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Author's Notes

"New Reader? Not sure what the heck is going on? Check out pt.1. Returning reader? Welcome back! I hope you enjoy this part. <p> [ADVERT] </p>Wish my shower was that big... As always, thanks for reading!"

Once in the bathroom, Emily opened the shower door. She reached in and turned on the water, then stepped back and closed the door while she waited for the water to heat up. Sarah watched Emily, hungrily licking her lips as she watched the other woman’s ass jiggle with each step, then she turned to Ragden. She looked up at him as she cupped his balls and kissed his lips softly. He sighed in pleasure and their kiss deepened, their tongues twisting around each other. Sarah released his balls and slipped her arms around him, pulling her body against his. She felt the pulse of his heart in his chest against her breasts as she squeezed herself against him.  

Ragden slipped his hands down her back and grasped her ass, pulling her against him. She moaned into him as his fingers squeezed her ass. Her heart rate accelerated as she felt his manhood growing hard against her belly. As she pulled her lips back from his, she saw that hungry look in his eyes. A thrill ran down her back and she felt her arousal growing. That tight spot between her legs grew damp. She felt something deep within her awakening and she shivered in pleasure.  

Sarah heard the water running behind her and turned to look. Emily felt Ragden’s arousal growing and felt herself going damp in response. She turned and saw Sarah pressed against Ragden. She felt his energy awakening within her. She sighed in pleasure as she felt the energy uncoiling inside her, stretching like a cat, getting ready to pounce. Emily licked her lips and stepped closer to Sarah.  

Emily kissed Sarah on the shoulder as she slipped her hand between Sarah’s cheeks and slipped her fingers into her wet folds. A shiver ran down Emily’s back as she felt how damp Sarah was. She slipped two fingers through her folds and up into her. Sarah moaned in pleasure, pressing herself more firmly against Ragden. Ragden kissed her passionately, his tongue slipping into her mouth. Emily slid her fingers deeper into Sarah, feeling her tight pussy contract on her hand. Emily grinned and kissed Sarah on the neck as she slid her fingers out of her. Sarah moaned into Ragden’s mouth.  

Ragden spread Sarah’s cheeks as Emily slipped a finger into Sarah’s asshole. Sarah moaned into Ragden’s mouth and thrust her ass against Emily’s hand, pushing her fingers deeper into her. Sarah’s muscles twitched and shuddered in pleasure as she felt Emily’s fingers sliding into her tight hole. Emily suckled on Sarah’s neck as she gently finger-fucked Sarah’s ass. Sarah moaned and spasmed against Ragden, thrusting her ass against Emily’s hand.  

Sarah broke from Ragden’s mouth, gasping for breath. She felt his cock throbbing against her stomach, Emily’s fingers in her ass. Her body shuddered with pleasure. She turned and put her back against Ragden’s chest, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks. Emily’s fingers slipped from her ass and she groaned. It felt so good to have Emily’s fingers inside her, but she wanted something bigger. Emily stepped back, giving Sarah room to turn. Sarah twerked her ass against Ragden’s cock, feeling the thick meat of it between her cheeks.  

Emily leaned in and kissed Sarah passionately on the mouth. Sarah moaned into Emily’s mouth, as her tongue slipped into her. Emily placed one hand on Sarah’s mound, her fingers slipping through Sarah’s dripping pussy. Sarah took a step forward against Emily, pushing their bodies together. Sarah reached back and grasped Ragden’s big dick and pulled it against her asshole. Sarah moaned loudly as she felt the hot pressure against her ass. Her body quaked, her knees shook, and her thighs trembled with desire.  

Ragden placed one hand on his cock and guided it into Sarah’s ass. The head of his cock pressed hard against her, the tip starting to slip in. Sarah shuddered as Emily withdrew her fingers from Sarah’s pussy and slipped her hand down to Ragden’s cock. She spread the fluids from Sarah’s pussy along the length of his shaft. Ragden moaned softly, then pressed more firmly against Sarah’s ass. Sarah gasped, her mouth dropping open as she panted.  

“Oh fuck!” Sarah exclaimed as his cock slid deeper into her bowels. She thrust her ass back against him, feeling his hips press against hers. She felt the enormity of him filling her. She closed her eyes, craning her neck as she arched her back and pressed her ass against him as hard as she could. She felt the length of his cock throbbing inside her. She could feel every pulse of his heart along the shaft of his cock as she pressed her ass against his groin. That slow steady beat inside her and against her back was in stark contrast to the frantic beat in her chest.  

Emily felt herself going damp with arousal as she watched Sarah writhe in pleasure. Emily leaned forward and cupped Sarah’s breasts as she kissed her on the lips. Sarah’s tongue darted into Emily’s mouth as she moaned in pleasure. Emily squeezed Sarah’s breasts as she broke from the kiss and licked her lips. Sarah’s eyes were wide in shock as she panted, then Ragden drew himself back from her and thrust into her. Sarah’s legs shook and she staggered forward at the force of the impact. Her eyes watered and she panted as she looked over her shoulder at Ragden.  

Sarah’s mind reeled. Her world exploded with color and vibrance. She could feel every texture of Emily’s fingers on her chest. The pressure around her nipples caused her heart to skip a beat. She felt the heat in her chest blossoming and flooding through her being. Every cell of her being was filled with love and compassion. She felt Ragden’s incredible manhood filling her body. Her ass burned at the invasion. Her tight sphincter of muscles stretched so wide around him. She had had him in her like this before, but this time felt different. It felt like the first time. He was so large, and her body felt stretched to its limits to allow that invasion of her most private parts. The parts that were never designed to allow something so large in.  

