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Shelly's Secrets: Bathing Jennier Part 2

While trying to discover my own sexuality, I discover my roommate's.

Right after graduation, I enrolled in a very prestigious out-of-state university. Even better, I was going to be living with my good friend Shelly. I had known Shelly my whole life; she lived just 5 houses down. Although she was older, we had been very close until she moved away for college. In fact, she graduated from the very school I was attending just a few months before and was working...Read On


A Very Naughty Girl – Takes a Facial

A very naughty girl is desperate and in need of spunk, lot’s of spunk.

It was Friday night and I was feeling just a little too horny to allow my feelings to pass without doing anything about them. I found myself breathing heavily, pawing at my tits through the thin fabric of my new blouse and squeezing my pussy lips between my thighs. I needed to get some cock. I soon found myself showered and partially made up and on my way to my favourite swinger’s club....Read On


Our Lodger Has a Massive Cock

A teenage virgin watches the family's lodger masturbating

Our lodger has a massive cock, He plays with it each night. The first time that I caught a glimpse It gave me such a fright! I’d seen it limp and dangling, Quite floppy, small and slim, While he was putting on his trunks When going for a swim. But when he’s in his bedroom, Door carelessly ajar, I can’t believe how big it gets: It really is bizarre! ‘Tween door and jamb there is a...Read On


Adventures with a Co-Worker -2

Linda thanks me some more for helping get her the job

We lay there, our naked warmth embracing us the length of our bodies. I rolled a bit to the right onto the bed to have greater access to her gorgeous body. I looked down her length over the champagne sized breasts with inch long nipples straining in erotic excitement over her belly, to the short trimmed pubic hair and the top of her vagina in view. Swinging my face to hers I smiled, she...Read On


The new Design guy

Working in the Marketing department of a company allows me the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of different people. A few months ago my company started using a new design company. Luckily our rep turned out to be tall and attractive. Scott and I hit it off right from the start and he would always make a point to stop and speak to me whenever he came into our office. At first there...Read On


Mrs. Jessup Shows Me

It started slowly with me peeking in on Mrs. Jessup showering, when I was a junior in high school and now seventeen years old. My cock got hard virtually every day, more than once. Mr. Jessup was away often because he worked on the railroad. That meant he might be away for days at a time. That was alright with me because it gave me more of a chance to peek at Mrs. Jessup whenever I could....Read On


Swimming teachers can be more than friends

She was my teacher before she became my partner.

I am writing this as a way of getting a very exciting chapter of my life "on paper". It's the true life story of my one and only older woman and the sexual awakening she brought to my life. I had dated and had sex with one girlfriend up to the point of this story, but what my older lover taught me was tenderness and patience. I'm in my late fifties now, but this happened when I was just...Read On


A Party with Carol Pt 2

I bit of Carols slant on the early evening. She was well taken

The sight of two beautiful small firm arses presented to me certainly made me grow. Okay, I am around six and a half, maybe seven inches, is that enough girls? Was this heaven? They parted their legs allowing me access to push my hands between them and stroke two hot and very moist pusses. Wow, that had me even more turned on. “Oh yes. More, more,” they were moaning, writhing under...Read On



Katie and I decide to move in together

Katie and I have been talking about moving in together for a while now. We have been together for about six months and both of us haven't clicked this well with someone else this fast. So finally we did decide it was time to take that big step. After a long day of moving what seemed like loads of boxes, all of Katie's stuff was moved to my apartment. "Do you think you have enough stuff?" I...Read On


Not Too Late

After a loveless marriage ends, she's ready to start again... with a bang!

Catching up, that's what I was thinking. Starting over? Making up for lost time. Why had this taken so long? What the hell had I been thinking? The self-recrimination was so frequent these last years that it was almost funny now. And behind that thought, the usual suspects. Mom tried to tell me I was too young. I grimaced in the mirror as I applied my mascara. Well, if Mom knew what I...Read On



The beauty of freedom.

I wet my dry lips, and listen to the thudding of my heart in my ears. My eyes tightly closed even behind the blindfold covering them. I make a decided effort to relax my trembling hands within their bindings. I know they aren't tight, and I have handed my trust over to your keeping. I feel a gentle hand touch my lightly tensed thigh, and my breath catches momentarily, only to quiver...Read On


Brother's Gonna be Pissed Part 2

"Is that going to stop you now?" he whispered into my ear. "No." I moaned softly. "Good, me neither." Before he could do anything I dropped to my knees, opened his pants and pulled them and his boxers to the floor. I swear I'd never seen anything as appetizing before; he was at least 8 inches and wide. His cock sprang to attention as soon as his trunks passed his waist. When he felt the...Read On


The Wakefield Cases; The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 8

Mr. Wakefield figures out a thing or two..

I embraced the small woman in front of me. She was wet and shivering. One of her hands grabbed my shoulder and we stood there holding on to each other in the rain. She was holding something between us which I was pressed uncomfortably against. Her hair clung to her head, heavy from the water. My face and hands were freezing cold and every raindrop hit me like an icy bullet. I opened my...Read On


Daily Ado

In my daily ado as keeper and sweeper of tomes, Poetically I scribed not of lamp moths,  But sensuality of Sandman's flirtation with prose. Erotically I have no misgivings, As opinions are passé. Darkness is the fillet mignon of erotic thrills, And the tenderness of soft flesh I thrive. By-passing Marigolds and sweets,  Chilling with my quill I feast. Scribing on lines I drip my seed....Read On


A First Broken Heart

We all have our first broken heart.

Everyone will have a sad point in their lives, and the experience of it will be different for all of us. And ya know what? It's probably going to be one of the worst things that you will have to go through. Not going to lie about it. When you get your heart broken, it feels like it was shattered into a million pieces. You feel like the sun won't come out tomorrow, but it does. It's...Read On