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Author's Notes

"Not to be denied, Chloe takes a non-committal path to get what she wants."

Back at the frat house, Jamie tried to get his mind on his schoolwork, but it wasn’t easy. He’d be reading the chapters he needed to write about when shifting in his seat revived the sting that brought the memory of his fantastic day with Chloe back to mind. His waning erection would return as soon as he imagined himself across Chloe’s knee, getting spanked like a naughty little boy.

Giving in to the memory, his hand rubbed the prominent bulge in his boxers. Closing his eyes, he pictured Chloe in those amazing boy-short panties, walking towards him, the fantasy of another spanking about to be realized. ‘You’re getting another spanking,’ he heard her say, and he was about to feel his sore bottom with his other hand when he heard someone walking down the stairs. Having no real privacy, he quickly sat up, his hands back on the desk.

But the image wouldn’t go away. Standing at her side, her hand on his dick, pulling him down over her luscious bare thighs, and finally, her hand on his ass, sensitized by the prior spanking. The house was mostly quiet, so he went to the bathroom, locked the door, and slipped his shorts off before sitting on the porcelain throne.

Squeezing the tender flesh brought the feeling of her hands, first caressing and then spanking his upturned bottom back as he took his thick cock in hand and stroked slowly. “Spank me, Chloe!” he whispered, remembering how it felt to ask her. “Spank me!” he repeated as the pace quickened, and the pressure built before he exploded, his semen splashing on the dry white surface below.

He flushed and returned to his work with renewed, but not complete, focus.


Chloe felt like she was sleepwalking through her day and watched the clock for the few minutes left in her last class. Her memory of the prior day with Jamie was equally distracting, though only part of it was what they did, while the other was what she hoped it would lead to.

Being released from class even two minutes early felt like a victory, and she walked happily out of the building. Wondering when she’d see Jamie again, she was thrilled to hear his voice calling to her almost immediately. She scanned the sea of students in the brick courtyard and saw him standing above everyone on a short garden wall.

“Jamie!” she called out and ran to him, their lips meeting almost as quickly as their arms as they said ‘hello’ with their tongues in each other’s mouths.

“I’ve waited all day for this!” he said, and her smile showed she shared that sentiment. “Wanna get some coffee?” he asked.

“I’m hungry. How about dinner instead?”

Anyplace was okay with him as long as he was with Chloe. They agreed on a burger dive where knew they could get some privacy, expecting their conversation to center on last night and the future.

“So. I know you really liked what we did last night, but it can only get better if I know what you really liked and maybe not liked so much,” she asked.

“I loved it all, Chloe. Really! I wouldn’t have you do one thing differently,” he replied genuinely.

“There had to be some things you liked better than others,” she prodded, but drawing a blank, added, “Okay, well, everybody likes hand spankings, but how did you like the brush? Would you like to explore other implements?”

“The brush hurt a lot more, but building up to it the way you did it was great! I’d like to try some other things. A paddle for sure, maybe a belt or strap? I don’t think I’d like things like canes or crops.”

“How about positions? I know you liked being over my knee, but might you like other positions, too? Like bent over a chair or sofa, laying on a stack of pillows to raise your bottom, or maybe even tied up in some way?”

“I really liked being over your knee, but we could try some other positions if you want!”

“Okay, good! What about the scenario? Did you like being my naughty little boy, or was that too demeaning?”

“I liked being your naughty boy,” he said impishly, “but maybe not always. Can I ask you a question?”


“Did you like sitting on my face?” he asked sheepishly.

“Jamie, I love sitting on your face! It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Good!” he said with a big smile, “Cuz I love doing it!”

“Would you always want your spanking to be punishment for some made-up bad behavior?”

“Well, a spanking is a punishment, isn’t it?”

“Sure. It usually is, but can you see yourself just asking for a spanking?” she said, leading the conversation deliberately, but he wasn’t getting it. ‘Well, here goes,’ she said to herself.

“Might there be times when you just want to get spanked, not setting up some situation first?” she started to his doubting face. “Sometimes I just want to say, ‘I really need a spanking! Please spank me!’ without …”

“Chloe? Do you like to get spanked too?” he said as though it was the most foreign thought possible.

