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Rock and Water - Chapter 6

Corrine submits further; Patrick lands on the moon

Patrick stays over the next evening too. It feels like we’re falling into an easy rhythm. So far we’ve always stayed at my house, but he asks that I come to his place for the first time this Friday. We’re both pretty wiped out when he arrives after work, so we just eat a simple dinner and watch a movie curled up on the couch together. Both too groggy to do much more than stumble to the...Read On


White Lactating Wife is a Black Stag Party Slut

My wife unwittingly ends up entertaining and fucking my black coworkers at a stag party.

It is a little unusual to find a couple who was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota living in North Carolina. That was the case for my wife Cindy and me when we moved to Raleigh. My father retired from the Army and he and Mom were living near Raleigh when his health declined. Mom needed help taking care of things around the house from time to time, so I agreed to move near them and help. ...Read On


A Soul On Fire

The waves of lust sweeping away his dreams The wind of memories blowing him away The flames of her memories burning him down The land of unending sorrows pushes him to the never ending land, The never-land! -- The one he cared for left his life The men he trusted smacked him on the back The friends he adored left him stranded  The life he's living tickles him The hope he...Read On


Fistfuls of Hay

A farmer's wife allows an unusual relationship - and enjoys it, too!

Nelle balanced the heavy basket of wet clothes on the ample curve of her hip and shielded her eyes against the late day sun. Grasshoppers flicked through the grass around her, a humming buzz of life in the emerald green. She’d heard the deep rumble of the tractor returning from the field a few minutes ago. By now her men would be in back of the barn, knocking off the dirt, making use of the...Read On


Extra Credit (Part 1)

Aubrey needs some extra credit in gym and she knows exactly how to get it without lifting a pencil.

Every single day seemed to be one more day of torture. I mean, how could someone so perfect, someone so handsome, someone so…sexy, be my teacher? “People, this is gym class, the easiest class to pass! Why are some of you nearly failing?” Mr. Parker’s deep voice rang throughout the gymnasium, though no one responded. “Alright,” the man sighed, “if you know that you have a bad grade, come up...Read On


What's gotten into Carry?

I had no idea how to react to my girlfriend's sudden sexual transformation.

"Shit, Carry!" I shouted. I must admit, when things get good, I have this habit of cussing. Like when Carry sucked on my dick harder than ever before. Carry's always been great at giving head, but holy shit! Something else had gotten into her. Something wild. Carry was my girlfriend of two years. We met our sophomore year in college and immediately hit it off. Things had been great, in fact...Read On



A selfie in the mirror takes an unexpected twist.

I am in the tastefully lit bathroom of a downtown nightclub, taking a picture of myself reflected in the wall of mirror in front of me. The sweater I am wearing is suggestively low-cut, but I center on my face. My sea blue eyes sparkle in the unnatural light. I had stepped out into the alley with some random guy to smoke a joint about an hour ago, so I am a little light-headed. I made out...Read On


All is Fair in Love and Art Chapter 3

One night can change everything

After everyone had finally cleared out of the apartment, Ellie took a long shower to reflect on the night before… and then this morning too. She was feeling beyond elated at her decision to finally move things to the next level with Caleb. She kept going back to the night before in her mind and thinking about the real work out that he had given her. It was by far the best sex she had ever...Read On


I am his

Sensuality, erotic

Listening to your voice, My eyes watch your mouth, While my fingers touch your face, And I plan my next kiss. My lips brush your skin, A moan trembles me throughout, As your voice caresses my heart, Softly, a whimper escapes my mouth. Soft hairs scratch my tongue, Tracing hearts upon your neck, I linger on your pulse, dreamy, Intoxicated on your scent Follow my whisper in your ear,...Read On


Sylph Esteem

Matt's been having a rough time of it, but good deeds pay sweet dividends.

People had finally gotten the hint. Matthew finished his walk alongside the gravel road, having not found so much as a cigarette butt or gum wrapper. It was a far cry from two years ago when the roadside and the valley below had been littered with trash bags and discarded appliances. His cameras providing evidence of the people littering on the property had allowed the police to track down...Read On


They Must be Angels

They know who they are, and they've changed my life.

