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4 - More Joy Than I Can Handle

"True story of growing confidence"

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Joy and I woke up on a cold Sunday morning after we had enjoyed the hottest Saturday night! I had to escort her downstairs to my luxurious (!) bathroom and, immediately, I was worried that my living conditions might be a deal breaker! I returned to my room and left her to her morning routine.

I was still lost in thought about how I could keep this girl in my life whilst living in this dingy bedsit when she returned to the room. She stood in the doorway, looking a little more fresh than when we woke up. When I had taken her downstairs, I'd given her a t-shirt to wear and now she looked lost inside it! I had come back to bed and she came over to me, took off the t-shirt and climbed in beside me.

My cock was already hard just looking at her and now she was in my arms again, I could feel it getting even harder. We snuggled down and kissed, at first, just a peck on the lips, but straightaway, tongues got involved and hands joined in. Her skin was so soft and her figure was gorgeous. I just had to kiss her face, her lips, her neck and moved down to fondle her breasts, sucking on her nipples.

She was running her hands all over my back as I was worshipping her body and I began to kiss under her breasts and down her tummy. She giggled as I put my tongue into her bellybutton, wiggling it around and turning her giggles into a hearty laugh. I made my way towards her pussy and removed her panties. Staring me in the face was the tangle of her dark pubic hair. I had never licked a pussy before but, after raining kisses all over her, it just seemed the most natural thing to do.

I paused to take in the aroma of her and I could feel the tension in her tummy as she anticipated my next move. I rummaged around her pubic hair for a minute, just to rub the whole area of her pussy. Her hands were now on my head, easing me down to her opening. She was a little fleshy around her slit, so much that I leaned in and took a piece of that flesh between my teeth to nibble and suck for a moment. She quivered as I did but then I moved to her slit and ran my tongue along the folds. She had such a huge intake of breath that I thought I had hurt her, but this was followed by a "mmmm ..." as I licked back and forth along her pussy. I found her little button and sucked on it, licking it with a flicking motion.

She was writhing around as I continued licking her. And then, she said, "turn around for me," so I did. As I turned, I was licking her pussy from the other way around and she took my rock-hard cock into her mouth! Oh my God! Would I be able to control myself?

I continued to lick Joy's pussy back and forth, all the way from her clitoris to her perineum (just short of her asshole - I'd never done that before!). She was sucking me and licking my balls with total abandon. I felt myself twitching but, just as I thought I was cumming, Joy eased off. She was still writhing away underneath me but there was a shift in our balance and, suddenly, we were still in the 69, but lying on our sides.

It was so relaxing to not have the strain on my elbows and knees and our rhythm was settled but our lust was still intense. We were cuddling each other, Joy had her arms around my hips and my arms were cuddling hers. Oh, what a beautiful position to be in, totally relaxed with our sex in each other's mouths. We lay there, just licking and sucking, without driving each other's lusty desires.

Then, suddenly, the pace picked up, our rhythm got faster and Joy's breathing began to get heavy. I knew what was coming next - both of us, together, hopefully! Her fingertips were holding my cock in that technique she had, which really got me excited. Meanwhile, my fingertips were exploring her pussy as I continued to lick her slit. I plunged two fingers into her up to the knuckle and that really raised our passion. She licked and sucked my balls and took my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I licked her pussy front to back, plunging my fingers in to feel her wetness.

All of a sudden, her body convulsed as she released a torrent of her juices onto my tongue. Beautiful! At that point, I lost total control and let my cum shoot into her mouth, pumping away at least five times with a few smaller pumps of liquid as I was finishing off. PHEW!! WOW!!

We lay together for ages, in our sideways 69 position, my cock becoming limp in her mouth and my hand rubbing her juices over her asshole — her pussy was much too sensitive for even my tongue; she giggled and squirmed away.

I just could not believe how beautiful our lovemaking had been. After my stuttering start with Christina, I thought that my night with Lisbet was the ultimate. But this night and morning that I had made love with Joy was so overwhelming that I didn't want it to end.

But end it must and Joy had to go back home to Blackpool. So, we finally got out of bed, got washed and dressed and set off for the tube station to get back to the mainline station at King's Cross. We arrived at the door of her aunt's B&B and we hugged and kissed, although I felt that Joy felt a little awkward as we were saying our goodbyes. Of course, we had already exchanged addresses and we promised to write to each other and I did mention that it was my birthday the following weekend.

Joy said, "I'll try to come down if I'm not working. I so loved last night. I hope we can see each other again very soon."

"I hope so too. You are so lovely and last night and this morning have been brilliant!" I replied, as we had a final hug. "And remember, it's my birthday!" I called back as I walked away.

I was feeling very deflated on the tube ride back home and I'd already started to compose my first letter to Joy in my head by the time I'd got to my bedsit via a visit to my local burger bar.


