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College Sex

Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

They can include elements such as campus socialising, dorm living, wild student parties featuring college girls and coeds, cheerleaders, fraternity and sorority groups, the freedoms associated with being away from home for the first time, student / teacher relationships, etc.

Recommended Read

Teaching Her a Lesson

You could say she’s perfect. Except for a small detail; she’s my student.

I was sitting at my desk getting ready for the next class like I usually do on my break. Except for the last couple weeks my mind has been wandering off to her. She’s petite, slim with a perfect hour glass figure. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they aren’t small either, they’re exactly proportionate to her curvy figure. She has a smile that could steal your breath away, and her green eyes...Read On

Recommended Read

Kinky Twisted College Sex, Part Two

Twisted sex games leads to Buz's participation in a wild, kinky, raunchy, orgy party.

(episode 31) Prelude to the Party: After finding out about Mary Beth’s kinky tryst at the lesbian club and also allowing myself to participate in Jennifer’s twisted drug-fueled gang bang, I found myself in a very strange mood. In fact it was like being apathetic, ashamed, strangely aroused and creeped out all at once. Despite all the bizarre events of the past weekend, I thought I’d...Read On


Maggie and Rich Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Canoeing on the river gets hot in more ways than one.

I was driving over to pick up Maggie and already the temperature was in the 80's at 5am. I had packed a picnic lunch, a couple of blankets, towels and a cooler. We had a two hour drive to the canoe rental place. When I arrived she was outside waiting, dressed in a very tight, short pink crop top and pink athletic shorts topped off with pink athletic shoes. I was wearing a powder blue...Read On


Snowed In Saturday Night

Relieve some boredom on a snowed-in Saturday night

Kari pulled the curtain aside and looked out of the window. It was not just snowing outside. It looked like a fucking avalanche of snowflakes. It gave the air a slight grayish tint, or that could have been the filthy window. She chose to believe that it was the snow. “Its coming down now,” Kari reported dutifully to her roommate Beth. Kari turned and met Beth’s gaze and both girls shared a...Read On


A Movie and Much More

Tammy wants to see how far Charisse will go.

My name is Tammy I am nineteen years old. Standing at 5"2 with shoulder length straight dark auburn hair. I have light hazel eyes. My natural firm 34D-cup breasts are topped off with half dollar size dark areolae and half inch nipples when erect. It is Friday evening and I find myself looking out my tenth floor condo at the rain coming down hard. My filthy rich father bought the condo for...Read On


Sorority Games

Welcome to Hell Week

This is the story about hell week at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. My friend Anne and I were pledging one of the biggest sororities (Delta Sigma) at the College. We were a bit nervous and very excited, because this sorority dated the hottest guys on the campus. There fraternity was called Phi Gama Delta (Figi). It was 1981, and we were in our first year of college. Anne...Read On

Recommended Read

Kinky Twisted College Sex, Part One

An ex-girlfriend causes a guy to cheat and participate in her slutty orgy.

(episode 30) My infatuation with Mary Beth grew during January of 2008. She was damned sexy and really good looking, plus she had one of planet Earth’s best camel toes. Another great thing about Mary Beth was that she was almost as daring and insatiable as Jennifer. However, as February came along, a few problems did arise. Mary Beth was becoming more and more possessive and...Read On


The Genius in Sex: Extra Credit

Winners go the extra mile.

Hey. That's right, I'm back. I'm your favorite French-American college student, Alphonse Chereau. But this time, I'm 21. Suzelle and I have been in a committed relationship since our first time in that assignment. Suzelle is now 23. Her wavy mocca hair now reaches her knees on it's own. Her skin is now exactly tan and her eyes look even deeper green. My brown hair is still shaggy and I still...Read On


The Genius in Sex: Making the Grade

Getting a good grade takes a lot of work.

Hey. It's me again. My name is Alphonse Chereau. I'm 19 and a college freshman in medical science. I have shaggy brown hair, deep green eyes and skin that is tanning. I've got an eight-pack too. I'm six feet tall. This is the second part to the story of my first time. I had my first time with Suzelle Ranc. She has wavy mocca brown hair that reaches her butt when left on it's own, deep green...Read On


The Genius in Sex: Assignment Prep

Not all college assignments are bad.

