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Author's Notes

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Joan woke up late in the morning, and both Jake and her husband cuddled in close to her fucked body, one on each side. She heard a knock on the door. Jake jumped up naked, his jewels and penis hanging down with his tight butt showing, as he answered the door. It was Jim, and he had our breakfast on a large cart.

Jim said, "Good morning. I thought you might need a good breakfast. You both look like you could use some nourishment. Joan, did you have an exciting day yesterday? I have some ideas for you tonight, Joan. I think you will be pleased. There is a dinner dance tonight at the Tiki Club, with a make-out room. I suggest you wear your most provocative outfit. I know you will enjoy this event, as it will allow you to show and enjoy total seduction!"

Joan stood naked, not covering her body, in a room full of men as she smiled an approving smile, "That sounds great. I can't wait to dress in my most sexy outfit, showing my sexy body to all the other guests and watching their reactions. I love to tease and please both men and women."

The two employees left the room, telling Joan, "They would see her at the Dinner Dance tonight." Warren showered and headed over to the pool, looking to take in the views of the scantly clad women as he relaxed in a lounger and drank his rum runner. There were a lot of hot sights to see, and he was getting fully primed for this evening's adventures with Joan. Warren's arousal was very conspicuous to other guests at the pool. This did not bother him as he stood up and stretched often, giving everyone a good view of his excitement.

Joan showered and did her hair. She was getting excited just thinking of the possibilities of the coming evening. She could picture the lust-filled men and women watching her, wanting this hot woman, taking her sexually to do some unimaginable naughty things to her. Joan was getting very aroused, picturing herself being controlled by these lust-filled guests.

Joan had finished doing her long blond. She had picked out a short, white silk dress showing every curve of her body, with a long V-neck opening, exposing her breasts with no bra. The dress was backless, all the way down to her beautiful ass. The hem was only inches below her hot pantyless pussy. She had on her fishnet thigh-high nylon stockings, which ended at the hemline of her dress, along with spike red heels.

She had chosen sparkling, expensive-looking long earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. What Joan saw in the full-length mirror, was a heart-stopping seductive woman.

Warren came back from the pool. When he entered the room, the first thing he saw was his beautiful wife. He could not keep his thoughts to himself, "God, you are beautiful; so fucking sexy and hot! I am not sure you will be coming home with me tonight. I will be ready in a few minutes to escort my sexy wife to tonight's exciting evening of dining, dancing, and the seduction game by my beautiful wife."

Jim met us as we entered the Tiki club, which was full of exciting and beautiful people. He gave Joan a passionate hug and kiss. He exclaimed, "Joan, you are so beautiful and sexy. Enjoy your night to the fullest. Everyone will want to be close to you, touch you, and smell your hot body, all wanting to take you home with them. You are going to experience your ultimate goals in seduction and sexual satisfaction tonight. I have the perfect table reserved for you two, right in the center of the room, with three other fun-loving couples. Follow me."

The three couples got up and greeted us with big hugs and kisses. They complimented Joan on her outfit, making suggestive remarks about how much attention she would attract during the evening. They shared their desires to have a wonderful evening, as they were looking to experience some teasing and pleasing themselves. Jim helped us get seated and brought our favorite drinks while we got to know the other couples at the table.

The couples were warm and friendly. They focused a lot on Joan, asking her some suggestive personal questions. Joan responded to all their questions and even asked them some eye-opening questions. Everyone was getting to know each other well, including their lifestyles, interests, and sexual preferences.

By the time the food had arrived, Joan and Warren were comfortable with all the couples at the table. Everyone was making naughty Jokes and sharing some of their past experiences. The conversations were hot and took the couples deep into their sexual preferences. The food almost became irrelevant as the conversation became more descriptive and erotic.

Joan proceeded to tell everyone at the table about her sunscreen message at the pool and how Jim had brought her to a delightful orgasm in front of all the other guests around the pool. Everyone listened with keen interest to her every word. Everyone had a story, and the erotic lust grew strong inside all of them with each story told.

One of the men at the table asked Joan to dance. She readily agreed as he pulled back her chair. The gentleman took her hand and lifted her close to his body. Joan did not pull away as they started to dance a slow, close dance in front of everyone. His hands slid down her bare back, touching her bare skin as his fingers touched her cheeky ass. Joan had put her hands around his neck, with her body draped on her dancing partner. The couples at their table were cheering them on as they danced erotically around the floor.

Joan was feeling aroused. The sexual lust had grown in Joan's body as the dance continued, knowing that all eyes were on this hot couple dancing seductively in front of everyone. The other couples watched as Joan pulled her hand from the gentleman's neck and slid it between her pussy and his hard cock. They saw her rubbing, exciting her partner's manhood. Joan felt her partner's hands slide down the back of her dress as he caressed her smooth ass cheeks while sliding her dress up, exposing her bare ass. The room was filled with cheering and whistles as they danced.

Joan came back to the table, breathing very heavily. It was obvious to everyone at the table that the gentleman's cock and balls had been messaged into a ready to fuck state. Joan's dress was pushed up and messy, definitely violated by her partner while they had been dancing. Everyone at the table was envious of Joan and her partner and their dance of seductively teasing, both them and all who watched.

