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I couldn't say 'no'.

I’m a very good lover, not the most doting. I know what you need though you’ll have to give over grief. your ring will be returned to you less lustrous once you’ve been well-worn. out and about, safe and shrouded you’ll remember this. what’s seen cannot be undone: your mental pictures you’ve surrendered to me are about to become your whole reality....Read On

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Final Farewell

Do you ever think of me? Do I ever cross your mind? Have I appeared in your dreams, Like you have in mine? Do you remember my voice? The feel of my soft kiss? Can you still feel the warmth of my body, And the bite on your lips? Do you ever wonder? What could have been? If things were different, And I was not with him? I remember those never ending touches. Your soft breath on my skin....Read On



I want your hands on my skin, To let your fingers show me Your deepest, Darkest Secrets. The desire between us Is suspended in the air With words We are not Speaking out loud. Our bond is created With kisses And thrusts That convey Our deep need For each other. My body is begging For more, Expressing What my lips Cannot say. My eyes seek yours As...Read On

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Cathartic Rains

Rain pours from the heavens and pulls me in her midst, Disguising the tears that were hidden inside and oxidizing my soul, Scratching my face like rusty nails, I am standing, feeling the cold torrent flush through me. Salt mixed with dew pours down my body invoking a stream. A black flood rushing and flowing old blood, pain, hurt, and sorrow. Hidden feelings emerge and float to the surface,...Read On


Mon chéri-My Darling

If only it had not ended so soon...Mathieu', je t'aime Mon chéri

My name is Melinda; I’m 55, divorced and live by myself near Nashville Tennessee. I have long Auburn hair, seductive green eyes, and a full figured body, I don’t go out in the real world to find someone to date, nor do I go online. Mainly because most of the people online are phony; I can never tell whether I am talking to a man or woman. However, my poor heart had been shattered so many...Read On


Did You Know

Did you know that you were my heart ? Did you know you broke my heart? Did you know I waited for my phone to ring ? Did you know my number hasn't changed ? Did you know when you were sad I was sad ? Did you know when you laughed I laughed ? Did you know I wished on stars to hear from you ? Did you know the brightness of the stars was the twinkle in my eyes for you ? ...Read On


Our Parallel Universe

Inspired of late, and written for a friend, a very special one x

You were always there, waiting in the wings of my mind. Long before you were conceived I thought of you, longed for you, toyed with creating you. Out of nowhere, you made yourself real, embryonic in my brain. A fantasy conceived, yet to be realised. With care and nurture, our dream developed - more vivid, more realistic, more erotic than my imagination ever afforded. ...Read On


Until ...

Just another poem ...

Until I can feel your touch on my skin, Until I feel your breath against mine, and mine against yours, Until I look deep into your eyes and we share our longing, together, Until I feel the contours of your body, and you feel the contours of mine, Until our mouths taste each other’s forbidden fruits, and our lips smile, Until I see your hardness, you sense my wetness, Until our hands...Read On


Could Be Trouble

The inner slut flings into spring

I’m buying eyeshadow in bulk again Six phat shades, in cream crayon-fat pencils. Maybe it’s time I get real. At these prices, I’ll tell you, it’s a steal But who am I kidding? Like I need Purple raccoon eyes to pick up skim milk At the grocery store? And I might need the milk More than I do the makeup soon anyway. Maybe it’s a spring thing, this mania For color and primping and bad...Read On


Candy Raver Cute

Yielding to temptation at the rave

You’re just too cute when you’re rolling Chatty Cathy candy raver you In your condition My dumbest definitions taste like divination When your lips bat them back at me It must be the Ecstasy And blue batted eyes try my Chastity (the prison guard that slumps inside of me). Why should I prize my walled-off thighs When I know you would roll me deep inside With thumb and tongue, knowing and...Read On


Windmill Of The Mind

The windmill of my mind, where I scribe moonlight ebony of sensuality and gifts. Immortality I bequeath, writing on un-borrowed prose. Behind shuttered gables. Tapers dripping tears. The swill in my cup, like juices supped.  My muse soothes me, kissing upon my cock. Soul of bountiful pleasures. My lips hungering for you. Etching on shredding parchment, like precum dripping...Read On

Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Kisses In dark chocolate bitter pleasure dwells, Divine temptation smooth beyond compare, Mind gorging itself on addictive smells, Mewling lips lost in erotic prayer. Athletic flesh in soft cocoa wrapped, Sublime enticement in presentation, Pulsating peach desiring to be lapped, Your bee stung mouth pleading in elation. Alabaster cheek against welted thighs, ...Read On


Phone Tag

It was clearly and simply a relationship based upon sex - at least for him.

Her name was Sue. Her voice had a gentle, southern lilt - whether real or not, he didn’t know, and didn’t really care - he liked it. Her blonde hair was cut short, but not close to the head. She was wearing a long, silk dressing gown - white - that she had put on after he watched her take off her dress and stockings. He knew that all she had on underneath it were a lacy bra and very...Read On



Afternoon storms lead to afternoon arousal

Grass tickles against the low kitchen window Trying to raise a wink in that unblinking eye; Alert for danger like a Russian woman, Cat fur bristles against the coming storm. That gray weight of clouds heavy as my emotion Hard slow relentless as the push of wind: Can you imagine now If you touch me? What peals shudder through the air between us Low and tingling like the pelt of dull drops Or...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 42

The tour is coming, and they talkt to their friends.

Lara looked at Ryan over the top of her latté. "You guys fought over a tour again?" "Well, we didn't exactly fight," Ryan said with a rueful smile. "I got out before it became a fight. But there was definitely a difference of opinion." "What happened?" "I already told you. Brody got upset when he realized I would be gone the rest of the summer. Then I got upset and left. I just knew if...Read On