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Christmas was a cornucopia of emotions for me. Making love to Michelle and Megan was beautiful and scary at the same time. Despite our agreement, I hoped neither relationship would change, and I had no plans to be intimate with Megan ever again. Once, well, twice was enough for me, and I hoped for her also.

Monday at the gym with Michelle was completely normal. She worked my ass off, and I loved it. We made plans for a sleepover at her house Wednesday night. She also mentioned we'd been invited to a New Year's Eve party on Friday night at Trey and Bill's house. She didn't mention Megan, so I assumed she wasn't invited. This was indeed an all-adult party.

Wednesday night at Michelle's was lovely. She went all out for dinner. She made honey-garlic salmon with couscous and a green salad. We had an excellent white wine with it and snuggled on the sofa.

We talked about the party on Friday. It's been years since I stayed up on New Year's Eve, so this would be fun. We weren't required to dress up, just wear casual clothes. Since Trey and Bill lived closer to Michelle than me, we'd spend the night at Michelle's house.

That night, Michelle and I made love and used 'Kimmie.' Michelle had a strapless and named it Kimmie to go along with Francis. She enjoyed naming her toys, and I guess it was better asking me if I wanted Kimmie or Francis to join us rather than asking which strap-on I'd prefer.

We did take turns with both toys, and I was getting pretty good with Francis. But I loved using Kimmie.

When I got home Thursday, Megan told me she was spending New Year's Eve with Mika. I smiled, and Megan blushed. I told her to have fun and I'd see her late Saturday when I got home.

I arrived at Michelle's just after five on Friday evening. We ate a simple Chinese takeout dinner while waiting for the party. It started at seven, and it took about twenty minutes to get there. We considered using a ride-share service, but I wasn't planning to drink.

We arrived around seven thirty because nobody wants to be the first ones there. Trey gave us a little grief for being late, but he was being Trey. We knew almost everyone there except a couple of ladies and a man. We were introduced to all three. Caroline and Jen were a younger lesbian couple around the same ages as Carli and Susan, if I had to guess. Everett was single, having broken up with his girlfriend just before Christmas. I thought that was a terrible time to break up with someone, but it happens.

The party was fun, and we played a few games of trivia, charades, and Pictionary. I was pretty good at charades but sucked at trivia.

I spent most of my time talking with Jen and Caroline. They were college roommates who discovered their mutual attraction in their shared dorm room. Jen majored in elementary education and was a sixth-grade teacher, and Caroline was a music major and after graduation she became a cellist with the local symphony.

They were fun to talk to and nice to look at. I didn't tell them everything about my life, but I did mention Michelle and I were a couple and that I had a step-daughter about to graduate from high school.

Everett was in construction as a project manager. He was fit, dark, and handsome and I guessed around thirty. I didn't ask about his breakup, and he didn't volunteer any information.

When midnight rolled around, everyone paired off to kiss. Michelle and I found a nice quiet corner, whispered a few 'I love yous' and kissed. I think we lingered a little too long because Trey started making comments. We laughed along with everyone else, and I blushed crimson.

Before we left, Jen and Caroline approached Michelle and me and asked if we'd like to attend Caroline's recital later this month. It was a benefit for Jen's school. Michelle said we'd love to attend, so we exchanged numbers and said goodnight.

When we arrived back at Michelle's, we went to sleep. It had been a long, fun night, and we were both tired.

On Saturday morning, we broke out Kimmie and made love. Then we showered and returned to bed to cuddle and use Kimmie again.

After lunch, I stayed at Michelle's until heading back home. I expected Megan to be there, but I assumed she was still at Mika's. I smiled, hoping things had taken a good turn for them both, then started laundry.

Megan did text me later that afternoon and said she was still at Mika's and would be home Sunday. I smiled and sent her heart and winking emojis, hoping she wouldn't show Mika. Megan sent back blushing emojis, and I laughed.

I couldn't wait until she got home to tell me all about it.


Christmas was both memorable and forgettable. Mom, Michelle, and I had a very exhausting day. I learned quite a few things from them, but I'd have to lie if I were ever asked how I knew them.

During Winter break, I was spending a lot of my free time trying to decide on the local community college or a university. I liked the community college idea because I could stay close to home. But, a four-year program would allow me to be on my own. A private university would be nice and there was one in town, but tuition was way above what Dad had left me for college.

Since meeting Mika, she and I have become best friends. I met her parents and Mika's son, Noa, who was the cutest little boy ever. I wasn't used to having a best friend; most of the girls I hung out with I'd considered only as friends. Nobody I'd tell my innermost thoughts to. Mika was different; we talked about things that frustrated us at school, friends, families, and the world. We discovered more things we had in common and talked about our dreams.

Mom was good to bounce things off of, yet despite our close relationship, there were a few things I didn't want to discuss with her or ask about. Michelle was lovely, intelligent, and a good listener, but her opinions were close to Mom's. Mika was non-judgmental and played devil's advocate with me, and I reciprocated.

The day after Christmas, Mom mentioned that she and Michelle were going to a New Year's Eve party and staying at her place. I was happy for them and said I had no plans and would probably go to bed at my usual time. Mom felt slightly sorry for me and suggested I ask Mika to come over. I reminded her that Mika had Noa and would probably stay home with him. I was fine being home alone; she and Michelle shouldn't worry about me. Mom said she'd always worry about me because she loved me. That got an 'aww' and a big hug from me, and we both giggled.