Yet, at the same time, she felt her body welcoming it. He was a familiar lover. This was the same giant cock in her ass. It burned. There was pain. Her ass hurt, but there was pleasure. The likes of which she had dreamed of. Feeling him inside her, filling her, was the most exquisite thing she had ever experienced. She felt that blossom in her heart opening, welcoming him into her. She felt his love and passion flowing up into her. His cock in her ass was the doorway for his energy to pour into her.  

Ragden gently gripped Sarah’s hips, holding her steady while he slid his cock back from her ass, then slid it back up into her. He sighed in pleasure as her silky insides squeezed tight around his throbbing manhood. He held her steady as he slid his hips up against her ass cheeks, his cock going deep into her bowels. She thrust back against him, pushing him deeper into her, sucking air into her lungs sharply as the pressure and pleasure washed over them.  

Ragden felt the energy inside himself awakening again. It spread from deep in his chest down into his abdomen, filling his groin with heat. A tingling sensation ran across his skin as the power filled him. He looked over Sarah’s shoulder as she craned her head back to rest against his chest. Emily stood there, her eyes filled with need and desire. Emily licked her lips as she locked eyes with Ragden. Emily stepped forward, slipping her hand between Sarah’s legs, running her fingers through her dripping folds to caress Ragden’s balls. Emily leaned forward and kissed Ragden on the lips. Sarah panted, her breath coming in gasps, as her heart thundered in her chest. Emily and Ragden thrust their tongues together, their passion and love crashing over the three of them. Ragden ground his hips against Sarah’s ass, his cock pushing a hair deeper into her. Sarah reached back and grabbed Ragden by the ass, pulling him against her, trying to get more of him inside her.  

As Emily broke the kiss from Ragden, she felt his heat, strength, love and passion flowing over Sarah and to her. She felt like she stood before a thunderstorm, from which Sarah was only partially blocking her exposure. Emily leaned down and kissed Sarah’s breast, gently pulling the nipple into her mouth and suckling it as she slipped her right hand back from Ragden’s balls and into Sarah’s dripping pussy. She slipped two fingers through Sarah’s wet folds, sliding them up into her. Sarah gasped as Emily gently pushed deeper into her. Emily smiled and kissed Sarah’s other nipple as she felt the pressure of Ragden’s big dick through the wall of Sarah’s vagina. Emily could feel his pulse through Sarah’s walls. She gently pushed against his cock, relishing the small noises the two of them made at the change in pressure. Emily stood up straight, slipping her fingers from inside Sarah. She placed her left hand on Sarah’s cheek and guided her face to her. She kissed her softly, then brought her hand up to Sarah’s lips and moistened them with her fluids.  

“Taste,” Emily said softly. Sarah’s eyes flashed open and she sucked Emily’s fingers into her mouth, greedily sucking hard on them. Emily smiled and started to pull back. Sarah grabbed Emily’s arm and kept her hand in her mouth. When Sarah was sure that Emily would not withdraw her hand, she released Emily’s arm and grabbed her ample bosom. Emily’s eyes closed as Sarah cupped her breasts and thumbed her nipples, then slipped her hand down Emily’s flat stomach and into her groin. Emily moaned softly as Sarah slipped a finger into her.  

Ragden moved his hands up to Sarah’s breasts, cupped them, and pulled her back against his chest. He gently stroked in and out of her ass as he kissed her on the shoulder. Sarah moaned in pleasure. She withdrew her hands from Emily’s wet pussy and clamped them over Ragden’s hands on her chest, squeezing her chest tighter. She relished in the pressure in her chest as his dick filled her ass. She felt his presence filling her body and soul. Her eyes rolled and her mind reeled.  

Ragden looked at Emily and smiled. She met his eyes and leaned against Sarah, pressing her breasts against hers as she kissed Ragden on the lips. Both Sarah and Ragden reached out to Emily, pulling her body against Sarah. Sarah moaned in pleasure, as she felt pressed between the two of them. Ragden’s dick throbbed inside her, and she sucked in air at the feeling of it. Emily broke the kiss and licked her lips, then she turned and thrust her ass into Sarah’s groin. Sarah slapped her ass playfully as Emily rubbed her ass against her. Sarah reached down and slipped her hand between Emily’s ass cheeks, two fingers slipping through her wet folds, while another finger pushed into her asshole. Emily craned her neck and thrust her ass backward into Sarah, sliding her fingers up into her. Emily moaned in pleasure as Sarah fucked both her holes with her hand.  

Emily stood up straight and stepped forward off Sarah’s hand. Sarah giggled playfully, then gasped again as Ragden withdrew and thrust hard up into her again. Sarah staggered forward another step, then thrust her ass back against Ragden’s big dick. Emily took Sarah’s hand and pulled her forward as she opened the shower and stepped in. Sarah giggled as she stepped forward, Ragden’s dick sliding from her ass. She stopped for a moment, halfway through the doorway into the shower and turned and looked at Ragden. His dick throbbed in the air, her fluids running down its length. She saw the hungry look in his eyes and felt the powerful urge to suck that magnificent cock. She started to step towards him when Emily pulled her into the shower.  

