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The next month proved to be quite taxing for James. Having had such a good time with Sandy, he soon returned and it quickly developed into a torrid affair.

Neither of them had any illusions that this was anything other than an affair, and probably a short-lived one. They both were aware that the other was seeing others and didn’t care. They just enjoyed fucking each other.

James, of course, was still involved with Jill, spending at least two nights a week with her. He was also sitting for his portrait with Mary at least once a week, which usually ended up in bed.

He hadn’t contacted June and Beth was avoiding him.

But it was the time with Sandy that was so consuming and so tiring. It was never just a quick fuck, but always a long session. She seemed insatiable.

Sandy came from quite a troubled background. Her father was a successful businessman but with a wandering eye. He had numerous affairs without really trying to be discreet about them and eventually, she divorced him. Sandy stayed with her, disappointed in her father.

Her mother, unfortunately, became an alcoholic and started entertaining boyfriends. It wasn’t long before one of them decided to take advantage of her daughter and force himself on her, making her first experience of sex unpleasant.

Fortunately, she met a boy who was kind and considerate, and he slowly introduced her to a different kind of sex. After about six months, however, his family moved away and she was heartbroken.

By this time, Sandy had really got to enjoy sex, so it didn’t take her long to find another partner, but she resolved not to be emotionally involved. She didn’t want another trauma when breaking up. That inevitably led to further partners with no strings attached.

She was a clever girl and won a bursary to university where, of course, her social life developed. She discovered that she could easily manipulate the boys with sex, and used it without any sense of guilt. Although she wasn’t aware of it, deep in her psyche she still resented men for what they’d done to her. Her detached and manipulative manner with them was her way of revenge.

She felt differently about James. There was something about him that she liked. She knew he was using her for sex as well as for getting back at Dan, but she didn’t care. She enjoyed talking with him. He had much to teach her about life. She also enjoyed having sex with him. He made her feel special and wanted, as well as giving her fabulous orgasms.

She was still having sex with Dan. He was the captain of the rugby team and being his girlfriend made the other girls jealous. But sex with him was nothing special. He was an inattentive and lazy lover with a smaller-than-average cock which he didn’t use very well. She could hardly feel him when he was inside her.

He sometimes licked her pussy and her clit, more often now that she was fucking James. A few times he’d done that not long after she’d been with James, and had licked the cum that was still oozing out of her, commenting that she must be really aroused as she was creaming herself.

She told James about it, which he found really funny.

It was inevitable, of course, that her affair with James would become known to him, and that’s exactly what happened one night.

James and Sandy were in bed together, kissing and touching, when there was a knock at the door.

“Go away,” she shouted, “I don’t want to see anyone.”

“It’s me, Dan,” she heard.

“I don’t want to see anyone now, Dan, least of all you.”

“Aw, come on Sandy, please let me in.”

‘’Let him in,” James said, “it’s time he knew.”

“Who’s that?” Dan asked, “Who’s in there with you? I heard a bloke’s voice.”

“Wait a minute,” Sandy said as she put on a gown.

She went to the door and unlocked and opened it. Dan rushed inside and saw James in the bed.

“What the fuck!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing with this ginger cunt? I’ll break his fucking neck.”

He strode over to the bed, his fists bunched.

“Stop it, Dan,” Sandy cried out, “you know I hate violence and you promised not to get into fights.”

Dan stopped, but stared menacingly at James.

James ignored his glare and got out of bed, his erect cock jutting out in front of him. He may not have been as tall or heavy as Dan, but he wasn’t frightened of him because he understood the man’s psychology. He was like his cuckold father.

He’d seen how Dan couldn’t take his eyes off his cock when they’d met in the bathroom some weeks back and he was sure that the same would happen now. He was right. Dan couldn’t help himself. He stared at James’s cock and involuntarily licked his lips.

James stepped closer to him. He knew that he was the dominant male and that Dan would capitulate.

“Why is it you guys with small pricks feel that violence will make you men? Sandy wants a man with a proper dick, not a little boy with a small dick and a little boy’s temper.”

“Shut up, you fucking cunt,” Dan snapped, but he stared at James’s cock as he spoke, unable to take his eyes off it as his own throbbed inside his pants. He licked his lips again.

James saw his arousal and decided to use it.

“Sandy, come here,” James said.

Sandy walked over and stood beside him. James slipped the gown off her.

“Show Dan how you suck me.”