Christmas and New Year's Eve were on Friday nights; I didn't date, so it was just another night. I figured I'd stream a movie, eat popcorn, and go to bed. That was until Wednesday, when Mika texted me to call her. When I did, she said her parents were going out on a date night and staying at a hotel all weekend. She'd be home with Noa; she could use some 'adult' company if I weren't doing anything. I laughed and mentioned I hadn't been an adult very long, but I'd like to keep her company.

Mika also suggested I have dinner with her, and she asked if I'd ever had mochi. Even though they weren't Japanese, her family has a tradition of eating mochi on New Year's Eve. I told her I'd never tried it, but I would.

Mika said she'd get a variety, and we could do a taste test. It sounded like fun, so she'd make dinner, and we could keep Noa up later than usual and stream a movie until midnight. I could stay the night if I wanted, so I didn't have to deal with the drunks coming home from their parties. It made sense, so we made it a date.

I told Mom about Mika's call when she came home from work. She gave me that look and said, "Spending the night with Mika, and no parents home. Do I need to worry about you?"

I laughed, “Mom, she's straight and has a baby. Why would you worry?”

She replied, "I know how you feel about her, sweetheart. Just be your sweet self and enjoy watching the movie and entertaining Noa."

I sighed, "I know, I do like her. But, it's a little one-sided in the intimate department. We'll have fun, Noa is funny, and I don't have to change his diapers."

I had mixed feelings about Friday night with Mika. I loved hanging with her, and Noa was fun to be around until he got cranky. I kept wondering if I should make some sort of move on her, but that might ruin our friendship. I didn't have any experience with seduction except being seduced. So, I decided to see what happened.

I thought if being an adult was this confusing emotion-wise, I may regret turning eighteen.

Friday afternoon, I packed an overnight bag with pajamas, fuzzy slippers, my toothbrush, paste, hairbrush, my pads, in case the red menace appeared, and a change of clothes.

Mika suggested I park in the driveway since her parents would be away the entire weekend. When I pulled into the driveway, the garage door started opening. Mika smiled when she saw me. She was

holding one of Noa's dirty diapers at arm's length on her way to the trash can.

I returned the smile and got out of my car. Holding my overnight bag, I waited for her to return inside the garage. I opened my arms to hug her, but she asked me to wait until she washed her hands. I laughed, then followed her in and saw Noa happily playing in his walker; he'd scooted himself into a corner and was busily sucking on a pacifier, trying to figure out how to get the walker to go in a different direction.

Mika washed her hands after we both giggled at Noa's predicament. She opened her arms wide and wrapped them around me. We hugged for a few moments until Noa started sounding frustrated. Mika rescued him and then brought him over to greet me. I set my bag down, then reached out to take him. He was all smiles as I clutched him and started talking to him. Mika grabbed my bag, and we followed her to the guest bedroom, where she left it on the bed.

Noa and I talked as we walked down the hall and into the bedroom, neither of us understanding what the other was saying. We returned to the living room and waited for Mika to retrieve Noa's walker. I placed him in it, and he giggled and started playing with the little features attached to it while Mika and I watched from the sofa.

I asked Mika where her parents were staying, and she told me the hotel's name. She asked about Mom and Michelle, and I told her all I knew. We continued talking about Mom and Michelle as Noa played. We paused our conversation when Noa got stuck again. I went to get him and let him sit on my lap while Mika and I continued to catch up. We hadn't been working out at the pitch the past few weeks and we'd both missed it. She mentioned Ivy and Isabel had found a new roomie, so they were getting to know her.

Noa was doing pretty good on my lap for about ten minutes, and then he started fussing. Mika took him so she could breastfeed him as we continued talking. I'd never seen her do that before, and it was just so natural. Mika covered his head with her top and let him go at it. Our conversation may have skipped a beat now and then as I watched, but I didn't stare.

When he was done feeding, Mika took him to his room and put him down for a nap. It wasn't his usual nap time, but she hoped he'd sleep to be awake later in the evening.

Mika and I returned to chatting about soccer, school, and other common interests. One of the reasons I like Mika so much is that we share many interests. Time seemed to fly while we talked, and Noa napped. We were both surprised when Noa slept for two whole hours.

It was getting close to six when Mika asked if I was hungry for dinner. I was getting there, but not famished. Mika said she was going to make Poke bowls for us. I had no idea what those were, so she explained them to me. They sounded yummy with all the ingredients she named off, so I entertained Noa in the kitchen while she started dinner.

I watched her cook brown rice, slice cucumbers, radishes, avocado, and shred carrots. She also diced some green onions. Mika used sesame oil, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, and ginger as a dressing. When the rice was done, she served it in two bowls, added some tuna, then the veggies, and topped it off with the sauce. They went into the fridge for about twenty minutes.

When it was ready, Mika fixed some baby food for Noa, placed him in his high chair, and let him make a mess as she fed him. When he was done eating, she got our bowls from the fridge and set them on the table.

Mika surprised me when she asked if I'd like a little wine to go with it. She said she knew Mom let me drink, and since I wasn't going anywhere tonight, a glass or two wouldn't hurt. I smiled and said I'd love to, so she poured two glasses, then sat down to eat and continued to feed Noa.

