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In the days following his visit to James, Dan thought a lot about what had happened and how he had reacted. James was right - the humiliation of watching his girlfriend being fucked was strangely exciting, and just thinking about it made him hard.

He didn’t know how to talk to Sandy about his true feelings so had avoided her, but mid-week she telephoned him at his parents’ house.

“Hi there, Dan. How are you keeping? I haven’t heard from you for ages.”

“Oh, hi Sandy. I’m fine thanks. I’ve been busy.”

“Well, would you like to come round to my place and hang out tomorrow night? James will be visiting and I thought we could have some fun.”

Dan felt a hollowness in the pit of his stomach as he realised what she was saying. She was asking him to come and watch James fuck her. His cock jerked.

“Sure. That sounds like a great idea. What time?”

“Come at 7.00 pm.”

“7.00? I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.”

“Great. See you then. Love you.”

“Me too.”

They both hung up.

Dan felt his heart thumping as he felt both scared and excited. He was about to embark on a huge lifestyle change that would either destroy him or set him free. He felt his cock throb at the thought.


It was a little before 7 o’clock the next evening when Dan knocked on Sandy’s door. He’d spent the day in a frenzy of anticipation, his cock hard most of the time.

Sandy opened the door. She was dressed in tank top that ended way above her navel, with a pair of very short denim hot pants underneath.

“Jeez, Sandy, you look hot,” Dan exclaimed.

“Why, thank you, Dan,” she replied, taking his hand and pulling him inside. “Can I get you a drink? There’s some wine and beer and also a bottle of vodka, but that’s pretty much all I have other than water and coke. I’m drinking wine.”

“I’ll have a vodka and coke, thanks.”

Sandy went over to a little table and poured the drink and handed it to him. He took a large mouthful and spluttered.

“Shit, that’s quite strong.”

“Oh, sorry. Shall I put some more coke in it?”

“No, it’ll be OK.”

He stood still, looking at her, thinking how incredibly sexy she looked, her slim flat stomach and hollow navel naked beneath her top, her tiny hot pants just covering her hips and cut off just below her cunt, showing off her long, elegant legs. He took another gulp of his drink, feeling the vodka warming his throat as he swallowed.

Sandy looked back at him. She had a pretty good idea what was going on in his head. She liked showing off her body and having men lust after her, but she hadn’t done it for him, she’d done it for James. However, that didn’t matter, she enjoyed Dan’s attention.

Dan made up his mind. He put his drink down, stepped forward to her and pulled her in towards him, his mouth pressed against hers, his hands on her butt. She could feel his hard cock against her stomach as his tongue invaded her mouth.

She kissed him back, her tongue swirling around his, her mouth sucking. Her hands were on his butt. They kissed for several minutes, their bodies rubbing each other when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Sandy broke their kiss as she pulled herself out of his grasp and ran to the door and opened it.

“James!” she squealed, “Come on in.”

“God! You look ravishing,” he said as he came inside. “Hello Dan. Your girlfriend looks fantastic. You’re a lucky man.”

“Hi, James,” Dan replied.

“Can I get you a drink?” Sandy asked.

“No worries, I’ll get it myself,” James replied, helping himself to a beer and then sitting down on the bed. He wanted Dan to understand that he wasn’t a stranger here.

“So, Dan, have you been thinking about what I said a few days ago?” James asked.

Dan looked at him and felt his heart lurch. There was a strange magnetism about this young man with his shock of red hair, an aura of power and control combined with sexuality. He desperately wanted to please him.

“I, uh, yes, uh….”

“Relax, Dan,” James said, “don’t stress, we’re all going to have a good time.”

Dan looked at him and then at Sandy. She was staring at James, her mouth half open, her eyes full of lust. He felt a hollow in the pit of his stomach as he watched James get up and walk over to kiss her on the mouth, then run his lips down the side of her neck. He saw her close her eyes and heard her sigh.

James moved behind her and ran his hands up and down the sides of her body as he continued nibbling and licking her neck. Sandy leaned back against him, her hips moving from side to side.

Dan watched, his cock stirring and growing as he saw his girlfriend’s pleasure. He saw James’s hands move over Sandy’s chest, his palms rubbing her breasts then lifting up her tank top to reveal her them.

Sandy lifted up her arms. James pulled her top over her head and threw it to Dan then cupped her breasts in his hands and rolled her nipples between his fingers, feeling them grow and lengthen.