This is the story of Alphonse Chereau; me. I am a college student. I am nineteen years old and have shaggy brown hair, deep green eyes and skin that is tanning. My body is very fit and is accented with an eight-pack. I am in my first year of college and am going for a degree in medical science. Unfortunately, I am a virgin. That's right, in all my nineteen years, I have not had sex one...Read On


Kari Watches

The roommate left the door open...

Kari looked down at the open book, finding the passage that she wanted. Just before entering it into her paper, she scanned the words that she had just written. Her face furrowed in a frown, as she suddenly concentrated on her just-completed writing. “Awww, hell,” she muttered softly since she was in the library and screaming “fuck!” at the top of her lungs would probably be frowned upon....Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 11

Now fuck my hole, she growled.

Noah turned around and could see Hannah standing at the edge of the doorway. Her eyes were wide open as she saw Tracy sticking out her tongue, letting Noah's swollen mushroom head rest on it.  Noah simply stood there, his arms frozen. Just a moment ago he wanted to take Tracy's head and shove his cock down her throat, fucking it as if it was her cunt. But the moment he heard Hannah's voice,...Read On


College Pals

A young couple go from friends and study partners to lovers over pizza.

College Pals Joan was a petite, nineteen-year-old, brunette. She was five foot two inches tall. Her body was accented by nice pair of B-cup breasts and rounded hips that were just large enough to give her some very nice curves. She had very little body fat. Her belly was soft but flat. She usually wore her hair in a style that framed her face in a soft oval. Joan was not a glamorous...Read On


My Spring Break with the Co-eds

Having sex with my girlfriend and her roommate at a motel

I picked up the tray of hamburgers at McBurger’s as the blond cashier smiled at me, her nipples tenting the front of her uniform shirt. I thanked her and went around the condiment partition to the high table where my girlfriend and her roommate had chosen for the meal. I noticed they were sitting with their knees apart, feet tucked around the rungs of their chairs. April had her hand up...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 10

She sucked on his cock so hard that he was not able to move her head.

The next morning, Noah woke up with his cock still plugged into Hannah. Exhaling profoundly, he raised himself up and could feel his cock shifting inside her. Beneath him, Hannah let out a sleepy moan and a small smile formed at the corner of her lips. She could feel Noah's cock inside her even when she was asleep. With a plop, Noah's cock slipped out of her and Hannah sighed. Noah could...Read On


Detention with Miss Chasterty

Megan Tuck finds herself in detention with one of the hottest teachers in college!

Hi, my name is Megan Tuck and I'm studying my A-levels at college. Last week was my eighteenth birthday and, until then, I had been a virgin. However, I loved to masturbate and would often do it three or four times a day. Anyway, my story begins on the day after my birthday. It was a Monday and I was back at college. My first lesson was double biology. I've always enjoyed biology,...Read On


My first college hookup

This is the time that some guy in my geology class blurted out, “ Are you high right now ?” as class was ending one day. Of course, I was, otherwise I would have delivered the smack upside the head that that kind of lack of discrepancy warrants. Instead, I gave a stupid chuckle, pffft, no, of course not?!? Such a preposterous idea had never been proposed. But I was, and I guess that means...Read On


The Rush: How the Linebacker Met the Cheerleader

Two adrenaline junkies come together for a quickie in the library

I am an adrenaline junkie, but not in the way you would imagine one to be. My high comes when I go to places I shouldn't and do nasty things with a guy or a girl: bathroom stalls, public places, you name it and I get wet instantly. It’s the thrill of getting caught that heightens my excitement. The very first instance of my adrenaline rush came when I first began college at State. I...Read On

Recommended Read

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 3)

Success is through a door marked 'fuck.'

Thursday May 15th    I wouldn’t say Mr LeMay was putty in my hands... but I think I can say ‘mission accomplished.’ I would like to think that I came away with my pride intact. I bumped into a gorgeous Asian girl named Rupi in the dining hall. She’s relocated from New York and she wants to join the Cheerleading team. I expect to see more of her later. It was the day of my appointment...Read On


My Fun With The Co-Eds

I had sex with two college students at a cookout

I took Andrea out after church one Sunday. She was a rather nice girl, nineteen years of age, not exactly a playboy model though. Nice long, dark blond hair, with a pleasant complexion to her face, blue eyes, and her breasts were well proportioned to her body. At the restaurant, we talked over our hamburgers. I noticed Andrea's blouse was a bit open, revealing her cleavage, and her bra...Read On


How I Met Her Parents -Part 2

Steve gets more than he bargained for when Sandra goes shopping with her friend Jenna.

