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Indecent Proposal Wife Being Blackmail

A wife has a tough decision to make as she is being blackmail by her husbands co worker.

I had just received a phone call from a guy who works with my husband. I always hated this guy. He had tried hitting on me several different occasions at my husband work functions. He was very cocky and very much into himself. He worked out several times a week at the gym and thought his body was so spectacular. My husband also hates him. He caught him on a few occasions hitting on me...Read On


Sibling Shower

A brother has a fantasy about showering with his younger sister.

Sibling Shower By Reeb   My younger sister Amy had been living with me for the last couple of months. She had a big fight with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay so I agreed to let her move in with me until she got back on her feet.   Amy is nineteen years old, stands about five feet four inches tall, with blue-green eyes and sandy curly blonde shoulder length hair....Read On


Mom Called Me At Night

Mom Called Me At Night   (Written By:   Jack Is Back)   My mom and I live alone because my dad died of a car accident when I was 3 and since then we have lived in this big old house in the northeast of town. I was 16 and my mom was 52 when it all happened. We were very close and she always was treating me like a friend as her priority...Read On

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The Cabo Connection

What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo… doesn’t it?

Damon: I’ll bet you’ll get up to some trouble in Cabo.  I smirked at the text that flashed up on our chat-log from the computer screen. He was always teasing me. Ashleigh: No trouble. At least not the good kind of trouble. I’m going with my boyfriend don’t forget. There was a pause, and while I anticipated his next words, I took a sip of the vodka soda I was prone to drinking...Read On


Son owes mother

Son has to pay to keep mom silent

It started like anything other night. My sister Patty and I were watching television and bored. Our parents worked late and sometimes double shifts at the local casino, Caesar’s Palace. My parents made a good amount of money so it afforded us some luxuries. We were up late just watching some movie with old gangsters set in 1930’s driving around shooting each other. I was slouched down in...Read On


Mom teaches me to Masturbate

daughter home alone and finds DVD of her mother's exploits

Hi there.   It is me Domaeque once again.   Been rubbing my pussy from reading the hot stories that all have written.   This is little story is about how my own mother taught me how to masturbate like the big girl do.   It all started one Saturday night while I was sitting alone at the house.   Mom was on base taking hi his dinner while he was pulling duty.  ...Read On


Me and my cousin

My first time with my cousin.

It was late on Saturday night I just got back from the movies with some of my friends. I was really tired and bored. I decided to go watch some porn on the internet. I looked for some videos but couldn't find anything good so i decided to get some panties from my cousin. My cousin lived with me because her dad had just pasted away and her mom left her dad along time ago and nobody knew where...Read On


All in the Family (Part I)

A brother sees his younger sister in that way for the first time.

All in the Family (Part I) Patty is my kid sister and really not a bad kid for a girl. She is 16 and starting to grow up, I am 16, also, but am ten months older and all grown up…at least I like to think so. Well, this particular evening I am going to tell you about was one of those when the folks went over to the Johnson’s. I am not sure what they did there, play cards I imagine....Read On


Dirty girl

I was sitting in the study of our family home, my cock straining in my pants, watching filthy videos from the net, so completely engrossed that i was oblivious to the sound of my step daughter returning home from school. It was until she caught me stroking my cock through my jeans that i realized my mistake. 'what...' we were both silent, stunned by the scene that had bee laid out before us,...Read On


brother and sisters fun night

this is my first one so be nice on the comments please

Me and my sister were on the couch watching TV. Our parents told us that they were leaving and would not be back for a couple days. We had said ok then went back to watching tv. The hours passed an eventually my sister had said that she was going to bed. "alright goodnight sis" i said and she walked up the stairs. About an hour after that i decided to watch a porno. About 5 minutes into...Read On


Sister and Friends

The story you are about to read is a complete work of fiction. None of the events depicted here actually happened. Any similarity to any actual person, place, or event is entirely coincidental. I remember it like it was yesterday. This one afternoon in late spring...THE afternoon. The one that sticks in my memory more than any other day of my life. It still brings a smile to my face...Read On


Late Night TV with Daughter

Father daughter spend a wonderful night togther.

Story "Late Night TV with My Daughter" This is a true story about a father's growing lust for his maturing 17 year old daughter. I know what I write about that took place is against the morals of most people but I cannot help but share my most secret sexual experience with others who also struggle to contain these feelings. Any man with a gorgeous sexy daughter, sister, aunt or even...Read On


Eros University Chapter 2: The Blonde Seductress

On his first day at Eros—a secret university of dark desires, forbidden pleasures and carnal delights—Enyo meets his ravishing blonde teacher, a foxy redhead in skimpy schoolgirl's uniform, and is seduced by his wickedly hot counselor...all in 24 hours! Chapter 2: The Blonde Seductress The blaring beeps of my bedside alarm-clock forced me awake. "Why did I have to sleep so late...Read On


The Confessions of A Horny Young Single Mother 1

Cindi, a horny young single mother has her first sexual encounter with her horny teenage sons

Cumming on Mother Being a single young mother in a tiny country isn't easy. Take me, you could to if you were here with me right now because there's something about hot, humid weather that makes me insatiably horny. If I need an excuse for what happened at the beginning of this long, hot summer, I could blame it on the heat of the night. I was between lovers and hadn't had any steady sex...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut - Part 3

Ima learns that somebody else in the family wants a piece of her sweet pussy.

It was summer, glorious summer! Tommy was out of school and Ben had shifted back to a normal day work schedule. For weeks I had been fucking my brothers Tommy and Ben, one at a time. I swear to god I couldn't get enough. Ben wanted me in his bed on weekends when he didn't have to work late, and Tommy had me in his bed on Tuesday through Thursday mornings, before his chores. I had two hard...Read On