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The thought of his girlfriend and one of her best-friends having sex turned him on beyond belief

Kean was in shock, happy, delightfully horny, shock. Pax was still looking at him wide-eyed, awaiting his reply. If she had looked down, she would have been able to tell. Just moments before …  “I've meant to tell you something... Not so much as ask, but tell you because I already agreed to it and...” Pax was rambling nervously, trying to tell her boyfriend Kean some of her plans for...Read On


My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

Jenn, my wife's best friend wasn't getting any at home, so she asked my wife if she could fuck me!

My wife's bestfriend, Jenn, is a sweet, open and sexy woman with beautiful eyes and mouth. I have appreciated her compact body from "afar" on many occasions, but last night, I got a whole new perspective, up close and personal... ** Jenn lives out of state with her husband, Greg. Greg is a good enough guy, but he, apparently, has a very low sex drive; a bit of information I recently...Read On


Lesbian Sister - part 2

Roxy and Lori continue their forbidden relationship, but their mom has met a friend online!

Lori’s heart was pounding as she emerged from her bedroom and tiptoed across the landing. Mom had left for work ten minutes ago. The teenager paused at her sister’s bedroom door, then turned the handle. Roxy was lying on her left side, snoring softly. Lori gently peeled her blanket away, exposing her bare shoulders, her bare back, her bare buttocks. Lori wondered if her sister always...Read On


Billion air

A fantasy including women and money...

I am a billionaire that runs multiple companies with thousands of employees. Over the years I have had assistants come and go quite frequently, most likely due to the 15-hour days I enjoy grinding out. About a year ago my HR people found a well qualified new assistant who apparently could handle the long hours and frequent Saturday and Sunday work. Her name is Kristy and she is a knock out....Read On


A Perfect Love ch2

Chapter two of A Perfect Love

Sorry if this is not to some peoples liking. I have done co written tales that ran into hundreds of pages. It’s not for everyone. It’s not a one page stroke job. When the sex comes I can assure you there will be as much detail as what leads to it. Every graphic bit of it. I may have kinky little gimmicks thrown in that have not even crossed the most jaded minds. Think the most outright...Read On


Becoming the office slut. stage 3

my first taste of another woman's pussy

That Saturday I slept and slept. I was exhausted from all the nervous energy I felt taking my first steps into the world of slutdom. I’d also been cumming quite a bit in the evenings as I thought about the effect I was probably having on the guys’ home lives. When I finally got up and showered, I headed out to do my 'homework'. I grabbed my keys and headed to the shop that Steve had...Read On


The Wine Cellar

Chambermaid Katherine learns the dark nature of her Lord of the Manor

Somewhere in the ether between the conscious and surreal, Katherine awakes with a start. Her nightclothes cling to her body with a soft sheen of perspiration. Is it the humid summer night or perhaps something more feverish? Chaotic imagery flashes through her thoughts. She recalls wild dreams in restless sleep. In bare feet and wispy gown, Katherine pads across the large Elizabethan...Read On


Gang Banged

My partner is gang banged and they want a woman!

Me and Anne had been living together for over a year now and were on our way back from the south coast, having been away on a week’s break together. I was driving back home along the M5 motorway and it was just going dark on a cool, late September evening. Now I’ve set the scene as to where we were and what we were doing, I’ll take some time out to tell you a little of the background stuff...Read On

Audio version available

Is It The Same For You?

The mysteries of online love.

Do you feel the things that I do? Is this experience the same for you? When you see me online does your heart beat fast? Are you thinking about the hot times of our past? Flashes of thoughts searing throughout your mind. Of everything I want to do to you all of the time. Does the anticipation keep you on edge? Wondering about all the things that I've pledged. Does anyone else affect you...Read On


The Geek Gets It....

Craig's curiosity pays off in the end.

I really should be going. I’m already twenty minutes late back from my lunch break, but the boss is away. I can handle anything his gormless assistant, Doug might throw at me. I’m in the sandwich shop adjacent to our office block, I rarely ever used this place before Cherry took it over. I now find myself coming here every lunchtime, and it’s certainly not for the quality of the food. I’ve...Read On


Best Friend's Cheating Aunty

Accidents do happen every so often. Sometimes there are cosmic forces at work that thanks to some unknown galactic formula result in some unintentional incident taking place that you have no control over. Sometimes these incidents are good and sometimes they are bad but there is a third level in play here. It’s the grey area between good and bad. The incident itself might be good at the...Read On


What best friends are for

You'd be surprised what best friends are good for. For Chelsea, a little slut of mine.

When Chelsea heard that her parents were going on holiday for a week, she was delighted. She would have the spacious house all to herself, no one to bother her. She could walk around naked, at least if she kept the blinds shut from overly curious neighbours. She could have her best friend over, sunbathing in the garden, gossiping, it would be paradise. Until… “Chelsea, your brother and...Read On


Becoming the office slut. stage 2

being forced to perform in the board room

The next day I came to work with panties on. I’d taken a big step yesterday and it was hot but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go any further. If I carried on this way I would be a plaything for everyone to use. Maybe I should select just a few of the younger guys to service. As I walked across the office my hair was up and I’d worn my glasses, something I almost never did. I suppose I was...Read On


When I'm Not Here

Dedicated to Ange..... When I am here, I can hold you in my arms, And make myself a pillow for you. When I am here, I can experience firsthand your charms, And I'm more than happy to take part in whatever you want to do. But when I'm not here, I can't look into your eyes, Or make you blush, giggle or show me that smile, That makes all my lowpoints seem like highs, And every bit of pain...Read On



Just thinking out loud.

Her heart keeps time, Each beat a moment we will never know again. And all this time her hair hangs over her face, And her hands push and pull at me, And her legs gather me up, And her belly shakes, And her breasts dance, And I know what this is; Desire. And afterwards, I know what it was; Love. But I pretend not to, And I think she does too, Because she holds me tightly, Until we...Read On