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Jamie Finally Gets It - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 6

"Jamie figures it out and gives Chloe another form of pleasure she wants so badly"

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Author's Notes

"I hope you enjoyed this camping interlude! There's so much more to come ... <p> [ADVERT] </p>for Chloe and you!"

Jamie didn’t sleep well but thought he had his thoughts sorted out and had even decided how he would present them to Chloe, but it meant holding back for a while longer, which might be difficult.

He got up before Chloe, pretty much at first light, and restarted the fire. He got everything ready so he could make quick work of breakfast and get going on the hike they’d planned for the day.

“Good morning!” he said with mixed emotions when she appeared at the tent door.

“Good morning, Jamie,” she replied, hoping he had something else to say. “Jamie, are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” she asked when he hadn’t volunteered anything.

“I’m pretty much okay this morning, Chloe, but I’m not ready to share quite yet. Can we leave it till a little while later?”

She agreed with a frustrated shrug, and they ate breakfast in near silence. They packed up for their hike, gathering snacks and other necessities for the trail. Thinking about last night, she remembered her paddle and wondered where it was, having not seen it on the table where Joanie had left it. She knew it had to be somewhere at the site and left, thinking she’d find it later.

Jamie tried to converse lightly as they hiked, commenting on the scenery, birds, and general natural setting, but Chloe barely answered, taking her turn at being sullen. She wondered if his casual conversation was an attempt to gloss over the whole thing and act like it never happened. Hiking usually helped clear her mind, but she couldn’t sort this out without knowing what he was thinking. She resolved that when they stopped for their late morning snack, she’d make him talk about it or turn and leave.

They got to a spot Jamie knew and, taking off his backpack, signaled Chloe that they’d picnic there. It was a beautiful site on a bluff above the river, which curved away in both directions, offering an excellent vantage point to see the boats, kayaks, and canoes plying the waters. A large tree provided shade, while moss and grass made the ground softer. Jamie spread out the blanket while Chloe laid the snacks between them.

“Jamie, if you’re not going to …” she started, but he interrupted.

“I’m really sorry for being this way, Chloe. Really. Do you realize how much I love giving you pleasure?” He waited only a second or two for a reply to the question he considered rhetorical and continued. “The look on your face when I’m, you know, is priceless!”

Chloe wanted to acknowledge his comment, but now that he was talking, she let him continue.

“Especially when you … when you sit on me? When I look up and see such utter bliss on your face, I want to give you more and more. I’d stay right there and make you cum ten times if that’s what you wanted.”

“It is bliss, Jamie. I thought you knew I love it when you do that to me.”

“I do. But don’t you see? That’s why I couldn’t do anything that I thought would really hurt you.”

“I understand, but …”

“Last night, I saw that face again, but I wasn’t the one giving it to you.”

“Jamie, Joanie was only …”

“I know, but seeing that look on your face when she was spanking you confused me. And the harder she spanked, the more you liked it! Especially at the end with the paddle.”

“But you like it when I spank you, don’t you? You’re not just letting me do it because you think I like it, are you?”

“No, Chloe. I like it. I really like it, and I had to connect the two things before I understood it. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not sure I would have ever made that connection without you and Joanie doing what you did.” Chloe smiled, and Jamie felt instantly better. “I’m sorry I acted the way I did.”

“Thank you, Jamie. And I’m sorry for doing it that way. I never told you that I had a boyfriend once who spanked me many times, and I loved it every time. Maybe you would have felt different about trying it if I’d told you that?”

“Maybe. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t telling one boyfriend about what another did create unfair comparisons? Anyway, he turned out to be a real shit, and I’ve never missed him, but I have missed the spankings. I’m sorry for what Joanie and I did,” she said as she leaned over to kiss him gently.

“It was kinda mean,” he said, smiling.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she said and was about to kiss him again when he got up and started rummaging around in his backpack.

He unstrapped the folding stool from the side and set it next to Chloe. ‘He’s not going to …’ she thought when he pulled her little paddle out of the pack.

“I don’t think saying you’re sorry is enough,” he said as he sat on the stool, paddle in hand.

“Jamie, I’m still sore from last night.”

“I know, but you’ve been a naughty girl, Chloe. Now, take your pants down and get over my knee! You’re getting a spanking!” he said.

She laughed inside at his comical attempt at authority but wouldn’t tell him under the circumstances. Instead, she looked up at him with her head down, a bitten lip, and a hint of a smile. It hadn’t escaped her notice that she hadn’t done this in almost two years, and now, in the space of a week, she was about to get spanked for the third time. And by three different people!

“Yes, Daddy!”

Standing up, she kicked off her sneakers and started on her shorts. The button and zipper open, she tugged them down with her panties and kicked them off.

