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Cheating on Patricia Part II (Arlene)

Part II of a true story. As Patricia sleeps, I get friendly with Arlene, the hotel night clerk.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed when the bathroom door swung open and Patricia stepped out. Wearing only a towel as a turban, her naked body tanned and toned, she rummaged through her bag looking for a pair shorts. She bent over giving me a clear view of her pale buttocks. She turned in my direction. Her breasts bore the marks of a day in the sun with two white triangles tattooed over...Read On


Picture Perfect Memories

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is give up the past.

Sometimes I look at the only picture of us I refused to delete. The one where we're both smiling and there's a red tint to your cheeks. As I look at the two women who look back at me, I forget the one on the right is me. All I see is you. All I can remember is you. The way your lips tasted like wine that night, and the way your fingers fumbled with the buttons on your jeans. ...Read On



A large married woman seduces a male friend.

Over the years, I had developed many friends through my hobbies of CB radio and auto racing. Many an evening was spent enjoying one of our coffee and bullshit gatherings that seemed to spontaneously develop. Someone over the radio would suggest meeting at a Sambo's for coffee, and before you knew it, twenty or thirty people, sometimes more, would show up at the local Sambo’s. Most of us...Read On


The Doorbell, variation 2

Maggie rings Mike's bell

“Shit, this is my last chance,” I thought to myself as I tried to ignore my discomfort. None of the other houses on the short row next to the park’s parking lot had had anyone answer the door, and if this one was a bust, I didn’t relish the idea of having to try to pee out here. Even though the suddenly cold weather had driven all the foot traffic from the park, the street had enough car...Read On


The Prosing Sloth

Titled, The Caws of Soughs,  Jaak Dawes in person, I fame my name. The 'quistor of Haggs towne village. Powdered wig on noggin, I swat, Ascot of silk in my attire, Bold in dark, the prosing sloth. Grasping the quill, ink slew it's brine, From quiver of the well, galls of oak, Stains of my parchment writ.  Suitor in my poetic scroll, Barer of poetic brew, arbiter of soul,...Read On



I always wonder, Wonder what your heart is like, Wonder if I get drunk off your love, Wonder if I get high off your heavenly kisses, Wonder why your skin is so soft, warm, and smooth, Like silk. I wonder why, I’m so lucky, In so many ways, To have you as, A friend, A lover, A guardian angel. I enjoy watching you, Moving around, As you dance, As you move your sexy hips, To the beat, To...Read On


How I got my collar

I never thought I would...

You say "Come here" and I crawl over to you swaying my hips. Only stopping when I get close kneeling in front of you. I hear you clear you throat and say "Baby, look at me." I look up, seeing you looking very serious holding a black collar in your hands. You look into my eyes an ask "Would you please wear this?" Pausing for a moment and then I nod and...Read On


Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 1

When Jennifer needs a place to stay, a group of men give her just what she wants.

A thick mist descended on the valley, covering it like a blanket. Buildings, trees and the landmarks of an old civilisation were hidden from sight as Jenny stepped carefully over the cracked tarmac of the road. The casual breeze carried her auburn hair and the loose, bloodstained shirt slightly as she paused for a moment or two. She admired the view before being reminded of the events that...Read On



About wanting someone more than anything

I've poured through a body of work no one has continued, no one else will see the messages scattered and decode you like I can. They're all the same phantom framed around ink, ciphers waiting to be unearthed through the narratives, the unnerving breadth between hesitation and touch, belonging to who will never belong to me. Never questioning the fire looming over us, the hungry flames...Read On


Stripper to Special Secretary

Amber's new job is surprisingly like her old one.

I really need a job. It has been two months since I was fired from my last job as a stripper and I am running low on money. I was let go because the place I worked at, Dancing Dames, was not doing well and they needed to let half of their workers go. I have looked at other strip clubs, but I want to try something new. Work though, has been hard to find, considering most of my experience is...Read On


Neighborly Relations

Carolyn's hot young neighbor changes her life in ways she never imagined...