Sandy knelt down in front of him, her face in front of his cock. She pushed it up against his stomach as she leaned in and licked his balls, then traced her tongue up his shaft over his prominent urethra.

James looked into Dan’s eyes as she did this. He saw them flicker as Dan’s hand drifted down to his crotch. He smiled.

Sandy wrapped her lips around his cockhead and licked it. He pushed and felt himself slide into her mouth. She sucked at him, then put her hands around him onto his butt and pulled him deep inside her mouth.

“Ah, yes,” James murmured, still looking directly into Dan’s eyes, “that feels good.”

Sandy sucked and licked while she fondled his balls. James put his hand in the top of her head.

“Your girlfriend is the best cocksucker I’ve come across,” he said to Dan, “she’s fantastic. But I’m sure you know that.”

“You prick, I ought to beat the fucking shit out of you.”

“But you won’t, Dan. You won’t because you’re excited watching my big cock in your girlfriend’s mouth. Look at you, your little cock is straining against your pants. Take it out. There’s only us here, no one else to see you.”

Dan looked at him, his eyes pained, the torment on his face visible. He hesitated for a moment then unzipped his flies and, taking out his erect cock, started stroking it.

“That’s better. Now watch closely so you can see how your girlfriend sucks my cock.”

Dan didn’t say anything, just looked at Sandy sucking James’s cock. He saw her nose in his pubic hair and wondered how she could take that monster so deep inside her mouth.

Sandy pulled her mouth back and opened it, sticking out her tongue, James’s cockhead resting on it. She put a hand on his shaft and pulled his skin back so that his glans emerged. Precum dribbled out onto her tongue as she licked around it then concentrated on his frenulum.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Dan breathed, his own cock jerking as he watched.

She closed her lips together and sucked his glans between them before opening them again, and letting her tongue swirl around his glans. Precum was now dribbling out of his slit at quite a rate, forcing her to swallow frequently.

James looked at Dan. He could see the lust in his eyes and hear how his breathing had altered. He saw Dan stroking his cock, trying to relieve the developing itch he was feeling.

“Take your clothes off,” he said to Dan.

Dan looked at him, hesitated for a moment, then took off his clothes and came closer to them. For some reason, he found it easy to follow James’s suggestions. James took Sandy’s hand off his own cock and placed it on Dan’s. She started stroking him and he let out a long sigh.

James took hold of his own cock and started stroking it, rubbing it down on Sandy’s tongue and then smearing his precum across her lips and her cheeks, before letting it rest across her face.

Dan watched in awe as this huge cock moved over her face. It looked so pornographic and made his own cock jerk. He wondered what it felt like to have a cock like that. He reached forward and took it in his hand, then wiped the glans all over her face, just as he’d seen James do.

As he held James’s cock, he felt a sense of great power. He was in charge of this magnificent instrument which completely dominated this girl. He’d never felt like that before, and began to understand the power James had, and how it must make him feel.

Sandy had stopped stroking Dan. She wasn’t really interested anymore. She wanted to be fucked. She pulled back her head and stood up in front of James.

“Get on your back on the bed, big boy.”

James moved to the bed and lay down on it. Sandy climbed on and straddled him, her cunt above his groin. Dan watched, his heart pounding, his feelings a mixture of lust and pain. James saw the agony and smiled. Just like his father, he thought.

Sandy reached behind herself and took hold of James’s cock. She pulled back his foreskin and rubbed his glans up and down her slit, then positioned it at her vaginal entrance and slowly lowered herself onto it.

Dan watched intently, seeing the tip of the uncovered glans disappear between her labia, but the corona of his mushroom head still visible. He felt a mixture of anger and sadness at the thought of another man’s cock inside his girlfriend’s pussy.

Anger that this ginger twerp has been blessed with such a magnificent cock and that his was so small. It was just so unfair. Anger that he was using it on his girlfriend and that she liked it. Sadness that this was an inevitability in his life. He would always be at a disadvantage in sex.

But those feelings were eclipsed by an enormous sense of lust that overcame him. He felt so aroused at what he was watching that he could explode. He wanted to see that huge cock disappear into Sandy’s cunt. He wanted to watch it fuck her, to drive her wild, to make her orgasm. He wanted to watch her used by it.

His own cock felt hot and hard and very itchy. He stroked it, trying to relieve the itch, but only made it more intense. His skin was tingling all over, and the pleasure centres in his brain were in overdrive.

