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Portsea Fantasy

The call of the waves beckons us to enjoy their cooling smoothness

The clouds begin to disappear after the rain and let the sun dry the humidity to make it a splendid day typical of summer in Melbourne. The wet road is steaming as we drive towards Portsea along the Esplanade hugging the Peninsula coast. The yachts on the bay seem to be greeting us as they weave their way through the choppy sea. Left and right they sway and left again as they salute us with...Read On


The Bet- Part 4 alternative

~Landon~ I’m sitting in this damn class room, staring at the clock on the wall, waiting for the minute hand to make its round for the blessed bell to ring. I need to see her. And I’ve never needed anyone for anything before. Needless to say, this shit is blowing my mind. I can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t even know if I want to. She makes me want to be a better guy…fuck that’s...Read On


T is for Tickle Teasing

ticklish subject this ealy foreplay

Girls who say they like to tickle Barefoot boys can be so fickle. For first they stimulate boys' toes, But after that, it's anything goes. Usually, the very first things to go Are his shirt and pants, you know. Then she'll pull off his underpants. The nude boy won't have a chance. Because then that gal will surely tickle That bare boy's balls and prick-pickle, So stiff, hard...Read On


Because of You

I miss him because of what you did

Because of the shooting rampage in Texas, someone I love and care about has to leave to go back into combat.  This is a poem about the murderer who's actions are making that so. ------------------------------------------ Because of You   Because of you He has to go. Because of you I cannot hold him. He has to leave The safety of my arms Because of you. Because of...Read On


if i died tonight

its a poem i wrote not long ago

If I died tonight would you cry or would you have a twinkle in your eye knowing im with you always by your side ready to catch you if you should ever try to cry...Read On


Yours and Mine

All my work is fiction. This story contains consenting adults in explicit nature.

The curve of your lips, The curve of your spine, The curve of your cock, All of it's mine. All my features, And all of my contours, The slit in my mound-- Every bit is yours. My tongue will slither, And slide along your skin. And you'll gently kiss me, Before you slide yourself in. Our passion will flourish, As our breath becomes bated; Our love will be nourished After so long it has waited....Read On


Without You

The first poem I ever wrote for this site

My love My truth My shining light You're my heart My soul And my everything Without your touch I am unliving For my heart will not beat without you Without your soft whispers I am all but alive For my lungs will not fill without you Without you love I am but an empty shell For my soul will not stay without you For you are my blood My air And my everything else And I'd give you my all For...Read On



Temperature is a physical property of matter that expresses the common notions of hot and cold

You run hot and cold I should have been told The day you clicked on I'd become your pawn Its hard to think clear When your words are flowing You run hot and cold Too sexy, too knowing You run hot and cold You change like the weather Imagining our juices all mingled together I like it too much My sex I can smell You run hot and cold Now please, go to hell You run hot and cold This too...Read On

Audio version available

Swept Away

The ultimate expression of love and desire is to be swept away.

There is so much between us That does not need saying As we intuit thoughts And our shared desire Authentic conversation Punctuated by raucous laughter Hopes, dreams and fantasies All seem possible with you. You are romantic and warm Lavishing me with affection Arousing me always To love you and make love. You are strong and seductive Overwhelming me As I...Read On


Running into Coverage Ch.5.5

A little gala and a little fall out

A light knocking on the front door interrupted the girls as they sat on the couch watching a reality show. Hadley placed her tea mug on the coffee table and dashed to answer it, figuring it was Marcus. Usually he sent a text after leaving the complex letting her know he was on his way only this time he didn’t. The door swung open swiftly, blowing her hair off of her shoulders. Marcus stood...Read On



Who is she?

I found your letters. I found all your texts, your private messages, Your emails and your letters; Every single letter of your letters. You wrote them as if you are a stranger to me; As if you don’t know me, As if you are not the man I cannot live without; The one whom I care so deeply for; You, whom I love so incessantly. I read what you wrote to her. Who is she? Where did you find her?...Read On


I loved

I loved Figuring you out Well-known quirks and well-kept secrets Whispered words in Private places Different antics with Friends and strangers. I loved How you allowed Me to unearth Your hidden wonders For physical pleasure Emotive indulgence Your faultless timing For each reveal It kept my attention Engrossed my cognition. I loved Teasing, forcing Carefully extracting Each part...Read On


A Good Start Part 3

Exercise is good for reminiscing.

Autumn I exhaled deeply, my breath fogging the early morning air. It was that magical time of the morning when it isn’t quite light out, and everything is cast in dark shades of blue. Off to my left in the trees, I heard a bird sing out, signalling the start of a new day. I turned and resumed jogging down the path, speeding up as I neared my next stop. I was doing a circuit around the...Read On


Night Time Dreams

                        Night Time Dreams   I lay down upon a emptied bed. Why did I say what I said that sent you away from my life? Here I go… Another day passing by me. Another night here without you. Memories of you, I fight off. I welcome my Night Time Dreams of us. I will not call you. When our friends ask about you, I will not break...Read On


A Birthday poem to a special friend

My way of saying Happy Birthday

I don’t want to make this sound like mush  But you’re really one of the best on Lush You raise me up when I am feeling down  Ensuring smiles replace my clouded frown  You write like an Angel, scribing your lines  Your words so clear, silken poetry, so fine  Your heart lifts mine with well-chosen words  Your stanzas sing like a chorus of birds  You’re always funny and you’re...Read On