A note: the first part of this story is taken from "How I Met Her Parents."  "Oh God!" I shouted as Sandra sucked my cock. At that moment the deck light came on and there stood Mr. and Mrs. Lange. "You must be Steve, we have heard a lot about you," said Mrs. Lange. "Welcome young man, I hope you will enjoy your stay," said Mr. Lange. I was frozen in place, my thick...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 9

Noah fucked Hannah's friend Debbie while watching Hannah getting plowed by two guys from both sides.

Noah lined up his cock with Debbie's ass. He couldn't quite believe what was happening. Just moments before they were walking through the park, talking normally and watching other couples fuck their brains out. And now they had entered Dorm B, and suddenly all social morals went out of the window and everyone embraced the inner desire to fuck senselessly. This dorm, just like Noah's Dorm...Read On


The Bitch, Her Boyfriend And I

When Susan's bitchy classmate discovers her secret, depravity ensues.

Nobody who got to know Allie took longer than a minute to realize that she was the epitome of a bitch. It started with the way she dressed oh-so-perfectly, like right out of the newest fashion catalogue, even if everyone else was in jeans and t-shirts. It went on with the way she tended to pull up one corner of her lovely lips derisively while she talked to you, how she wrinkled her cute...Read On


How I Met Her Parents

Steve's Christmas vacation starts with a bang!

This being our freshman year in college, Sandra is in most of my classes. We are both physical education majors, minoring in biology. On the third day of classes, I asked Sandra if she would like to be study partners. She told me that she would like that very much. Sandra is 5'8" tall with shoulder length jet black hair. Her eyes are hazel color. My name is Steve, I am 6' tall with short...Read On


Sex In An Empty Classroom

A 100% true account of my first sexual encounter in college with a girl named Maria.

Having lost my virginity to an older woman a few years earlier, I had been on a quest for my next sexual experience. It seemed that every girl that I would meet instantly became the object of my sexual desires. I guess that is what an undersexed teenager’s mind will do. Admittedly, there were moments of heavy petting over clothes with other girls and an occasional hand inside of a bra, but...Read On


Diary of a Kiss

I had to write about this in my diary!

Dear Diary, For some time I had seen him in passing in the hallway of the co-ed dorms. He wasn't really my type. He was tall and skinny with blonde hair so I didn't make eye contact or say much to him except 'hello'. I did notice, however, that when we exchanged greetings he would smile and make perfect eye contact. I always noticed his clear blue eyes. They smiled along with his mouth when...Read On


Size Discrimination

Fanny is aware that most people regard Qafira, her foreign teacher, as a freak.

Fanny regarded her teacher with fascination from where she sat at the back of the classroom. Qafira was so very thin. Were they all as thin as her where she came from? Almost all skin and bones. Hardly any fat on the woman at all. She knew that Qafira would get plenty of stick for her thinness. People would wonder whether she’d eaten well. Or whether she wasn’t weak with hunger. But despite...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 8

And the air of debauchery spreads to Dorm B

Opening the door, Noah was greeted with the sight of an uncontrolled orgy. There was a small lobby with a staircase at the end that led to the upper floor. But just like Noah's dorm, after dinner, every space in the dorm was open for students to take off their clothes and engage in their carnal desires. After a long day of attending lectures and studying in the library, letting go of all...Read On


The Cheerleader

A night of passion with a cheerleader.

My second year of university started with moving into Hallsalong with a couple of friends from first year. The three of us ended up in the corner of a block with three other people. There was Geoff, the final year student, and two fresher’s, Jennie and Shannon. Jennie was the shorter of the two, with brown hair and eyes with a tight little body that she loved to show off. She was always...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 7

Every dorm is slowly being turned into a madhouse of debauchery.

After watching Catherine get fucked thoroughly, Noah and Hannah left the dorm to get some dinner. They called up Jason and Debbie, and walked through the park where Noah and Jason saw Tom and Catherine fuck behind a tree.  Walking through the university town, one can already see how different couples were being formed. Ever since Noah's dorm turned into the Lust Relief Dorm, many students...Read On