Sandy lowered herself carefully, allowing her vagina to expand to accommodate James’s cock as it slid inside her vagina. She could feel his large, mushroom-shaped head pushing open her vaginal walls, the ridge of its corona tickling them.

Her labia seemed to be stretched to their limit, and pulled at her clitoris, which seemed to be on fire. She wiggled her hips as she sank down, trying to feel every part of the cock invading her. She held her breath, her eyes shut, as her body swallowed his cock, then breathed out with a huge sigh as her butt rested on his groin.

James reached up and felt her tits, playing with her nipples. He looked at her face and saw her open her eyes and look down at him. She looked so happy.

He rubbed his hands all over her tits and down across her flat stomach and abdomen, then ran them up and down her waist, before feeling her back and butt, thinking how sexy her body was.

Dan watched him playing with her body. Part of him wanted to stop him, another wanted to see her response. He looked down to where she was joined to James. He could see James’s shaft going in and out of her cunt, a large vein visible on top.

He watched how her labia clung around his shaft, and how they were dragged in and out. He saw how large her clitoris had grown and how its nub was jutting out of its covering.

James watched his reactions. He saw the conflicts in him and how his lust had overcome everything else.

“Ah, Sandy, your cunt feels so good,” he said, “it fits my cock like a velvet glove. It’s just perfect.”

“So are you,” she replied, “you fill me. Whenever you’re inside me, I feel completely stuffed, full of you. You touch my core, my inner self.”

James looked at Dan, a smile on his lips but pity in his eyes. Dan saw it and felt his heart sink, his ego crushed.

Sandy was breathing heavily, now, panting as she exhaled and inhaled. She was leaning back with her hands on James’s thighs, thrusting her hips back and forth as she fucked his cock.

James reached forward with his left hand and pressed it on her clit, then rubbed it in a circular motion.

“Yes,” Sandy shrieked, “yes. Oh. Oh. Oh,” as she increased the speed of her movements, then “oh gawd, James,” she squealed, “I’m cumming. Ooooooh.”

She thrust hard at him and held still, her vagina spasming, clutching and releasing his cock. He felt her squirt on his stomach, a huge flow of liquid.

Dan watched, his eyes wide. He’d never seen her squirt. He didn’t know that she could or did. He’d also not heard her shout like that. She never made so much noise with him.

After a while, Sandy’s body relaxed. She opened her eyes and looked down at James, smiling. She had a look of contentment. She leaned forward and lowered herself onto his body and kissed him. He kissed her back.

They lay like that for a few minutes, then he put his arms around her and rolled the two of them over so that she was now under him. She wrapped her legs around him.

He looked at Dan who was watching intently, still playing with his cock.

“Leave that little thing alone,” he said. “Go behind Sandy, behind her head, and hold her ankles back there, next to her head.”

Dan looked at him, then scooted up the bed and did as he was told. Again, he seemed to want to do what James said.

Sandy was now lying on her back with her butt in the air, held up by her legs that her boyfriend was holding. The position shortened her vagina which was full of her lover’s thick cock, making her feel even more stuffed, and she felt helpless. She knew that James was going to fuck her hard, but she didn’t care. She wanted it.

James started thrusting in her, long, hard thrusts. Pulling right back and plunging in deeply. She could feel his cock ravaging her insides, banging into the end of her passage, forcing it to expand.

Her entrance seemed stretched beyond belief, the broad base of his shaft opening it wider than ever. She could feel his balls hit her butt as he rammed into her. They felt heavy and hairy.

He had a good rhythm going, not too fast but certainly not slow, perhaps two thrusts every second. She could feel her pussy dreaming in response, her insides becoming wetter. She knew some of that was probably his precum, but a lot of it was her.

Jams didn’t look at her, instead, he stared into Dan’s eyes. He had taken his girl from him and he wanted him to know. He wanted him to know that her body was his, for his pleasure.

Dan knew. He knew that he could never match James. He also knew that he was going to spray his cum into her, to fill her vagina with his semen and that his sperm would swim into her womb.

That thought filled his mind and made his cock jerk. He wished he could see that huge cock cum, watch its slit open and the milky-white, thick semen come jetting out.

James saw the lust in his eyes and smiled inwardly. He speeded up his thrusts, banging hard into Sandy. Her body was now bouncing around under him as were her tits.

Her arms were between her thighs, her hands holding his butt, pulling it in as he fucked her. She was staring at his chest, wishing she could feel it against her breasts, when she felt an orgasm begin to build in her, starting somewhere inside her vagina.