I've been down the road of deception, where lies are a way of life. The darkness seduces and entices but always cuts like a knife. *** That road is crooked and leads nowhere and most always results in pain. The lies pile up, the stories get twisted to the point where you cannot explain. *** For to go there is only to fool yourself again and again and again. Eventually...Read On


Panty Pervert - Part 1

Two girls discover their flatmate's secret

"Where the hell are they?" I said aloud in my empty apartment. I was searching for my black see-through panties, Nadine's favourites. I'm a bisexual girl in my mid twenties, five foot eight inches tall with long toned legs. I’m a hundred and ten pounds with firm 34D breasts, a flat stomach and have both nipples and my navel pierced. I’d met Nadine at The Yard when I’d moved up to Newcastle...Read On

Audio version available

Thinking of You

Listen as I think of you

I’m alone, but in my mind you’re with me. My fingers are lightly grazing across my naked skin, and I sigh with wistful thoughts of you. (Sighs) I want you. You know I want you. (Giggle) Is it because I know I can’t have you that my mind torments me? Soft moans reveal my arousal at the mere prospect of getting hold of you. (Moans) My hand is trailing south; the slight caress...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-12

A cuckold begins to take charge of his life again.

By the time Audrey and Donald returned from breakfast Katrina and Jeff were dressed and finishing their coffee. “ How was ‘Brekky? Audrey asked, now emulating Donald’s pronunciation. “Breakfast was nice,” Katrina replied evenly. “We had the TV news on and there was a story about the problem on the ship but nothing that added to what we already know. I imagine that we’re going to have to...Read On


Watched by My Roommate

My roommate watches as I fuck my girl friend

My wife and I had been dating for about three months when I got a new roommate. Jason was decidedly gay, though he did a good job of covering it up. As far as roommates goes, he wasn't a bad one at all. Most weekends he was gone and didn't come back until late Sunday evening, so on those weekends that Laura and I were strapped for cash and couldn't afford a hotel off base, it was nice to...Read On

Editor's Pick

London's Burning

One trip to London brings love, fire, romance and heartbreak.

From inside the pressurised, air-conditioned solitude and comfort of the black cab, my feet alighted at last on the wet street. Damp was something London did well. My bones shivered in their skin to feel the heavy weight of the city's gloom on them once more; it was not a feeling I relished. I looked up, casting my eyes about the grey and ominous sky with trepidation. There was a large...Read On


Sex In An Empty Classroom

A 100% true account of my first sexual encounter in college with a girl named Maria.

Having lost my virginity to an older woman a few years earlier, I had been on a quest for my next sexual experience. It seemed that every girl that I would meet instantly became the object of my sexual desires. I guess that is what an undersexed teenager’s mind will do. Admittedly, there were moments of heavy petting over clothes with other girls and an occasional hand inside of a bra, but...Read On


Anal Loving

Booty call with my beauty

A husband, loving his wife's rump, Is so very excited; he wants to hump. His wife is an amazing beauty. And tonight he's going to spread her booty. He gets out a bottle of liquid lube, Squeezes out a measure from the tube, Smothers it all on her buttocks and his dick, And slowly fucks her sweet ass with his enormous prick. She's so tight as he fucks her ass, The feel of...Read On


Erotic Dancer

The erotic dancer entraces and entices 1-2-1

Lights dimmed so low Your body aglow A dance for me Awaited with glee Pulsating beat Turns up the heat As you draw near I raise a cheer You twist and turn That body I yearn Sexy wee thong Turning me on Incredibly cute Forbidden fruit Sensuous skin Let me please win Provocative moves All that you choose Such a fine treat Wanton eyes meet Hearts a pounding ...Read On


Stargazer I

Seeing stars in more ways than one

He set up his eight-inch telescope in the dimming twilight of the night. He had picked the beach far from the campgrounds, far from the shouting people and barking dogs, and smoky fires, yet not far enough to be unaware of them in the distance. More than just wanting darkness for stargazing, he sought solace from the world of troubles he had seen, but he wasn’t lonely. For now, it was just...Read On


Afternoon Coffee

Some people can be just too perfect, can't they?