The Poke bowl was amazing; I mimicked Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" doing the fake orgasm thing.

Mika laughed, saying, "I'll have what she's having."

We both laughed so hard that tears streamed down our cheeks. Noa thought it was funny, too, and waved his fat little arms around, slinging the baby food on his hands everywhere. After finishing our bowls, I helped Mika clean the kitchen and watched Noa. She was going to bathe him later, so I mainly wiped his face and hands while Mika cleaned his high chair and the kitchen. As I was holding him, I noticed he stunk.

I'd never changed a diaper, so Mika took him into his room. I followed them in to see how she did it. I watched as she removed his jumper, got a new diaper and wipes, and changed his dirty diaper. I nearly gagged when I got a whiff, making Mika laugh. She bundled it up, and I volunteered to take it to the garbage.

When I returned, Noa was all fresh and happy. I sanitized my hands as Mika poured us another glass of wine. We talked about the Poke bowls and how they can be made. I made a note on my phone to remind me to look them up online and get recipes. Mom would probably like them, too, so it was a win/win.

We settled on the sofa with our wine as Noa babbled and played nearby. Mika's parents had the Disney channel, so we watched some Star Wars series about an older Mandalorian. I think it was Baba something. It was pretty good, and I may talk Mom into getting it to stream.

Around eight, Mika gave Noa his bath and put him to bed. I supervised by standing around and watching. We both were surprised when Noa was lying back in the water-filled sink and Mika was washing his tummy. A little stream of water rose but didn't break the surface. We knew what it was, and Mika kidded Noa by saying, "And thar he blows!"

Mika said he'd done that a few times when his Grandma and Grandpa changed him, but never with her. We both thought it was funny and were glad it happened while he was bathing in the sink.

With Noa clean and smelling good, Mika dressed him in his onesie, and then we returned to the sofa. One last feeding for the night, and Noa went off to bed. Mika brought the baby monitor back when he settled into his crib to keep an eye on him.

When Mika returned, and before sitting down, she asked if I'd like a refill on my wine, and I said, "Sure."

She brought the bottle from the kitchen and topped off our glasses. Then she kicked off her shoes and suggested I get comfy, too. I removed my shoes and set them on the side of the sofa, then curled my legs under me.

We continued bingeing the Star Wars show, sipping wine, and commenting on the characters and storyline.

It was around ten when Mika asked if I was getting cool. I was fine, but she got a blanket from a closet and covered herself on the sofa while we watched.

Before the next episode came on, I had to use the bathroom. When I returned, Mika had moved closer to where I was sitting. She asked if I'd like to share the blanket, and I slipped beside her. She tucked it around us as best she could, smiled, and said if I got too warm, let her know.

We settled back, finishing the wine as we continued our streaming marathon. The closer it got to midnight, the more we yawned and told each other to stop doing that. Now and then, Mika would move a bit and get closer to me until she was resting against my shoulder. I didn't mind the closeness; I was getting warm, but it wasn't a warmth I'd complain about.

We kept our eye on the clock, and Mika changed the channel to the ball drop in New York City around eleven-fifty-five. We watched the ball as it slowly dropped, and just before it did, Mika turned to me and asked if we were going to kiss.

I was dumbfounded, and I told her I guess we could. It's like a tradition, I thought.

Mika smiled and said it was, then moved so we could kiss at the stroke of midnight. It wasn't a quick, friendly kiss. It was deep and emotional. I didn't want it to stop, and neither did Mika. Our tongues played as we shifted to get more comfortable.

It was ten after midnight when we took a break from kissing. Mika and I looked at each other and said, "Wow."

Mika then dropped the second bomb of the night by inviting me to join her in bed. I hesitated and started asking questions.

My first question wasn't really a question, "I thought you were straight, Mika."

She replied, a little shyly, "I might be. But then again, maybe not. I don't feel straight when I'm with you, Megan. I've never felt this way around another female, and I've lost sleep over it. You're so sweet, especially around Noa. We have so much in common that it's unbelievable. I want to find out what it's like being with another girl, and I want it to be with you. If it doesn't work out, I still want to be friends. But I have a feeling it will work out."

It was hard to argue with her since I was falling in love with her. I wanted to tell her I'd wanted to make love to her since the first time I saw her.

But all I said was, "I'd love to make love to you, Mika."

She smiled, kissed me quickly, and then tossed what little blanket remained on us to the floor. Mika got up, extended her hand, picked up the baby monitor, and then led me to her room. We took time to get ready for bed. I grabbed my bag from the other room and moved it to her bedroom. We were both nervous and excited as we brushed our teeth and used the toilet. It was odd and yet lovely to be doing this.

In the bathroom, we teased each other by touching and kissing each other's necks and feeling each other's bottoms. It was more playful, unlike the other times I'd been with a woman. Mika was enjoying it as much as I was, which was a good sign.

We weren't wholly nude when we were getting ready, just dressed in panties and T-shirts. I followed Mika's lead and stayed in my panties and sleep T-shirt. We slipped into bed, and Mika turned out the light. I heard her sit up, remove her T-shirt, and then slip back under the covers. I did the same and then snuggled next to her.

