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Candle Lit Room

Seduce me my lover

As I walk into the room I see the candles every where I smell your cologne Wafting thru the air You walk up behind me You touch my skin lightly A soft kiss on my neck Leaving traces of your hot breath Then a soft silk scarf you tie Around my now closed eyes Slowly you walk me To the bed I don't forsee A night of play You have planned with me My hands you tie to the bed post...Read On


Daddy's Dirty Daughter Part 3

Dirty Daughter gives Daddy the blowjob of his life

My daughter Amanda wrapped her hand around my throbbing man meat, before proceeding to lick up the profuse amount of pre cum from the engorged purple knob of her Daddy’s cock. My dirty daughter’s eyes never lost contact with mine, as her mouth swooped down balls deep over my throbbing shaft. I could tell that she was eager to show her Daddy just how much she loved him and wanted to...Read On


Friends Night

An alcohol fueled dare leads to cocksucking and orgy fun between friends.

"Well, take it out, smart guy, and find out!" The rest of us guffawed uproariously. Elaine and Todd stared silently at each other from opposite chairs, he drunk and daring, she drunk and challenging. Frank got up to freshen his drink and I held up my empty beer. "You're full of shit," Todd rumbled, sitting back on the loveseat and dangling an arm too casually over the back. Oscar and I...Read On


Last Night we danced again

Always a special dance with you

Last night we danced again We danced that slow seductive song The one that always turns me on Your hand sliding down the small of my back The rhythm we've found As you give my ass a light whack We swing and sway Backwards and forwards You grind me in that special way Humming that sweet melody In your deep and sexy voice Building the need inside of me When your soft and gentle lips...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 8 - Taking it Up the Arse

As usual when I get off with Abi, things get more than a little kinky

Back from our visit to the cider farm, I left my mum and dad to look after our purchases, and went back towards my room. I was feeling a bit sticky between the legs after my impromptu fuck, and felt the need to wipe myself down a bit, especially the trails of pussy juice down my thighs. But I didn’t actually make it, since as I was turning the corner I bumped into Abi coming out of her room. ...Read On


My Fraternity Slut Year

A true story about my adventure with a fraternity in my first year of college

I started seeing John in the second half of my junior year in High School. We had known each other for a while but never dated. It just happened that we were at a party and had both fairly recently ended out last relationships, so we hooked up. I thought it might just be a one time thing but we enjoyed each other and he chased me a bit, so we made it a regular thing. His parents and mine...Read On


My First Threesome

This is how my life of happy marriage combined with an unlimited number of sex partners began.

My husband, Mark, has been sharing me with other men and women for over 30 years, and in that time I've engaged in virtually every sexual activity there is that doesn't involve pain or humiliation. That includes public flashing, couple swapping, threesomes, foursomes, oral only gangbangs, full gangbangs, bukkake, public sex, anal, double penetration, all kinds of sexual games and toys,...Read On


Exploring with my Fiancee

My bride to be helps me broaden my sexual horizons

Fantasy and kinky exploration of our sex life quickly escalated from light anal play to Megan having me suck her strap on before she bent me over and would fuck me. During one of our heated and lustful fuck sessions Megan coaxed me into admitting I wanted to try sucking and fucking a real cock. She was behind me as my body was bent over the bed and her strap on dildo was fully buried inside...Read On



Past experience has made me strong I know I can handle life on my own But the lure of love is calling to me With him all of my weakness is known The human spirit is remarkably resilient It can be battered and bent but not break When I was at my very lowest point The fear of death I couldn't seem to shake I found him so unexpected, like an accidental gift His spirit was familiar, it...Read On


Morning Delight

It's a typical Saturday morning. I am going through the house singing to my music as I clean. It seems like there’s always stuff to be done. My music is turned up. Everything from old country to hard rock is ringing through our home. My husband is home today and helping put the house in order. It's an unusual treat for both of us as he usually has to work Saturday mornings. Watching him help...Read On


Learning More About The Neighbors - Part 1

A drink with the neighbors turns into something unexpected ... a night to remember!

My wife and I are in our 50s and have been married for about 25 years. We are ordinary people. I work at a bank, while Rosie gave up her career in retailing to raise our two sons. We have always been faithful to each other and I would describe our sex life as 'average'. I always thought that Rosie was a bit too conservative about sex and was afraid to experiment. However, as I loved her...Read On


Good Girl Gone Bad Part 11

The gangs all here

My cousin Sandy and I had a date with a couple of cops she knew and had “dated” before. She was big into fireman, cops, and military men. I told Sandy about some of the things I was getting into, including some rough sex and name calling. She told me that these two guys were really wild, that the sex would be very intense and they would give me what I was looking for. Sandy warned me that...Read On


Army Wife and Queen of Spades

I start having sex at 16 years old, and later cuckold my Army husband with big, black cocks.

It is understandable that some parents want to protect their children from all of the evil and dangers in the world. But in some cases the restrictions they impose on their kids end up backfiring and having unintended consequences. That was the case for my brother and sister and me. Our parents were very strict on us, and when we had our first opportunity to have sex with others, we embraced...Read On



Part Two of a Trilogy

My head on the soft pillow with my eyes closed, I lay there embodied in full contentment, and a satiated smile rests quietly on my lips. It takes about three seconds for my brain to process that I likely overslept. I sleepily reach for my cell phone on the night stand, which is only inches from my face. I swipe the screen and give a one eyed wink to see the time. 7:19 AM. The Eurostar train...Read On


Kissing Cousins II

Having lived with my aunt and uncle, Kate and Pierce, for several months now, I was still looking for work. They never placed any pressure on their niece, Patricia, to find a job. They were constantly loving and helpful. Of course, I lived with their idiosyncrasy. They were naturists. They spent virtually all of their time in the large old home they lived in without wearing clothing. Their...Read On