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Neighbourly lust

fantasy involving sexy neighbour comes true

We hadn´t lived in our house long, before the house next door was bought also. Ours was a nice house, in a wonderful neighborhood, and we seemed to have nice friendly neighbors albeit a little older than us. We christened our road "gods waiting room". We normally liked to keep ourselves to ourselves, however our new neighbors were about the same age as us, Tom was only a couple of years...Read On



He loses a bet and gets unexpectedly dominated.

"Do I really have to go through with this?" I asked, feigning disinterest. In reality, my cock was growing steadily more erect by the minute. "I told you, just give me 50 bucks and I'll call the whole thing off." Not a chance. I had him right where I wanted him. For weeks, I'd daydreamed about the moment when I'd be able to peel off his briefs and devour his cock, to lovingly thrust...Read On


Aunty Lucy Teaches

My Aunty Lucy teaches me some facts of life

When I was 17 my parents were going through a divorce and I was packed off to my Aunty Lucy and Uncle Joe's house in the deepest darkest depths of Cornwall whilst everything was sorted out. My Aunty Lucy was 35 prim and proper and very straight laced, as was my Uncle Joe who was the local vicar. Every Sunday we had to go to church dressed in our Sunday best and then me and Aunty Lucy would...Read On


my slut is my master part 1

I walk into the house looking for my slut calling for him. I take off my red heels slipping them next to the door feeling the carpet under my feet loving the softness of it. I hear him from the bed room in a weak voice. “Yes mistress, your slut is here.” I walk down the hall into the bedroom saying “You were a bad slut.” He was standing in the middle of the room naked I could...Read On


My English Professor

It was my second year of college and I decided I needed to take a core class aside from my political science major. What to take, what to take? I hated math and science, so I figured I would be ok with English. How can I do badly in a subject that I actually liked, right? I ended up signing up for English 1301 with Professor Collins, since I had heard he was a pretty good professor. The...Read On


Help from my sister 4

Now they've made love, now someone is at the bedroom door

"Who the hell is that," Judy asked. "It's probably Tonya, shit," I replied. Then the door opened. It was Tonya and she looked right at us. "Well, this is why you blew off our date? So you could have sex with this chick," Tonya asked. "Yes it just kind of happened," I replied. "Oh it just happened? You just happened to get in bed with another woman? Yeah I'm completely buying that. I know...Read On


Christmas With The Family - Part 2

Two share the holidays plus a few other things

Christmas With The Family Part 2 As the boys pulled into the Clark’s driveway, about six inches of snow lay on the ground. Harry could see a flickering, as if a fire was somewhere, coming from around the garage. “Todd! Is there a fire in the back?” “Relax, we have an outdoor fireplace back there and Mom and Carla are probably having a toddy waiting for us. C’mon, let’s head around back...Read On


Adventures of Ebony and Sarah Part 4

Part Four

Sarah and Katie grew more excited as they saw the carrot in Ebonys hand. Now they wanted more. "Who wants it first?" Ebony asked as spread her legs slighty and started to run it up and down her wet slit, getting it wet. "I..I don't think I'm ready for that yet", Katie told her sister. Katie was still inexperianced with masturbation, so wasnt ready for something that big and something other...Read On


A Brother's Confession- Part 5

Kiera finally came to the decision that she didn't want to hold back her feelings for her brother Caleb. She came to that decision while riding out the waves of her third orgasm while his dick was nine inches deep into her pussy. She told him that she wanted to be his girlfriend, but a second after, there was a knock on the bathroom door. It was her prom date, telling Caleb that his sister...Read On


The Teacher's Pet - part 1

A college professor strikes a deal with one of his failing students.

My name is Rick Sanders. I'm a professor at the local university and one of the students’ favorites. But not because I'm a good teacher. I'm 6' 2”, with a good athletic build, a nice dresser, and when I'm not teaching, I compete in world surfing competitions. Along with that, I've always been good-looking and dressed well. I was a favorite among the students because every guy wanted to be...Read On


Ella Part 1

Ella gets a surprise she wasn't quite ready for...

Finally, it was 3am and time for me to go home and leave this mess. The bar was always crowded on Saturday nights but this particular night was more hell than usual. The crowds were wild and one uh, gentleman, was quite a handful and as usual, I got no help from the bouncers. I know I bring some of it on myself but hey, I’m not going to get any tips wearing a turtleneck and sweatpants. Although...Read On


Sarah - Part Six

Sarah teaches me about bondage

For the first time since we had moved into the house, Sarah and I had spent the night together. She was up first, showered and made coffee. It was sometime past 11:00 a.m. “You were good last night,” Sarah said, handing me a cup of coffee while I lay in bed. “Thank you!” I responded, “For the compliment and the coffee.” “You were better than good,” I said, trying to convey just how much...Read On


The Picture

I look at our picture in the silver frame I call it our since you and I are in it Your smile is so big and beautiful What were you thinking of that day? Your arm is around me Will it ever be around me again? I ask this because I love you so much And I can never let you go It is torture to me You have not written or called How can you think of me as beautiful But not love...Read On


Snake Charmer

Mark had no idea how dirty his secretary was. She deserves a raise, he thought with a sly smile.

Sitting back in his chair, Mark looked out the window of his office and watched as the last bits of the daylight retreated behind the Rocky Mountains in the far distance. It was a magnificent view and was a constant reminder of how far he had come from the streets of Denver. Mark has one more task to wrap up before leaving for the weekend. He calls his secretary into his office to...Read On


Losing my Virginity

Every thing I had ever fantasized about was right here before me.

I was always a horny bugger. All I did from a young age was think about sex. Women were constantly on my mind. It's no wonder that the summer before college I had accepted a job working in the meat and frozen food department at our local grocery store. My mother thought that I did it for the extra money the department paid, when really, it was more to get a good close look at all the area...Read On