She wasn’t sure where it began, because she felt so full of him, but a warm glow started to spread around inside, then migrate to her groin, her abdomen, her stomach, her breasts.

“Oh, dear God,” she cried and flung her head from side to side as her body started trembling.

James felt her nails dig into his butt and fucked her for all his worth. He pounded in and out of her, not caring what he was doing, just using her cunt to bring him to his climax.

He felt his balls harden and shift in his sac. There was a tight feeling at the base of his shaft as a wave of semen surged up his urethra, expanding it, and shot out of the tip of his cock to splatter against the back of her vagina.

He was still staring at Dan as he uttered an almighty “Uh”, his buttocks clenched and cum jetting out of his cock into Sandy’s deepest recesses.

She felt him cum. She felt his cock jerk. She felt the splash against her vaginal wall. She felt the warmth of his semen. She felt slippery stuff inside her vagina. And she cried out, a primeval cry of ecstasy, ecstasy at making him cum, ecstasy at being the recipient of his DNA, ecstasy at being his chosen woman.

Dan stared back at James, watching his face as he ejaculated in his girlfriend’s cunt. He saw the lust in James’s eyes, the shadow as he ejaculated, the contortion of his facial muscles. In that moment he hated him, envied him, but also admired him. He wished he had his assets, his confidence, his success with women.

But he knew that was not to be, instead he took pleasure in watching James, but imagining it was his own cock that was cumming in her, making Sandy scream. The thought was enough to make him climax, his semen spurting out onto the bed as he held his girlfriend’s legs aloft while she was being fucked by another man. He looked at it and felt ashamed.

James ejaculated several times before he started to come down from his high and focus on the world around him. His cock was still hard and twitching inside a Sandy, but his tension had relaxed and his breathing was returning to something more normal.

He saw Dan, still holding Sandy’s legs, but looking down at his rapidly detumescing cock and the small puddle of semen on the bed.

James looked at Sandy and saw that she was looking up at him with dreamy eyes and a silly smile on her face.

“That was bloody good,” she said, shaking her head in amazement, “you’re one hell of a good fuck.”

He smiled at her, then leaned down and gave her a lovebite on her neck.

“Ow,” she cried, “that hurt. Why did you do that?”

“So that you don’t forget me,” he replied, “when you look in the mirror, you will remember.” Of course, he also wanted Dan to see it every time he looked at her, reminding him that his girlfriend was James’s fucktoy.

He pulled his hips back and his cock emerged from Sandy’s cunt. It was glistening with traces of his cum, and dripped on her stomach. Sandy felt a sense of emptiness as he withdrew. Her cunt was still twitching, and semen was dribbling out.

James took her ankles from Dan’s hands and put her feet on the bed, her knees raised. He crawled up and waved his cock over her face, swinging his hips from side to side. She stuck out her tongue and tried to lick it. He laughed.

“Did you like that, Dan?” he asked, “did you like watching me cum inside your girlfriend and fill her with my semen? I bet my sperm are already in her womb, searching for her eggs.”

Dan looked at him. His sexual tension had diminished and the realisation of what had happened was beginning to sink in.

“Shut up, you arrogant prick,” he snapped, “stop humiliating me.”

“Why, Dan, why? You’ve been doing that to me all year,” James replied, “you thought nothing of calling me a ginger and making me look bad in front of your friends. How do you think I felt?”

He paused, but Dan didn’t answer.

“And what do you think they’ll do when I tell them that you’re nothing but a cuck with a small cock who gets off on watching a ginger fuck his girlfriend and cum in her unprotected cunt?”

Dan started to cry, but James ignored it.

“Don’t ever make fun of me again.”

“I won’t,” Dan said softly.

“And don’t treat Sandy badly. She tries to look after you, but she likes being fucked by me and I like fucking her. So we will continue to do so as long as we both enjoy it. You clearly also like it, so maybe you should give some thought to accepting what you are.”

Dan looked at him but didn’t say anything.

James got off the bed, his still-erect cock bobbing. Dan watched him, wondering how he could still be erect. He looked at his athletic body, slimmer than his but still muscular, and felt something stir inside him. He licked his lips.

James saw him staring at him and knew what he was thinking. He smiled as he got dressed. He was going to be cuckolding both the father and the son on a regular basis.

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When he was dressed, he returned to the bed and took Sandy’s hand and helped her up. He held her tightly, kissing her. After a while, they parted.

“You two need to talk,” he said, then turned round and let himself out.