Carolyn had unpacked the last box when the doorbell rang. Pushing her hair back with a huff, she wondered who would be ringing the bell on her first day in her new house. Probably the neighborhood busy body, wanting to be the first to get the scoop, she thought sourly. She looked briefly in the newly-hung hall mirror on her way to the door, noting with dismay her rumpled t-shirt...Read On


Other Colors -- Ch. 14 (section 1)

A D/s romance set in Montreal. This chapter has been split into two sections.

Part 2 - Blue (continued) Chapter 14 You shouldn’t have said that. Even as the words left my lips, I knew it was a mistake to let them loose. The haze of that third champagne had more or less pulverized my capacity to hold my tongue. “Something else to drink tonight, mes amis?” our server reappeared, and reclaimed the empty bottle before setting out the next course. Dmitri sat...Read On


Is That My Cue?

Rehearsals had went well. Peter knew all of his lines and he was glad to be in the play. This was his new thing, now that he was retired. Acting was something he'd always wanted to try, and now he was doing it. Each play he did gave him more experience, and gave him more lines, too. That was good. However, he was learning that lots of work in the theater consisted of waiting for your...Read On


It Was You

It was you, Gesturing to me from within the storefront window It was you, Inviting me in from a cold October rain The temptation to slip my arms in yours Was too much to bear In a moment of weakness, I allowed you to envelope my nakedness; To hug my breasts with authority The support I ached for Yet ever so gently. Hardened nipples; Electrified. Conducive to your soft fabric Like...Read On


Sean and Bridget's First Time

Dominant Sean suggests a threesome, and good girl Bridget does as she is told

“Sweetie, yes, oh yes,” Sean spoke breathily as he came hard into Bridget. They had been seeing each other for a very short time, but were already fucking regularly. Bridget looked up into his face as he came, enjoying watching him undo on top of her. She was usually the dominant one, but only out of necessity, and Sean had forced his way into her life, immediately stating he wanted her...Read On

Recommended Read

Eve Of My Destruction

A long, modern ballad about absolute devotion

Eve. Three short letters flowing perfectly together, to shape into expressions of pure admiration, when their owner glided - not just walked - throughout the office, long hair swaying softly and in time with every measured step. Her designer dresses covered little, and shapely legs, they tightened and relaxed upon thrones of sparkling high heeled sandals with cat-like grace and for all eyes...Read On


Aphrodite's Gift Ch 1

Sometimes our prayers get answered in the most unexpected ways

"I fucking hate the way I look," I scream to no one as I open the door to my apartment and toss my purse on the couch. "Why are men so hung up on outer looks that they can't see the inner beauty?" I sigh and look at my dumpy body in the hallway mirror. "No one is going to read the book if the cover looks like shit Jasmine," I say to myself. "They'll take one look at your ratty hair &...Read On


My Newest Challenge

I plan to seduce my boss...

To have the body I have, you have to work for it. I love my body, and so do the women in the building where I work. I'm not a man whore or anything; I just like sex and you can't blame me for that. I have a six-pack, great arms, and those lines above your pelvis that drive women crazy. I have these light blue eyes that apparently make me super approachable, and I'm tall, almost 6'6" so that's...Read On


The Outing

Maddie falls in love with her babysitter, Matt.

It all started five years ago, when Maddie was thirteen. Being an only child, she needed a babysitter still when her parents were out of town or at an event together that Maddie couldn’t attend. Usually, Maddie’s grandparents would come by to watch her, or she would go to their house. However, during the winter, her grandparents would go to their home in Florida. Maddie could not...Read On


Bath Time Visit

A fantasy letter about a lover in the bath tub.

I wake up thinking about you, had an amazing dream. Have to admit, it made me unbelievably horny. I figure you're still in bed, but I text you anyway to see what you're up to. You text me back about an hour later and ask me what I'm doing for the day. There's nothing I'd rather do than spend time with you. You invite me over and tell me you're going to hop in the shower before I get there. I...Read On


Another Wild Night With Mr. And Mrs. Smith

After my first night with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, things got dirty between us. I lost my virginity too.