It was so dark I couldn't see any features on her face, but I knew we were facing each other. We managed to bump noses without hurting each other as we started to kiss. It wasn't hard; we each apologized, and our lips met on the second attempt.

Mika and I made out like before, but I took the lead this time. I moved a bit so our legs entwined. Mika's feet began massaging my shins as we kissed, as our passions slowly built. When my lips left hers and moved down to nuzzle her neck, Mika moaned, "Mmmm, Megan. I love that."

I not only kissed her neck, I licked and made little sweet little bites. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to make Mika squirm. After a little while, I continued moving down Mika's body, pausing at her breasts.

My tongue circled her aerole as Mika whispered, "Oh, God, that feels so delicious, Megan."

I had no idea she'd started leaking milk until I tasted something warm and slightly sweet against the tip of my tongue. When Mika softly suggested I suckle, I did.

We'd been going very slowly up to this point. But, when I began nursing Mika's breast, she got vocal, telling me how good it felt. I switched breasts frequently, lapping up the oozing warm liquid and then suckling to extract more. Mika's legs were feverishly rubbing mine until Mika ran her fingers through my hair. She whispered, "Lower, please."

I gave each breast one last suckle, then kissed my way down her tummy. My tummy kisses tickled Mika, and she told me not to stop as she squirmed and giggled. Before going further, I raised up and tossed the sheet and blanket off me, then moved between Mika's legs. Mika shivered, and I could feel the cooler air with the covers off us. I reached back and pulled them up as Mika moved so we were diagonal in her bed. She reached down to pull the loose cover over her as I kissed her inner thigh and straightened my legs out to untuck the top sheet.

Mika's musk was sweet. I inhaled her and then began kissing her inner thighs. Her warm, smooth skin felt lovely against my lips. As I worked my way up those delicious thighs, Mika was vocal once again. She told me she'd never felt this good before, and I knew exactly what made her tingle.

I inched up her body as she basked in the sensations I was delighted to give her. When my tongue brushed over her panties, Mika giggled, "Sorry, maybe I should taken those off too."

I told her it was okay, and she rose up to let me remove them. I dropped them off the bed, then went back, kissing her thighs until my tongue felt her moist pubes. I moved further up, kissing and licking before easing my tongue between her lips. When the tip parted them, Mika gasped.

Mika opened her legs and bent her knees as I shifted my position. I scooped her ass in my hands and began making love to her. I swirled my tongue inside, painted her labia outside, sucked and tugged her lips, kissed them, toyed with her clit, and soaked my face in the process.

I lost count of how often I took Mika to the brink before finally taking her over the edge. She squeezed my head so hard with her thighs when she climaxed, I felt like my brains were going to ooze out of my nose.

When Mika's squeeze eased up and her thrashing slowed, I felt her hands on my cheeks. I looked up but couldn't see her face in the darkness. I could hear her raspy voice when she said, "Kiss me, Megan."

I did as requested, moving up and finding her lips. We kissed briefly, and then Mika began kissing my forehead, cheeks, nose, and back to my lips. When she stopped, we started talking.

Mika told me during more grateful kisses that she'd never thought about being with another woman. She'd seen Kai and Michelle together, and it was like watching a slow-motion catfight. They were both alpha-type personalities, one water, and one oil, and they didn't mix. She was glad Michelle had found my Mom. They seemed to be a very good match. Mika said if she were going to try being with another woman, it would have to be someone who was her friend first. It made perfect sense to me, and I told her so.

As we continued talking, I could feel Mika's hand on my breast. Her fingers explored my nipple, and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed how she played with it.

Mika said she knew our relationship might change if we did this, but she was willing to take that risk. Our age difference wouldn't be a concern if we were both a few years older. Her parents would worry just as my Mom would, with me being only eighteen and being with someone who had a small child.

Mika paused and asked if I liked what she was doing. I was reticent as she talked, and she wanted to know. I told her I loved it and closed my eyes again, enjoying her touch. She said she was happy, and then I heard and felt some movement. The next thing I knew, her lips were exploring one breast and then the other. She was suckling my nipples just like I'd done. I moaned as she licked, nursed, and used her fingers to play with them.

Mika paused, “I didn't realize doing this to another woman would excite me, Megan. You have very yummy breasts, young lady.”

I giggled, "Thank you, ma'am."

Mika laughed, “Don't call me, ma'am. I'm not much older than you, silly girl.”

I continued moaning as Mika returned to play with my breasts. When her hand slipped under the waistband of my panties, I nearly lost it. When she felt no hair down there, Mika said, "Umm, you're bare."

I swallowed as her fingers traced my vulva, making me whimper, "I am, Mika. Is that okay?"

Mika replied, “I've never thought about it, Megan. It's different, I guess. May I ask why?”

Mika continued exploring with her fingertips, up, down, and then easing one finger between my folds.

I was squirming, “You can ask me anything, Mika.”

The sensations running through my body felt wonderful. Mika knew how to touch, taking her time exploring me. Between her questions, she'd suckle and play with a nipple as her finger eased itself deeper.

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I'd forgotten what she'd asked when she repeated the question. I explained, but not in great detail, how my first experience with a woman led to her shaving me. I told Mika I liked how it felt and kept it that way.

