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Devotion to Aphrodite

Diana is a prostitute in the temple of Aphrodite and sincerely believes in the value of her service.

The legionnaire was very hairy. The hair on his broad back was long enough for Diana to get her fingers tangled right inside. But at least he spoke Greek. Of a sort. Not like the Roman centurion who’d fucked Diana for so long just a couple of hours ago. He’d spoken Vulgar Latin and some words of Aramaic from where he’d been stationed before being relocated to Smyrna. But even though she...Read On


Subrianna's first dungeon experience

Unfettered night that Subrianna will never forget

She parked in the parking lot across the street like Master had told her to. She watched a couple get out of a car next to her pull two bags out of their car and walk to the dungeon. She felt her nervousness settle in as she checked her face in the mirror and saw heavily lined eyes, mascara, and retro red lipstick on her lips. Master had wanted her to look slutty tonight. Her instructions...Read On


A Detective's Journal - Chapter 6

Going under cover means going under the covers

Alexia Janine gave me the address to The Slice Club. She said to meet her there at 1:30pm. This was to be my interview with Inna Grekov, the club manager. All my undercover training and months of preparation would be wasted if she didn't hire me. I had dressed as provocative as I could, using Janine's makeup instructions carefully. The fake eyelashes and dark eyeliner made my appearance...Read On


Love me then Leave Me

Love me then leave me, then love me then leave me You've out the door. Why did you love me then break my heart happily? What was the point of being with me if you leave so hastily, without care or thought of what it does to me? In my mind you left without a goodbye, and without a reason why. I cry inside, my hot tears flowing outside. My heart breaks over and...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part VIII

Julie continues to arouse Alistair with her cuckolding taunts

Julie’s email sent Alistair straight up to the bedroom. He quickly got out of his trousers and pants and grabbed a pair of her knickers and lay on the bed. He didn’t know where to start as he began to stroke himself. Should he concentrate on Bajram fucking her? Perhaps he should think about Ceres and his Julie together? Maybe even think about Abdul and Bajram both fucking her that...Read On


Water and Sand

A night between lovers on an island.

Water splashing at my toes Stars shooting across the sky Listening to you snore. Its so beautiful Sliding my arm underneath your head. Laying there looking at you sleep Thinking bout the night we had. Thinking about the way Our bodies felt against each other How my lips felt as they Fell upon yours, Kissing you passionately. The moon shining bright over our heads. ...Read On


Brenda and Sharon

My name is Brenda. I came to the university on my own. Parents gave me some money but I was working getting loans and grants for the rest. I had lived off campus with a dude who turned out to be a douce. He tried to put the moves on me and I wasn’t interested, for whatever reason. He just didn’t do anything for me. Anyway, I decided that day that I needed to move out and find a new room-mate....Read On


Community Involvement Ch. 02

A shower for two is better than for one

We had not seen each other for a few weeks, which was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there had been times when it had been months. As you can imagine though, I was always on the lookout for any sight of her, particularly after what had occurred just after the start of the new school year. However, in my usual silly way, with each passing day, I was starting to question if she might...Read On


My BBC Slut Adventure - Part 2

A true story about my adventursome experience with a well endowed black guy

Cal and I had agreed that it would be best for both of us to keep our relationship relatively quiet, at least until something changed that would make us both want it public. We both still wanted the option of seeing other people and we did not want questions about what might be going on with us. I had a couple guys that I went out with occasionally and had sex with occasionally but they...Read On


DarkFyre Chapter Seventeen

Rael and Silmaria discuss the events of their very odd night.

DarkFyre Chapter Seventeen The bear pelt was heavy and warm. Strange, to think that the pelt and meat were keeping them alive and comfortable after the bear had nearly killed him. There was a sort of grim irony in that, he supposed, but it was lost in the relief of being alive, the exhaustion of his ordeal, and the wonder of the woman in his arms. Rael stared down at Silmaria. She...Read On



Missing you

I heard your voice at the edge of my dream I got lost in the sound of your laughter as you called my name Spending my nights getting lost in the memories Once I wake up, it only turns into pain I know that I lost you all on my own I know that I pushed you away I know that you stayed by me every time that I got scared, giving into the temptation to run Now everyday seems a...Read On

Recommended Read

I'm your little Squirt

Yes it does happen

This morning you came to me With a single plea I want to fuck my lass That tiny girl with class and sass With tiny curvy hips And nice big tits I want to stir My cock in her So he walks over to his ties Picks out a silk one, while looking in my eyes Softly he ties my wrists With delicate knots and twists Then he slips my thong down my leg As I feel his fingers and I beg My...Read On


Ghost Between Us - Chapter One

14 years ago - Year 2000 Boydon Williams stared at the ceiling, thinking about Lyanna de la Rey; the subject of his infatuation, wet dreams, delight and daylight torment. His flaccid penis hardened as he remembered how she'd looked this afternoon; like an angel (though on second thought, Boyd retracted this comparison) - there was nothing about Lyanna that inspired holiness in mortal men....Read On



Lori's would be lesbian seduction of her teacher leaves her bound and fucked.

My name is Tracie and I have been living as a woman since I graduated college. Moving to a new town afforded me the opportunity to pursue my career as a female high school English teacher. I loved my job and I had great students. After a year or so of teaching I had my favorite students who were attentive, hardworking, and had a passion for education. One of my favorite students, Lori,...Read On


My Introduction to Bondage

It was an amazing night that taught me to love bondage.

Before the event I’m about to share with you, I had done just about all there was to do sexually, with the exception of bondage. The idea of things being totally out of my control never really appealed to me, but all that changed at Steve’s birthday party. Steve is a friend of my husband Mark, and I suck him off about once a week. He's really into bondage and he's always been after me to...Read On