea what to do or say. We had been close ever since our parents introduced us,...Read On


Only Time Will Tell (part II)

Rick begins to fall, but I fell long ago.

Winter is upon us now. Rick and I have now been carrying forward our arrangement since the summer. We have been having a lot of fun with each other, perhaps too much fun for us to call it casual any longer. I bite my tongue knowing Rick doesn't want serious. I have now found myself staying at his house most nights. He works mostly nights, and me days, so we typically only see each other...Read On


Three's Company - Teaching is Everything

Vanna and I get schooled

Vanna and I are what you might call sexual predators. We visit bars and clubs in search of women to seduce. We are pretty successful at this and sometimes we hit the jackpot. This is a story about such a night. We arrived at the nightclub around 9:00. It was an average place, with a bar area and tables set back and dimly lit. It was famous for being a hookup bar, just what we were looking for....Read On


My Private Tutors

Shelly will do anything to graduate with her class.

Hello everyone! My name is Shelly Rockton, I am twenty-one years old, 5'1" tall. I have blonde hair that reaches a little past my shoulders. My eyes are ice blue in color. What you are about to read is an unexpected lesson I learned. There is no homework, exams or studying for this subject. The only requirement is practice, practice.    ***   It is mid-term exam time for the first...Read On

Recommended Read

Cordelia's Feet 5 - The Queen Bee's Wishes

A new day, and Cordelia already has new, naughty games in mind for her submissive teacher

Freshly showered and blow-drying my hair, I contemplated my unhealthy infatuation with my student once again. How far would I allow this to go? Too much was at risk. I needed to stop this, and I stared hard at my naked reflection in the gold-rimmed bathroom mirror, willing the strength I needed into existence. I switched off the dryer, put it on the small shelf next to the washing basin...Read On


Helen of Troy

Such beauty is a gift from the Gods, that men so helplessly risk everything for.

All Greece hates  Helen of Troy   The azure of her eyes  Embedded  In a stone face  The length of an outstretched hand  Delicate  To be kissed  The lure of heart shaped lips  With up turned corners  Inherently hers  To be given  Like prized gifts  At her will  Desiring  To sink a thousand ships  As if they only  Pass in the night  For her there is no fucking Only the making ...Read On

Recommended Read


Incompatible colleagues, a car, and a crash.

Credits rolled. So went another sappy romantic comedy, the third one I’d consumed in as many days. Me. Mister Sensitivity. I’d like to be able to say I didn’t know what was going on with me, but I hadn’t reached the point of lying to myself. Yet. I tapped a key and the tablet went dark. It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. A fuzzy orange sphere shimmered on the glass tower across...Read On


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, Before she became who she is today, She had a restlessness, Needing to realize and admit Who she really was, What she needed to be whole. As truth wants out, The day came when she no longer denied, Stopped keeping her eyes closed, To avoid seeing the obvious. Accepting all sides of herself Gave a whole new peace. She found giving up control, Submitting with...Read On


Between Midnight and Noon

A young man seeks out companionship to fill an emotional void and sooth his soul.

Eight months. Seven days. Sixteen hours. It’s been so long since my wife last told me she loved me and then kissed me goodbye. How was I to know that one kiss would be the last kiss, the last caress? How many times would I think of her and seek her memory out in this way? “More coffee?” The waitress comes to stand in front of me, carafe in her hand. I consider that she...Read On


Mari's Confession (Part 1)

Irene's surprised by the postman's delivery

This story takes place four months after “Irene’s Missionary Adventure.” Things were slowly getting back to normal, but the summer had been crazy. I had hardly seen Oscar, he had needed to stay in town all summer and his job had needed him six or even seven days a week. Meanwhile I had been at the coast with the girls; I felt a bit bad about relaxing at the beach, but I guess that’s why we...Read On


The Knight Of Love

It is my duty don't you know To service women soft and slow. To fill their needs and fill them all No matter whether short or tall. My quest will always simply be To please the ladies that need me. A Knight of Love from days gone by I make them shiver, quake, and sigh. I never let a challenge pass For I will favor every lass. Their needs I meet with sweet finesse And spread around...Read On


Escort in the City

An escort meets her client

There is an escort her name is Yvonne,  She's getting ready to meet her client named Donn. She's wearing a very short mini denim skirt, With a sexy bra that shows through her revealing shirt. Gold high heels that adorn her sexy feet, She looks so beautiful, now her look is complete. She takes a cab over to the four star hotel, She sprays herself with her favorite perfume Chanel. The...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 11