His cock was hard now and pressed against Sandy’s butt. She wiggled against it, her hips moving from side to side.

“Aaaaaah,” she moaned, her eyes shut as his hands palpitated her tits, “that feels so good.”

Dan watched James mauling his girlfriend’s tits. He wanted to smash the red-headed bastard in the face, but at the same time, he didn’t want the scene in front of him to stop. His groin was on fire and his cock felt like an iron bar.

He saw James’s hands leave Sandy’s tits and move down to caress her hips, before rubbing her groin in the crease between her legs and body, as his fingers crept underneath the short legs of her hotpants.

Sandy moaned as she rotated her hips trying to get his fingers closer to her cunt. She could feel her crotch getting damp as her inner labia grew and started to part.

James looked at Dan, a smile on his lips he rubbed his fingers over Sandy’s slit, spreading her slippery moisture. He felt Sandy’s hand wriggle between their bodies, rubbing his cock through his jeans.

He pushed his fingers into her slit, feeling the entrance to her vagina. His middle finger slipped into her slimy opening and rubbed against the sensitive top wall of her vagina. He felt her quiver.

James looked at Dan and saw the lust in his eyes. Sandy was now breathing heavily and sighing.

“Come over here, Dan,” he said.

Dan stepped forward and stood in front of them, avoiding James’s eyes and looking instead at Sandy’s tits. James took his fingers out of Sandy’s cunt and held them under Dan’s nose.

“Smell your girlfriend’s cunt,” he said.

Dan smelt Sandy’s juices, then held James’s hand and licked his fingers. James smiled.

“Pull her pants down,” he said.

Dan didn’t hesitate. He knelt down and, undoing the button at the top of her denim hotpants, pulled down the zip. Sandy wiggled her hips so that he could pull her pants all the way down to her ankles, then stepped out of them, her bush just inches from his nose.

Dan could smell her arousal. He reached up to feel her slit, but James pushed his hand away.

“Not yet, cuck,” James snapped, “you get me ready first.”

Dan looked up at him, then undid his belt and loosened his jeans before unzipping them and pulling them down together with his boxers. James’s cock sprang out, dripping precum.

Dan drew in his breath sharply as he looked at the enormous cock throbbing in front of him. It was even bigger and more powerful than he remembered, and he was completely mesmerised by it.

“Fucking hell,” he said softly, “it’s beautiful.”

James laughed.

“It’s also a lot bigger than your little dick,” he said, “which is why your girlfriend likes it so much. But then so do you, don’t you? You like my cock. You want it.”

Dan looked up at James. His mind was full of conflict, a mixture of anger, humiliation, jealousy, submission and, most of all, unbridled lust. His cock strained against his jeans.

He reached forward and held James’s cock, pulling back his foreskin to reveal his glans, precum oozing from his slit, then leaned forward and licked at the stream of slippery, clear fluid.

James smiled and put his hand behind Dan’s head and pushed his cock into his willing mouth. Dan swirled his tongue around the glans, feeling the ridge of his corona before licking his frenulum.

“That’s it, cuck,” James said, “suck me like your girlfriend does before I fuck her.”

Dan felt his cock jerk at James’s words. He wanted James to fuck him, to feel his cock deep inside him, pulsing as it ejaculated. He wanted to be taken and used, to be a fucktoy for this arrogant youngster, to be a receptacle for his cum.

He slid his mouth up and down James’s cock, trying to stimulate every part of it. He licked the shaft, feeling the prominent veins. He probed the slit with his tongue. He drank his precum.

His fingers felt for James’s swinging balls, lifting his testicles in their hairy sac and gently jiggling them up and down. He imagined how full of sperm they were.

Sandy watched her boyfriend as he slobbered over James’s cock. She felt a strange sense of power at seeing him dominated by this red-headed youngster. She knew how it felt to be under his control but she also felt part of that control.

James let him carry on for some minutes then pushed his head away as he pulled his cock out of his mouth.

“That’s enough, cuck. Get your clothes off.”

Dan stood up and undressed and threw his clothes to the side. His scrawny cock was erect, standing straight out in front of him.

Sandy looked at them. The difference between them was startling. Dan was heavier and bigger, but didn’t look as muscular. James had lots of body hair while Dan didn’t. James’s cock was much bigger and thicker than Dan’s and his balls hung lower. James was strong, powerful and in control. Dan looked weak and cowed.