Sipping decaf skinny latte, I cringe as I see you enter My special coffee-shop, New girlfriend giggling inanely on your arm. Little Miss Hipster Fashionista, Still wearing her ditsy woolly hat, Though it’s 25 in the shade On this sunny summer afternoon. Crop top showing just too much of Gym-honed tummy, And just-the-right-tone tan. Ripped short-short-shorts Showing...Read On

Recommended Read

Blind My Eyes- Chapter 3

How it all began...

CHAPTER 3  ORIGINS  Before there were any supernatural beings on earth, there existed only the Creator and his legion of angels. Lucifer was above all other angels in heaven. His appearance was beautiful and striking. He embodied perfection and radiated light and glory. He was the chief commander and worked in the throne room of God. One day, God had a private meeting...Read On


Annie gets rescued

He is still inside me, hard and moving gently like the tide

The first time we met, he grabbed my hand and said “you need to get out of here”. I didn’t stop to ask questions at the time, I just ran because I was terrified. There was smoke coming out of the stairwell and I could feel panic rising as I watched people rushing for the exit. He helped me climb out onto the fire escape and down the steep ladder to the street below. It was only afterward...Read On


Another Day In The Life Of Miranda

Wind carrying her true love's whispers Forever calling out her name The once quickened pulse that skipped Now beating dispassionately in her veins A smoldering candle on the nightstand Extinguished of its flame Rose petals scattered earlier with precision All that remains Now laying trampled upon the floor Just another day in the life of Miranda Not worth dwelling on anymore As she...Read On


It Is Time

What seems like the end is but a pause…

We both knew in our hearts that this would one day come When you wouldn't walk, you'd have to run And leave my side, just knowing that, It is time It's the last thing on earth that we wanted to hear, A future marked with doubts and still unclear Yet we had peace in our hearts just knowing that, It is time We know not yet what next month will bring, But we do know the One who...Read On



Random midnight poem

What is it.. About the moon..  To look above, She makes you swoon. She is so hypnotic, Mystery and unknown beauty. In some ancient language, She speaks of an eternity. Lovers share that same moon, Some nights tears are shed, Crying for the sun, To erase the memory of why we bled. Others lie embraced, Grasping at the light, Touching that eternity, That's only felt...Read On


To K from R, with Love

R has been in love with K for some time now and tonight they are finally fulfilling their fantasies.

I arrive at your place with such a combination of emotions. I’m jittery certainly, to see what we both have in store for each other, but also could not be more excited. I have wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you from across the room. And I was fortunate enough to have you in some capacity, twice even. It has gone from being a nearly inconceivable notion to ever have you inside me...Read On


More than Making Love

Fucking, just isn’t the word. Neither is plainly making love It’s a passion and a hunger A thirst and a need The length of you in my fingers The tip of you in my mouth Leaves my insides lingering with lust Desire runs rampant in every kiss The taste of you and me combined Is more powerful than Fireworks in July Longing for more Whenever your fingers touch me When your toes curl into...Read On


An Exploration of Cliché: Claudia, the MILF

Good God! Those screams are sounding again! I sometimes wonder how the fuck I can live under this regime. No, I always wonder why the fuck I still live under my parents regime. Let’s set a preamble: 23 year old male, law school graduate, home office, consulting attorney, single, and… enjoying life as a fucking 16 year old. That’s right, my mother is yelling at me again, from the other...Read On


Strangers No More

Were they shape shifters of some kind, these aliens that had abducted my wife and me? Belinda and Johnny, that's us. First me, and then both of us together. I had no idea if we were on a ship of some sort, or if we were still on Earth in some sort of prison for abductees. All I really knew was that these creatures seemed to want only one thing from us. Sex, in several forms. I had fucked...Read On