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Gill Woke up

lady wakes to pleasure

Gill woke up.   As she tried to move she found that her hands where restrained. She looked around her to see a tall dark man in a white doctor’s coat. She started to speak, to ask all the questions racing through her mind, when he put a ball gag in her mouth. Her eyes widened as the man gripped her ankles and pulled them apart and secured them so that her legs were properly spread. To...Read On


Band Trip

Let me first clarify that neither me or Zach are  gay or even bisexual, we were just a bit curious. Second, we aren't "band nerds" either, we just joined it mainly for the big field trip at the end of the year to six flags astro world. Okay, so me and zach are practically twins. We are six days apart, same hair color, very similar height, similar interests. The only thing that was different...Read On


Perfect Wife

Next time baby

Sebastian’s wife had just gotten back from her run and she headed to the shower. She made a stop by the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and headed up the stairs to wash up. Sebastian had been up in his room sorting out some old photos of their past vacation, some of which included there “alone” nights. They were really into each other and sex every night was a must for them. He heard her...Read On


I'm Only Sleeping

Wife behaves strangely and husband reaps the reward.

Life can be quite predictable, for short periods of time. Every so often, something happens that you never expected, or anticipated. I never dared dream I'd be eating Annie's pussy, and certainly not with my wife's blessing. A little over a week ago, I noticed that Brenda came home from work somewhat distraught. I asked her if anything was bothering her. She assured me that everything...Read On


Poolside Pursuit Cont'd...

One man, one pool, five girls.

A friendly recap of the girls in play from part 1. Allison:  Tall, skinny, long blond hair, sleek and slender build, very intelligent, blue eyes and is wearing a brown/orange/yellow designed bikini with ties around the neck, the back, and on the sides of the bottoms. Bailey:  Brown hair that hangs just past her shoulder, brown eyes, best friends with Candace, large D cup breasts, and...Read On


The Landscapers Ch. 03

Housewifes meets the young landscapers once again

After that explosive Thursday, I had taken that Friday and the weekend to recover and to say I had been fully sated would be an understatement, but by Monday morning, I started to feel the lust pangs returning. By Tuesday morning, I had to get my Lelo Iris out for a workout, all the time thinking about my meeting with Julio in just two days time. I had just gotten comfortable when...Read On


All About Me (Sequel to All About You)

You've been teased and pleased, now it's my turn

You really know how to get to me like no man ever has. You’re proving it again right now, cuddling my very aroused nude body draped lazily across yours on our bed, stroking my long brown curls and back with a strong loving hand. Still gently lifting my chin with your other hand and looking adoringly into my blue-green eyes, you crane your neck to softly kiss my lips, tasting the last...Read On


Not While I'm On The Phone

I have Sabrina half naked, when the phone rings. It's her husband.

I have Sabrina half naked, her skirt and panties removed, abandon somewhere in the living room, when the phone rings. It's her husband. "Hi," she says leaning into the phone, her silk blouse looking as immaculate as it did when she arrived at the office this morning. "Just stopped by to grab a bite to eat," she says. I'm standing in the hallway within earshot of the master...Read On


Dear Prudence

Company pussyhound and main job competitor bets he can seduce wife.

"I'll take care of your coat for you, Prudence," I offered as I helped her remove her fur jacket. "Thanks, Mike," she smiled. "I'll see you at the bar after you've finished that little chore." That was when I noticed Steve Watkins and Barry Reynolds standing between me and the coat room. I could barely conceal my distaste as I attempted to walk around them to hang Prudence's fur. "Did...Read On


His Birthday Gift

His gift triggers my innermost desires!

I lay on the bed, completely nude save for an ankle bracelet. I wait for my husband as tonight I am his, body and soul. It is his birthday, and all of my usual no's are now yes's. We have tried several positions, and I have begun to overcome my gag reflex when giving him head, but my somewhat shy and repressed upbringing has prevented us from going further. Tonight that all ends. I asked...Read On


Enema for a Friend

Wife asks me to give our friend an enema

I was just getting comfortable in my favorite recliner anticipating another exciting playoff game when my wife Laura called and asked me to do a favor for one of our friends. Before she gave me the details I said no, but quickly7 changed my mind when I heard what she wanted me to do. Seems our good friend Cindy was in a world of hurt with severe stomach pains and had called Laura at...Read On


Caught by Uncle in Aunts things

When I was a young boy, I started to find a fascination with feminine things.  Not sure how it started, but one day I found myself trying on some of my Moms things and enjoyed the feeling.  The issue I found early was that my Mom was very vanilla in her things, so I started to explore with an Aunts things, one I spent a lot of time with, as her son and I were very close.  She had very...Read On


All About You

Teasing and pleasing you is the ultimate stress reliever

It’s been a very long week for you at work. I hear the exhaustion and tension in your voice immediately when you call to let me know you’re on your way home from the office, slowed down by the light snow that has made traffic even worse than usual. As I hang up I think for the millionth time what an amazing husband you are. So smart, talented, hard working and ambitious yet always there for...Read On


Drive My Car

Man's wife becomes obsessed with cock size and he worries, a lot.

We sat at the kitchen table, having a quick breakfast before we left for our respective jobs. Patti was checking her make-up and I was trying to finish my coffee, as well as the sports section, before I hit the road. "How long is your cock, Matt?" she asked. I avoided the spray of coffee all over the table like you see in the slapstick comedies, but some caffeine did dribble out my nose as...Read On


Gina gives the perfect blowjob

Gina has a snack before dinner

Gina and I were going to dinner so we had planned to meet at her apartment at six. I drove over and let myself in. "Hey, I'm here," I said as I entered but she was nowhere to be seen. Looking around her living room toward the kitchen I tried to spot her. "In the bedroom," she said, "I'm finishing something up that you might enjoy seeing." I stopped as I entered the bedroom. Gina was...Read On