“Yes. Is that a problem?” she asked, relieved that it was now out in the open.

“I don’t know. I just never thought of it going both ways, I guess. I don’t know if I could do it,” he said worriedly. “I might … might hurt you.”

“That’s kinda the point, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but … you know. I might do it too hard.”

“What would you have done if I’d spanked you too hard?”

“I don’t think I would’ve stopped you. It’s up to you how I get spanked, not me!”

“It’s okay, Jamie. You don’t have to,” she said, dropping the subject for now as she clearly wasn’t getting through to him and figured she’d give him time to sort it out on his own for a while. She wondered whether she could continue with him if he didn’t see it her way eventually, deciding that she could for a while at least. She did enjoy it, but still, given a choice, she’d choose to get a spanking over giving one any day.


Days later, she was visiting a professor she’d had her first two years. She’d asked him to review a paper she’d written before turning it in, valuing his opinion but also found him very attractive.

He liked Chloe and suspected she liked him, but not in the overt ways of some of her peers. He was still married when he’d been her prof the first year but was now divorced, a fact some of those fawning young girls seemed to know instinctively. Chloe was different, though, seemingly just interested in his intellect and someone she could share ideas with when she’d see him after class or by appointment in his office. Not that he wasn’t attracted to the shapely blonde, nor were amorous thoughts of her lacking, but he also respected her and the relationship they had as student and teacher. Still, he was looking forward to seeing her today.

“What did you think, professor?” she asked as students filed out of his last class.

“It’s not your best work, Chloe,” he said with the honesty she expected of him.

“Yeah. I thought so too but hoped I was wrong.”

“Mainly, there were a couple of areas where I don’t think you supported your theories with enough facts and cited references,” he replied to her gloomy face. “Fix it up, and you won’t be one of those girls coming after class who try to bribe me for a better grade.”

“Do they really do that, professor?” she asked in sincere disbelief.

“Chloe, you’re not my student anymore. Call me Mike, okay? And yes, you’d be surprised what they offer to get a better grade.”

“I’ve seen some girls hanging all over you, but I never thought they’d …”

“Then you’d be shocked at what they’ve suggested and even shown me as a bribe!”

He let that sink in a moment as it looked like she might be thinking of herself in that situation, even though she was in no position to benefit from it. He decided to hint at the one instance where he’d given in, and see how she reacted.

“There was one young woman, who expected something different due to her poor grade,” he started, noting Chloe’s rapt interest.

She wondered why he was telling her about this. Apart from his rugged good looks, well-toned body, and longer-than-usual light brown hair, she liked the mature look of a man in a white shirt and tie and, as a result, was unsure how she’d handle a close encounter with him.

“When she came to my office, I assumed she was the same as the others, but quickly dispelled that belief, telling me that she accepted her bad grade but felt she should be punished for her underachievement. Apparently, her father would have taken her over his knee and spanked her!”

Chloe’s eyes widened at the word ‘punished,’ and her mouth was agape at the mention of a spanking. She was dying to know whether he did it or not, but he seemed to want to leave the ending a mystery, and she respected his wish.

He had, in fact, spanked the young lady as it was too good an offer to refuse. At the beginning of his troubles with his wife, here was this pretty young woman, suggesting he do one of the many things that were sources of friction in his marriage and had her return later that evening for a trip across his knee. Taking notice of Chloe’s reaction to his story, he could feel his pants getting tight at the thought of her full, round bottom in the same position.

“Oh. Well, um, thank you for reviewing my paper, prof … um, Mike,” she stammered, and accepting his offer of more ‘help’ in the future, turned to leave.

While working on the paper that night, her attention was repeatedly drawn to her conversation with the professor. She fixed the areas he noted as best she could but felt it still wasn’t as good as she expected of herself. She turned it in online and hoped for the best, which, in this instance, wasn’t necessarily a good grade.

Taking a shower to clear her mind before bed, she still couldn’t keep the memory of the professor’s story from running repeatedly through her head. Standing in the hot water, she imagined getting a bad grade on her paper and going to his office. She didn’t have to say a word. He took her arm, pulled her down across his knee, flipped her short skirt up, and spanked her soundly. While brief thoughts of what might happen after occurred to her, it always wrapped back around to the beginning, where she was unceremoniously taken over his knee for the spanking she deserved.

