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Midnight Loving

Kayden gets a midnight snack from his girlfriend.

Rolling over in my sleep, I stretch my arm out searching for babe. I feel around for Kayden but he isn't there I slowly start to wake up. Rubbing my eyes, I look over at the clock, see that it’s just after midnight, and wonder where he could be. Sitting up and taking the covers off me I get up and go look for him. Feeling my nipples turn hard as I walk barefoot on the cold floor, I rub them...Read On


Winds of Change

Through the winds of change, an unexpected romance occurs.

The sun shone bright as I walked along the shore of Lake Superior. I loved the sound of the water rushing up on shore and the feel of the cold water and soft sand upon my bare feet. The water glistened like diamonds as I stared out at it. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, and the one I marvel at the most. It was forever pulling me to it, making me want to be near it. I could...Read On


Do You Know?

Jane has a crush on a man who's had his eye on her, and seduces her slowly and thoroughly.

It started with the glances. The library was a place where it was easier to study than the cafeteria in the student union. Jane would go there after she was done with the class she taught. After grades got updated and everything was done for next class, she did her studying. After years of teaching at the local community college, she found out she enjoyed it. She didn't enjoy her piecemeal way...Read On


DarkFyre: Chapter Fifteen

Silmaria and Rael journey into the mountains, and peril.

DarkFyre Chapter Fifteen The next day was lost to the blizzard. They spent the better part of it huddled together in their blankets, pressed in close, as near to their small fire as they dared. The stone cliff was a forbidding face of rock and ice, and even with the nearby fire, the ice held strong, glittering with stubborn beauty in the firelight. The blizzard outside was a wild,...Read On


Power Chapter 26: Freshman Year

I was discovering that I enjoyed love more than sex

I returned to school in the middle of Freshman Week. I was in an upperclassman dorm so I could drink whenever I wanted to. Janice and the cataloging were coming along well. Since we had already cataloged all shows through the middle of summer, there were only maybe fifty or sixty a week to catalog, which took little time. Mike, our senior resident, told me that a bunch of freshmen would...Read On


Love letters

My dear love, my beautiful destiny: Today I want to imagine a new day, no matter if it is with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine, or delicate gray clouds with raindrops born of them ... but I imagine that all day with me you are. Today upon waking, you provoke in me a smile, remind me of what we have, as I think of you in every little thought of the day and every tiny moment I...Read On


A Party with Carol Pt 1

This is true, a party I attended, an orgy ensued.

Back in my younger days, I believe I was 21, maybe 22, my then girl friend, later to become my wife and now ex, attended a party at a couple of our friends house. Good friends, very good friends. It seemed to be slow moving, and so Sue, another guest, chose to try and liven the evening up, get things moving. She had a group of us men line up in front of a wall, a fireplace behind us. She...Read On


A Stone's Throw

Nestled in the dark bowels of my mausoleum, A stone's throw from mere mortals six foot deep.  My cock rises on the dusk of cellos humming, Strings of my midnight occasions.  Encased in tapestry adoring my sarcophagus,  Ingrained from my soul erotic ink I scribe,  Of my proclivities and sexual inebriations. I suffer not fools who squander true climaxes.  Aura of crystalline...Read On


I Finally Fucked My Brother

I never thought I would get the chance to fuck my brother

My name is Abriella. Bri for short. I'm about 5'2, caramel skin, long black hair, blue eyes, and I weigh about 130 pounds. I was sitting in my room doing my homework when I heard my brother walk in the door. I ran down the stairs and found him making a sandwich. "Hey Bri, do you want a sandwich too?" "Yeah, sure, make me on too?" I walked past him and grabbed his cock through his...Read On


Kelly's First Time

Kelly's first lesbian experience

I was the summer of my 19th birthday, and college parties were the norm. I had been in a few relationships with guys, but they never seemed to work out. There was always one problem or the other. I often found out they were cheating on me, and this really upset me. My name is Kelly and back then I was sort of innocent to the ways of the world. I had dark hair that I always kept short; my...Read On


Second Chance- Chapter 3

What happends after that kiss...

Emma opened the door to her dark house. Her husband was still at work. Walking up the stairs her heart, feeling full and empty at the same time. Kicking off her heels, stepping out of her black dress, and peeling off her lace bra and panties, Emma decided she would take a hot bath. Running the steamy water, and pouring in some lavender oils, Emma lighted some candles, and lowered herself into...Read On



I stood by the table in her kitchen, twittering ten to the dozen about my new job. I had received a letter just before I set off. Amy came and stood right in front of me as I asked if she wanted to go for a drink. She put a finger to my lips, I took the hint and stopped the waffling. The finger traced a line across my right cheek and down my neck. Her lips touched my lips before I could...Read On


My first Sapphic love

My epiphany

It was almost a cliché. We met at a friend's social gathering and, whilst neither of us expected such a result, it happened. At the party, even though we were in the company of others, we noticed each other and the attraction was instant. We engineered, solely by glances, that we ended up in the ladies' cloakroom at the same time. No, nothing happened there but we did exchange phone numbers...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 7

Julie's first gangbang - the beginning

At least, we almost headed off to Yorkville. We had barely pulled out of the parking spot when Jenn braked to a stop. I looked at her as she backed into the spot again. She switched off the car and looked at me. “Daisy,” she said, “you know how Dad is always telling us never to miss an opportunity? Well, we almost did. I think we just got lucky on our adventure and we should take advantage...Read On


Carol - Part Two

Carol begins her sexual journey and learns that she likes sex

Carol and I sat in her kitchen apartment. Our first sexual experience had not ended well. I did not control myself and came all over her back, hair, and ass way too soon. What followed was a well deserved verbal spanking, as she was upset both at my lack of control and having cum all over her back. It was now early morning, about 1:00 a.m., and sufficient time had passed since...Read On