Emily stepped into the water and turned her face into the water. She let it cascade through her hair, down her back. She leaned back and let the water run down over her bosom. It ran over her stomach and trickled between her legs. Sarah stood in awe of her beauty, watching the water rinse her; then Emily turned to Sarah and smiled. The spell was broken, and Sarah stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her body against the other woman. Sarah stepped in front of Emily, letting the water hit her in the back and shoulder, washing down over her. She stood there for a moment, enjoying the sensation of the water beating on her skin.  

Sarah closed her eyes and savored the moment; then she felt the ache between her legs, in her ass, and her bowels. She opened her eyes and looked towards where Ragden stood watching them. His dick stood at attention: large, firm, and throbbing in anticipation. She looked at that amazing piece of meat and started drooling. She wanted to taste it and feel it with her tongue. She wanted to feel the pressure in her throat as she deep-throated him and sucked every bit of him down she could. Her ass ached from being penetrated by him. It had hurt so good. Her body quaked and shivered at the memory of it.  

Sarah looked Ragden in the eyes and mouthed the words, “Fuck my ass. Please.”  

Emily watched the play of emotions across Sarah’s face. She giggled to herself, watching Sarah drool as she gazed at Ragden hungrily. When she saw Sarah talking without making any noise, she reached out to Ragden and gestured for him to join them.  

Ragden smiled and stepped towards the shower. Emily leaned back against the wall as she grabbed a bar of soap, built up a lather, and started cleaning herself. As soon as Ragden was within reach, Sarah dropped to her knees in front of him, grasped his cock, and slipped it into her mouth. Ragden moaned in pleasure as she sucked hard on his cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then leaned forward and kissed his groin, his cock going all the way down her throat. Ragden put his hands out to the wall to steady himself as the pleasure consumed him. Sarah grasped his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into her as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.  

Sarah felt his cock throbbing in her throat. This was one thing she could never get enough of. She felt her pussy dripping with her arousal as she continued to bob up and down on his cock. Her body shuddered and the room started to go grey from lack of oxygen. The feeling of him so deep down in her throat, filling her with his manhood, passion and love, was almost more than she could bear. Finally, as she was almost afraid she would black out, she backed off his cock and let it slip from her lips. She collapsed on the floor of the shower, gasping for air. Her body shuddered and quivered in ecstasy. She weakly reached out and grasped his cock, feeling the life and power throbbing in it. She smiled as she tried to catch her breath.  

Ragden and Emily knelt around her, letting the water cascade over them. Ragden took one of her hands in his and gently slipped his other hand under her arm. Emily took her other hand as they lifted her back to her feet. Sarah smiled and giggled as her legs wobbled beneath her.  

“Thanks,” she sighed once she was back on her feet, one hand on the wall to brace herself. Ragden placed a hand on her hip to steady her, while Emily did the same on the other side.  

“Are you okay?” Ragden asked softly. Sarah nodded, feeling her strength return. The concern in Ragden’s voice warmed her heart. She felt his love filling her entire being and she ached to hold him in her arms, to press herself against him. She staggered forward and he caught her. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. Hot tears slipped down her cheeks.  

“Please,” she begged, looking up at him, blinking the tears from her eyes, “Please love me. Love me like the world is dying. Love me like we are the last people in the world.”  

“Of course, my love,” Ragden replied softly.  

Sarah turned to Emily. She reached out to her and pulled her against them. Then she turned back to Ragden and blinked at him.  

“Fill me,” she pleaded softly, her voice cracking as more tears slipped down her cheeks, “Fill my ass with your big dick. Fill my bowels with your seed and your love. Fill us both with everything you have. I never want to be separated from you again. I want to feel you inside me for all time...”  

Ragden leaned into her and kissed her lips, interrupting her. Sarah wrapped her arms around him and pulled herself against him. She pressed every bit of her flesh to his body as she could. She felt the steady, strong beat of his heart against her chest. The rock-hard throbbing of his dick against her abdomen. Then she felt Emily pressing against her back. Emily’s arms circled them. Emily kissed her cheek, brushing the tears away. She felt their love, passion, and their energy surrounding her. Sarah felt cherished and loved. She sighed in pleasure, but it was not enough. She needed something more that she could not explain.  

Emily placed a hand on Ragden’s shoulder. He broke the kiss from Sarah and looked at Emily. Sarah sobbed and buried her face in Ragden’s chest. Emily kissed Ragden softly on the lips. She pulled back and smiled at him, then nodded.  

Emily placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and turned the woman to face her. She moved her hand to her face and cupped her cheek. She leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.  

“Sarah,” Emily said softly, tenderly, “We cannot give you the connection Ragden and I have. It is too dangerous...”  

Sarah sobbed harder, fresh tears streaming down her face. She was crestfallen. She saw the look of love on Emily’s face and saw the other women had more to say. She tried to catch her breath and looked at Emily.  

“There is something else we can give you, though,” Emily smiled tenderly as Sarah looked up into her eyes. The pleading look on Sarah’s face nearly broke Emily’s heart, “You already have a connection to Ragden. We can try to strengthen that. If you would like?”  

Sarah turned to look at Ragden. He nodded to her and kissed her softly on the lips. Their kiss deepened, their lips parting, their tongues dancing. Sarah pulled herself against his body. When they broke, her breath hitched, but she smiled at him. Emily smiled happily, then stepped back to rinse the soap from her body.  

Emily grabbed the shampoo and worked it into her hair. Ragden watched her for a moment, then turned back to Sarah. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. She smiled timidly back, then blushed under his hungry gaze. He kissed her again, softly, then pulled back.  