Even so, she liked Dan. He was a good-looking man and she liked being seen with him; it gave her status. While he wasn’t the best fuck in the world, he was very good at licking her pussy. He was anxious to please her and, in truth, she preferred his mouth to his cock.

James was completely different. His power and masculinity seemed to fill the room and, deep down inside her brain, an animal instinct stimulated an intense desire in her. She felt a huge twinge in her groin and a spurt of liquid erupt from her cunt as her eyes roamed over him. She wanted this man. Her body ached for him. She wanted to give herself to him, to be his woman, to serve him, to be used for his pleasure, to bear his children.

James saw the desire in her eyes and the change in her breathing. He didn’t necessarily understand all of the psychology behind it, but he had an innate ability to identify and empathise with women’s feelings. That was one of the reasons he was such a successful seducer.

He stepped over to her and kissed her gently, his cock prodding her stomach as he took her hand and put it on Dan’s cock. She felt for James’s cock with her other hand, caressing it and feeling his balls.

“I want you, James. I want you so much,” she said, looking up at him and gazing into his eyes.

“What’s the matter with your boyfriend?” James asked. “Doesn’t he satisfy you?”

“I’ll look after him, but I need you. I need you inside me.”

James smiled and looked at Dan. This was going as he had planned. By the end of the evening, Dan would be completely dominated.

“Ok,” he said, “let’s get comfortable.”

He took Sandy’s hand and turned around. She let go of Dan’s cock and followed James to the bed. They stood at the side of the bed kissing each other, their tongues intertwined, their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

Dan watched them as they found each other’s erogenous zones, seeing their mounting passion. He had undressed his girlfriend and given her to James, then undressed him so that he could use her. Now that it was happening, he was jealous. They seemed so intimate and close.

But he also felt extremely aroused. He’d watched James as he walked to the bed with his sexy girlfriend, his huge cock sticking out in front of him and his heavy balls swinging.

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James broke his kiss with Sandy and turned her to face the bed. He put his hand under her right thigh and lifted her leg up so that her foot rested on the bed, opening up her groin. A string of liquid hung down from her slit.

He turned round towards Dan, a faint smirk playing about his mouth.

“Come over here, Dan.”

Dan walked over and stood next to him.

“Sandy wants my cock inside her cunt and you’re going to put it in,” James said.

Dan hesitated.

“I’m not asking, Dan. Just do it. You know you want to,” James snapped.

Dan reached out and took hold of James’s cock, his heart pounding. It felt so hard, much harder than his ever felt. He pulled back the foreskin to reveal a large purple glans, dripping precum, which he rubbed up and down his girlfriend’s slimy slit, watching her labia part and wrap around the mushroom head.

“Oh god,” Sandy moaned, pushing down,” stop teasing and fuck me.”

Dan grasped James’s cock more firmly and pushed it into her cunt as James flexed his hips and pushed upwards. His cock slowly pushed further into Sandy’s entrance, dragging her lips inwards until the head was completely inside.

“Fuck me, that’s awesome,” Dan exclaimed letting go of James’s shaft and feeling for his own as he watched this man’s huge cock force its way into his girlfriend’s cunt. The sight of the thick shaft forcing apart her vaginal entrance was incredibly exciting.

James started fucking Sandy with slow, deliberate strokes, his cock going further in with each thrust. He reached over her leg and felt for her clit as he fucked her, pushing it down onto the top of his shaft.

“Oh God, James,” Sandy cried, “you’re so fucking thick. Oh God, it’s wonderful.”

Her words were like a knife in Dan’s heart. He could never compete with this man who had stolen his girlfriend’s cunt. He hated him but at the same time worshipped him. He reached for James’s balls, feeling the large testes inside their wrinkled, hairy sac.

“You like my balls, cuck?” James panted as he thrust in and out of Sandy’s cunt. His cock was now slimy with their fluids and a ring of white creamy stuff was growing around the base.

“Feel them. They’re full of my sperm and I’m going to empty them into your girlfriend’s womb. I’m going to fill her with my fertile cum.”

He increased the speed of his fucking, ramming in and out of Sandy’s cunt. She thrust back at him, wailing with each stroke until suddenly her cunt spasmed rhythmically around James’s cock, clutching at it, and her legs started shaking.

