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Author's Notes

"Chloe's on a quest for a red bottom and will resort to almost anything to get one!"

Chloe was the first to rise in the morning, carefully extricating herself from Jamie and the shared sleeping bag. Dressing lightly, she opened the tent flap only enough to squeeze through, leaving him to sleep a bit longer.

Cooler still than last night but warmer than usual for the time of year, she took a short walk around the campground when she came upon the only other occupants. As she passed, the woman who greeted them the day before exited the RV and waved.

“Hello,” Chloe said, waving back and stopping as it looked like she was coming to speak to her.

“Hi, I’m Joanie,” she said, “Beautiful morning, isn’t it?”

She was a bit shorter than Chloe and thought she might be a few years younger than her mom, though every bit as fit and trim. A simple T-shirt and jeans, the uniform of campers everywhere, were both tight, bragging about an ample bust and a shapely bottom.

“Yes, it is. I’m Chloe,” she replied. “That must be very comfortable to camp in?” she asked, indicating the large RV.

“Just like home, but a little more cramped,” she laughed. “We tent camped for many years before deciding we didn’t like sleeping on the ground anymore.”

“We?” Chloe asked without being specific.

“My husband, Tommy, and I. Our kids used to come with us, but it’s not ‘cool’ enough for them anymore. Before we had kids, we went camping a lot. We love it, especially at night,” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“This is my first time in a long time, but my boyfriend does it often. You’re right; sleeping in a tent was fun last night.”

“I wasn’t talking about sleeping, dear, and I don’t think you were either,” she said with a knowing smile. Chloe blushed and kept silent, not knowing what to say. “You put on quite a show last night. Best shadow puppet show I ever saw!” she laughed, getting a nervous giggle from Chloe. “He must have been a very naughty boy!”

“Oh, well, um, he likes it,” she defended feebly, no longer wondering how much she saw.

“They all do, dear! I got so excited watching you kids last night that I came back here, and had Tommy take my pants down for a good, hard spanking on my bare butt! Next time it’s his ass over my knee.”

“Oh, um,” Chloe started, still embarrassed, “you both get spanked?”

“Oh yeah! You don’t?”

“No. It’s only Jamie,” she replied in a disappointed tone.

“You’ve got to tell him, dear.”

“I have, but he won’t …”

“Afraid he’s gonna hurt you? And other excuses?” Joanie asked, and Chloe nodded. “Why don’t we show him how?” she asked with a sneaky smile. Chloe looked perplexed. “Why don’t I come round to your campsite tonight? I’m sure we can cook up some excuse for me to spank that cute little butt of yours,” she said, giving Chloe a few playful taps on her bottom.

“In front of Jamie?” she doubted, though she liked the idea. “I don’t know what he’d do! He might not let you, or he’ll come to my defense!”

“Don’t worry, dear. I know how to handle him. Now, here’s what we’ll do.”

Their conspiratorial conversation took less than five minutes, and Chloe left after a hug and another couple of harder pops on her backside. She strode back to their site, her thoughts consumed with Joanie’s plan. She was worried about Jamie but was really looking forward to the spanking.

Upon her return, she found Jamie up and about, prepping for breakfast, and he demonstrated his campfire cooking proficiency again with delicious eggs, sausage, and toast.

After breakfast, they collected the tandem kayak they’d reserved and set out on the river. They were fine when paddling with the current, but going against the river’s flow proved more challenging. The large kayak wasn’t as directionally stable as individual kayaks, and they weren’t accustomed to working together to keep it straight. More than once, Jamie snapped at Chloe about what she was doing, getting a threatening look that excited him and worried him at the same time, as he was still feeling the remains of last night’s turn across her knee.

Chloe smiled inwardly at his instantly subdued look when she gave him the evil eye and thought about Joanie’s plan and hopefully being taken over her knee.

After a day in the sun, working hard to paddle their way back to the campsite, they both needed a shower, and Jamie suggested Chloe go first.

“Why don’t we go together?” she suggested with a bitten lip.

As a regular camper, an outdoor shower was something he always looked forward to, especially with the sun shining into an outdoor shoulder-high shower stall. The cool air, combined with the warm sun and hot water, was a luxury to him, but the thought of taking one with Chloe had him almost instantly erect.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said, noticing the tent in his shorts.

They stepped into the strong water flow together, pressing their bodies together in a passionate embrace. After a long kiss, Chloe turned her back to Jamie, and with his arms wrapped around her and his dick between her cheeks, she moved her hips up and down, stroking his hardness with her ass.