Sandy stood there, cum dripping on the floor. She’d had a good time. She liked the boy, and he fucked like a dream. He also had an attitude she liked. But she knew he wasn’t a long-term prospect. She turned to Dan.

“Would you like a cuddle?”

He nodded his head.

She climbed back on the bed and the two of them lay together, facing each other. She kissed him gently as she pressed herself against him, her tits scraping his chest.

“I like being with you,” she said, “but he gives my body incredible feelings.”

“I can see that. I can’t satisfy you like he does.”

“You do in other ways. And think about what he said, perhaps we can all have fun.”

“But it makes me feel so inferior to see you with him.”

“Maybe, but you seem to enjoy it. Look how you came without even touching yourself. Maybe you should just allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure.”

“Perhaps,” Dan said, then “he has got a magnificent cock, and he’s a sexy bastard.”

“Yes, he’s damn sexy, and his cock is out of this world. Also, he knows just how to use it. I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels inside.”

“He also seems to cum a lot. It’s a good thing you’re in the pill.”

“He’s like a fire hose. It runs out of me for hours afterwards, sometimes even the next day.”

She took his hand and put it on her slit. He could feel the slimy cum all over it. Her thighs were wet too. He raised himself on one elbow and looked at her count, then saw the puddle on the sheet.

“Fucking hell,” he said, “what a mess. Lie on your back so I can see inside.”

She lay on her back, knees apart. He crawled between them and looked at her. She was a mess. There was semen everywhere. In her pubic hair, in her groin, on her thighs, down her crack, on the bed.

Her cunt was still gaping open. Her labia hung out, glistening with cum. He could see deep into her vagina. It had a pool of white at the bottom and traces of white all up the sides and round the entrance. Even her clit had semen on it.

He didn’t know why, but suddenly he felt an urge to taste it. He leaned forward and smelled her. She reeked of sex, pungent yet exhilarating.

He stuck his tongue out and licked her clit then sucked her labia. They tasted bitter and felt slimy, the semen slipping around in his mouth. He swallowed and felt a mild burning sensation.

He stuck his tongue into her vaginal entrance. Sandy clenched her pelvic muscles, squeezing her walls together and forcing the pool of semen upwards. He sucked and was rewarded with a flow of slimy cum onto his tongue. Again, a bitter, pungent taste. He swallowed and felt the same burning sensation at the back of his throat.

Sandy stroked his hair as he sucked at her cunt. He lifted his head and looked at her, cum smeared on his chin, then went back to sucking. After a while, he licked up her slit and all around it, then her thighs, her abdomen, before crawling back up to lie beside her.

She kissed him, tasting James on his lips. They lay together, holding each other, then fell asleep.


The next weeks were much as the previous month had been, with James alternating between Jill, Sandy, and Mary. James hadn’t seen Dan since the night he’d joined him and Sandy, and assumed that he was having difficulty adjusting to what had happened.

His portrait was progressing nicely and he was looking forward to it being finished. He’d told Mary about the night with Dan, which she’d found highly amusing, however, she wasn’t so happy that James was still fucking Sandy.

“You were supposed to use her then dump her,” she said, “make her realise she wasn’t the princess she thought she was. Instead, you’re making her think even more of herself.”

“Listen, Mary, she’s a damn good fuck and I enjoy having her when I feel like it. She’s just another cumdump and she knows it, that’s why she’s still with Dan.”

“Hmmmf,” Mary snorted. “I’ll have to believe you.”

“Shut up and paint, woman. The quicker you finish the sooner we can go to bed.”

“What makes you think I want to go to bed with you?”

“The flush in your cheeks and the fact that your nipples are sticking out like bullets.”

“Arrogant, cheeky bastard,” she said and threw her paintbrush at him. It bounced off his chest and fell on the floor.

He reached down and picked it up, then got off the couch and walked towards her, holding it out.

“I’m going to use this on you in places you never would have thought of using it,” he said, laughing.

She shrieked and ran away from him. He quickly caught her and spun her round so she faced him, then leaned in and kissed her passionately as he pulled off her clothes. She kissed him back just as passionately while holding his bare buttocks.

“God, you’re hot,” she said, squeezing his cheeks, “and you’ve got such a sexy butt.”

James ground his cock into her abdomen, enjoying the feeling of her flesh against the underside. She pulled apart his cheeks and slowly pushed a finger into his hole, then pulled it out again and sucked it.

“You’re such a dirty bitch,” James said, “I love it. Get on the bed and on your knees.”

