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Dirty Talk

Words. Here at Lush we like to use them to stimulate your senses. Descriptive words. Whispered words. The dirtier the better.

This competition, we want you to concentrate on those words. Specifically, we’re looking for stories that are very dialogue heavy, because as well as wanting to thoroughly arouse you, we also want to make sure everyone’s dialogue punctuation is as good as it can be, lol.

Perhaps you overhear two lovers talking about their previous sexploits. Maybe you and your partner are currently separated by distance, and phone sex or face-timing is all you have to keep you going. Or maybe you’re someone who likes to talk dirty to their lover(s) during sex as an additional turn on.

Whatever the situation, we want you to let your imagination (and your tongue) run free. As always, have a look at the various story categories to assist you in your ideas.

Because we’re concentrating on dialogue/conversation, we’ll keep this one short, so stories should be between 600 and 2,000 words in length and at least half your story should be dialogue. This means that you can use the flash category if you like. Poems and things formatted as chat transcripts are not acceptable.

Happy writing!

Start Date
26th Jun
End Date
11th Aug
Announcement Date
26th Aug
  • Winner $150
  • Second Place $100
  • Third Place $50
Competition Entries