As this mini-movie looped in her mind, her hand slipped between her legs to part her lips in the flowing hot water. Despite the shower, she could feel the slick wetness deep in her slit and even more so when her fingers penetrated her aching pussy. Finger fucking her needy, wet cunt, her other hand moved around back to caress her ass at first and then smack it as hard as she could. Feeling a jolt in her crotch with the impact, she spanked herself again – and again, while her fingers furiously fucked her to a fantastic climax, her hips jerking from the orgasm as well as the continued spanking.

She fell asleep quickly from the exertion in her shower, but the scene still played in her head. With this as a seed, she hoped she’d remember her dreams this time. Thankfully, these thoughts diminished by morning and were gone later that day until …


During a midday break in her classes, she went online with her phone to check her grades, saving that paper for last. She was pleased with several A’s and even happier with the B-minus she got on her writing. She’d wanted an A on it as well, but the lower grade gave her an excuse to see the professor.

She had to wait for his class to end but entered as soon as the doors opened to the exiting students. Fighting her way upstream through the crowd, she eventually reached his desk. After brief pleasantries, she told him what her grade was.

“I should’ve gotten an A!” she said disappointedly.

“Yes, you should have. Why didn’t you?” he admonished her.

“I was … distracted when fixing the areas you noted. It’s my fault,” she confessed.

Remembering her reaction to his story a few days ago and seeing her in a similar state as that student, he thought he’d test the waters.

“I think you know what needs to happen, Chloe,” he suggested in a way he could easily turn into something harmless if she didn’t rise to the challenge.

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“Yes, sir. I do,” she replied with downcast eyes that looked occasionally into his.

“Will you come to my office tonight? Around eight?” he asked, looking for the moment of truth.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be there.”

Looking up into his eyes and down again, she couldn’t help noticing the swelling in his crotch and wordlessly made sure he knew she’d noticed.

“Be sure to dress appropriately,” he said, looking for one more confirmation that they were on the same page.

“I will, sir. See you at eight!”

She left the classroom in a sorry state of mind, that is to say, highly aroused. She tried to pay attention in her remaining classes, but even the slightest excuse had her picturing herself upended on his lap, getting the spanking she so badly wanted and needed.

After her second afternoon class, she went straight to the ladies’ room and plunged her fingers into her steamy slit, regretting that the busy room meant she couldn’t spank herself again and had to be as quiet as possible, attempting to time her cumming with an ebb in the traffic.

She wondered briefly what Jamie would think of what she was doing and decided she didn’t care. They were far from exclusive, and he’d made his position on switching clear, so she felt she had every right to pursue that need with someone else. It felt like a bit of rationalization, but still.

After her last class, she raced home and changed clothes to something ‘appropriate.’ Starting with her black lacy boy-short panties, she added a plain white blouse and navy pleated skirt going for a schoolgirl look. Completing the outfit, she wore a pair of black pumps with white ankle socks, all resurrected from her time with the asshole Bob.

She was nervous and excited as she knocked on his office door, and hearing, ‘Come in,’ she knew there was no turning back now.

“Hello, sir,” she said meekly.

“Hello, Chloe,” he said, leaning forward on the high-back executive chair behind his desk. “Why don’t you tell me why you’re here.”

“Because I got a bad grade on my paper.”

“And what happens to young ladies who don’t work up to their potential?” he asked, smiling as she took her backpack off and turned to close and lock the door before answering.

“They get … they get spanked, sir,” he said, turning back towards him.

“Are you prepared to receive that punishment now, Chloe?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I want you to ask me for it so there’s no misunderstanding,” he said, seeing a small smile creep onto her face.

“I got a bad grade and deserve to be punished. Please take me over your knee and spank me, sir,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“Very well, come …” he started but stopped when she reached for her backpack, fumbling with a zipper on the front.

“On my bare bottom, and if you think I need it, paddle me with this, sir,” she added, reaching to hand him the leather paddle her mother had given her for Christmas.