They went over to the bed and Mary got on and up in her knees. James could see her cunt. It was moist and her labia had unfurled to hang out. He ran his fingers over them, playing with the supple flesh, before moving up to tickle her clit.

“Put it in, put your bloody cock in my cunt,” she cried out, exasperated.

“Shut up,” he replied, smacking her butt, “I’ll fuck your cunt when I want to.”

She reached between her legs, trying to grab his cock, but he stood back as he played with her clit, watching her hips sway. Her cunt was now quite wet and he could feel her juices on his hand.

He probed between her labia and gently thrust two fingers into her opening, running them around.

“Oh, God,” she cried, and thrust her hips back at him.

James looked at his fingers in her cunt and felt his cock jerk. It looked almost pornographic, his fingers glistening with her juices, long threads of them hanging down, silvery and shimmering.

He could feel her clitoris standing out, tenting her labia. He watched as her muscles tensed and relaxed, her anus tightening and releasing. He stroked his thumb over it, feeling the puckered skin and slowly probing its opening.

“Oh, for God’s sake fuck me,” she shouted, “I can’t stand it.”

James didn’t reply. Instead, he inserted another finger inside her cunt, spreading it wider as his middle finger searched for her cervix, while his thumb slid deeper into her anus.

He pinched his thumb and fingers together, feeling them through the flesh of her passages, then moved his hand back and forth a few times before taking his hand away, leaving her quivering in front of him.

He stepped closer and, pressing his cockhead against her slit, forced his cock deep inside her cunt with one single thrust until it hit the back of her vagina, making her cry out. He waited for a brief moment then started fucking her without remorse.

He pounded in and out of her, fucking her like a whore with very fast thrusts, battering her cunt, her butt bouncing back and forth against his groin. She fell forward on the bed with the force of his fucking, her hands grasping the sheet.

He could feel her cunt gripping and releasing, massaging his cock. It felt incredibly good. He reached round and felt for her clit, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

She had a large clit, thick and rubbery. He could feel the tip where it had emerged from the copious folds of skin at the top of her labia. He ran his fingers over it, then rubbed her clitoral shaft hard, pressing on it. That made her tip rub against his large, bulging urethra as his cock ravaged her cunt.

“Oh God, yes,” Mary shouted, “you sexy bastard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

James changed his angle slightly, so that he was more underneath her, lifting her body with each thrust, so that she bounced around on the bed. His cock was as hard as a rod of steel, mercilessly plundering the insides of her vagina, stretching it more than she’d ever been stretched before.

Mary was in seventh heaven. She loved the feeling of his huge cock in her cunt, warm and alive and stimulating places deep inside her inner core. It gave her the most wonderful sense of being completely filled with him.

She could feel her muscles start to clench as the stimulation to her nerves intensified. Her clitoris felt on fire and the inside of her vagina started pulsing. There was a rushing sound in her ears and her mind seemed to go blank. The only thing in her world was the incredible feeling between her legs.

She felt an enormous urge to push and, with a loud cry, clenched her muscles tightly, forcing a stream of fluid to squirt out of cunt and onto James’s abdomen, before running down his legs and wetting the floor.

She gave a long sigh as she felt an enormous release of tension and a wave of pleasure spread through her body as her senses returned to the world around her. James had held still as she orgasmed, his cock throbbing and twitching deep inside her. He looked down at her, watching her anus twitch as her cunt slowly pulsed.

“You haven’t cum yet, have you?” she asked, breathlessly.

“No, not yet.”

“I want to watch you when you cum. I want to be on my back.”

Mary pulled herself off his cock and turned over to lie on her back. He looked at her body, thinking how sexy she looked, then climbed onto the bed and up over her, his knees on either side of her waist.

“I want to fuck your tits,” he said.

“Go ahead,” she said, smiling.

He crawled higher and put his cock between her tits, his balls spread on her upper abdomen. She put her hands on either side of her tits and pushed them together to hold his cock, then he started fucking them.

Mary looked down her body, watching his cockhead move backwards and forwards. When he thrust forward, she could see his foreskin rolling back and his glans emerging.

It looked enormous, with a large slit that opened up as he pushed forward, revealing a glistening hole from which precum was pouring out and onto her skin. When he moved backwards, the hole closed and his foreskin rolled back over the tip to conceal his glans.

She was fascinated. She’d never watched a cock from this angle and seeing his slit open and close and his precum pour out was incredibly exciting. She wondered what it would look like when he ejaculated.