She said it sounded sexy, and maybe she'd let me do that to her.

Another pause as Mika engulfed my breast, and her finger discovered my clit.

I exclaimed, “Oh god, Mika.”

She replied, "I'm glad you like it, Megan. I'm enjoying this, too."

Her lips surrounded my nipple while her finger massaged my swollen nub. I was so close, and Mika sensed it. She backed off my clit, but continued suckling my breasts. When her finger returned to my clit, she moved her mouth to mine, kissing me as she brought me to a lovely climax.

Mika didn't go down on me, which was fine. She wanted to see what it was like, and we did that. It was all up to her if she wanted to take things further. My panties were drenched. So, I removed them and tossed them on the floor. We cuddled and kissed until we both yawned and laughed simultaneously.

We fell asleep in each other's arms and woke that way when Mika heard Noa crying in his crib via the monitor. She got up, changed him, and brought him back to bed. I watched as she fed him. It was beautiful to witness. Noa focused his gaze on Mika, who softly stroked his cheek as he fed. I guess what they say is true, that there's no bond like a mother and child.

Mika winced, then looked at me as Noa clamped down on her nipple, "He doesn't do that often, but when he does it, I thank my lucky stars I don't have twins."

I smiled, “You're a good mother, Mika. I don't think I could do that.”

Mika reached over to me, smiling, "I think you could, Megan. There are so many things I didn't think I could do when I was your age. But, hey. Look at me now."

I replied, "You're right. Sometimes, my confidence in myself needs a booster shot."

Mika blushed, “Well, you sure know how to give an orgasm, Megan. When Noa goes down for a nap, I'd like to pick up where we left off.”

It was my turn to blush, "I'd love to, Mika."

When Noa was full, Mika laid him between us, and we kissed good morning. Noa was funny, reaching for both our breasts. I told him I had no milk for him and backed away so he couldn't touch me. We talked while Noa giggled and cooed, and then I got up and used the bathroom. Mika soon followed with Noa, and we all showered together. We passed Noa back and forth, keeping him at arm's length in case he did the whale-spouting thing again while washing our hair and bodies.

We continued swapping him back and forth as we dried off. Mika put his diaper on him to prevent any accidents, then slipped him into a onesie as I dressed. I watched over him while Mika dressed, and then we moved to the kitchen for coffee.

Mika put Noa into his walker, and we hugged and kissed each other. We talked about how fantastic last night was. We had the rest of the weekend to hang out, make love, and watch Noa.

Mika asked if I'd always liked girls over boys. I told her no. I'd never dated girls and only a couple of boys. The awakening of my sexuality all started over a year ago when Mom and I took a birding trip to Costa Rica. Mika seemed interested, so over breakfast, I told my tale.

During my story, we paused, and Mika dealt with Noa. She asked questions, which I answered. Some parts surprised her, while others seemed to excite her. She thought it was terrific that Mom and I both discovered our 'inner lesbian' at the same time. I told her we were also shocked that it happened.

I didn't tell Mika about Susan and Carli; it wasn't necessary, and I doubted I'd hear from them again.

When Mika looked in the fridge for some yogurt, she asked me, "Do you know what we forgot last night?"

I thought momentarily, “Mochi.”

Mika giggled, “Yep, so much for tradition.”

I replied, "We can still eat them. We're just a little late, that's all."

Mika served the mochi on a large platter for us to sample. She bought four different types, each with a unique and sweet flavor.

We'd been talking while drinking our coffee and eating the mochis when we got a whiff of Noa. He was smiling and playing, but he stunk. I volunteered to change him if Mika would supervise. She agreed, so off to Noa's room we went.

When I opened that diaper, I nearly fainted. I did manage to get Noa cleaned up and the diaper back on. It wasn't perfect, but Mika applauded my effort. With a clean Noa, we went to the living room and let him crawl around the floor as we finished the mochi and our coffees.

I asked Mika how she met Noa's father. She said he studied at the university and was in a few of her classes. They dated for about five months until she found out she was pregnant. He wanted her to get an abortion, but she wouldn't do it. So, he left school and vanished. Mika left school when she was getting close to giving birth to live with her parents.

After Noa was born, Kai helped her get full custody, and Mika's parents supported her. Her story was emotional, and we hugged when she finished telling it.

We finished our breakfast and coffee, and then Mika started doing laundry while I watched Noa. Once the laundry started, Mika joined me on the floor, playing with him. Playtime lasted another couple of hours until Noa needed changing and feeding again.

After that, Mika put him down for a nap. When she returned from his room, she had the monitor with her. She set it on the coffee table and joined me on the sofa. We talked for a bit, then started making out.

As we were kissing, Mika felt something on her chest. We took a little break, and she discovered she was leaking.

Grinning, I told her I'd take care of it. She smiled as she pulled her tee shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. I knelt on the floor as Mika lay on the sofa. I could reach both breasts easily, so I kissed her for a few more minutes, then nursed one breast and then the other.

Mika squirmed and played with my hair while I drained her. While I suckled, I reached down with my hand and softly massaged her tummy. After a few minutes, my hand inched under the waistband of Mika's sweats and then her panties.

My fingers danced around her labia as my mouth alternated between her lips and breasts. Mika moaned and began pushing back on my hand as if she were doing bridges at the gym. I took that as a sign to slip a finger in. When I did, Mika wrapped her arm around my head as we kissed.

