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Home Alone with Kayla

Kayla spread her soft, tanned legs even further apart, and let her index finger lightly tickle her clitoris. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slowly slipped two fingers in her hot, young pussy and avidly watched the two females on the screen in a sixty-nine position. As the screen zoomed in to one of the one of the actresses pussies, Kayla started fingering herself just that little...Read On


The Matinee

My wife's sexual encounter with a stranger ina theatre

This story was written by my husband. It is the prequel to my story, The Matinee: Second Feature. Enjoy. It’s rare that Susan and I have the same day off during the week and even more unusual when that day is a beautiful warm summer day. We had no special plans for the day except to try a new little restaurant that her friends had told her about. It was in a developing part of town and we...Read On


Library Girl

I thought I was going to study and found more than books.

I'm a freshman in a college in a small town. I'm 5'10" and 125 pounds. I have long, deep red hair that I wear straight and I have a kind of "alternative/scene" style. I also have perky 34B tits and a perky round ass. At my school the library has four floors and a basement. Not very many people go to any floor but the main one. There is a rumor that guys like to go to one of the empty...Read On


The Storm

Tina Marshall arrive home from school early as the cheerleading instructor had become ill.

     Tina Marshall arrived home from school early as the cheer leading instructor had become ill.  A friend had dropped her off so she wouldn't have to wait to take the school bus.  She unlocked the front door quietly because her father, an architect, worked out of their home most of the time and she didn't want to disturb him.        She loved her dad, Brad, and after her mother passed...Read On


The School Field Trip

I don't care what anybody says, deep down, there's a voyeur in all of us. If any of us were given the chance to secretly watch the intimate secrets and the dirty deeds of others, I think we'd all take that chance. My first experience of voyeurism takes me back to when I was a school girl, and about thirty pupils, including myself, and four teachers went to North Wales on a school field trip....Read On


The Student Doctor

Student doctor uses his position to satisfy his sexual desires.

This is a true tale. I know it will not have the eroticism of some of the other stories but, I being taken advantage of, by a person exploiting his advantage and position has a flavor all of its own. My being so naive, I believe adds to the exploitation. I was sweet sixteen and had never been kissed. I was very shy especially around boys. My mother decided that it was time to get my...Read On


my brothers visits

what happened the night my brother came to visit me and my hubby after a long while (1)

The door bell rang and l rushed to answer it, he was there, standing in front of me, my brother, my ex lover. I felt the butterflies in my stomach like the old days when l saw him, my pussy was twitching, he came in dropped his bags and we hugged, kissed cheeks. God l wanted to kiss him properly, writing about him on Lush had made me ring him up and invite him to stay. I wanted to know...Read On


His Birthday Gift

His gift triggers my innermost desires!

I lay on the bed, completely nude save for an ankle bracelet. I wait for my husband as tonight I am his, body and soul. It is his birthday, and all of my usual no's are now yes's. We have tried several positions, and I have begun to overcome my gag reflex when giving him head, but my somewhat shy and repressed upbringing has prevented us from going further. Tonight that all ends. I asked...Read On


Spending Time With Friends

When house sitting friends find homemade porn stash, things get interesting with wife swap

Spending Time With Friends My name is Michael and I want to share with you the story of the first time my wife and I had sex with another couple. Now let me describe myself so you have and idea of what I look like. I am 6'3" with blond hair and blue eyes, I work out daily to keep my flat stomach and nice chest and arms. It seems the harder I work out the farther away from a 6-pack I get....Read On


Holly Has A Surprise For Daddy

Another sexual adventure

I couldn't sleep last night. Visions of Holly were running through my mind. Where had this voracious young woman been hiding? My little girl always seemed so sweet and innocent. That's what made her brazen behavior all the more shocking and arousing. Rest was futile. I got out of bed a little earlier than usual, ate breakfast and hurried off to work. My concentration level was at an all-time...Read On


Surprised and Blindfolded, Part 2

You should read part 1 before you start this one.....

It is much softer, the tongue swirls around her nipples in a soft circular motion. She feels a hand on her other breast that is small and as it pinches and pulls on her nipple, it is soft and exciting. Her mind wonders if this is a woman. The thought excites her beyond anything she has ever felt before and her pussy is aching to be touched! “Mmm…Yes,” Sheri lets escape from her lips as...Read On


Mrs Jensen's Trainer, Week 01

A married woman decides to get in shape.

Victoria Jensen was seemingly like any other middle aged woman living in the suburbs. She had a comfortable life, with a nice house in a safe neighborhood, with a good family, that included her husband and two children, both who were off at college. At 46, she was still a very attractive woman, always a little curvier then her petite frame might suggest. She stood at only 5' 3" with dark...Read On


Repopulating the World

Allie, Rich and John are the only people to survive when a meteor hits earth.

The sirens screamed as everyone in town rushed around in a panic. Rich and Allie run to their underground bunker and close the door waiting for their friends and family to join them. It had been on the news for weeks. A giant meteor was headed straight for earth. As in the movie Armageddon, many countries had joined together to try and destroy the huge space rock, but to no avail. So...Read On


Sucking Young Black Cock on the Trail

I see a black college student being sucked by a mature white man on the trail and I suck him too.

My name is Ed, and I had just turned 45 years old and my wife Sue was 43. Sue had been encouraging me to start exercising to stay in shape. She was going to the gym near our home in the Pittsburgh suburbs, but it was more convenient for me to exercise at work. The insurance company I worked for also encouraged its employees to exercise. They installed a work-out area and shower facility in...Read On


My awakening

How 2 people find their forbidden love

I was sitting in the garden wearing nothing more than a pair of white shorts and top when my mother walked up and stood directly in front of me before smiling, “I’m glad that I’ve found you because I need you to help move the dressing table in my bedroom.” “Okay,” I replied looking up at her and it is at this point I immediately focused on the way her somewhat average looking breasts...Read On