Smiling himself, he took the paddle and placed it on the desk. Getting up, he moved to a sturdy armless chair in front. Pointing to the floor, he directed her to stand before him.

“I expect more from you than a B-minus, Chloe, so I’m going to give you a spanking that will hopefully motivate you to do better work in the future,” he said, gently taking both hands in his. He pulled her first to his side and then down across his lap, her hands and feet just barely able to reach the floor.

The realization that this was not one of her forgotten dreams hit her when he lifted the hem of her skirt and laid it on her back. After almost two years, she was finally going to feel another’s hand spanking her, and she could feel the juices flowing into her sexy panties.

Mike was more than excited himself. Not only was he going to have some sexy fun with a girl he’d fantasized about, but that fun included spanking her perfect butt. He looked down at two round globes, the tight panties revealing their shape and a deep cleft between. He put one hand around her waist and the other atop the far cheek, gently squeezing it to find an ideal blend of softness and firmness.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, wishing she was feeling his hand on her naked flesh, and lifted her hips as an invitation to begin.

“Here we go, Chloe,” he warned before his first tentative smack. Having no idea how much experience she’d had with spanking, he had to take it easy, approaching her limits slowly and carefully.

He spanked her pantied ass with ever-increasing force and was surprised at how long it took to get an aural reaction from her. At least thirty smacks later, she let out a pleasurable ‘Ow!’ telling him he still had a way to go before any real pain would be recognized.

“Mmm, thank you for not spanking me so hard, sir,” she said, hoping to accelerate the process of getting to the good stuff. “Ouch! Ooo,” she cried at a much more forceful smack.

A dozen or two similar spanks had her squirming on his lap, though still in pleasure, not yet in pain, but still she lifted her bottom, asking for more and moaning loudly when she got it. ‘Oh, it feels so good,’ she thought, the long drought of an unpunished bottom finally over.

At a steady pace and power now, he wondered if she could feel the twitching he was feeling in his pants. He’d be happy just to give her just the spanking she wanted, but he hoped to give her more.

“I think it’s time these cute, little panties come down,” he said, his fingers already in the waistband.

“Oh God! Yes, sir! Please!” she said, making no pretense about the fact that she wanted some flesh-on-flesh contact.

He pulled them down slowly to enhance the feeling of exposure and left them at mid-thigh. He wasn’t sure if he should take them off, but Chloe voted by trying to spread her legs restricted by the tight panties. With his left hand rubbing her pink cheeks, the other pulled them down as far as he could reach and watched as she shifted her legs till they fell off.

Pulling her legs apart, he expected her to be wet but was surprised at the glistening sheen covering her smooth, bare lips. Raising her hips again gave him a better view but was intended to be a bit of prodding for him to get back to smacking her now-naked bottom.

“Oh! Oh! Ohh!” she cried as he spanked alternate bare cheeks as hard as before. Not even halfway through, she already decided this was the best spanking she’d ever had. She loved how he pulled her close and tight to his body while spanking continuously at a slowly increasing pace.

Had she voiced her opinion, Mike would have agreed, as this was his best spanking experience as well. He loved her reaction to it, making it abundantly clear that she was enjoying it and would gratefully take whatever gave.

The pain finally started creeping into the mix, her cries, gasps, and moans egging him on. Switching to several spanks on each cheek had the desired effect of more intense pain, but still, she wanted more. Up to ten at a time on each side, she was unconsciously moving to avoid his spanking hand. The momentary relief she felt when he stopped spanking one cheek was quickly replaced by the escalating burn on the other.

His free hand explored, only lightly touching and caressing her firm young flesh, holding off for what he next had in mind. Moving on, he built the sting in both cheeks with full palm spanks on her lower cheeks at a dizzying pace, Chloe’s concert of cries building to shrieks between gulps of air.

When he finally stopped, he enjoyed the sight of her hands that flew back to her bottom to provide whatever relief they could for the incredible hurt he’d created during the final minutes of her best spanking ever.

“You can get up, Chloe,” he said, helping her to stand before him again. “I think we can do away with the pretense of punishment,” he said as both statement and question.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, still rubbing her stinging backside with her skirt getting in the way.