“Now, come here and …”

He stopped when she started opening her shirt, and his mouth dropped open when her bra was the next to go. She giggled quietly at his stunned look and could feel moisture beginning to develop between her legs at the prospect of getting spanked by Jamie.

“I’m sorry, Daddy! Please don’t spank me too hard?” she said just before laying herself in his lap. “Please?” she said, smiling back at him.

Assessing the view of her perfect ass, he briefly wondered why he’d been such an ass.

The faded pink color of her cheeks didn’t surprise him, as he’d seen his own bottom the morning after, but his growing erection prompted by the sight did. He caressed her bottom as though soothing it from a spanking, loving the feeling of the soft, round orbs. A short doubt entered his mind about smacking something, someone so beautiful, but he reminded himself of the look on her face last night in the throes of a “damned good whacking,” to quote George Harrison.

Chloe moaned as his hands explored her slightly tender bottom, thinking, ‘He knows just how to touch me!’ but that thought bubble popped when he circled her waist with one arm and spanked harder than she expected as a first from him. Maybe it was her already sore bottom that amplified the feeling of that first spank, but she loved it just the same as many more fell.

“Oh yeah! Spank me, Jamie! Spank me!” she cried as one delicious smack followed another.

The biggest surprise of all was how much he enjoyed spanking his naughty little girl. Her words helped, but the look on her face sold him. That look that showed the sheer joy between the occasional grimace she felt was worth any price, and he continued spanking if only to sustain that look.

“Spank me!” she cried intermittently, thinking she had to convince him to continue, not knowing that her face was giving him all he needed. The pain was building, but the additional intimacy she felt with Jamie kept her wanting more. He wasn’t spanking nearly as hard as Joanie had, but it was just hard enough for that delicious sting to build. She spread her legs enough to let him see how wet she’d become, and a moaning, ‘Oh God!’ escaped her lips when he ran his finger through her shiny pink folds.

Seeing and feeling her pussy so wet gave him an overwhelming desire to bury his face between her thighs and make her cum on his face. Still, he spanked, as her face told him she wanted, but as her squirming on his lap became considerably more animated, he hoped he’d read her signs correctly and stopped for a break.

“Mmm, oh God, Jamie! So good!” she eked out amidst heavy breathing.

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“I think you need to be paddled as well, young lady!” he said as he reached for it on the blanket where he’d dropped it. “Maybe twenty,” he said, adding, “like last night,” reminding her of what Joanie did after the paddling.

“No,” she started, and he worried he’d gone too far. “Forty, Jamie. Just like last night!”

“Yes. You do deserve it!” he said, and they both knew he meant what came after.

He started on her far cheek rather softly, but by the last few, they were pretty hard, and Chloe’s body stiffened with the pain. Her back arched dramatically with the fingernails scratching across her freshly sensitive cheeks.

“Harder!” she cried as he started the next ten on her near side, and her screams of ‘Ow!’ confirmed he’d gotten it right. The hard swats revived some of the sting from the prior night, increasing the intensity of his fingers.

Once again, on each cheek, Chloe was writhing on his lap, wanting more of this exquisite torture, she knew what she wanted next, and that was his thick cock in her creamy cunt, but when his fingers made it there first, she came unexpectedly and explosively.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as her body shook from the surprise orgasm.

Jamie was beside himself with pride, knowing he now had another way to give her such extreme pleasure. Soothing her bright red cheeks and further ministrations in her squelchy slit prolonged the ecstasy she felt, but eventually, her body calmed down, and he helped her off his lap. Grabbing his face hard between her hands, she kissed him like it was an attack.

“Fuck me!” she said to his face inches from hers. Getting down on all fours, she looked back at him still on the stool and demanded again, “Fuck me, Jamie! Hard!” In a softer tone, she added, “Please?”

Shocked by her forthright demand, he got up and had his pants off in seconds, not wasting time with his shirt. They were both more than ready physically but shocked by the powerful feelings and emotions when he rammed his concrete cock into her eager pussy.

Squeezing her sore, red cheeks, he pummeled her pussy, pounding the last inch in each time. They knew it wouldn’t take long as grunts, groans, and expletives could be heard from far away. Holding on as long as he could, his thrusts became short and choppy before he finally erupted, and his seed filled her, triggering her huge orgasm.

Occasionally jerking and breathing heavily, they sat on the blanket to regain control of their bodies. Chloe glanced at him, smiled, and then pounced on him, smothering him with kisses as she lay atop him on the blanket.

Though nothing could be better than what they’d just done, they certainly gave it a try, and for another hour, they licked, sucked, and fucked each other into oblivion.

“Wow, Jamie!” she said when they finally just sat to talk over a glass of wine, though neither had much more to say. The combined effect of neither having slept well, hiking a few miles, and incredible sex had left them word-weary and just enjoying the cool air, a blue sky dotted with whiter-than-white clouds, and the beautiful river view.

