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Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 1

Dom takes his slave on a world sex tour

Amanda in Taiwan  - Chapter 1     Well, there was no doubt it was your first international long-distance flight. The last ten hours from Seattle to Taipei were hard on you; I admit that having you change into that little sundress, and insisting that you leave your underwear in the carry-on didn’t help.  When the lights went off after dinner and most of the passengers in business...Read On


Jail bait Jill

I always thought little sister was a cock tease

I am a twenty two year old man who is proud to admit I was wrong. For the last three years, I thought my little sister, Jill, was nothing more than a sexy cock tease. I found out differently, and I am one happy man. Well, happy, and a little tired. Jill is far from a cock tease, she is a borderline nympho!! Jill was only fourteen when I left for college. I played on a baseball scholarship...Read On


Forever Connected

I love your hands. The rough calluses. As your hands cup my breasts, the tender scratches send sensations to my sex, that only you can bring out. Your behind me. I watch your beautiful hands, the thick fingers pinch and roll my tight nipples. I am completely naked and vulnerable to you. Your hand open you slide it down my tummy. Every sensation glorious, as I know now where your hand is going....Read On


She's in love with me part 2

The girl had 'fragile' written all over her. She was so breakable, and so close to falling off the..

I smiled up at her, "so still wanna blow me?" I asked smirking lightly. She looked down at me so innocently, "I--I don't know. I've never done it before...and I don't want to be bad" I smiled again, she was so cute. "practice makes perfect." She rolled her eyes at my comments "I can't--I'm too chicken" she said lightly laughing. I stared at her for a moment "I can't--I can't just...Read On


My first anal jerk off

Enjoying the feel of a vibrator

I have just celebrated our tenth anniversary with my wife Joy and mostly it has been reasonably happy although if pushed a more adventurous sex life would make it really good. We enjoy what I’d call typical sexual relations on a none to regular basis with me usually wanting more than she does. Recently I used the web to enhance my jerking off, with most of the stuff pretty straight but...Read On


Darius and Marrisa pt.1

My heart was racing and my orgasm was right around the corner...

 As kids, Darius and I were closer than me and my own siblings. We lived on the same street and I watched Darius turn from skinny and immature to a six pack dimpled chin guy who got whatever he wanted. But we were only friends. Sometimes we would tease each other just for fun. Rubbing against each other, accidentally kissing each other, etc. But we were just friends. That's it. When high...Read On


Kira Darkstar

Kiras search for answers begins a journey filled with lust.

The sun was setting as the rumble of thunder could be heard, Kira was already off the road in search of shelter, she saw the dark clouds forming over an hour ago and knew then that she would have to find a place out of the weather soon or it was going to be a lot harder to find shelter before dark. Kira being a cat person wasn't keen on getting wet but that was the least of her...Read On


Midmorning Snack

Come baby, show mommy what a nasty little slut you are...

"Mommmmmmm, its been so long. Since Benny & I broke up I've been a little deprived." I laughed as I shared my sexual frustration with my mom. We were close and talked about everything. I was a spitting image of my mom, 5'4", shoulder length blond hair, slim figure, shapely asses and perky C cup breasts. She walked behind me and began to massauge my shoulders. "Aw Celia, has it been that long?"...Read On


My beginning and pathway to groupsex. Part 2

Moving into a comfort zone with two boys

This is the second chapter of my personal story.   Readers should read the first part of my story to understand where I am at this stage of my development.   Otherwise you will not understand how I so easily moved into sharing two boys. After I had finished sucking both of them, a quiet awkwardness descended into the room. I lightened it by saying it was worth six condoms.   His...Read On


I'm Yours

I thought I'd try my hand at a lovemaking story :o)

Can you see it when you look at me, that look that I’ve been saving up for years, it says lots of things but most of all it says “I’m yours”. I don’t know if my heart and my eyes consulted on this before they told you, but it doesn’t matter now, the truth is there to see. I try to look away from you, afraid that the message will bounce back in the reflection of your eyes and burn me, but...Read On


Annette Learns a Lesson

Her uncle punished her with a spanking, and then gave her a lesson in obedience with his cock.

( Readers, this is one of the stories that I have been told by another Black Swan. An online friend requested to hear a special story, and this is the first one that I remembered.) After my encounter in the library, about a week had passed since I had heard from anyone in the Society. On Sunday afternoon, the phone rang. It was the young woman I had met at the initiation. She invited me...Read On


A Beautiful Weekend... Part II

A reversal of roles.

He wakes... blurry eyed and a little disoriented. His cock starts to harden as the memories of their fucking before they went to sleep flood his mind. The teasing... her bent over in front of him on her hands and knees. His cock ramming her cunt.... his cock now aches for her cunt. He then realizes that she's not beside him. But, he hears the shower. He walks towards the bathroom and...Read On


Me and the Taxi Driver

It was a Saturday night. I've just been out clubbing with some friends and having a few drinks, I was pretty drunk.  I wore a tight black dress; it clinged onto my body revealing everything, it even reveled my black thong mark and also my 34DD tits. I didn't wear a bra so you could faintly see my big nipples through my black dress. I wore some stockings and high heels. I had long black hair...Read On


The EX ch2 finale

Mark was right on time. Shane had spent the afternoon, working herself into a frenzy. Making herself cum two more times. She hadn't really given a lot of thought over the years, as to why she allowed herself to allow Mark to treat her the way he did. During their sessions anyway. Outside of the dominating state, Mark was loving and sweet. Affectionate lover. He was giving in every aspect...Read On


Unbreakable Bond

Zeke slid off my silk robe and kissed my neck. I felt his strong hands feel my hourglass hips...

Only months after starting college, My brother, Jason, was killed in a car accident leaving me and Zeke alone to fend for ourselves. Zeke happened to be a roommate in the house we were all living in and was almost like a brother to me. Zeke and I had well paying jobs, I was a bartender and Zeke made plenty of money as a real estate agent. Zeke was on the wild side and was always in and out...Read On