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Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 2

Amanda and her Master arrive in Taipei

Amanda in Taiwan – Chap 2   I was stretched out on the edge of the king-size bed, finishing a thin joint of some very resinous Hawaiian pot. We were staying on the Club level at the Taipei Hilton; one of the older luxury hotels, you could still open your room windows…making it very convenient for me. Among the frequent business guests, it was also known as the largest brothel...Read On


A Planned Infidelity. A true story

No one ever had made her love like that. A story about infidelity but love at the same time

I played a lot with her body, until the moment for pussy stroking, where I poked my tongue.  This made her to shake like if fucking me… but I had begun a tongue fucking instead. She moaned, a pussy getting more drenched each time.  I moved to her clit and began to lick it, pressed between my lips, I began to suck  bringing this married mature woman to moan louder; she had my head...Read On


Paula and Tina - Memories

I think it was a fleeting smell that transported me away from Ian. He lay over me working his cock inside me like a slow lazy jack hammer. I barely felt the smooth and nauseatingly predictable in-out movement but I caught a sugary sweet smell. It was that chemical sweet smell of blue razzberry Icee that transported me back in time. I felt my body rocking slowly, Ian grunting and sweating on...Read On


Beyond Uncool

The events that occured after a night at the club.

I should have known better.  I really should have. This is a story about... what an asshole my friend, Van is.  Seriously, what kind of name was Van anyway? Perhaps I used the term friend too loosely.  Van was a guy a knew in high school.  We hung out together because we had the same group of friends.  So it did surprise when I saw his name pop up on my cell phone 4 years later.  I...Read On


taking away her control

wife gets a lesson in self control

      Before we went out last week....dinner and a movie ( our usual), I had my 27 year old C cup wife put on the new strap on vibrator I'd bought her last week and wear it under her skirt. She was a little reluctant, knowing that I would have the remote control and that I could turn it...and HER on at any time. But she finally agreed that once we got to the movie it might be fun to mess with...Read On


My sexy aunt Part.1

I always thought she was sexy, but I couldn't resist her anymore!!!

My Aunt has always kept herself in great shape, and is always very tan and looks amazing in a bikini. However, I was never really physically attracted to her until I was about 16, and then something happened that totally solidified my sexual desire for her. She would, on occasion, stay at our house for a few days at a time. So she would have to take a shower and get ready for work at our...Read On



Based on true events I awoke to the sound of my cell phone vibrating impatiently, I rolled over and snaked my hand out just enough to grab my phone and retreat back into the warm cocoon of covers. I answered the vibrating phone, my mind still hazy with sleep. “Hello?” I said not fully comprehending the name I had read on the caller id. “Hey babe” said Jacob. His musical voice...Read On


Was It Fate?

Fate brings two lover together with a surprise.

  I lead the typical boring life of a stay at home mom. My husband Tim got a big promotion at work that made it possible for me to quit my job and become a simple housewife and to be at home for our 10 year old son Billy. We got married when we were both 20, I was a virgin, and we had Billy 2 years later. For a woman of 32 I think I look pretty damn good, though my husband never...Read On


he said kiss it

how I learned to crave cock

My friend and I used to jerk off together while looking at my brothers skin mags. This was in the late seventies, we were 17 years old at the time. We loved those mags and looked forward to getting together to look at them. I always showed him the new stuff playing close attention to the girl/girl spreads. We weren't shy about pulling out our cocks and jerking off. One time I asked him if...Read On


Going by train

Going by train is seldom boring but at times you need to use your imagination for extra spice.

The train stopped by an old station, the train hadn’t stopped there for years.  Jane looked up from her notebook, thinking  ”that’s odd”. She looked back down at her notebook, grinning at the drawing.  A voice started talking through the speakers. "Due to an accident that occurred further down the track we will be standing still at this station for at least another 45 minutes.  Feel free to...Read On


The Ride with Adirian

Adirian walked into the den, one more time, hoping to beg Michael to take her for a ride. Her body ached. Deep inside. Her pussy wet. She wanted to be on that motorcycle, and feel the vibrations, and that motor between her legs. Michael was her brothers room mate. She was only staying for the week. Adirian was an attractive girl, and her advances towards Michael had failed. She wondered...Read On


Blue Eyes

Love isn't always idealistic...

On a hot summer day, my friend Kate and I decided to go on a trip through the open road to nowhere.   There were many things that I loved about driving through the desert like the sense of freedom that it gives you and the occasional hot breeze of air. After half an hour of driving, I had to stop on a red light, a car that came from behind us stopped as well, parking next to us. It was a...Read On


accidental performer

getting caught

      My wife is an attractive 27 year old secretary with a gorgeous body and 36C tits. We recently went by her office to pick up some stuff she left there after going out to dinner. She has a key and no one else was there. So we started making out and before long I had her naked and told her I wanted to watch while she masturbated on her desk. She really got into much so that I...Read On


Mutual Attraction

A high school student learns new things about his big sister

When you’re young, and in your teens, people always seem to be saying you’ve got the world at your feet, but it’s only when you’re older, you realise how true that was. At the time, it doesn’t always seem that way, especially if you’re not the most self-confident person around.   I was half way through my last year of high school, I had just turned 18, and I was still a virgin....Read On


My Friends Mom (Full)

It was 1 week before my 18th birthday, A hot summer day when I receive a text from my friend saying that his mom had gotten a hotel room that was near my house for a day and if i would like to go swimming. The sound of a swim on a day like that was attractive, So i agreed, He picked me up and we arrived at the hotel, I had my towel and shorts ready. We entered room 104 and I see my...Read On