“Aaaaah,” she cried, then “uh, uh, uh, uh,” with each thrust he made.

James felt his control slipping. His cock was on fire with a million pinpricks of intense stimulation all over as Sandy’s silken vagina rippled around it. He felt his testicles harden and rise as millions of sperm surged into his prostate and mixed with the semen there before shooting up his urethra and spraying into her vagina.

Sandy felt his cock grow and the head expand and then his semen shoot deep inside her, coating the walls of her vagina and covering her cervix. There was a brief pause as his cock shrunk momentarily before growing again as another jet of semen sprayed into her cunt and another and another ….

She lost count of the number of ejaculations inside her. All she knew was that she had never felt anything so deep and so satisfying. She felt completely controlled. She belonged to this man. She was his, for his pleasure, and she revelled in the feeling.

James had started to relax. His cock was still hard and deep inside her cunt, but his heart rate had slowed and his muscles were no longer tense. He caressed her breasts.

“I see you had a good time,” he said.

“Oh God, yes,” Sandy breathed. “Your cock reaches parts in me that no one else has come anywhere near, and it’s so damn thick. It stretches me to the limit, but it’s so exciting. And when you cum it’s like having a hose inside me. It’s so powerful.”

James moved inside her, his cock still hard. He could feel his cum oozing out of her cunt and dribbling down his balls. He pulled his cock out and felt a blob of semen drop from her cunt onto his cockhead then slide down and drip onto the floor. He looked at Dan.

“And you, cuck, did you like it?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Good. Now clean off my cock.”

Dan didn’t hesitate. He dropped to his knees and sucked James’s cock, pulling back his foreskin to clean his glans, then licking up the shaft.

“And your girlfriend.”

Dan stuck his head under Sandy’s groin, licking her slit. He stuck his tongue inside, and lapped up James’s cum that was still oozing out. It was thick and tasted slightly metallic. He swallowed it.

“Would you like to fuck her?”

“Oh God, yes.”

“You know that her cunt is mine, now?”

Dan looked anguished.


“And you expect to stick your pathetic little cock into it?”

“Please, James, please let me.”

James looked at him. A look of pity together with a smile of triumph.

“Alright, then, go ahead. I’ll just lie here and wait until you’re finished,” he said, flopping onto the bed and looking up at Sandy.

James was delighted with the way this was unfolding. He had reinforced his position as Sandy’s preferred lover and he wanted Dan to stick his scrawny prick into Sandy’s gaping cunt so that he would realise his inferiority. That would further subvert his masculinity and make him more subservient.

Dan stood up and stood behind Sandy, his cock erect and touching the entrance to her cunt. He bent his knees and pushed, sliding into her easily, then started thrusting. She felt very slippery and very loose, with his cock flopping around inside her.

Sandy could hardly feel him at all. There was no friction on her vaginal walls and she couldn’t feel his glans inside her. She wiggled her hips and pushed back against him, becoming increasingly frustrated. After a few minutes she pulled herself off him and turned around.

“It’s not working for me,” she said, “I can’t feel you. Lie down on the bed and I’ll suck you.”

Dan looked crestfallen but, given his state of arousal, wasn’t about to refuse. He lay back on the bed, his legs apart.

“Move over,” Sandy said, getting into the bed next to him.

Dan shuffled up on the bed. Sandy knelt astride him, her groin over his face while she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She licked up and down his shaft then swirled her tongue around his cockhead.

James lay on his side next to them, watching. He saw Dan’s cock twitching as Sandy played with it before sucking it into her mouth while she masturbated his shaft. He guessed that it would all be over very quickly.

It didn’t take long. James saw Dan’s toes curling and heard him give a long sigh as Sandy sucked and swallowed. After a minute or so, she let his flaccid, shrunken cock slip from her mouth to flop onto his abdomen. It lay there dribbling.

“My turn now,” she said, lowering her groin so that her cunt was above Dan’s mouth. He lifted his head up to reach her slit.

Dan started off by licking her protruding labia. They were still engorged from her recent fuck with James, and hung down, slick with the remnants of his cum still oozing out of her vagina. He sucked them into his mouth, his tongue running over them.

Sandy wriggled delightedly as Dan’s tongue swirled around her slit. She knew that James’s cum was still oozing out of her. It usually did that for several hours after they fucked, making her panties slimy and providing a reminder of his cock throbbing inside her.