It was 3 a.m. Mrs. Smith was sitting in a chair near the window. She was naked and enjoying her hot cup of coffee. It was raining heavily, and we were enjoying the sound of rain. I was in Mrs. Smith’s bed, and Mr. Smith was fucking me from behind. Yes, in my last story, I told you that Mrs. Smith never allowed his husband to fuck another woman or a teen babysitter like me. However,...Read On

Comp Entry

Fucking my slave in all her holes with my boyfriend and sharing his cum

My slave Martina gets introduced to my boyfriend and gets her ass fucked by him in a sex shop.

Ever since I met my boyfriend Triss and it got serious between the two of us, I had less and less time to meet my girlfriends, but somehow I always remembered Martina's words when she was said that I could not "cover her in jizz". So I finally wrote her an email asking if she had time so I could "introduce" Triss to her. She was happy to hear from me and looked forward to it. We met in a...Read On


His Special Massage

A massage to remember.

We rest awhile longer after "Her Special Massage," as we finish our champagne. She takes our glasses and places them off to the side. She takes my hand, telling me that it is now my turn. We stand, and I am lead to the walk in shower. Turning on the multiple shower heads, she guides me under one, pressing herself against me. Hooking her fingers in the waist of my skimpy white briefs, she...Read On


Clara And Shawn - Parts One and Two

Distractions while writing a thesis leads to a night of passion for Clara

Part One: Clara It has been another long, boring day at the university but I am nearly finished with the research for my thesis. Now I only have to pull it all together and write it up. As if that is the easy part! I am sitting in the library staring at my laptop, willing the words to write themselves and thinking about everything but my thesis. I look around the room to see who else is in...Read On


You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 5

Dan and Roxanna reveal their sexual likes and dislikes tro each other by phone

"You once told me all about going down on your girlfriend when you were in college," Roxanna commented at one point in one of their many long, all-night phone conversations. "But has a woman ever gone down on you, Dan?" Secretly, Roxanna hoped Dan would say no. So she could be the first woman ever to suck his cock. Roxanna liked sucking cock. She especially loved when a man stiffened...Read On


The Hot Hygienist

A surprising discovery that flirting at the dentist office was not accidental

The Hot Hygienist Starting the day off with a dental appointment at 8:00 a.m. may not seem like a fun thing, but today changed my outlook on the potential of dentistry. This was the third visit when Teresa was scheduled to clean my teeth. She’s 24, light brown hair, blue eyes and average height. The blue scrubs she and the other assistants wear hide most of their physical attributes,...Read On


Cupboard Love - Part 4

The Confirmation

The rest of the afternoon passed by in a daze. I tried to avoid Ian as much as I could, not only because the depth of my shame and guilt that burned deep inside my breast, but I was scared of falling into his arms and letting myself get carried away again by my lust for him. Luckily for me, he was called into the Marketing Director's office around four o'clock, so I had time to think about...Read On


Passion of love with the one I love

Dedicated to one I love.

I caress your soft skin in the morning, you lay nude beside me and sleep, I kiss your tasty nipples one by one, you moan while you dream of me. I rub your clit gently, you open your legs more for me, I bend over you and kiss your slit, you open your eyes slowly. I suck on my lover's clit, you hold my head with both hands, I bring you to the first highs with my tongue, you cry my name while...Read On


Jess, Ch 3a: Sarah's Break

Sarah visits a gloryhole then comforts others while on her break from school.

"I still don't see why we're here, you hated your cousin." Sarah was not happy about this change in her plans. She was supposed to be partying with her friends from high school while on break from college, not attending her mom's cousin Tina's funeral. "She was still my cousin, and we need to pay our respects," her mother replied. "Besides, you weren't going to do anything except get drunk...Read On



Your finger tips travel lightly across my soft skin, leaving chills in their wake my legs spread, your hand now flat on my  belly slips lower, my knees start to shake softly moaning, I reach for your hard cock throbbing against my side you remove my hand, taking the other one together at my wrists, above my head they were tied crying out as your teeth grazed my nipple, your ...Read On