Eventually, they had to leave to pack up their site and go home, but they were in no hurry. They were supposed to check out an hour ago, but as empty as the campground was, they didn’t anticipate any trouble. They packed up their picnic and walked, not hiked, hand-in-hand back to their site.

Reaching the campground, Chloe took them on a slight detour without explaining, but he figured it out when he saw the RV and Joanie sunning on a chaise lounge outside. She jumped up when she saw them, taking note of them holding hands.

“Chloe! Jamie!” she called out and hugged them both when they met. “I see you’ve sorted things out?” she said more as a statement than a question.

“He spanked me!” Chloe complained in her best little girl voice and a pouting face that gave way to laughter as she rubbed her bottom, feeling that sting she loved.

“As well he should!” she exclaimed and then, putting on her own sorry face, added, “I was a naughty girl last night, wasn’t I, Jamie?”

“Yes, you were!” he said with a knowing smile, and Chloe nodded.

“You kids want to come inside for a beer? Tommy’s off at a sports bar watching football.”


They accepted her invitation, suspecting an ulterior motive, and climbed in behind her. The RV was huge inside, with two bump-outs adding to the width at strategic places. Returning to the front after a quick tour, they sat at the dinette table, where one of the bump-outs made the area quite roomy. Joanie opened a full-size fridge to get three beers and passed them out. Jamie declined because he was driving later and had a Coke instead.

“Those seats up front look comfortable,” Jamie observed. “I imagine it makes driving such a huge vehicle easier?”

“They do. Why don’t you try it?” she suggested with a sly smile.

Jamie sat in the passenger seat, noticing how it floated on some kind of air cushion when his total weight pressed down on it. Joanie got up, flipped a lever on the bottom, and turned the seat to face the dinette area, standing next to him while he enjoyed the luxurious chair.

“Jamie,” Joanie started, kneeling beside him, “I’m sorry for the trick we played on you last night. You should know it was all my idea, not Chloe’s. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to take me over your knee and give me a good spanking, too.”

Alarmed at this suggestion, he looked at Chloe, who smiled and shrugged as if to say, ‘Go ahead.’ Ensuring he knew she was okay with it, she nodded.

“I was a naughty girl, Jamie. Pull my panties down and spank my bare hiney!”

Chloe was giggling as she watched Jamie at war with himself about whether he should do it.

Jamie looked up at Joanie with a stern face and smacked her bottom once, which she took as a signal and pulled her skirt up to reveal very tight panties with a prominent cameltoe. Blushing at this display, he felt like he was cheating on Chloe if her touched her in any way other than to spank her.

“It was very mean what you did to me, Joanie, and I think you deserve to have your … your hiney paddled! Now, pull your panties down and get over my knee! Chloe, hand me the paddle, please?”

She found the paddle quickly and handed it to Jamie with a reassuring smile that he should continue. Jamie was only just noticing that she was a fit woman, but her bottom was a bit larger than Chloe’s, the only one he could compare her to in this position.

“Are you ready, Joanie?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, squirming to find her balance.

The paddling started with surprisingly hard swats on alternating cheeks. Chloe saw Jamie finding his way as a spanker and was using Joanie to see how hard he could do it while she still enjoyed it. Her fake protests were a little confusing, but the way she lifted her hips after every few told him she wanted more.

“I’m sorry, Jamie! Please don’t spank me so hard!?”

“You should have thought about that when you took my beautiful Chloe over your knee and spanked her so hard! You deserve at least as much as she got!” Chloe smiled at his compliment.

Feeling he was goaded into it, Jamie wasn’t enjoying it, at least not like he did with Chloe. She did deserve to be punished, and the paddling became retribution. He covered her bottom with that little paddle, and it showed.

Her bottom had turned an angry red when he finally stopped. He had no idea how many he’d given her, but Chloe would tell him later that it was over a hundred swats. He wouldn’t give her the fingernail treatment, saving that intimate act for Chloe.

“Mmm, I see you learned quickly,” Joanie said. “Thank you, Jamie!” she added, kneeling at his side again, understanding his reluctance to go further.

They said their goodbyes, exchanged email addresses, and committed to staying in touch. Days later, Chloe got an email from her telling her that Tommy, after hearing about the whole affair, had roasted her bottom with his hand, a paddle, and his belt, leaving her more bruised and sorer than ever before. She wasn’t complaining.

Chloe told Jamie about it, and he smiled in a way that said she’d gotten what she deserved, just as he pulled a smiling Chloe down over his knee.


I suspect Chloe is going to have a perpetually sore bottom now! I hope you liked my camping story. Please 'Like' and/or 'Favorite' it if you did. Thanks for reading!!

Written by 2bespanked
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