My finger became fingers as the frequency of her thrusts increased. Our kisses became very sloppy as her arousal built. I was feeling it also pressing my lips against hers. Our tongues dueled as my finger rubbed her clit, intensifying the sensations within her.

Mika suddenly spasmed, her body shaking as she held my head in place. She grunted several times as she thrust her hips against my hand. Her climax seemed to last longer than the one the night before, which made me smile. As Mika slowly came down from her orgasm, her grip on my head relaxed, and we broke our kiss. I continued gently fingering her as she turned her head and opened her eyes to look at me. Her smile said it all as I backed my fingers away and withdrew them from her sweats. I sat back on my heels to watch her catch her breath.

Mika was glowing, and I loved that look on her face as I leaned in to kiss her. It was a brief kiss because Noa's monitor showed him moving around and crying. Mika grunted as I backed away from the couch. I told her I'd get him, and she thanked me.

I washed my hands and used the hand sanitizer before picking him up and returning him to Mika. She'd straightened herself up and sat on the sofa, ready to cradle him.

Mika talked to Noa while I sat on the floor watching them. My heart was still racing, but it was slowly returning to normal.

Mika looked at me and smiled, "You're spoiling me, Megan. I haven't felt like this since. I don't think I've ever felt this good."

I grinned, "I love pleasing you. I'm happy you're enjoying this. I certainly am."

Mika sighed, "I just hope our parents are okay with this when we tell them or they figure it out."

I leaned back on my elbows. "I've been thinking about that. You know, there are all sorts of people who meet in high school or even elementary school, fall in love, and are together for the rest of their lives. I don't see why we couldn't be that way."

Mika smiled, "I'm glad you're so optimistic, sweetness. My life hasn't been so rosy, but it's definitely looking up."

I grinned, "It's easy to look at the bright side with you. All we can do is try and see how things work out."

Mika sighed, "I thought you were stealing my heart. But I think I'm just going to give it to you. Come here, sweet girl."

I got up and knelt in front of the sofa. Mika held Noa to her side as she leaned to kiss me. It was one of the sweetest kisses we'd shared so far. It did end before either of us planned when Noa grabbed a lock of my hair and pulled. I winced as Mika realized what was happening and gently spread his tiny fingers to free me.

Mika winced, “Sorry, lover.”

I smiled, “It's fine. So, what did you want to do today?”

She looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes, "Stay in bed and fuck."

I laughed, “Well...”

Then Mika told me, "It's nice out. We could take Noa for a walk around the block. I'll bundle him up."

We all got bundled up with me borrowing a coat from Mika since I didn't pack much. We got Noa situated in his stroller with Mika making sure he was packed in tight so he wouldn't get cold. The only thing exposed on him was his face which was all smiles.

We walked slowly. Mika told me all about her neighbors and how long her family had known them. Mom and I didn't know many of ours and I felt like we should. We turned the corner and walked down another block checking Noa from time to time. He was happily sucking on his pacifier as he surveyed the landscape. We were halfway down that block, and I guess Mika's house was just about on the other side of where we were when two women opened their front door. They were apparently going for a run, dressed in spandex, mittens, wool caps, and long sleeves. One was African-American the other a blonde. Both were tall and had athletic bodies. They would have been right up my alley if I were looking for someone. But, I had Mika and I was happy.

Mika stopped and we waited for them. When they turned around they both cried out, “Noa!”

Mika smiled, “Hi Ginger, Hello Larisa.”

They both ran over giggling to see Noa, saying hi to Mika as they knelt to see him.

The African-American woman looked up at us, "He just gets more adorable every time I see him, Mika. Who's your friend?"

Mika replied, “Oh, Sorry, Larisa this is Megan, Megan, Larisa and her partner Ginger.”

They greeted me with a 'Nice to meet you' then started talking with Mika.

Larisa corrected Mika, "We're not partners anymore. We got married! Didn't your Mom tell you?"

Mika smiled, “Oh my god! It's about time, you two. Congratulations! No, she's been very busy with the holidays and spoiling Noa.”

Ginger stood, "That's what grand babies are for, darling. Tell her we miss her at the book club. We might have to kidnap her if she's not there next time."

There were hugs all around, and then the three ladies chatted while I bent down to check Noa. He was getting antsy and I tried to entertain him while they talked.

He started fussing so their conversation was cut short. They said goodbye to both of us and told Mika to bring Noa over some time so they could spoil him too. Then they started their sports watches and went on their run.

After they were out of earshot Mika filled me in about the book club and their relationship. From what Mika's mother told her, they were both married and worked at the same corporation as vice presidents or something. They were hetero and married at the time. Mika didn't know exactly what happened, but they dumped their hubbies and moved in together. I guessed they were in their late forties or early fifties. Mika said they were very nice. Her Mom considered them close friends and sometimes traveled with them and the book club.

We continued walking waving at the few neighbors we met as Noa got crankier. Mika finally took him out of his stroller and carried him as I pushed the stroller. It was only half a block which was no big deal.

When we returned, Mika fed Noa, changed him and let him roam the living room floor. Mika and I kept teasing each other throughout the day. I think we were in a constant state of arousal, and we were just waiting for Noa's bedtime so we could release all that pent-up lust.