Moaning, he took her tits in his hands and kneaded the warm flesh while enjoying being jerked off between her buns. Sliding one hand down her tummy and between her legs, he fingered her slit as she pushed him back against the wall of the stall, his cock sliding between her cheeks easily with the help of the hot water. His gasps and deep breathing signaled his coming, so she stroked him harder and faster until he erupted; the thick cream landing on her back was washed quickly away by the shower.

“Eat me!” she demanded as she turned to face him.

Giving him a quick kiss, she pushed his shoulders down, having him kneel between her legs. Lifting slightly, she placed her warm, wet pussy into his waiting open mouth and took his head in her hands, wiping his face with her swelling lips.

“Oh fuck! Your tongue is like magic!” she cried as he lapped at her luscious lips.

Grasping her butt, he pulled her pussy into his face while his mouth, tongue, and even his nose got in the act, squirming in her slit, bringing her to a surprisingly quick orgasm. Her gasping breath doubled her over, but Jamie wasn’t finished. With two fingers inside her, his thumb teasing her rosebud and his tongue licking her clit, she came again, this time holding the walls of the stall for stability as her body shook.

He rose to take her in his arms, and they kissed lovingly before washing each other, the soapy water providing a medium for smoothly stroking hands. After toweling off, they dressed and returned to camp, with Jamie happy to have given her such pleasure and Chloe anticipating the evening’s activities.

At Chloe’s suggestion, he made a bigger fire with the plan to sit in its warmth as the darkness descended. A simpler dinner of hamburgers and chips was no less satisfying as cooking and eating outdoors flavored the meal in its own way. By dusk, they were sitting on their stools, sharing stories and watching the crackling flames leap toward the sky.

“Hey, you two!” Joanie cried as she walked into their camp an hour or so later.

“Joanie!” Chloe cried and introduced Jamie while feeling a twitch already as thoughts of the spanking to come filled her head. “I met Joanie this morning and invited her to join us at our campfire.”

Small talk revealed who was from where, their occupations, and how long they’d be staying at the campground. As planned, Chloe steered the conversation toward college.

“Will you benefit from our stupid President’s college loan forgiveness program?”

“I won’t,” Jamie replied, “My parents set up a Florida Prepaid account when I was born.

“I don’t think he’s stupid!” Chloe argued. “College is getting ridiculously expensive, and those of us with single parents don’t have the money for college. I had no choice but to take out a loan!”

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The argument got even more heated as the two women played their parts in this contrived scenario while Jamie stayed neutral. Chloe triggered the main event with a nasty statement about older people ‘like Joanie’ screwing up the world and making it so difficult to go to college to make a decent living.

“Careful with your language, dear!” Joanie said when she used some choice four-letter words to insult her further.

“No! I won’t! It’s all your fuckin’ fault!” she replied with feigned anger, her pussy getting wetter by the second.

“All right! That did it!” she said, getting up from her seat at the picnic table and walking menacingly toward Chloe. Grabbing her forearm, she pulled her from her seat and led her back to the table, holding Chloe’s wrists as she stood before Joanie.

“What you need, dear, is a good, hard spanking!” she said as she started opening Chloe’s shorts.

“Hey! Wait a minute! You can’t do …” Jamie started.

“You just keep quiet, young man, or you’ll end up over my knee, too! And I don’t think you’re bottom can take another spanking after the one you got last night! Especially one from me!” she said, shutting Jamie up instantly. She then yanked Chloe’s shorts down to her knees, revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Oh well, look at that! Right! We’ll start on your bare bottom then!” she said, pulling Chloe to her side and down across her knees. As they’d agreed, she gave her three really hard spanks on each cheek to make her initial cries as authentic as possible.

“Yeow! Ow-ow-ow! Please, Joanie, I’m sorry!” she cried, her protests less convincing than before, but Jamie was still taken in, sitting with his mouth gaping open at the scene unfolding in front of him. It hadn’t even occurred to him to question how she knew about his spanking the night before.

Joanie spanked and scolded almost continuously, but when she stopped, her fingers sought to arouse, not just soothe. Jamie couldn’t see the fingers of the hand resting on Chloe’s thigh, playing with her soaking wet pussy. As soon as Chloe was about to break character from the pleasant fingering, she resumed the spanking.

Chloe was in heaven again, although this did feel decidedly different than the spanking from her professor, the reason for which she abandoned trying to identify and welcomed the motherly spanking she was getting from Joanie. Eventually, she couldn’t continue pretending.

“Oh God, Joanie!” she cried deliriously.

“You like it, don’t you, Chloe?”

“Yes, ma’am! Spank me!”

Jamie, still well behind on the proceedings, looked on in confusion. He knew Chloe wanted to be spanked as well but never imagined she could take one so hard. His primary argument of being afraid to hurt her flew out the window when she began begging for more.

