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In Reflection of Earlier Times 5

Chapter 5   On the front verandah there were two lay back canvas chairs you could sit in and listen to the surf very relaxing and just snooze. One evening as the world went by something to my left caught my attention. It was Kate I didn’t hear her approach I asked her where she came from and she only shrugged offering out her open palms as a gesture. Kate and I were like two kids. We...Read On


A Long Hard Look (part 3)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

I hastily flipped open my phone. "Hullo?" "Hiya, sweet. How was your exam?" kindly asked my father. "Ah, it went well thanks... finished it before everyone else. I'm just taking a much-needed tea-scone-ciggie break." I said, smiling. David winked at me after I said the word "break". "Well that's great then," said Dad. I could hear the hum of traffic, the ice rain hitting and potentially...Read On


One at a time.....

Double the pleasure

This is my first time writing a story.  I enjoyed reading a lot of stories here on Lush that I decided to share one of my own.  This is a true story that happened a long time ago. I was dating Tia for about three months now.  She's a very hot and sexy woman.  She was 1/2 Filipina and 1/2 German.  She was 5'7" tall, long black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin and a body to die for. ...Read On


A Long Hard Look (part 2)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

My gait got slower as I stopped to think about what was said and done on the bus. My panties were soaked everytime he would look at me, even before that day. I always had to cross my legs together in order to avoid embarrassment and a possible orgasm on the bus. Although I've often wondered what that would be like... just to have someone's eyes glued upon me as I worked my magic (touch!)....Read On


A Long Hard Look (part 1)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

MrrrrpMrrrrpMrrrp. The alarm clock is shrieking in my ear. Agh , I think disgustedly. Shut up would you, it's five o'clock in the morning. I wish I were working so I wouldn't have these bloody exams to worry about. No one can think or function this early. And it has to be a winter morning as well. Damn it. I roll out of bed, my light red-blonde hair sticking up at all angles. My...Read On

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Mom and daughter's day at the beach

My name is Sue and I am a single mom with one daughter. My daughter Jenny who has just turned 19 is beautiful and is developing an incredible body. This story starts when my daughter Jenny started getting really curious about boys. So we would talk about all sorts of things related to men. Finally one day I remember that not to far away was a nude beach that I used to go to when I was single....Read On


Jessica and Grandpa (Pt3)

A continuation from 'Jessica and Grandpa (Pt2)'

Chapter 3 - Jessica On Saturday, Grandpa and Grandma visited in the afternoon, as they often did during the weekend. It was always nice when they came over, the whole family together: Me, my Mom and Dad, and of course Grandpa and Grandma. Usually, we would all have dinner together. Smiling, I greeted them both as they arrived, and gave them both a hug, lingering a little longer than...Read On


Kept hard all day

two hot girls play with their boy toy

Hi, my name is Steve. I am 20 years old and have one of the hottest girlfriend. Her name is Kristen and she is 18. She has an incredible body and loves to show it off. When her mother isn,t home she like to sunbathe in the backyard topless. I have layed out with her many times and always wind up getting turned on by seeing her lay out wearing only a tiny thong. Afraid her mother might come...Read On


Nude on Stage

Wife appears nude during a play

My wife Rebecca and I have been married seven years. Rebecca works for a contract software firm and is involved in a local theater group. She had done some acting in college and really enjoys being on stage, and I have to admit she is very good. Rebecca often plays the leading lady or one of the other main female characters as well as working on the sets and costumes. The plays the...Read On


Krista 02

More than a Father figure should provide...

*I wasn't sure what category I would put this story under. So, if I have placed it wrongly and angered or offended anyone, please just message me and let me know. Thanks.* It had been 5 days since Krista had slept with her best friend Ashley’s boyfriend, Todd. And she had told him that they would never fuck again because Ashley was her best friend. But here she found herself at Todd’s...Read On


Lunch with Annie and Michelle

We all head out of the office, Stuart and Michelle in the lead with Richard and me following behind. I can’t help but smile looking from one fine ass to the other. I glance over at Richard and he is doing the same he looks up at me and laughs saying,   “They do look good coming or going don’t they?”   “Mm-hmm, yes they do.” I reply as I lock the doors behind us.   “A word of advice...Read On


The |Yes Man part 4

I meet Sally's Sister Sarah

Well here we go, perhaps I need to change my outlook on life, perhaps I should explain, I had just read the Yes Man by Danny Wallace, and it made me think did I said Yes very often, the answer of course was No. I did not want to fly all over the world, but I wondered if I should say yes more often? Well it is over 2 months since I took Kelly to University and I thought I would update...Read On


The Hot Tub

I had a friend when I was a little bit younger, I was about 16. We were really close Hannah and I. I used to sleep over at her almost every weekend and she had this hot tub on her back porch. Late at night we would creep down the stairs and out to the hot tub. In the dark we would giggle. After awhile we got a little more adventurous and we would go skinny dipping. It was on one of...Read On


Amber gets a ride home.

Amber caught playing with her pussy by co-worker.

The work day was winding down and everyone was getting ready to go home. Amber was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up and bring her home.   “Amber, do you need a ride home”, Tom asked her.   “No, Justin will be here any minute, but thanks for asking”, she replied.   “OK, I am going to finish some work, so if you change your mind I will be in my office.”   About a half hour later...Read On


In Reflection of Earlier Times 4

Chapter 4     The front door was open didn’t even have to use my key on the last day, Jim should have been at work maybe taking a sick day. Through the hall to my room the door was slightly ajar I usually closed it but couldn’t remember if I had closed it or not and then heard a noise from in the room. I moved to the side to try and see in but couldn’t see shit. The only thing to...Read On