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Breast milk Stories

breast milk

My Pregnant Pause

I ask him if we can go upstairs - and fuck.

I am heavy with child. My breasts are swollen with milk, and my abdomen is fully distended. I slump on the wicker chair, feeling my baby prod my stomach. My man marvels at how I push myself to the utter limits of my endurance to birth my miracle. Sure, he...

A Gift From the Car Wash Part Two

Abby meets two faces from the past.

First-time motherhood with twins when you’ve just turned forty isn’t easy, but I loved it. Alexander and Thomas were my little angels with their thick mops of dark hair. “Just like their father,” tutted my mother, Hazel. “Whoever he may be.” Mum tried to...

Being A Good Dad

A father is asked to help his daughter out after the birth of her baby.

Justin's daughter Brie had recently had her first child. It was kind of an oops for her and her husband. They had only been married for about six months. She was on birth control. The plan was to wait a few years until they could afford to get a house, bu...

Bad Influences - Chapter Twelve

The wild summer is almost over.

A month passed. Jo was at our house more often than not, and my parents seemed to no longer care about us being alone. She was on birth control, and we were on each other like horny teenagers. I was introduced to her parents officially, and although they'...

Bad Influences - Chapter Nine

The siblings leave the resort for some alone time.

“Thanks for this,” Lucia said as she stood up from the couch. “When do you both leave?” “In two days,” I said. “You could always drop by tomorrow.” “I wasn’t planning on making this a three-time thing, but we’ll see.” The three of us had gotten dressed, m...

A Very Long Booking

An escort agrees to become pregnant by a client, things don’t go according to plan

She knew it wasn’t exactly right, but then, was it that wrong? The sky was dark outside; the seaside rain threatened. He wouldn’t want to go out, and anyway, he needed to revise. How stressed he seemed lately, so tense, and more vulnerable than she had kn...

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Bad Influences - Chapter Seven

Less distractions, more temptations.

The next morning I woke up to movement in the bed next to me. “Morning,” my sister said as she noticed my eyes open. “How’d you sleep?” “Like a baby.” “See? That’s what Jolene says after getting a nice titty snack.” “You might have passed the point of sna...

Bad Influences - Chapter Six

Parasailing, tacos, and shenanigans.

“Good morning!” Jolene said as she opened the curtain. After my eyes adjusted, I looked out at the beach past our balcony. “Do you always sleep with a smile on your face, Dan?” “You tell me,” I said as I stretched. “I’m jumping in the shower. But I unlock...

Bad Influences - Chapter Four

Getting along is more fun than fighting, it turns out.

Twenty minutes later, the girls returned. “Whatcha doin?” Jolene asked as they walked in. “You’d better not be jerking off. I want that dick all for myself!” “You’re going to have to fight with Lucia,” I told her. “Who?” “The girl from the gaming room,” B...

Daddy’s Girl Part 3

I was looking forward to a taste of breastmilk and got something different instead...

Just as I promised, when Shyan had her baby, I took care of everything they needed. My wife lost even more interest in me after the baby was born, concentrating on her new grandchild, which was okay with me because I still had my Daddy’s Girl to fill my n...