“Joanie, there’s a little leather paddle on the table! Spank me with it! Please? Paddle me!”

Again, Jamie was confused. Where did that paddle come from? he thought as he watched Joanie pick it up.

“Isn’t that a cute little paddle! Have to hit hard with it to make you feel it!” she said as a half dozen swats rained down on Chloe’s reddening bottom. “Wood’s better if you really want it to hurt.

“Sixty more, dear. Ten at a time on each side. Ready?” The paddling began with all ten swats on the same spot on her lower cheek. Chloe was screeching by the time the tenth landed, and she was wondering how she could take fifty more when she felt Joanie’s fingernails scrape across the tender flesh.

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” Chloe cried at the hyperstimulation Joanie’s fingers created, moaning and arching her back as though not able to take it and wanting more at the same time.

Ten more swats on the other side became almost bearable when she knew what would come next and she repeated her reflex action and cursed at the result. Once more on each side, she repeated the process, though spanking and scraping harder each time. Chloe nearly wriggled off her lap after the ten that brought the total to forty.

“Holy shit, Joanie!” she cried, breathing erratically.

“Come here, Jamie,” Joanie instructed.

After a long hesitation, he rose and walked to the picnic table.

“Come. Sit next to me,” she said as she lifted Chloe’s legs so they spread across his lap as well. “I think you know now that this was a well-orchestrated play for your benefit to show you how Chloe really likes getting spanked, too! You want to spank her?” she asked, but Jamie shook his head immediately.

He still couldn’t fathom that his beautiful Chloe, who spanked him harder and harder each time, liked such punishment herself. He truly believed that when it was all done, she’d regret allowing it to happen and would never want to be spanked again. She’d never told him about the asshole Bob, so he didn’t know she’d been spanked many times already.

“Please, Jamie? Spank me?” Chloe requested, although she really didn’t want a half-hearted attempt from Jamie at this point.

“Come on, Jamie! Spank her!” she encouraged again, but getting a silent ‘no,’ she sighed, picked up the paddle, and gave Chloe ten of the hardest yet. She tried to get Jamie to do the fingernail trick, but again he declined. Scraping first up and then down, her fingers descended between Chloe’s legs, swiping at her dripping wet pussy, collecting the juice to show Jamie further evidence of her pleasure.

“Last ten, Chloe! Ready?”

“Yes, ma’am! Harder, okay?”

“Of course, dear!” she said and delivered twenty hard swats, ten each to alternating cheeks, followed by her fingernails on both cheeks at the same time.

“Holy fuck!” Chloe screamed as her body stiffened, feeling a climax approaching and then crashing over her when Joanie rubbed her hard little nub with her thumb while two fingers slipped into her pussy and fucked her fast and furious.

Jamie moved aside when Chloe slowly rose from her lap, giving Joanie a big hug and a thank-you kiss. She looked at Jamie, who seemed to be sulking, and kissed him as well, getting a lukewarm response. They didn’t know what to say to each other, so they said nothing. Sensing the strained atmosphere, Joanie finally got up to leave.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to your, um, thoughts,” she said hesitantly, worried that she may have done more harm than good. She walked away, looking back several times to see them still sitting there silently.

“Jamie, what’s wrong?” Chloe asked once Joanie was out of earshot. Getting no response and not even looking at her, she asked again. Still nothing. He just kept staring at the ground. “Jamie!” she said louder, “Talk to me!”

“I’m sorry, Chloe, I can’t. Not right now,” he said quietly and got up to leave, walking down the camp road but in the opposite direction Joanie had taken.

Chloe’s excitement was completely deflated, and she wondered about what they’d done. Had Joanie talked her into something she didn’t want to do? Was she lured into it by the promise of something Jamie wouldn’t give her? She thought she hit on something there but lost her train of thought. She worried that they’d gone too far.

Jamie didn’t know what to think. Clearly, Chloe had enjoyed Joanie’s spanking, which was much harder than he would ever have done. If he thought he was hurting her, he couldn’t live with himself, but was he also hurting her by not giving her what she wanted? He was a little embarrassed by the trick they’d played on him, but would he have gotten the message otherwise? He’d been gone a while and thought he’d better go back, but what would he say?

“Chloe, I don’t know what to think yet. Can we talk in the morning?” he said when she’d challenged him again upon his return. They agreed to leave it and went to sleep with their backs to each other in the shared sleeping bag. Neither slept very well.


Does Jamie figure it out? Will he ever give Chloe the spanking she so desperately wants? Maybe in the next chapter? I hope you're enjoying this tangent on my YNAS series. Remember to 'Like' and/or 'Favorite' my story! Thanks for reading!!

Written by 2bespanked
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