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How to Cure Insomnia

Again you cum, that is three times in fifteen minutes.

You are just out of the shower, lying on your stomach on the bed with the covers pulled off and onto the floor. The bottom sheet is fresh out of the dryer, the scent of the clean sheet a refreshing smell. The lights on the bedside tables are dimmed. The windows are opened and the curtains are waving gently as the breeze from outside carries in the songs of the birds playing in the trees as...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 06

Dom and Lani the day after.

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 06 © 2009 All Rights Reserved Lani woke up and blinked. It was so quiet. That was a blessing; Cherie must have either worn herself out or gone somewhere else. It took a minute to realize it was quiet because she wasn't in her bedroom. She turned her head at the sound of rustling sheets and smiled when she saw Dom still sleeping. He looked a little younger,...Read On


Loves my voice

His commands turn her on more than anything else...

She lays there, waiting for me to come to her. I know what she wants, but I’m unwilling to give it just yet. I know that she counts on the sound of my commands to get her off, but she’ll try without it first. I’ve seen her try, and try… and finally quit, frustrated. Today I won’t let her quit. I’ll help her reach her goals, but I want to see her try first. I like to see her lead herself...Read On



Online friendship that grew into an emotional connection.

Remember When it was you and me Remember how it used to be Remember The instant sexual connection All the chats all the reflections Remember When it was fun and new Consumed by me, consumed by you Remember The chase and the high it would bring The calls the texts, the little things in-between Remember Caught off guard, it happened so fast The result of an online chat Remember The...Read On


Nothing Gets Through Ch. 04

He talks her into spending more time together.

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 04 © 2010 All Rights Reserved They stayed at the restaurant a while longer, then split up to go home. Karl, obviously infatuated with Deanne, offered to see her home. Dee didn't hesitate to accept. "Looks like it's you and me, kid," Dom said to Lani as he helped her on with her coat. They stepped outside and Lani shivered at the cold. The wind was still light,...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 26

Sharing the news, good and bad.

Ryan knocked on Brody's door, bursting to tell him about the tour. Word had gotten around, and she'd gotten congratulatory calls from Annette and others, but it wasn't quite the same. She was about to knock again when he opened the door. "Hey, come on in." Brody held the door open for her. "Thanks." Ryan's excitement dropped a few notches. Brody looked and sounded far different than he had...Read On


The Homecoming

It's the end of a busy work week and I can't wait to finally leave the building and go home. I haven't seen you for almost 2 weeks and you are the only thing on my mind as I walk out into the bright sunshine. The only way of communication during your business trip are the late night talks on Skype and your sweet messages you leave on my cell. After arriving at the house I realize that I...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 2)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 2) As they drive up the mountain, they come to a lookout point. Nancy perks up at the view, “Jake, let’s stop and take some pictures.” “Sure, honey” Jake replies as he looks into her eyes as he pulls into the parking area. Jake gets out and goes around helps Nancy out of the car. As she gets out the car, a gust of wind comes through opening her still unfastened...Read On


Lost from the walking group

A couple escape from the walking group to have a bit of fun in the countryside.

We all met for a ramble around the local lakes. It was the local walking group's third meeting, and we were the youngest two in the group by a long margin. We'd got chatting at the last meeting, and the group kept having to wait for us to catch up, the stern gent scowling at as we laughed at the back. You'd joined because it looked like something a bit more adventurous to do to get you...Read On


Vampire Dreams: Smoke 2

On her way home...

Zinna woke to a male body pressed behind her and smiled to herself. She shifted slightly and an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her solid against him. "I have to go," she said. He released her and watched as she slowly walked into the bathroom. Malachi watched her hips sway, hair moving softly on her silky skin. He grew hard. Again. Damn, his urges were getting the better of him....Read On


Another Chance at Love

Two former classmates run across each other in an unexpected setting...

Another Chance at Love I was giving a lot of thought to this afternoon's appointment. It was my first time to see a psychiatrist and the possible repercussions were bothering me. I mean, sure, I had always been sort of regarded as "off-the-wall", perhaps unconventional, maybe "eccentric" even, but no one had ever called me "crazy", at least to my face. For instance, I had never thought...Read On


My Lovely Slave

You worship me, adore me You can’t wait to please. Kisses rain on my feet, Much more than I can believe. Your love grows stronger As my fingers pound harder, Our moans grow louder As we talk faster. Oh, dear Slave, you make me melt You make me feel things that I have never felt! You do as you’re told And, somehow, the act never gets old. My lovely, horny little slave, Your moan...Read On


The Loft Apartment

James has a fantastic loft apartment with some interesting additional features.

Close your eyes for a moment; I want you to picture the setting. James has a very cool third floor loft apartment down by the river. Bare brick walls, oak wood flooring and very atmospheric lighting. The apartment is completely open plan; even the wet room has glass walls so you can see right in. I don't know who chose the furniture, I doubt it was James, but they definitely have great...Read On


Guest of the House of Shahira

A dedicated teacher catches the Sultana's eye.

It has been many years since I first passed through the Obsidian Gate. All has changed since that day. New Gods came with their followers’ swords. They threw down the Sultan and beheaded him. Everything they remade in their image. What was once a temple is now a brothel for the powerful, a place where contempt finds expression in flesh. It was not always so. In those days of my Goddess, it...Read On


The (Mis) Adventures of Missy - The Fireman

I admit it I'm looking for some fun.

The (Mis) Adventures of Missy - The Fireman My name is Missy. I am 40 years old and divorced. About 5' 2" barefoot, medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Not rail thin but not too overweight either. My chest is 36 C, almost a D. My best friends call me curvy. My house sits on a rise and my backyard slopes downward. It gives me a great view over the fence to the building...Read On