“We have already started down this path,” he said, “Emily and I have shared some of our energy, love, whatever you want to call it. We felt you coming to the house. You felt the events that took place last night. We can strengthen that. I will need to consult with my father, but I know we can do it.”  

Sarah nodded vigorously. She remembered what that night had felt like; the loss, the agony, the despair. There had been more, though. The way she had felt when she had woken up this morning and the things she had felt as she had gotten closer to the house. She had felt something. It had been faint, but there. She opened her eyes and looked at Ragden. He smiled at her and nodded.  

“Yes,” she said huskily, “Please. I want that... I want that connection. I want to feel you with me always...”  

Ragden kissed her again, interrupting her words. She melted into his embrace. His arms wrapped around her, grasping her by the ass, pulling her body against his. Her legs became weak and her knees trembled. He held her against him easily as her knees bent and her feet came off the ground.  

Emily giggled and slapped Sarah on the ass playfully. Sarah put her feet down and Ragden released her. Sarah looked at Emily and giggled. Emily leaned in and kissed Sarah softly on the lips. Sarah turned to Emily and wrapped her arms around her, pulling their bodies together. Ragden left a hand on Sarah’s hip, wondering if he would need to steady her. As the two girls squeezed against each other, his dick throbbed. He felt Emily’s sexual energy pulse to life. He responded to it. The air in the room became thick with energy.  

As Sarah continued to kiss Emily, thrusting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth, Emily reached around behind her and grasped her ass cheeks firmly. Ragden stepped up to her, his hands on his cock, angling it between her cheeks. Sarah moaned loudly as she broke her lips from Emily’s mouth. Her head turned to the side, to see Ragden stepping up against her. She bent over slightly, leaning into Emily as he put the head of his cock against her asshole.  

“Oh God,” Sarah moaned, “Fuck my ass.”  

Ragden smiled as he pushed the head of his cock against her. Sarah squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the heat and pressure against her tight hole. She tried to relax herself. She wanted him in her so badly she ached. Her heart thundered in her chest. She could feel the fluids dripping from her pussy. Emily held her hands tightly as Sarah took a deep breath, trying to relax her muscles. She pushed her ass back against Ragden as he held her hips and pushed against her. Sarah groaned as the pressure started to cross that border between pleasure and pain.  

Sarah panted as she eased herself forward, away from Ragden. She felt hot tears in her eyes. Her body burned with the desire to feel him in her, but her body had denied her. She looked up at Emily, as the shower rinsed the tears from her face. Emily knelt and kissed her lips softly, tenderly. Sarah basked in the love and compassion she felt coming from her.  

Ragden placed one hand on Sarah’s back, gently caressing the soft skin and reassuring her. With his other hand, he guided the head of his cock into her dripping-wet lips. Sarah gasped and inhaled sharply, as Ragden’s big dick slipped into her wet pussy. Her eyes went wide as she gazed into Emily’s face. Emily smiled and kissed Sarah more passionately as Ragden’s throbbing meat slid deeper into her. Sarah moaned in pleasure as she felt her pussy being stretched open. She felt him throbbing inside her and her body quivered and shuddered at the ecstasy of it.  

Sarah groaned loudly, as Ragden started to withdraw from her. She felt him slipping out, the walls of her pussy collapsing on the space he had occupied. Emily drew back from her, and Sarah looked at her pleadingly. Emily smiled reassuringly and put a finger to Sarah’s lips.  

Ragden slid his dripping wet cock up to Sarah’s ass and slid it around her tight hole. Sarah felt fresh tears trickling from her eyes as she felt his cock teasing her ass. Her body shuddered in anticipation. She looked at Emily, pleading for her help in some way. Emily smiled and kissed her again, softly, her lips parting and her tongue slipping into her mouth. Sarah moaned in pleasure.  

Ragden continued to slide the head of his cock around Sarah’s asshole, gently applying more pressure with each circle he made. Sarah moaned loudly as she felt the pressure increasing against her backside. She took deep breaths, trying to relax herself and calm her frantically beating heart. Emily leaned into Sarah, kissing her shoulder, and reaching down to gently grasp her butt cheeks. Emily pulled on Sarah’s ass, pulling her cheeks apart, spreading her open. Ragden slipped the head of his cock into Sarah’s ass.  

Sarah gasped loudly as she felt Emily release her ass cheeks and lean back from her. She mouthed the words ‘thank you,’ to Emily. Emily smiled back at her and kissed her softly on the lips. Sarah melted into the tenderness of Emily’s lips. The softness of the kiss at sharp contrast to the pressure and heat of Ragden’s big dick slowly sliding deeper into her ass.  

Ragden held Sarah’s hips gently, his fingers kneading her supple skin as he pulled her back against him. His dick continued to gently slide deeper into her. He marveled at how tight she felt around him. Her body quivered and quaked with pleasure. He could feel her pulse pounding against his hands and around his dick.  

Emily broke her kiss with Sarah and looked over Sarah’s shoulder at Ragden. Their eyes met for a moment and Emily smiled beatifically. Ragden felt his heart soar as he witnessed that smile. Emily stood, cupping Sarah’s breasts as she did. Sarah pulled herself upright, feeling the shifting of Ragden’s immensity in her bowels as she did. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was still not fully inside her. As she saw the length of him protruding from her ass, she shivered. Sarah turned back to Emily and cupped her breasts, thumbing her sublime nipples. Emily smiled and closed her eyes.  