Professor Mel

I awoke the next morning alone in the bed. Sitting up, I looked around. Slowly I remembered where I was. I saw that my clothes were neatly folded on Amy's dresser. I got up, used the lavatory and took a quick shower. After I showered I noticed a tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream and a razor lying next to one of the sinks with a note that said, Michael, these are for you. I shaved,...Read On


Lucy's Conversion

Lucy's long held fantasy comes true

Lucy hummed softly to herself, as she turned off the shower and reached for the towel. After rubbing her hair vigorously and sawing the towel across her back; she started the more delicate job of firstly stroking her arms dry, then lifting each breast in turn and wiping away the beads of moisture. The fact that her nipples where still so responsive made her smile as her hand lead the towel to...Read On


Zoe's Mini Adventure

A new convertible has a big impact on a couple's sex life

My wife and I recently bought a convertible. It’s hard to believe that a car can change your sex life, but it can! I now wonder why automakers don’t sell a lot more ragtops. Zoe and I are a middle-aged couple living in London. Years ago, following the death of Zoe’s parents, we inherited a small holiday home in rural France. The surrounding countryside is beautiful: rolling hills, fields...Read On


Don't lose the butterflies

A casual glance across the room I caught your gaze in the twilight gloom A rush of power, gone too soon You gave me butterflies. You stand above me, trace my lips You make me wait for your tingling kiss The space between us no longer exists Can you feel my butterflies? The zipper lowering on my dress The sharpest sting, a hot caress I steel myself, in sweet distress You cant steal...Read On


An Unbelievably Hot Time at the Beach

A continuation about our real life sexual exploits with new friends.

Kristen and I arrived in St. Martin, we traveled from the airport to our resort on the French side of the island. We checked into the resort and made our way to our room, where a chilled bottle of champagne was waiting for us. We popped the bubbly to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful week in paradise. Kristen always gets into her vacation mode. That means she wears very sexy and...Read On


She Got a Quick Rub in Her Room

An hour’s oil massage suddenly seemed like a good idea

He was about to begin massaging her breasts. His slickly warm right hand was resting just below their rise, fingers stretched into her cleavage. His left hand was lightly gripping the top of her right thigh. She was feeling pretty hot about that. She was wearing the bottom half of a pink string bikini. She was hot about that too and even hotter about the certainty that soon she would not...Read On


Paradise Hook-Up (Part 1)

Roxie and Venezia get out of control while sharing Aruri's dick.

Venezia pushes me down onto the couch as she and Roxie continue kissing. Roxie walks Venezia backwards until they fall into the chair across from me. Venezia opens her legs around Roxie while adjusting her position in the chair. Roxie slides her hands down Venezia’s body and begins rubbing her pussy. Venezia moans softly into Roxie’s mouth as they kiss to muffle the moans. Roxie rubs...Read On


Secret Diary of a Cheerleader - Chapter 2

Some girls have to go the extra mile

-Monday May 12th Got me a new poster of Branden Casey. That guy is such a beaut! He so needs to get in my bed. I would show him some cheerleading skills that you don’t get in the handbook. I had my work cut out. It was only two weeks before the UGA prizes were to be awarded and I had one last tactical manoeuvre before votes were cast. Then there’s all the revision for end of year...Read On


Fucking your wife Ch-3

What you want isn't always what you get.

  Oh Audrey, my sweet, tawdry Audrey, I’ve never seen you like this but you literally rocked my world! Your transition was powerful and a complete turn-around – not to mention turn-on! Imagine my surprise – oh hell, imagine your husband’s! It all seemed simple enough. My first time visiting your home was a meeting to plan a Bermuda cruise vacation for the three of us. It didn’t enter my...Read On


I Am Your Mistress

Suggestions from a Mistress for her slave

I Am Your Mistress I am your Mistress What can I help you with  My man-slut, my slave A flogging, a caning  A whipping, a chaining  A blindfold or the Gates-of-Hell  A studded collar with a silver bell I am your Mistress  What do you need from me  My pet, my pussy boy Tied up in ropes and hung from a hook  Chained to the wall in a dark, damp nook  A strap-on to invade...Read On


I am Sissy

a fantasy of a taken slave by a pirate captain

The year was 1888. My name was Sebastian but I was now called Sissy since I was taken a slave. My father’s merchant ship was captured and sunk by the pirate crew of the Black Bess. I alone was saved for Captain Booth's pleasure. He was an escaped convict from the prison island of Australia. He was a huge beast of a black man, dark ebony skin stretched tight over enormous muscles that...Read On