Lunch was easy, tuna fish sandwiches. We binged more Disney, not wanting to watch football. We both loved soccer and I loved volleyball. Mika enjoyed watching and playing softball and was in a co-ed league.

Our afternoon and evening routine consisted of feeding, changing, and entertaining Noa. I could see why mothers were always exhausted. For dinner, we had a variation of the poke bowl, this time with spam and steamed rice. It was good, but not as good as the first version.

Finally, around seven, Noa got his bath and was put to bed. Mika and I waited around thirty minutes to be sure he was asleep, then went to bed.

I thought Mika would be tired after dealing with Noa all day, but she was as worked up as I was. We didn't bother wearing clothes to bed because we knew they'd come right off. When the light went out, Mika attacked me.

We started kissing, then she rolled me onto my back and mounted me. She stayed on top, her legs between mine as we kissed. More sloppy, delicious kisses and long, wet licks. During our kissing session Mika would move up and down me to get to my forehead and breasts.

She must have positioned herself correctly during one of those moves because she exclaimed, 'Oh! '

I asked if she was alright, and she said she was, then moved again and let out another 'Oh!'

Mika did it a third time, moaned, and continued moving her hips against me. She'd discovered scissoring on her own. She asked if I could feel it and I couldn't. She wasn't quite in the right position, so I suggested she move more between my legs. After a few tries Mika found our mutual spot. Then she went at it.

I wished she'd left the light on so I could watch her body move against mine. I could feel her hips gyrating against me as I held her waist. Mika's moans soon grew louder and my encouragement and a little direction became more specific.

Mika continued rubbing me, leaning down to kiss me now and then. The girl was going wild and I was loving it. Her grunts and moans helped with my arousal. I enjoyed listening to her as she discovered what she liked.

As Mika moved her body over me I felt something warm and wet. I realized she was leaking. It didn't bother me. It was interesting that she seemed to leak when she was aroused, which was something I never knew could happen.

When Mika realized what she was doing, she paused and told me she was sorry. I told her it was fine and asked her to kiss me. We lay with her on top of me, kissing to our heart's content, until Noa made a few sounds moving around in his crib. At this point, Mika, being the vigilant mother that she is, focused on him.

As we lay talking, Mika decided to continue our lovemaking. She kissed my lips once more, then moved to my neck, then to my breasts. My skin was sticky with Mika's slowly drying breast milk, but Mika didn't seem to mind as she suckled and nursed my breasts. She played with them as I squirmed and moaned.

Moving down my body, Mika toyed with my belly button making me giggle and beg her to stop. I tried to control my reaction, but her tongue teased me to the point where I had to say something. Her next move was to spread my legs to finger me and kiss my inner thighs.

I wasn't expecting what happened next. Mika moved so she could run her tongue over my labia. I gasped as I felt her saliva coat my lips with her first swipe.

When Mika hesitated after doing that, I relaxed, thinking she didn't like it. Then she went in for a second taste, then a third until I lost count.

Mika's ass was within easy reach as she tried going down on me. I began massaging her cheeks as she continued exploring my nether region. I think she liked my touch due to her moans coupled with a slight pushback against my hand.

Her enthusiasm increased as I felt her tongue ease into me. I told her how good it felt and she mumbled something I couldn't understand and kept making love to me.

I decided to move my hand from her cute little tush to her pussy and finger her. When my finger brushed her labia, Mika arched her back and said, “Yes, please, Megan.”

Then she went back to play with my clit. I gently inserted one finger and moved it back and forth in her, gently fucking her with it. When she asked me to do it harder I complied and added a second finger.

Mika had been down on me longer than I thought she would. I was getting close to a climax, and she knew it. Mika focused on my clit and soon I was shuddering and moaning. I managed to maintain my fingers in her bringing her to another climax in our short, but intense love life.

I slowed my fingers when Mika arched back towards me making it awkward to continue. I was able to change the position of my hand, then returned to touching her sweet spot.

My love asked me to stop, and as I did, she turned on the bed to lay beside me. We kissed and cuddled, with me licking my honey off her sweet face.

Mika confessed she wasn't sure about what she was doing after the first lick. But, she wanted to please me so she kept at it. I reminded her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to or didn't like. She kissed me and then told me she started enjoying it more, knowing I enjoyed what she was doing. I kissed her and thanked her.

We looked over at Noa's monitor and watched him turn and make a few noises. Then we drifted off to sleep, both sated and happy.

Sunday morning, Mika and I got up after a lovely night of exploring. We took the monitor into the bathroom peeking at it as we showered. We didn't bother getting dressed afterward because the house was warm and we were feeling lazy. We saw Noa wake as we dried each other off, so Mika got Noa, fed and dressed him. I suggested we make coffee first and let Noa glide in his walker while we sipped and talked. Mika thought it was a sexy idea, but she wanted to wear panties while we did it. That was fine, so I grabbed Noa and followed Mika to the kitchen.

I placed Noa in his walker as Mika made coffee. We played around some and watched Noa while it brewed. When it was ready, we started to take our cups to the kitchen table. Just before we got there, we heard the front door close. Mika looked at me with dread, and I mouthed, 'Sorry.' Before we could say anything else, Kai appeared with a cute little blonde in pigtails behind her.