So the letter was written and posted and I awaited her reply. Back to work on Monday and my life settled down into a job in which I had no interest. Work, home, work, home, then the weekend came around again — my 19th birthday! On Friday, I went down to my favourite disco pub, met up with the regulars and had a chat with Mike, telling him about the previous weekend with the girl with the glasses.

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"Oh yeah! How did it go?" In between people asking for record requests, I told him enough, but not too much in detail.

"Did you say she was staying at her aunt's B&B?"

"Yes, just across the way from the station." An odd look came across his face but it didn't really register with me why and I continued to tell him about plans to meet Joy for my birthday this weekend.

"Well, you gotta be here for your birthday. We'll make sure you have a great night!" he said enthusiastically.


Friday had been a pretty good night but I was behaving myself, saving myself for Joy coming down from Blackpool the next day.

On Saturday morning, I got the long-awaited letter from Joy in the post. The first thing that I noticed was the neat and clear handwriting on the envelope, which I ripped open to get to the letter. Oh no! I wasn't going to see her this weekend as she had to work, but she would be coming down next weekend. So, no birthday treat for me. But, in her writing, there were lots of loving expressions, saying how much she had missed me and she was looking forward to seeing me and even a love poem! How sweet! Ah, well, another week to wait.

My birthday weekend went OK, as promised by Mike, with plenty of drinks, some new tunes and lots of dancing! I told Mike that Joy wasn't coming down and he said, "That's a shame!" Again, I noticed an odd look on his face as we were talking and, again, it didn't register with me at the time.

During the week, there was a televised football match showing at the pub and, as I didn't have a TV in my bedsit, on Wednesday evening, I made my way down there. I found myself a place at the bar, got a beer and settled in to watch the football match.

I'd been sitting at the bar for about half an hour when the door opened and in walked a guy of about forty years old and, on his arm, there was Joy! I thought that she hadn't seen me as she and her companion settled into seats at a table. So, when he went to the bar to get drinks, I went to the table to find out what was happening.

"Hello, Joy," I said, calmly. She was a little taken aback but then she started to try and explain why she hadn't seen me the previous weekend. Her words were delivered in a stuttering fashion, as if she was making up things, such as her work and other reasons why she hadn't seen me last weekend and, of course, why she was here, miles from Blackpool, in the middle of the week.

Before she'd finished, her companion returned with drinks, saying, "Here you are, Carol." Carol?

"So, what's going on, Joy? I thought you were coming down last weekend. You even sent me a letter! So what is happening with you and me?" Her companion piped up.

"Hang on, what's the problem? What's he talking about? Who are you? My missus don't need this hassle," and he pushed me away. I went back to their table and confronted Joy. She stayed silent, not even looking at me. OK, I knew where I wasn't wanted and I'm not one for confrontation, so I just walked away and left the pub. On a cold Wednesday night, just four days after my birthday, I was alone on a busy London street. My life, as I'd known it for the previous ten days, had been torn apart!

After the loving words in the letter, I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe what was happening. I had thought that Joy could have been a proper girlfriend, especially after how we had spent that wonderful weekend. I started to think about what could've gone wrong. Surely not our physical connection? Was it my grotty bedsit with the outside toilet?

Hang on! He called her Carol. Really? What? I walked back to the pub to confront Joy. Or Carol. Or whoever she was! But she had gone, maybe to the other bar? So I went through to the other bar, but she wasn't there either. They had probably left by the other entrance to the pub. I ran out into the street but couldn't see them. Bloody hell! What a kicker!

Mike had turned up at the pub to set up his DJ booth and was surprised to see me there on a Wednesday evening. So I gave him a short rundown on what had happened.

"Oh, man, I'm so sorry. You really liked her, yeah?"

"Yes, I did. Just my luck with women, find a great girl and it blows out!"

"Can I tell you something?" He paused. "When you said that her aunt had a B&B near the station, I did wonder if she was genuine."

"What do you mean?" And what Mike told me really blew my naïve mind.

"The hotels in that square, some of them are a front for prostitution. Girls come down from up north and spend the weekend making lots of money, you know what I mean. It's more money than they would make in their home town and, because they're in London, they don't get a reputation as a slut at home." I was stunned, open-mouthed. I didn't know what to say, how to deal with this knowledge.

Finally, I said, "But, I'm sure she was genuine. I mean, I haven't got any money to pay her and she even sent me a love letter when she got back home!" And then I remembered the odd look that came across Mike's face when I'd told him where Joy's aunt had her B&B hotel.

"Sorry to tell you, mate..." I knew that I was a little wet behind the ears, I had only just turned 19 and I thought that life and love were that simple. Meet a girl, spend a wonderful night together and live happily ever after! Oh my God, what a fool! What an idiot!

I wrote to Joy again to try and get some sort of explanation of the events of the previous week, but, of course, I never got a reply. I continued to go to the pub. It was MY place. I had made loads of friends there and, of course, I had a good friend in Mike the DJ. And, I never saw Joy in the pub ever again ...


Then, a few weeks later, I got a letter from Helka ...

Written by VeeJay45
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