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Daddy's boss

  Since summer arrived and the days were getting warmer, my parents decided it was a good time for the traditional summer barbecue. They invited the neighbors and work colleagues from mum and dad’s work. I had to be the good girl, stay in and help. This meant another boring day for me. My dad’s boss was here whom I had known for awhile. He was an older man in his mid forties, who...Read On


Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 2

The next day, Helen gets wrapped up even tighter in her young neighbor's sexual web

Helen started the next day with a long soak in the bathtub, trying to wash away the cobwebs still in her mind. But when she reached between her legs and felt the soft hairs she was reminded of the girl, and she wondered how it might feel to be bare down there. In a daring move she knelt upright, grabbed the foam and razor usually reserved for her legs and began to shave away the blond locks...Read On


Third Shift

"I slapped her tits with my cock, rubbed my balls on her nose, and sprayed all over her face." That's the reason no one liked working with Leo. Not that he was a bad guy, he just had no filter when it came to speaking. Lines like that, to Leo, were as normal as "Good morning," or "Extra sugar with my coffee please." The early fall was the busiest time of the year for the factory. They...Read On


'Hole' Load of Surprises- Part 2

Christy becomes an integral part of the glory hole industry...

I woke the next day wondering if it was all just a dream. My mind kept focusing on Katie Alsop's mouth wrapped around that cock, the way it passed her soft lips while she eagerly bobbed her head on it. When I looked at the time I was reminded I had to go back to normality, and University. The day would be a long one, with the anticipation surrounding my night’s events constantly on my mind. ...Read On


Discovering my sexuality

My Mum, Carl my stepdad and I had gone to the Italian lakes on holiday; it was back in July just after my sixteenth birthday. On the third day of the holiday just after lunch, Mum and Carl had gone up to the apartment for a nap. I had dozed off by the pool in the sun and woke some time later with a raging thirst. I decided to go to my room to get some money for a cold drink and an ice cream. ...Read On



We really shouldn't be doing this.....

Frenzy “Kim, I don’t think we should be doing this," Jason said as I shoved him against the wall. We were in the stairwell at the University we attended. No one could see us, and if they did, well they were going to get a show. I unzipped his jeans as he stared, looking shocked. I went down on my knees looked him deep in the eyes and grabbed a hold of his growing member. This had to be...Read On


An Ordinary Movie Date

Kristina decides to act out her most intimate fantasy when Lucas takes her to the movies.

His car came to a stop in front of the house making that horrid rattling sound that it did. Before he could even turn the ignition to kill the beast, she came walking out of the house with a skip in her step. Lucas watched eyes agape as his new girlfriend Kristina made her way to his car. She was so beautiful, way out of his league and he knew it. “Hey babe,” She stuck her head through...Read On



My back is burning brightly with pain.. An exquisite slow burn that gets warmer and warmer. Turning into flames And the flames go higher and higher Reaching to the sky Getting white hot as the sun. I am merely mortal I try fan the flames out Only to make them hotter and hotter. I fall to the grass gasping in pain. Only to wake up and do it all over again. I think of you but the...Read On


The Magic Tongue

Jane gives Sherri a tongue ride she'll never forget

Sherri lay on the bed, questions racing through her mind. She had never done this before; would she be able to go through with it? Would she like it? Would she be able to reciprocate? Jane was lying next to her, kissing her, swirling her tongue around in Sherri’s mouth and she felt herself getting aroused and responding. Jane stopped kissing her mouth and moved to her neck, then her breasts....Read On


My Desire

Soft. Warm. Wet for you. For you alone. My tan thighs long to be touched and caressed by you, Before you go down on me. They long to have your head between them. My brown, smooth, tight wet pussy Is so desperately yearning For your tongue, fingers and hard cock. For your precum and streams of hot cum deep in me, Running out of my pussy, down to my ass and thighs. My dark...Read On


Anything she wanted

I would do anything for her and she knew it

Lacey was gorgeous, what made her dangerous was that she knew it. I had known her since our freshman year of college and had always wanted her. I was no slouch with the ladies, but Lacey was always the one that I wanted. Like all beautiful women she had her pick and seemed to enjoy keeping me at arms length and teasing me every chance she got. We shared a small house and she was never shy...Read On


Eating all night

Fantasy by Kelly It was a warm sticky evening, and the club was pumping with loud music. It was the sort of music that every beat seemed to make my pussy quiver. The club was unusually full of women, for it was ladies night. I watched as cute girls in skimpy outfits danced around, their bodies teasing me and making me feel horny. I stood by the bar sipping my mojito feeling the cool mint...Read On


Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 3

Fiancee fucks a new found friend on a cruise - but won't let me watch

Our sexual odyssey continues with a Caribbean cruise. We continue to test our boundaries where no one knows us. It's now been three years that Cindy and I have been dating. I finally popped the question and she said, "Yes, I definitely want to marry you." My name is Alan, and we are engaged to be married in twelve months. Cindy is twenty four and I'm thirty four. I am the luckiest man...Read On


Just One More Time

How much longer I have I cannot say. My strength is fading. But I need her to come to me once more. Just one more time. It has been months now. I was a strong man when it began. My body was tall and muscular from the work I did. I was a forest ranger. I would hike the trails up into the mountains and into the valleys each day. Climbing fire towers was common. Clearing trails with power tools...Read On


At Her Command

He's hot for teacher, and her punishments leave him pleading for more!

Her eighteen year old student lies prone over her desk, naked, each muscle flexed, each sinew taught. His snow white skin, glistens with perspiration. He pulls against the soft rope that binds his wrists to one leg of the furniture. Now he's trapped, at her command. She stands beside the desk snapping her black latex gloves into place. “Time to get hard for me lover!” she smiles. Her words...Read On