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22 hours ago
Straight Male
United States


I'm in a loving but sexually frustrating marriage. I want to experiment, even go wild, but those desires aren't reciprocated.

So, I come here. I like to write about what I've done (with embellishments, not gonna lie), and would like to do but likely never will. I'm super imaginative and creative, so writing and posting are a better outlet than just passively watching.

I have my share of dirty thoughts about the typical fresh teenagers (of legal age of course!), but my fantasies tend to be more realistic, involving older women who are attractive and sexy but aren't built like or made up like the typical big-boobed young porn starlets. If you care to notice pics I post in forums, you'll find that I tend toward the natural look rather than studio shots of dolled-up specimens.

I never was a jock, but enjoyed playing, and now watching, only two sports:
- the highest level of baseball: MLB. Never been into college or minor league baseball.
- and football. The real World Football, you know, the one where the ball is round and controlled mostly with feet, not the American "foot" "ball" where the ball isn't round and is primarily thrown and carried. Again, highest level: English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA and World Cup competitions.
- and I really like women's football at its highest level too. I admit, I'm a bit of a perv when it comes to watching, but I really enjoy some NWSL (but more recently FAWSL) and World Cup and the top European women's teams in the UWCL. The quality is getting better, and yes, some of the players are deliciously hot, so it's not a bad combination.

Physical activity, outdoors. Not a work-out guy but jogging, walks, and hiking are more my thing. And I mow my own yard and have been known to participate in pro-bono fix-it and building projects.

Travel! I have gotten a chance to travel overseas and love it. Lots of fantasies about, though almost no experience with travel sex and vacation sex. The thought of having sexual experiences in exotic places and settings really gets me going.

I like to cook, and am pretty good at it. Some of my fantasies involve food and drink, so if you know of any of those, send them my way! I consider myself a coffee snob, and blame my honeymoon for that. When I first tasted small, strong, powerful cups in European cafés, I was hooked, and haven't been able to do the typical American weak stuff in the large mug ever since.

Dogs! My wife and I have had between 2 and 4 dogs for many years, all of them from shelters or rescue groups, and contribute money and supplies (and some volunteer time in the last) to animal shelters and rescue organizations. But of course as great and cute and cuddly as animals are, people are more important, so we don't neglect contributing to local and worldwide organizations that provide for people's needs, trying to keep in mind that people are priority.

Favorite Movies
I don't much do superlatives like "favorites" of anything, but favorite genres are action/adventure (though not much into super heroes), mystery, thrillers, stuff that makes you think, stuff with twists. But I don't like graphic violent/mutilation, heads-getting-blown-off stuff.

I love good erotic sex scenes and sexy/silly topless/nude scenes, but hate or even manipulative stuff.

Favorite TV Shows
I don't typically like TV, except two sports: see Interests above. I have watched a few series on streaming media platforms in the last few years, the most enjoyable are of the genres and dispositions above in "Favorite Movies".

Favorite Music
Mostly Rock, what people may consider "hard rock", but not "metal". I grew up with Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Rush, Foreigner, Journey, Yes, Def Leppard, Styx, ZZ Top, etc. I like a lot of classical music, especially Bach and Beethoven piano and organ pieces. And in my weird way going along with the football discussion above, I enjoy what I have termed "hot chick music", pop and electronica/trance/EDM with female vocals, like (among a variety of others) Sylver, Lasgo, Kylie Minogue, Electric Lady Lab, iiO, Sneaker Pimps/Kelly Ali, Garbage, and Jewel's one pop album.
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The Break

Upstairs at my pool table, Alicia’s impressive break inspires me to be at the top of my game.

*CRACK* The cue ball strikes the one ball a few millimeters left of center, scattering the tightly-packed triangle of colored spheres in all directions. Alicia’s clipped-up strawberry-blonde bobbed hair, as well as the C-cup breasts cradled in her low-cut...

Niharika: The Breakfast

My Indian doctor friend-with-benefits and I can’t keep our bodies away from each other as we share coffee and breakfast before she sets off to go house hunting for the weekend.

I had anticipated Saturday’s breakfast the day before, making a trip to the grocery store for some decent all-butter croissants and fruit, so, after Niharika and I finished our shower, I got busy preparing something to eat. I started the oven and slid in...

Niharika: The Shower

The morning after satisfying sex with my illicit Indian lover, we share a steamy shower.

I woke up, while it was still dark, to the sound of water running. For those first few seconds, my mind recalled and replayed the steamy sexual experience I had shared with Doctor Niharika Sabharwal at the end of the previous night. My outstretched hand g...



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