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Outdoor sex Stories

outdoor sex

Jack And Cynthia - Chapter 2 - Changes

Cynthia starts to enjoy the "benefits" of her new role

The next morning, I got up before Cynthia. Perfect. I snuck into the hall bathroom and freshened up. I’ll shave later. I pressed the button on the coffee maker and got out a box of breakfast cookies we usually have on Sunday. So what, today is Saturday an...

Walk Of Shame

Stella tangles with a cheating husband, a barista, some fisherman, their sister and a policeman.

She devoured his cock, it was the fifth cock to enter her, one way or another in the last twenty-four hours. It wasn’t what she expected when she went out last night. The evening before was a warm night in the Valley Lounge. Justin was on his way home but...

Caught In The Park

A quick story about a quickie at the local park for two horny eighteen year olds.

We just wanted a place to be alone. It was a Saturday night in the middle of summer. The weather was nice, so we just drove around. We talked about a hotel room, but that would cost money. I knew of a few parking lots that offered some privacy, but for on...

A Rainy Day

Have you gone on a picnic in a rainy day?

"I know a place which is best for a picnic, trust me," I said, grabbing the lunch I had made and stuffed it in a medium-sized grocery bag at home. "Are you sure the church won’t mind us using their parking lot?" John asked as he glanced toward the church-...

Pursuing Every Loving Moment

Dissolute pleasures are pursued by some mebers of a family.

The Gauthier family were having fun on their summer holiday, the days away from their home in Limoges exceeding their expectations, even those of their daughter Natalie and son Dion. The girl was into her nineteenth year and Dion getting on for eighteen....

Jamie Finally Gets It - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 6

Jamie figures it out and gives Chloe another form of pleasure she wants so badly

Jamie didn’t sleep well but thought he had his thoughts sorted out and had even decided how he would present them to Chloe, but it meant holding back for a while longer, which might be difficult. He got up before Chloe, pretty much at first light, and res...

It's Mine - Chapter 5 - A Good Day

Collin and Beth meet with the Reverand, then enjoy a dip in the creek

The next morning, I brought our coffee into the bedroom. The look on Beth’s face was a contented woman. She looked happy and peaceful. I have never seen a glow on her face like this before. “Good morning, Baby. I brought our coffee,” I smiled as I handed...

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Steamy Shores

Is having sex on the beach really as great as it sounds, or just an overrated fantasy waiting to clash with reality?

Sir promised me a reward after I showed off my naked breasts and spank marks on my buttocks in front of the entire beach while wearing only thongs. "But first, I'm going to finish putting on the sunscreen," he said as he sat up, looking down at me lying o...

Tropical Training - Chapter 6

Day 7 & 8 - Iris finds another gangbang and forces Cody to participate.

The warm, golden light of Friday morning beckoned Iris and Cody back to the beach after a satisfying breakfast. They reclined on their lounge chairs, soaking up the sunshine and occasionally cooling off with a refreshing dip in the ocean. Iris took two le...

Two Mothers And Two Daughters, Sexuality, Discipline And Perversity

My great friend and I cane each other to resolve her inner turmoil, and I repair her mother-daughter relationship

My name is Kim and I’m a nineteen-year-old girl studying at a university in the UK. About six months ago, whilst still at home before starting college, I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience with my friend Sophie and her mother, Jean, who has been my mothe...

Seduction & Submission

A man seduces a woman and gets her to submit to someone else

“Yes” "Please." That’s all she was able to say, but I wanted more from her. I wanted to own her. I wanted Debbie to completely submit to me. So there were only Debbie and me My tongue was moving on her clit and she was responding. I could tell she was get...

A Handy Christmas Surprise

Bella's dissatisfaction with her Christmas in Cape Town leads to a fling with the handyman.

Sunday, December 21 Bella trudged into the house in a sour mood. Unlike the neighbourhood she left behind in Toronto, their Christmas in Cape Town lacked all the usual atmosphere and spirit she loved about the season. No snow, fewer decorations, and not b...

An Outdoor Savaging

Emma refuses Sam's advances, then pays for it dearly in the night air...

"Anything you want," you say confidently to me. "Are you afraid I can't handle it?" you finish. It was late, the sun was down, and the air was still warm. Your first beer in a few weeks was having some fantastic effects on your libido as you sat on the de...

One of the Wildfolk

A wild Winter Solstice in the woods transforms a young woman

Alissa MacDougall pulled her Ford Transit camper off the main road into a gravel patch in the woods. It looked like an abandoned driveway or side road. It was hardly a perfect spot, but the time was past nine and she still had almost three hours to the ne...