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Corporate Takeover

It started with our annual holiday party, I had no idea that it would lead to this...

Man I hated coming to these corporate functions. It was our annual holiday party, and most of the people in attendance were already feeling quite good. I was already tired of the let’s be polite and ask how things are going. I have never been into small talk. I wasn’t looking forward to the 90 minute drive home, and was wondering if I had been here long enough so that I could make...Read On


Bella and Uncle Trevor Part 2

Bella tries something new.

This story is completely fictional, any references to persons, or places is accidental, and this story was written by me misstayla. All characters in this story are also 16 years or older. -Comments Welcome- By the way if you haven't already you should read Bella and Uncle Trevor which begins this story between and girl and her uncle.       When Uncle Trevor finally spoke, we were lying on...Read On


The Club

Bob and his wife join a club where the members provide the shows

The Club Bob and his wife Linda joined the club seeking new excitement and entertainment. It was a new and different place with an interesting twist on entertainment. The entertainment was a daily live sex show, but one put on by the club members themselves. This was different and exciting to the couple so they decided to join, despite the fact that sooner or later they would have to put on...Read On


Cum when I tell you to

Carmen finds a way into my pussy after years of trying..and boy was it worth it

     It all started the day when I decided to have a combined Birthday party with a friend. A lot of planning went into this party..we worked for months to work out all of the know like the who to invite and who not to invite list! One name crossed my mind a couple of times, her name was Carmen, she was 5'5 shoulder length black hair and green eyes.. oh and she happened to be...Read On


A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)

I walked in the room, cum dripping from my satisfied cunt. I laid down next to Liz, if only she knew

A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)   I was the dreaded of all weekends --- “The Family Weekend.” I hated those, all of my sexually deprived siblings and close family friends together in one small area complaining about absolutely everything! The only good thing out of all these family weekends was that I got a chance to see Mario (my brother’s godfather) and if I got...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 4

This part reveals how easily I was able to switch between two boys

Read parts 1 - 3 first.  This is a continuing story. This became a new routine for the next five days; me visiting my boyfriend and then seeing his brother in their rec room.   His brother was much more forward in saying and doing what he wanted.   The first thing he wanted to do again the next day was the oral thing that had so nearly made him come the day before.   He wasted no time...Read On


Mother Knows Best

Stan is a virgin and finds it hard to relax around his girlfriend, until her mother steps in.

Susan Smith buttoned the gold, satin blouse and tucked it into her black slacks and zipped them up. Smoothing out her buttocks, she turned to study them. At forty five she was still looking good. Dark brown hair hung past her shoulders accentuating a brown, flawless complexion. Large brown mischievous eyes always seemed to regard the outside world with a mixture of mild contempt and...Read On


Sperm Donation 3

Jack returns to the clinic for another adventure

Two days later Jack received another call to return to the clinic. Again he returned to the non-descript building in the industrial park. He went inside and was told to wait once again. After a few minutes of sitting reading a magazine Jack noticed a woman approaching. He immediately noticed it was not Mei this time but someone different. This woman was white and maybe about 30 but still...Read On


Niece's Sexy Surprise Chapter IV

Part 4 of 4 / Niece's sweet 16th birthday party comes to a surprising close.

Chapter 4 - After the Guests Leave   Shortly after both Lauren's friends left, she was sitting next to me on my right side, her mom was on my other side. We were talking to one of Amy's friends and her husband. I felt very lucky to be sitting between the two sexiest women in my life. Both mother and daughter sat there next to me, still in their bikinis with a wrap...Read On


Pix-O-Lix act 1 scene 2

Pixie gets what is coming

   "I am never late Pixie.  I come precisely when I want to. Just ask Tech. What is going on in here?"   A shocked look flashes over Rocco's face for a moment and then cereal box tops flash in his eyes as he realizes the potential income from taping such an amazing sight. Fystee resumes her attack on poor Pixie when she realizes that Pixie's rescuer decided not to. Rocco runs from the room...Read On


My mother in law: longing for sex

My mother in law from Spain, hungry for sex This happened at some locality in Spain. My father in law, named Francisco,  is a wealthy man, 69yo. I met him ten years ago at an international forum, held especially for enterprise management presidents.   We liked immediately each other -same race- regardless  of different ages  -he was 35 years older. Well,  I figure out he was impressed to...Read On


Laurie and her Nephew

Laurie's brother-in-law brings his son along

  Laurie and her Nephew     Prelude   You may have read about my beautiful wife, Laurie, and my brother, David. Several months ago, he walked in on her one night in a hotel room in Chicago where she was playing hostess for a former lover’s card game. Laurie and another girl, dressed alike in sheer mesh teddies, served drinks,...Read On

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Turn the Tables

A sexy wife finds out she is being used bt her husband and turns the tables.

  I thought my life was fairly normal. My name is Katherine and I am 25 and have been married for 4 years. My husband Jimmy works in video production and makes a decent salary. I work part time in retail. We live in a modest house and from all outward signs are a normal couple. When we first were married our sex life was good. We had sex like I expect most couples our age do. After...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex Part 5

How easily I slipped into my first threesome

This is a continuing story.  Please read Parts 1 - 4 to understand where I am in my sexual development. My boyfriend soon recovered from his tonsillitis.   It was easily apparent to him that his brother and I were more ‘familiar’ than before he was sick.   His brother just grabbed me one day when he came in and rubbed his hands over my breasts and scooped them under my arse and rubbed...Read On


Sperm Donation 2

Jack is called in to the clinic again

Jack Makes Another Donation A few days after his first donation Jack received another call for a donation appointment. On the appointed day he returned to the same non-descript office As before and was told to wait until he was called. He sat down and started idly leafing through one of the magazines to pass the time. After waiting in the reception area for a few minutes Jack noticed...Read On