Mika and I let out an 'oh, no' as Kai stopped, looked us over, and placed her hands on her hips. The blonde, whom I recognized as Brandi Jacobs, one of the gymnasts and co-captains of the high school cheer squad, stood there gawking at us until she saw Noa.

Brandi blurted out, “Awkward! OMG! What a cute baby! Is it yours, Megan?”

Kai looked down at her and clicked her tongue.

Brandi froze, “Sorry, Miss Kai.”

Kai spoke, “What the fuck, Mika. So this is why Trey pussy blocked me at Halloween?”

Mika replied, "No, we were only friends then. We changed that status Friday night if you must know. Your little friend doesn't have a collar, Kai?"

Brandi looked at Kai, “Collar? What does she mean, Miss Kai?”

Kai looked at Brandi again, “I'll explain later, sweetie. You need to earn it.”

Brandi pouted, “I thought maybe I earned something, Miss Kai.”

I tried to break the icy stares between Mika and Kai, "No, Noa is Mika's baby. So, Brandi, how did you meet Kai? I thought you were dating Billy Grant, the captain of the soccer team."

Brandi looked up at Kai, “May I answer, Miss Kai?”

Mika said, "Go ahead, Brandi. Miss Kai loses all her magical powers at her parents' house."

Kai told her to tell the story. Then she walked past us to get a coffee, telling us, "Maybe you two should get dressed first. We'll watch Noa."

Brandi asked, “Can I have one too, Miss Kai?”

Kai ignored her, so I handed her mine, “It's fresh and black. We'll get dressed first.”

Mika and I left them in the kitchen, entertaining Noa while we dressed.

Mika and I quickly dressed, and I asked how this would affect us. She said it shouldn't because her parents accepted Kai's lifestyle. She kissed me, and we headed back to hear the story.

I noticed there was a fresh coffee for me when we got back. I nodded and thanked Kai, who smiled.

Brandi held Noa, bouncing him and talked gibberish to him while he laughed. Mika politely got Noa back before settling down to listen to Brandi.

Brandi began her story, "Billy and I were at his parents' New Year's Eve party. He'd been doing shots when Miss Kai walked in. Billy has a wandering eye, and when Billy saw her ample cleavage, he started flirting. I hate him when he does that. Miss Kai is way out of his league."

Kai smiled, “Thank you, sweetie.”

Brandi continued, "You're welcome, Miss Kai. So, he challenged her to a drinking contest, which was dumb because he'd already had too many. Miss Kai easily put him under the table, and he passed out. So, we took him to his room and left him on his bed.

Then, Miss Kai needed to use the ladies' room, but all the ones inside the house were taken. I knew about the one in the pool house, so I showed it to her. It was almost midnight when she finished, and everyone was yelling and cheering because the clock was striking twelve.

Miss Kai mentioned it was a tradition to kiss who you're with, and since Billy was passed out, she asked if she could kiss me. I'd never kissed a girl before, but I'd had a few shots and said sure.

Well, the kiss wasn't a quickie. There was something about the way she kissed me and held me that made me all tingly. She asked if I was staying the night at Billy's, and I said I was. I'd left an overnight bag in Billy's car, which was parked in the driveway.

She asked me if I wanted to stay at her place instead, so after I grabbed my bag, we went to her car and then to her house.

The following day, I texted Billy and told him I was breaking up with him without giving him a reason. He's been texting me all weekend, but I don't care.

Kai was leaning back in her chair, beaming.

Brandi looked at me, "Please don't tell anyone at school you saw me. I'm very straight, you know."

Kai grinned, “And voracious.”

When Kai said that, she made 'V' with her fingers and stuck her tongue through it.

Poor Brandi was clueless as she tried to figure out what Kai meant.

I asked Brandi not to mention me, and she agreed.

Mika asked Kai, "Why did you stop by, sister dear?"

Brandi answered, "I live like three blocks from here on Arnold Street."

Kai replied, “I saw a strange car in the driveway and decided to check on you and Noa, little sister.”

Mika apologized, "Oh, sorry. Thank you, Kai. We're fine, as you can see."

Kai smiled, "Yes, you are, little momma. Thanks for the coffee. I'll drop Brandi off and be on my way. You two have fun. It was very nice seeing you again, Megan. Say hello to your mother and Michelle for me. Oh, I won't tell Mom and Dad."

Mika and I thanked her as we walked them to the front door.

Before they left, Brandi told Mika that Kai had her number if she needed a sitter. She'd even give her a discount.

I hung around until noon, then headed home. Mika needed to figure out how to tell her parents we were involved, or we could let them figure it out on their own. I knew Mom wouldn't have a problem with Mika and me since we'd talked about it. Mika and I were going to try and see how we fit together in the long run.

It was going to be interesting.

When I returned home, Mom was anxiously waiting for my story. I showered, dropped my dirty clothes in the laundry, dressed in my sweats, and then told Mom about my weekend.

She was happy for me and naturally cautioned me about getting too serious. I didn't argue with her; I only told her Mika and I had talked a great deal about it and we were going to see how things work out.

Mom was fine with that and that's how we left it. Time would tell if Mika and I were meant to be. I hoped her parents were as understanding as my mother was.

Written by _O2_
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