Emily turned her focus inward and found that part of herself that was so intimately connected to Ragden. She felt the energy stirring within her, reaching out to him. That bond they shared started to come alive. The energy within her reached out for Ragden, filling every pore of her being. Her skin felt alive, every drop of water a symphony of feeling. She felt the texture of Sarah’s fingertips on her nipples. She squeezed Sarah’s chest, feeling the energy roll down her arms.  

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Ragden watched Emily reach into herself and summon her connection to him. He felt his body responding. The energy within him uncoiled itself and came alive. It filled his abdomen. The warmth of pleasure and love slowly spread out his arms and down his legs. He felt it collecting in his groin, filling his balls. Ragden’s cock throbbed with the intensity of it.  

He partially withdrew his cock from Sarah’s ass, then slowly slid it back in. He felt her body clenching around his thick member, her ass squeezing him tightly. Sarah moaned in pleasure. She felt his cock throbbing inside her. Each pulse of his heart down the length of his cock caused her body to shudder with pleasure. As he slowly stroked in and out of Sarah, he felt the energy building within him.  

Sarah pushed against Emily’s chest, thrusting her ass against Ragden’s groin. She moved counter to his movements, causing his dick to slam into her bowels with more force. He immediately matched her pace, moving with her movements, matching her intensity. She gasped as she felt him match her. Each stroke shook her whole body. Emily pushed against her chest, squeezing her nipples. Sarah panted, trying to catch her breath, feeling her climax building within her. The pressure and pleasure threatened to overwhelm her.  

“Harder!” she gasped as she thrust herself against Ragden. She clenched her teeth, feeling his cock riding up into her bowels with each stroke. It was not enough. She wanted more. She wanted to feel his seed filling her bowels. She felt her body clenching against him, the size of him stretching her out. She felt tears in her eyes from the sheer pleasure of it.  

Sarah opened her eyes and gazed into Emily’s face. Emily smiled and kissed her passionately. Emily felt the intensity of Ragden’s thrusts, shaking Sarah’s body beneath her hands. Through her bond, she could feel the tightness of Sarah’s body clenched around Ragden’s throbbing meat. Emily felt herself responding to that sensation. Her climax was suddenly building, and her need for release started to become more than she could handle.  

Then Emily felt the tickle of energy coursing over her skin. It crawled over her chest and down her arms. She opened her eyes and saw the soft blue sparks trickling along her skin. She looked over and saw the same thing happening on Ragden’s arms and legs. She felt the energy starting to pulse with the intensity of their encroaching orgasms. Emily looked at Ragden’s face and saw that his eyes were starting to glow softly.  

Ragden felt the intensity of the room increasing. He felt the tickle of the sparks of energy crawling up his legs. As they encroached upon his groin, they sank into his flesh, and he felt the pressure in his balls increasing. He thrust harder into Sarah. He squeezed her hips harder, pulling her against him with renewed force. She pushed against Emily, then thrust herself against him harder than before. Ragden felt his cock riding up into her bowels in deep, powerful strokes. Her ass squeezed tightly around his cock. He inhaled sharply and started to move even faster. He felt the energy coiling up in his balls like a spring, winding tighter and tighter. His climax built with each thrust into her.  

Ragden felt the urgency of his climax as it pushed past the point of his control. He thrust like a madman as it suddenly broke loose. He thrust into her one more time, pulling her against him as hard as he could. She pushed back against him, sliding his cock as deep into her bowels as was possible. All three of them climaxed at the same moment. Sarah cried out. Emily gasped. The energy suddenly released from its dams and exploded into Sarah.  

Emily felt the energy that had coiled up within her suddenly coursing down her arms into Sarah’s chest. She moaned loudly as she felt her fluids gushing down her legs. Her knees became weak and she stumbled back against the wall of the shower. She kept her grip on Sarah and used her hips to push herself back into a standing position.  

Ragden felt cum exploding out of him and filling Sarah’s bowels in a torrent. The energy rode over him, flowing from him into Sarah. He felt it riding up his legs, through his abdomen, and pouring into Sarah. She was like an empty vessel that Emily and he poured their energy into.  

Sarah felt the energy coursing into her from two fronts. Her orgasm exploded over her and she clenched her eyes shut as the sensation of it overwhelmed her beyond anything she could believe. Her legs folded underneath her. She would have fallen, but Ragden held her hips in place and Emily’s hands on her chest kept her upright. Her body twitched and thrashed as fluid gushed down her legs. She felt Ragden’s seed filling her bowels and something else filling the core of her being. She felt the energy flowing into her chest from Emily’s hands and riding up into her bowels was more energy from Ragden. The two collided in her core, filling her with passion, life, and love. It swirled within her like a maelstrom, then flowed out to fill every pore of her being. She kept her eyes closed as she felt it riding over and through her.  

Emily leaned against Sarah, pushing her body against Ragden’s. Ragden held Sarah steady as Emily pushed them together. Emily leaned over Sarah’s shoulder and pushed her lips against Ragden’s. Ragden returned her kiss, their lips parting, their tongues intertwining. Ragden felt the energy in him stirring again. It swirled within him and surged up through his chest into Emily’s waiting mouth. He felt her suck it down, gaining strength.  

