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Paddling Stories


Your Servant, Abigail

A private school on Kent has a secret that new teacher Abigail Fergusion didn’t know she needed to know

The Headmistress' office was a classic wooden paneled affair. Lovely desk, tall arched windows with stained glass on the top. The walls were lined with several cupboards hiding mysterious things, and elegantly framed photographs from past classes and even...

Jamie Finally Gets It - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 6

Jamie figures it out and gives Chloe another form of pleasure she wants so badly

Jamie didn’t sleep well but thought he had his thoughts sorted out and had even decided how he would present them to Chloe, but it meant holding back for a while longer, which might be difficult. He got up before Chloe, pretty much at first light, and res...

Attitude Adjustment

An M/f domestic discipline story

I came home after a long day at work. I was very much looking forward to seeing my beautiful wife. She helped to create a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere at home. I loved her more than anything, and we took care of each other in our relatively traditional...

Spank You Very Much - Pt. 2

The game show continues with another interesting couple and a devilish new game

“So, in the end, Betty Page wasn’t really known for her spanking porn as much as being the ‘Queen of the Pinups’? With all the footage and stills she did with Irving Klaw that we still see today, it’s not hard to see how she got her bondage reputation, bu...

Susan Needs a Spanking - Susan (YNAS) Pt. 17

Sometimes you just need a good spanking!

Chapter 4 - A Whole Lotta Spankin’ Goin’ On Part 17 – Susan Needs a Spanking Some weeks later, Susan was spending the weekend again and wanted to make me a special dinner on Sunday night. We looked through my meager pantry and refrigerator to see what I h...

All My Loving - All In - Pt. 6

Allison's a quick study as she gives Jeremy exactly what he was looking for, finding she loves it too!

Allison was up first the morning after their revelatory evening before. She’d woken earlier than usual as the evening found them sleeping earlier as well from sheer exhaustion. Wanting to give something back, she made Jeremy’s favorite breakfast despite i...

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The Long Weekend & Spanking in the Park - Susan (YNAS) Pt. 15

Leaving the adult store, traffic and the rain conspire to promote a unique setting for Susan to play with her new toys.

Chapter 4 - A Whole Lotta Spankin’ Goin’ On Part 15 – The Long Weekend & Spanking in the Park I’d barely pulled out of the lot into traffic when Susan announced, “When we get home, I’m gonna spank you!” Before I’d had time to react, she added, “I’m gonna...

The Long Weekend & Shopping - Susan (YNAS) Pt. 14

After a morning of spanking games, Susan and Mark go shopping for some sexy things.

Chapter 4 - A Whole Lotta Spankin’ Goin’ On Part 14 – The Long Weekend & Shopping I don’t sleep well when I travel, so I tend to sleep longer when I return home to my bed. Susan said she was up half an hour before me and enjoyed staying in bed with me, wi...

Celebration! - Susan (YNAS) Pt. 9

Both a celebration of their love and righting a perceived wrong.

Chapter 3 - Getting To Love Her Part 9 – Celebration! I spent the rest of my day straightening up my house. I hadn’t told Susan I planned to bring her here after dinner. I was a little worried that she’d question why I’d waited so long to show her my home...

My Humiliation Part 2: Put in My Place

A follow-up to “My Humiliation”, a largely true story of how a beautiful female colleague and friend took me on a journey to new levels of submission, pain, and humiliation.

I slept an exhausted sleep on the carpet at the foot of her king-sized bed before waking slowly as the dawn light filtered through the hotel room curtains. I was naked, cold, tired, I ached all over and smelled of sex. It was clear that my Mistress hadn’t...

You Need a Spanking - Taylor - Part 27

Taylor shows she's gotten more than just her life together and spanks Mark to prove it!

4 - Getting Her Life Together We were headed to a local bar in my car, where she was apparently a regular, and along the way, I admitted to myself that it was a good idea to have some separation between hers and mine. It rarely works when two people are g...

You Need a Spanking - Taylor - Part 26

Her life no longer a trainwreck, Taylor tells Mark she wants a real spanking!

3 - She Wants a Real Spanking “No, not like before,” she interrupted, “This would be different!” “Different, how?” I asked, more than a little suspicious, given her history. “You know I enjoyed our spanking sessions, don’t you?” “I liked to think so, but...