James stared at her face as he fucked her tits. He liked to dominate, and this was a very dominant position. Her body was there for his pleasure in whatever form he chose to take it.

Mary watched his cock closely. She saw a drop of thick, white semen emerge from the tip of his cock, then his precum change in colour, beginning to take on a whitish hue. He was going to cum soon.

James felt his arousal level change. His balls felt tight and shifted in his sac as his pelvic muscles clenched and his climax started. Sperm surged up from his testicles to mix with semen from his prostate then pool at the base of his cock before spurting up his urethra.

Mary saw a dribble of semen emerge from his slit and drip down, followed by a stream of semen that shot out with tremendous force over her face, the end landing on the bed above her head while the rest fell onto her hair, face and chin.

There was a momentary pause, then another stream shot out to hit her on the forehead and cover her face with thick, white, slimy semen. Then another that went up her nose, followed by several more that covered her lips, chin, and neck.

James knelt up and smeared his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and took him inside, sucking the last of his cum out of his cock, then let go of him and licked around her mouth. He rubbed his cock on her face and on her eyelids.

“You look a right mess,” he said, laughing, “I enjoyed doing that.”

“So did I,” she replied, “watching you cum was something else.”

James got off and lay down next to her. He rubbed his fingers on her face, spreading his semen around, then leaned down and kissed her.

“Did you enjoy your orgasm earlier?” he asked.

“It was fantastic. You are an exceptional lover. I think you’re going to make a lot of women very happy but also very unhappy when they can’t have you to themselves.”

“And you?”

“Oh, I know I can’t have you to myself, but I’ll take whatever I can get.”

“Would you like me to stay tonight?”

“Yes, if you want to.”

“I want to.”

He cuddled up to her and kissed her again. It wasn’t long before his fingers were on her slit and hers were on his cock. They weren’t going to be getting much sleep ………


James woke the next morning to see Mary looking at him.

“Hello there,” she said.

“Oh God,” he replied, “I feel totally fucked.”

“That’s just what I feel, but then I was. Many times.”

“What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock.”

“Shit. I suppose we can take a morning off.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“This bed’s a fucking mess, and what’s that blood?”

“I’m afraid that’s from your back. I scratched you.”

“That’s alright. You just have been enjoying yourself.”

“More than you know,” she said, kissing him, “I could get used to nights like that.”

James didn’t reply straight away. He enjoyed fucking Mary. Sex with her was rough and raw and completely uninhibited. But he knew that she would never give him the control that he liked. She would do what she wanted, with whom she wanted.

“Well, just let me know when you feel like it,” he said, “I’ll do the same. We’re quite similar. Unattached, not looking for responsibility, and not monogamous.”

“Certainly not monogamous from what I’ve heard,” Mary said, her fingers idly playing with his chest hairs.

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“Well, Sandy for one. She talks a lot about you.”

“Yes. I think she becoming a bit attached.”

“A bit? Wake up, James, she’s crazy about you.”


“Yes, you’re right. It does annoy me.”

“Look, Mary, she’s a good fuck and I really enjoyed screwing her in front of her boyfriend. He’s been an unpleasant shit, so it was especially rewarding to watch him realise that his girlfriend is my cumslut and that he was turned on by it.”

Mary laughed.

“You’re the one that’s the shit. Are you going to tell him you’re fucking his mother as well?”

“No, I wouldn’t do that to her, or to Harry. But I haven’t finished with their arrogant son yet. He’s going to regret how he treated me.”

“I like you, James,” Mary continued. “I like you very much. I think you’re a very special man, but I’m also worried about you. You are very dominant, and that can turn into ruthlessness. You find it easy to control people, so you need to watch that you don’t destroy them in the process.”

“You sound like my uncle Alan,” James replied.

Mary said nothing. She didn’t want to go down that conversational path.

“Anyway, I suppose we should get up,” James said, kissing her and getting out of the bed.

Mary looked at him standing there next to the bed, his unruly red hair making him look like a schoolboy. Her eyes drifted down to take in his taut body with its solid muscles, before resting on his thick cock hanging down between his legs. She felt a flutter in her stomach.

“God, you’re beautiful,” she said. “One portrait won’t be enough. I’m going to have to do a series.”

“Ah, you just want me to keep me here to yourself,” James said, laughing.

“Perhaps. I’d certainly enjoy keeping you from Sandy, especially if she knew you were with me,” she replied, getting out of bed.