The thought of her boyfriend sucking out her lover’s cum was strangely exciting.

“Oh Dan, that feels so good,” she murmured.

Dan shifted his attention to her clitoris. It, too, was still engorged from her recent fuck. He flicked his tongue over the top then around the shaft in circular movements, feeling it twitch. Sandy’s hips jerked and she started moaning.

James decided it was time to get involved. He didn’t want Sandy to cum from Dan’s attention. He had disrupted their sexual relationship and was now in control. He enjoyed the dominance and power and would make sure he maintained it.

He shuffled up behind Sandy as she was leaning forward enjoying Dan’s tongue and, without warning, thrust his cock into her entrance and drove it all the way inside her, his cock pushing Dan’s mouth out of the way and his balls squashing down on his face.

Sandy cried out with pleasure as she felt his cockhead push apart her vaginal walls and bump into her cervix before slipping underneath and sliding to the end of her tunnel.

She’d been close to orgasming and this just tipped her over the edge. She felt her insides spasm and clutch at the wonderfully warm and throbbing member inside her as a spurt of liquid erupted from her opening onto Dan’s chin.

James fucked her hard, his cock plunging in and out of her as he held her hips. He wanted her orgasm to last as long as possible, and it did.

She squirted again and again, drenching Dan’s face under her. Her body shook uncontrollably and she fell forward, burying her head in Dan’s groin as she wailed in ecstasy.

Dan could hardly believe what was happening. He could see James’s magnificent cock, just inches away from his face and glistening with fluids, as it ravaged his girlfriend’s cunt, dragging her labia in and out.

He could see the network of prominent veins around James’s shaft, the large urethra jutting out on the underside, and his hairy balls swinging underneath and bumping against Sandy’s clitoris.

Dan felt incredibly aroused. He felt his shrunken cock growing and hardening, pressing against Sandy’s face. He lifted his head up and stuck out his tongue to lick James’s balls, but gave up as they were moving around too quickly and instead just enjoyed watching the magnificent spectacle inches above his face.

James was vaguely aware of Dan, but was now close to his own orgasm. His cock was on fire, the nerves firing immense levels of pleasure in his brain. His cock itched incredibly as he increased the speed of his thrusts to try and scratch it.

Dan saw James’s cock swell and deepen in colour and his testicles rise up in his sac and cling to his shaft. He saw the man’s thrusting increase in speed and power when suddenly it stopped as the massive cock twitched. He watched the urethra enlarge and stand out from the shaft as a wad of semen surged up James’s cock and shot out of the end deep into Sandy’s vagina.

Dan lifted his head and stuck his tongue out to lick the base of James’s shaft. He felt the swollen urethra subside and James’s cock slide along his tongue as the man withdrew his cock, then grow again and twitch as another wad of semen surged upwards and into Sandy’s vagina.

James felt Dan’s tongue on his cock as he ejaculated in Sandy’s cunt. He not only enjoyed the additional stimulation it provided but also the feeling of total domination over the cuck underneath his groin.

The knowledge that he was firing his fertile sperm into the womb of this woman as her boyfriend lay beneath them licking his cock and feeling his balls mashing into his face gave him a real kick.

He pulled his cock, dripping with semen and her vaginal fluids, out of her cunt and felt Dan’s lips wrap around his cockhead. He pushed and Dan sucked his cock deeper into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the man’s glans as he swallowed his sperm.

James let him suck for a while then pulled back out and thrust back into Sandy’s waiting cunt, feeling the velvet sleeve caress his shaft. His testicles had now descended again and his hairy sac rested on Dan’s nose and mouth.

Dan could smell the pungent aroma from James’s balls as he licked them while James lay still with his cock deep inside Sandy’s cunt and still twitching from time to time. He felt a growing sense of peace and fulfilment. He had cum at the same time as he’d felt James cum, and somehow felt very close to him.

Sandy had also calmed down. She felt an overwhelming sense of belonging to this man with his huge cock still throbbing inside her. She felt completely possessed by him. She belonged to him and she would do anything he wanted.

James was on top of the world. He felt immensely satisfied but, unlike the other two, he did not feel tired. He felt powerful and strong. He had completely dominated Dan and Sandy and made them his fucktoys. They were there for his pleasure, to do anything he wanted.

He was looking forward to the coming months and exploring new pleasures as he expanded and developed his sexual appetite …

Written by aljames21
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