Emily felt the energy filling her up. She felt her legs become steady, her strength returning rapidly. She stood up straight and wrapped her arms around Sarah, pulling their bodies tightly together. Ragden leaned against Sarah’s back, still holding her hips firmly against his. He kissed Emily again, tenderly and lovingly. As she pulled back and their lips parted, she smiled and licked her lips. She turned to Sarah, who was held up and panting hard, trying to catch her breath. Emily closed her eyes and could sense the swirling maelstrom of power and energy within Sarah. She giggled softly to herself, then caressed Sarah’s face tenderly. Sarah leaned into her hand as Emily kissed her softly on the lips.  

Sarah slowly opened her eyes. She saw Emily looking at her. Sarah still felt the swirling maelstrom within her. She took a deep breath and felt her body still quaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She could still feel Ragden’s throbbing cock in her bowels. It felt like heaven. She had died, and this was heaven. She smiled serenely to herself, savoring all the sensations of her body. She felt so full of passion, love, and the giant dick in her bowels. She put her feet on the ground and felt Ragden’s grip on her hips loosen. Sarah stood on trembling legs but was able to support her weight. She leaned her back against Ragden’s firm chest and felt the beat of his heart against her. She turned her head to the side and kissed her jaw softly.  

“Thanks,” Sarah whispered, her throat still raw from her scream earlier. She giggled to herself, remembering the passion that had created that scream. Ragden slid one hand up along her side, then crept across her chest to gently grasp one breast as he turned into her face and kissed her softly on the lips.  

Sarah moaned in pleasure, feeling his heart beat a little harder against her back. She felt his cock throb inside her and her breath caught in her throat. Everything inside her swirled a little faster at that sensation. She felt her heart racing again. She placed a hand on top of his and took another deep breath, trying to find some sense of calm in all the chaos inside of her. Emily leaned in and gently kissed her cheek. Sarah felt Emily’s breasts brush against hers.  

Emily spoke softly, “We need food.”  

As Sarah heard the words, she felt her stomach rumble loudly. Ragden’s echoed hers. His deep chuckle shook her body. Sarah nodded and turned to look at Emily. Emily smiled sadly and nodded to her.  

“You cannot go downstairs like that... You need to finish cleaning up,” Emily said, a hint of sadness in her voice.  

Sarah took another deep breath and nodded, “I know. I just... I...”  

Emily kissed Sarah on the lips, interrupting her. Emily’s tongue slipped into Sarah’s mouth, and Sarah moaned in response. Emily broke contact and stepped back into the water, letting it cascade over her face and run down her incredible chest, “I know. There will be time for that later.”  

Sarah pouted and took a deep sigh. Ragden slid his hands back down Sarah’s sides to grip her hips gently as he slid himself out of her. Sarah felt every inch of his throbbing cock sliding out of her, and she cried out at the feeling. Her body shook, her legs trembled, and her knees went weak. Sarah’s legs almost folded under her, and she would have fallen if not for Ragden’s strong hands holding her in place. The withdrawal of his cock left her body aching for more. She started to turn to him, but Emily grabbed her arms and pulled her into the water. Sarah staggered forward and leaned heavily against Emily.  

Ragden stood for a moment, watching as Sarah trembled in Emily’s arms, then he stepped up next to them and let the water course over his body. He grabbed a bar of soap and worked up a lather in his hands, then cleaned himself. When he came down to his groin, he worked the soap over his stiff shaft, then rinsed himself clean. As the water rinsed the last of the soap from his body, he looked over at Sarah and Emily and saw them still holding each other. Sarah rested her head on Emily’s shoulder. Emily held her tenderly.  

Sarah felt Ragden’s presence near her. She continued to rest her head on Emily’s shoulder, letting her body calm. She could still feel the energy roiling within her. She longed to feel his touch again but was afraid she would not be able to stop herself if she started. She had so much of him inside her already; she was not sure she could take any more. She wanted it, though. She opened her eyes and watched him clean himself. She saw his stiff cock, the water running down its length. She could feel herself salivating and licked her lips.  

Emily leaned against the wall, cradling Sarah in her arms. She could feel the other woman’s desire rampaging over her. She watched Ragden clean himself and knew she wanted him. Her heart thudded heavily in her chest with her desire. She saw his stiff meat and wanted to put her hands on it, taste it, and slip it deep inside her. She felt her arousal growing. She could feel him as well. Emily could also feel Sarah’s body responding. She could feel the swirling maelstrom within her. Emily closed her eyes and she could sense her energy mixing with Ragden’s inside Sarah. She sensed Sarah on the brink of some change and was not sure what would happen next.  

Emily took a loofah off the shelf on the wall and held it out to Ragden. Sarah watched as Ragden poured body wash onto it, then grabbed another and did the same. Emily and Ragden ran the two loofahs over Sarah’s body, tenderly scrubbing the sweat and dried fluids from her body. Once her back was clean, Emily turned Sarah to the wall so that they could clean her chest and abdomen.  

Sarah leaned against the wall of the shower, letting the water cascade around her as Emily and Ragden gently worked the soap into her skin, kneading the sore muscles and cleaning her, then Emily kneeled before Sarah and kissed her stomach. Her soft lips pressed against her flat stomach as her tongue dipped into Sarah’s navel. Sarah moaned in pleasure as Emily worked her tongue down into her groin.  

Ragden watched for a moment, then sat down on his heels on the floor behind Emily. She turned and looked at him over her shoulder and grinned, then she reached back and spread her ass cheeks as she angled herself over his stiff cock. Ragden pointed his cock into her and she slid herself down on his meat. She inhaled sharply as his cock rode up into her tight pussy. Ragden leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her magnificent breasts as he kissed the back of her ear. She continued to lower herself until his cock pressed firmly against her cervix.  

