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Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 22 Oct 2017 02:52

Some of you put waaay too much faith in Burquette's cool, calm exterior. She will fuck you up if you keep stinking up her #MeToo thread, even in the Spa. Seriously, I've seen her do it. She keeps a shovel and a bag of lye in her trunk.

Can't say you haven't been warned...

She can do her worst.

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 22 Oct 2017 02:52

and this is the time stamp of my controversial post:
Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2017 11:14:10 AM

Which one was first?

For the record, I'm not calling you anything, I only respond to your words and actions.

Good lord... Post your controversial post then, so we are on the same page potoki. I hadn't posted in this forum in at least a couple weeks, I saw you posting in the Harvey Weinstein thread. It made my blood boil... I ignored it, saw this thread and it triggered me into posting the most gentle of nudges your way. It's all it took because anyone with half a brain - even you - can see what I was getting at, that's why it got deleted.

Your whole "I posted it before you posted your whole victim blaming opus" is just ridiculous because I didn't... it's just not possible unless I am Nostrodamus... and also it doesn't change the fact you posted such vomit to begin with. When you posted your vitriol doesn't mean anything. It doesn't change anything. Not saying your time argument is even close to being right, just saying it doesn't matter. Your argument is ridiculous.

You victim blamed, I pointed out how absolutely ridiculous that is, and now you are in this thread bullshitting. That's it. Simple as that.

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 22 Oct 2017 02:13

You're obviously talking about me. Don't hesitate to name the person when you're attacking them. I call bullshit. Your "joke" could not have been motivated by my alleged victim shaming because you posted it well before my controversial post in the HW thread. And yes, I'll admit that it was controversial, and that I wrongly worded it in a way that generalised victims. I rectified that in later posts and I never blamed anyone for becoming a victim, nor for remaining silent. I only blamed those who did so for no other reason than personal benefit, while admitting none of HW's victim might fall into that category. You on the other hand just could not resist your never ending urge to ridicule and insult people with no regard for the subject at hand.

I did name you, moron. That's why it got deleted. Because you're a big fucking bitch. And no it wasn't before you said anything in the HW thread because that is what prompted me to call you on your shit in this thread... What are you talking about? are you calling me a psychic? lol. These posts are time stamped btw. You victim blame, you just did again in this post, and that is the point. YOU DID. Do you want to say I am hesitate to name you specifically again?

And you can't even spell generalized lol. "generalised" God... That's so fucking wrong. Are you not using a computer? It literally highlights misspelled words. What in the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck is going on? It's so damn wrong yet you still can't get it right with all the help in the world.

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 22 Oct 2017 01:40

i'd like to thank MF for so well illustrating why this, and the HW, thread exist. people have commented on 'why didn't she speak up, say something, report him, etc'. it's because of attitudes like this. we're not taken seriously. we're dismissed. it's joked about. obviously, it's not funny to the person who's been the subject of harassment or assault. but yeah, at some point in time, you realize that speaking up is akin to banging your head against the wall. sure, some of what we've been talking about in here have been "minor incidents", but how many of us have put up with all the little things, day in and day out, without anyone stepping in and saying 'that's not right' or without feeling comfortable about confronting the perpetrator for whatever reason. their position of power, their physical power, the cultural power that backs them up.

we get comments daily about our asses, whistled at, leered at and we're told to lighten up if we respond negatively. that's just a step away from giving permission to be fondled or groped, which in turn, a step away from being assaulted, but yeah, just lighten up. and yeah, we've all done it. instead of confrontation, we've ducked into a crowded store so we're safe. we've stayed home so we're safe. we keep our backs to the wall so we're safe. we stay at home so we're safe. we don't go out at night so we're safe. but yeah, lighten up, girls.

yeah, make jokes. the thing is, unless it's happened to you, you have no idea how it feels. anyone whose gone through it doesn't think it's funny, and doesn't think it's something to be taken lightly. i just hope that his attitude, his presence, doesn't put people off about participating her, about speaking up, about not allowing themselves to be silenced.


Rachel deleted my post because it was a good response to her ridiculous post she made trying to paint me as some villain. It is clear that she is trying to make me look bad, if that is the case why not make my words, from my own mouth/keyboard illustrate that? Why delete them? Seriously why? Why not make my own words prove her point? Because they don't. Her post is clearly an attack to make herself look like some kind of hero to the stupid or something. If I was truly being an asshole my words would not need to be deleted. Her intent is to make me look like an asshole, why delete the posts she claims make me one? Doesn't make sense does it?

What I said was, "Water is wet, the sky is blue... jazz fans are annoying", in response to a "person" (because god forbid I use a members actual name... but its obvious who) who came in here acting like a hero of this cause when in other threads he has proven to be the opposite. He has proven to be a victim blamer. It is absolutely absurd to blame me for calling that out in this thread as the cause for people being scared to post in this thread rather than a person who is actually the cause for people keeping quiet. A slut shamer, victim blamer, like, this member in question is the reason people keep quiet not me because I point it out. Actually I'm a piggy who stuffs a sock in a wolf's mouth when he tries to blow my house down yet sprite thinks it's better to pull the sock out. It's so twisted, especially in a thread meant to let people vent. He comes in here to superficially act like he's about the cause but in reality he's one of the worst people. And then this sprite protects him, what in the fuck? It's so twisted and wrong.

Topic: Harvey Weinstein
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 21:11

You're twisting my words.

You should make that your forum signature. It's your go-to reply anytime someone actually reads what you say and mean.

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 20:59

Post removed by moderator. Please see the following link for information about appropriate posting in The Spa.


Topic: The last band or artist you saw live?
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 04:26

Saw Weezer two days before the venue fucking burned down.

Topic: Scent and Sexual Arousal
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 04:21

Body wash... Whatever a woman uses to wash her body is what I associate with her and fuckin.

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 04:13

It was funny. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/happy8.gif" alt="happy8">

Topic: #MeToo on Lush
Posted: 19 Oct 2017 04:03

It was funny.

What was that?

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