Turning her to her side and reaching for the button and zipper, he opened them and let the skirt fall to the floor, delighted with the view of her rubbing her delicious ass in an intentionally arousing way.

“You can take quite a spanking, young lady!”

“Thank you, sir,” she said as she opened his shirt and pushed it down behind him, revealing a hairless but muscular chest. She ran her hands over it, tweaking his nips as she did. Taking her wandering hands in his, he returned the attention to her.

“I suspect you want even more, don’t you?”

“Mmm, yes, please!” she replied as she turned to pick the paddle up from the desk. “It was a gift from my mother,” she said as she handed it to him. “You’ll be the first to use it on me!”

“Oh, Chloe!” he said, summing up his intense desire for her in those two words.

He turned her to face the desk and, pushing on her back, had her bend over, her body flat on the surface, her legs spread wide and a foot or two back. Holding her down, he drew the paddle back, and with a wide arcing swing and a loud crack, the paddling had begun.

“Ooo, yeah!” she said, having watched the swing but closed her eyes for the impact. Another swat on the other side, and she decided she loved her little leather paddle.

“How many, Chloe?” he asked, letting her decide how much she could take, but whatever she said, he’d add to.

“Twenty … on each cheek!” she said with a pained smile, “At a quick pace, okay?”

“Count them!” he instructed and began.

“Ow! One! Ooo! Two! Ouch! Three!” she counted as the burning pain built quickly. Having only been paddled with a hairbrush before, she appreciated the duller, warm sting created by the leather. Grunting by the time they reached thirty, she wasn’t sure she could take ten more, knew she had to, but was surprised when he stopped. She wouldn’t mind if he didn’t continue.

She didn’t see him kneel between her legs but felt his hands pushing her legs further apart and knew it wasn’t over yet.

“Thirty-one!” she screamed at the hardest swat yet, but then felt his tongue swipe up through her dripping slit. “OH! Oh my God!” she gasped. “Thirty-two!” and his tongue lingered just a bit longer. “Thirty-three! Oh fuck!” she said, reacting to his tongue darting into her.

All the way to forty, he teased her with the intoxicating combination of intense pain and extreme pleasure. She could feel her climax approaching, and just as she’d wished she’d asked for more, another landed.

“Forty-one!” but this time, she felt his mouth envelop her whole pussy, sucking her savory snatch. “Forty-two! Fuck!” she screamed as he sucked her in again, this time his tongue fucking her dripping cunt.

As the count rose, the fingers of his free hand penetrated her to the knuckle while his thumb rubbed her stiff nub. By forty-seven, she was about to cum, and four quick, hard swats combined with his fingers pushed her over the edge, leaving her a quivering mess still lying on his desktop. His fingers gently massaging her beet-red bottom prolonged one of the most powerful orgasms she’d ever had.

“Holy shit, professor! I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before!” she said softly as she gradually stood to face him.

Taking her in his arms, he hugged her like a daughter who needed consoling after her harsh punishment. Resting her head against his chest, she pressed her body to his and felt his bulge against her mound. Pulling away, she looked up at him with a grateful smile and allowed her hand to stroke him through the tented fabric.

“No, Chloe,” he said softly, sadly. Despite all he’d just done to her, for her, he felt like he might be going one step too far as her teacher. The devil on his shoulder tried to convince him otherwise, replaying the extraordinary things he’d just done, especially the way he made her cum, but the angel won out.

“Please? What you did for me was …” she started.

“Maybe next time?” he interrupted, making her smile so beautifully.

Bending to pick up her skirt and putting her ass on display again, she looked back with a playful smile to see him smiling and shaking his head. She pulled her skirt on and retrieved her panties and the paddle, stuffing them both in the front pocket of her backpack. She turned to face him again.

“Will there be a next time?”

“If you want it, whatever your grades are,” he said, smiling.

“Thank you, professor!” she said as she walked out the door, the heavenly heat in her bottom telling her, “Oh yes, there’ll be a next time!’


I hope you found that a fun and surprising tangent for Chloe's story. Remember to 'Like' and/or 'Favorite' this story and come back to see what other spanking mischief she gets up to! Thanks for reading!!

Written by 2bespanked
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