Emily sighed in pleasure. She felt the throbbing of his cock against her deepest depths and moaned in pleasure. Her lips stretched out around his meat felt so amazing. She felt the walls of her pussy stretch around him, clenching hard on him. She turned to Sarah and leaned into her groin. Emily ran her tongue through Sarah’s folds, up to her clit and sucked softly on her.  

Sarah moaned loudly at the soft touch of Emily’s tongue. Her legs quivered and her thighs twitched in pleasure. She would have fallen if she had not been already leaning against the wall. Emily suckled on Sarah’s tight nub and Sarah grabbed her chest and squeezed it. Sarah’s entire body pulsed with desire. She felt her orgasm rapidly building. It was almost too much to bear after all that she had experienced in so short a time.  

Emily gently raised her hips up and down on Ragden’s groin, sliding along his shaft. She felt his dick hitting her cervix, and the pleasure and pressure built rapidly within her. Ragden gently thrust against her, increasing the intensity of the experience. She wanted him to fill her insides with his seed. She wanted to feel it running down out of her. She could feel his powerful desire for the same, his cock throbbing inside her with need.  

Ragden thumbed Emily’s nipples as he gently thrust against her movements. He could feel her increasing the pace, her heart beating hard beneath his hands. His pulse increased to match hers. His thrust became more insistent. The impact inside her started to cause her breasts to rock with each impact. All the while, Emily slipped her tongue along Sarah’s silky folds. Sarah moaned, clutching at her chest, her body twitching as Emily slipped a finger up Sarah’s ass, another into her pussy. Sarah cried out at the sudden invasion; her voice hoarse. Emily stroked her fingers in and out of Sarah’s holes as she continued to lick and suck Sarah’s clitoris.  

Emily felt her climax rapidly approaching, her body starting to vibrate with the need for release. She continued to stroke her fingers in Sarah, matching the pace of her own heart, lifting her hips faster. She flicked her tongue across Sarah’s clitoris, then sucked it hard into her mouth, grazing it with her teeth. Sarah cried out again as fluid burst from pussy, flooding down over Emily’s hand. Emily latched her mouth into Sarah’s mound, her tongue lapping at the copious fluids pouring out of her. Sarah could taste the unmistakable flavor of Ragden’s seed still flowing out of Sarah. A shiver of ecstasy ran down Emily’s back as she sat down hard on Ragden’s cock and ground her hips against his groin. His cock slammed into her cervix, and she felt him explode inside her. His sudden, sharp exhalation against her back. He pulled her hard against his chest, and she leaned back into him, feeling his body shuddering inside her.  

Emily groaned, feeling unsatisfied by her climax. Her pulse still raced, her pussy clenched and released on Ragden’s thick cock. She continued to grind herself against him, savoring the feel of his throbbing ejaculation inside her. She could tell his shaft was still rock-hard inside her and knew she could get more from him if she just gave him a moment to recover.  

Ragden kissed the back of Emily’s neck. His body shuddered as cum continued to pulse out of him into her. He had finished too quickly and knew she wanted more. His cock throbbed inside her. He squeezed her chest and felt her desire still building.  

Emily placed her hands on the floor between her legs and slowly raised herself off Ragden. She bent over, his ass in his face, and looked down at his cock. She watched as a small trickle of cum slipped from the tip. He was still rock-hard. Ragden leaned forward and kissed her mound, slipping his tongue between her lips. He tasted his seed and her sweet nectar, then leaned his head back and slipped his tongue across her asshole. Emily gasped and quickly lowered herself down against him, her ass pressing into his groin. His cock slipped between her cheeks as the tip pressed against her back.  

Emily groaned, then reached between her legs and firmly grasped his cock. She raised herself and placed the tip of his cock against her asshole. She pressed herself down onto him, feeling the tip of his cock start to slide into her. Emily moaned loudly as she felt her ass stretching around the immensity of his cock.  

Ragden took deep breaths, trying to steady himself as his big dick slipped into Emily’s ass. She was so incredibly tight. The muscles of her anus squeezed so hard on his shaft that he almost exploded again. He continued to take deep breaths, straining every muscle he could to stave off another climax. He felt his eyes getting wider as she continued to press herself down onto him. He squeezed his eyes shut as her body clenched so tightly around him, then opened them as her ass finally pressed against his groin.  

Emily moaned loudly as she felt his cock throbbing in her bowels. It felt so amazing to have him so deep inside her. Every inch of him squeezed into her tight hole. She felt a shiver of ecstasy run down her back. Her legs spasmed in pleasure. She looked at Sarah and saw a twinge of jealousy pass over her face. Sarah sank to her knees on the floor. She leaned forward and kissed Emily on the lips, softly, tenderly.  

Sarah saw the stark desire on Emily’s face and understood how badly she wanted what she had right now. Sarah could not help but feel a little jealous. She wanted that big dick back up her ass too. Seeing how much pleasure it gave Emily, though, made her feel good. She loved that they could share this, and Ragden was perfectly capable of giving them both as much as they wanted. Sarah leaned back against the wall, enjoying the water that rained down on her as she watched Emily grind herself into Ragden’s lap, riding that big dick in her ass.  

Emily’s legs shook as she sat her knees down on the hard tile floor of the shower. Ragden waited until Emily raised herself just a hair, a fraction of that big dick sliding from her, before thrusting against her. His groin pressed hard against her ass, his cock going deep into her. Emily’s head rocked back, a soft cry on her lips.  