James laughed again. He wasn’t going to stop fucking Sandy, and Mary knew it.

“You’re as bad as I am,” he said.

They went to the bathroom and showered together, after which they both got dressed and had some coffee before James left to go home.


Over the next few weeks, James’s routine continued much as it had done before with Sandy, Mary, and Jill.

Dan had consciously avoided him at Uni, so he was quite surprised when Dan approached him after a lecture and asked him if they could meet. James agreed, suggesting that Dan should come to his room that evening.

Dan arrived at 7.00pm and knocked on the door. James was lying on the bed, dressed only in his boxers. He’d deliberately done so as he wanted to make Dan feel ill at ease.

“Hello Dan, come on in.”

“Jeez, James, I’m sorry. We’re you sleeping?” Dan said, his eyes drifting downwards.

“Oh, just resting. No problem, though. Sit on that chair over there. Would you like a beer?”

“Yes, thanks.”

Dan sat down on the chair at the desk while James got out two beers from the small fridge. He popped the tabs and handed one to Dan before sitting on the bed.

They indulged in some small-talk about Uni, rugby, and other general subjects. James noticed that Dan seemed a little flushed.

“So, Dan, what did you want to talk about?”

“Um, uh, it’s a little difficult.”

“Is it about Sandy and me?”


“What about us?”

“Sandy and I have been talking. I don’t want to lose her, but she’s told me that she’s not going to stop seeing you.”


“I wanted to know what you thought and what you wanted.”

“Look, Dan, I’m not going to stop fucking Sandy. I enjoy it and so does she. If you want to watch and sometimes be part of it, that’s fine, but remember this. She may be your girlfriend, but her cunt is mine, mine to fuck whenever I want.”

“I understand.”

“Good. Then we know where we are. But there’s something else, isn’t there? I think that you enjoy it too and that you don’t really want me to stop. Am I right?”

Dan looked down, drank some of his beer, then answered softly.

“Yes, damn it, you’re right.”

“Well then, what’s the problem?”

“It’s difficult to explain. I find it extremely exciting to watch the two of you, but I also feel humiliated and insignificant.”

“But Dan, that’s partly why you get excited. The humiliation turns you on. There’s nothing wrong with that, what’s wrong is your unwillingness to recognise it and embrace it.”

Dan looked at him and drew in a deep breath.

“I also find your dominance and control exciting, not to mention your body,” he said, then started crying.

“Why are you so upset?” James asked.

“Because I’m supposed to be a macho man and yet I have these feelings.”

James looked at him and, for the first time, felt sorry for him. But he also realised that this was the moment to consolidate his control. He got off the bed and went over to stand in front of Dan.

“It’s alright, Dan. We’re on our own.”

He took Dan’s hand and pressed it against his boxers, rubbing his cock with it.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” he said.

“Oh God, yes,” Dan replied.

James removed Dan’s hand and pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them. Dan stared at James’s groin with its forest of bright red hair above his thick cock and pendulous balls.

“Oh my God,” he groaned, shifting in his chair as his erection strained against his trousers.

He reached up and cupped James’s balls, lifting them up and rolling them with his fingers. They were at least twice the size of his and seemed much heavier.

He reached out with his other hand and held his flaccid cock, which was hanging down. It felt thick and warm and much larger than his erect one. He saw the big vein that ran from the base along the shaft before veering off to the side. He looked at the large foreskin with its network of small veins and felt his stomach lurch.

He lifted James’s cock up, marvelling at its weight. He could feel the large urethra running along the underside and imagined it expanding as semen surged up it. He felt it stir and grow as it responded to his touch. He looked up at its owner then started stroking it.

“That’s enough,” James said, pulling his cock out of Dan’s hand. “I don’t want to waste my cum on you. I’ll keep it for your girlfriend’s cunt.”

He stepped back from Dan and smiled inwardly as he saw the devastated look on his face. Dan was now his, to do whatever he wanted. Pleasing James gave him sexual pleasure.

“You can go back to Sandy now and tell her that you’re happy to be her cuck and that we’re all good. I’ll be meeting her later this week at her place and you can come and watch us fuck. In the meantime, you leave her cunt alone. It’s for my use until I say you can put your little thing into it. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good. You can go now.”

Dan let himself out.

James went to the bed and lay down. He was pleased with what had happened. Dan had accepted his cuckold role and was becoming subservient.

James was going to enjoy dominating his previous tormentor...

Written by aljames21
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