“Oh yes!” Emily said while she raised and Ragden lowered his groin, then they slammed their bodies together again. Emily exhaled sharply at the impact while Ragden grunted softly. Sarah smiled as she cupped one breast and slipped a hand down between her legs, a finger dipping into her wet folds. She loved watching them and felt her arousal growing.  

Ragden placed his hands on Emily’s waist as they pulled apart again. When they slammed back together, he pulled her against him, increasing the pressure and slamming his dick deeper into her. Emily moaned in pleasure, feeling him going so deep into her. She felt his presence deep inside her body and the energy and love in her soul pulsed with joy and ecstasy. Their pace increased, their hips rocking apart and slamming together. Sarah lay against the wall, watching as Ragden and Emily fucked like the two horny young adults they were.  

Ragden’s breath was ragged as he matched Emily’s desperate pace. Her breasts rocked and her thighs vibrated with each incredible impact. Sweat flowed over their bodies, mixing with the water cascading down around them. Emily’s mind reeled at the incredible sensation of Ragden filling her bowels. She continued to thrust herself against him with renewed vigor, driving her hips into his, feeling the impact of his hips against her ass. His dick drove deep into her. She had watched him love Sarah, filling her bowels with his seed; now it was her turn, and she relished every moment of it. She felt her climax swiftly approaching, that pressure building up deep within her. The need for release started to overwhelm her. She could sense it swelling within Ragden as well. Distantly, she felt the same thing happening to Sarah.  

Emily looked at Sarah as she continued to drive her hips into Ragden again and again. Sarah lay against the wall, her mouth slightly agape, her fingers working her clit feverishly as her legs twitched. Emily smiled to herself, then gasped at the next impact against her. As Ragden’s dick withdrew and slammed into her again. Her mind shifted back to the amazing sensations in her own body. Her eyes rolled shut as she felt the energy within her burst into life. She felt the sudden electrical charge filling her and pulsing in her womb. Each stroke of Ragden’s dick into her caused that energy to ratch up another notch.  

Ragden felt the growing pressure within him. The energy made his balls feel swollen. He felt the sparks of energy collecting inside him. His orgasm swelled, causing him to clench up. He thrust into Emily hard; then, as he drew back for another thrust, he felt the dam break loose. He cried out as he pulled her against him one more time and thrust into her. His balls cut loose, and cum exploded into her. He felt the energy explode out of him, filling her with everything he had to give.  

Emily cried out as she felt him cum in her bowels. His sticky seed filled her. His energy exploded into her. Her orgasm erupted like a volcano, sending fluid and energy out of her pussy. The energy crashed into Ragden’s balls, causing him to jerk, pull back, and thrust into her again, another burst of cum exploding up her ass.  

Ragden sat down heavily on his heels and leaned back until he lay on the floor. Emily twitched and spasmed as fluid continued to leak out of her pussy. Her cum mixed with the water from the shower and swirled down the drain. Sarah watched, his body spasming with her orgasm, fluid leaking from her drenched pussy. She withdrew her fingers and licked them clean. She watched as Emily sat on Ragden’s groin, her body shaking with her orgasm, his dick still deep in her ass.  

Sarah crawled forward and kissed Emily on the lips. Emily moaned softly and kissed her back, then Sarah put a gentle hand on Emily’s chest and pushed her back. Emily groaned loudly, then lifted herself off Ragden’s cock. As it slipped from her ass, Emily moaned loudly again, as a stream of fluid leaked out of her. Emily crawled over to Ragden and kissed his lips as he lay on the floor. Sarah bent down over Ragden’s waist, grasped his cock tenderly and slipped it into her mouth.  

Ragden moaned loudly as she sucked it down her throat. She could taste the nectar of Emily’s orgasm and the cum still leaking out. She pumped his cock, drawing out more and quickly swallowed it. She pushed her head down into his groin, her nose touching his abdomen as she took his entire cock down her throat. She gagged softly, then bobbed twice on it, drawing out everything she could, then she slid it from her mouth and licked her lips. She was shocked at how incredibly delicious he tasted. The flavor of Emily mixed with his thick musk. She smiled wickedly, then crawled over him and kissed him on the lips.  

Ragden smiled as Sarah broke from his lips. Sarah saw that smile and felt genuinely loved. Her heart fluttered in her chest. She laid her head down on his chest and listened to his heart beating. Ragden laughed softly as his stomach grumbled. Both women both giggled. Ragden sat up slowly. Emily and Sarah sat around him, enjoying being in his presence and the hot water of the shower. Ragden gently pulled himself to his feet, then helped both women stand around him.  

He reached for the soap again and they took turns lathering each other up and rinsing off. Next, they shampooed each other’s hair and then rinsed. When they were done, Ragden turned off the water, opened the door and grabbed the towels. He handed one to Emily, then Sarah and took the last for himself. The three toweled off without saying a word, then stepped from the shower and hung up their wet towels.  

They stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the mirror, admiring each other, then pulled out brushes and took turns brushing each other’s hair. When they finished, Ragden fetched the robes and helped each woman into one. He stood naked between them for a moment, enjoying their presence, then shouldered his way into his robe. The women giggled softly as he tied his robe shut. Emily pouted for a moment as Sarah bit her lip, watching.  

Ragden’s stomach rumbled again as he pulled open the door and held it for them, then the three of them headed down for dinner.

Written by Ragdenwrites
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