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Joan had no sooner sat down when another man at the table asked her to dance. She had just caught her breath and was cooling down with a cool drink, but she agreed to the dance. Several couples were getting up to dance as well, exchanging partners.

Joan was immediately pulled in tight to her partner's body as they started to dance, his hands caressing her bare back. Joan could smell the heat of his body as she slid her hands around his neck. Her heart was already pounding with erotic lust as they danced around the room. Joan felt her dress pulling up as his hands caressed her body wantonly. Joan rubbed her face into his chest as a low-grown escaped her lips.

Joan could feel his swollen cock against her body. She so wanted to stop dancing and go down and taste his hard cock, right there on the dance floor. Joan was oblivious to the other dancers and couples watching and cheering them from their tables.

When the song ended, they all returned to the table. Joan spoke, "Let's all go to the love shack. I know you are all erotically excited. Let's act on our thoughts and feelings and have a group-loving. I know I am ready and willing to get royally fucked by all of you. We all came here to enjoy all of the joys of extreme sex, so let's all enjoy each other to the fullest."

And with that statement, Joan stood up and peeled off her white silk dress, her body completely exposed to everyone. She grabbed several women's hands and headed towards the love shack. There was no discussion as everyone followed the women into the room, clothes falling from their bodies. Men and women were hooking up with partners other than their own.

Joan felt strong hands around her waist, pulling her back into an aggressive man. She recognized the smell of his lust-filled body as she had just erotically danced with the man. He spun her around, putting his lips to hers in a very passionate, tongue-filled kiss. Joan's hands searched for his swollen cock she had wanted so much on the dance floor. She slid down his hairy chest until her hands and lips found the treasure she was seeking. Rubbing his drooling cock on her face and lips before sliding his cock deep into her mouth.

Joan could feel someone caressing her ass, pushing her forward onto her hands and knees, his cock still deep in her throat as the man sat on the edge of the bed. His hands pushed her head deeper as he fucked her face. Joan always loved the physical part of a good fucking. She could feel a wet tongue licking her from ass to cunt, and sucking on her swollen clit.

She moaned out with extreme pleasure around the swollen cock, wanting to taste and feel his warm seed deep in her mouth. Her hands caressed his large balls. With a roar, he blew his load deep into her throat as he continued to fuck her face, the cum dripping from her lips. He pulled his cock from her lips, still leaking seed all over her face.

Joan heard her husband's familiar loud bear groan. She knew he was filling someone's cunt or ass with his cum. Joan could hear the animalistic sounds coming from the other couples, making passionate love in the room. Grunts, groans, and dirty words describe their pleasure as they fucked and were fucked. Even women on women could be heard and seen going down on each other. All of which made Joan super horny and needing a good fuck.

Joan felt a cock sliding along her cunt lips which made her scream, "Fuck this horny bitch, take me and use me at your fucking pleasure, fuck my cunt and ass. I am a bad girl, so treat me like a dirty slut." She groaned with pleasure as she felt every rib of the man's hard cock, as he penetrated her cunt, balls deep. "Oh Fuck, harder, deeper, slap my white ass." A loud smack followed Joan's begging and then another.

Joan smelled a fucked cunt near her face as she opened her eyes while she was getting fucked hard in her cunt, and was greeted with a cunt drooling white cum, in front of her. The woman grabbed Joan's head, forcing her face deep into the woman's fucked cunt. Joan tongued, licked, and sucked with heated passion, the fucked cunt her face was buried in. The woman cried out as she came all over Joan's face.

The man fucking Joan's cunt, pulled his wet slippery cock from her cunt, then shoved his big cock deep into her dirty ass while continuing to paddle her now red ass. Joan was going into orgasmic bliss, not knowing or caring who or how many fucked her. She screamed out, "Fuck this horny slut. I want every one of you to use and abuse this fucking bitch. I love the taste and smell of fucked cocks and cunts, so make me suck yours clean." With those words, Joan orgasmed in heated lust, pissing and squirting her cunt juices everywhere.

The fucking went on for hours. Joan finally came down from erotic bliss and found herself alone, covered in cum and piss, in the love shack. Warren was not even there. She staggered onto her nylon-covered feet, looking for her dress. The music was gone, no one was around at the Tiki club, she was alone.

Joan heard a noise behind her and turned quickly, finding Jim holding her white silk dress. "Can I help you put this on, my lady? You look like you have enjoyed the evening rather well." Joan nodded yes as he slipped the dress on her fucked body. He took Joan by the arm and led her back to her room at the resort. He hugged and kissed Joan's fucked body and said goodnight as he unlocked the door for her.

Joan entered the room looking for Warren. All she could see was a large pile on the bed. She went closer and found Warren and a woman curled together in her bed. Joan pulled off her dress from her fucked body and crawled in between them. She fell asleep in minutes lying between the cum smelling fucked couple.

When she awoke, she was in bed alone, the sheets stained with love juices. She heard the shower running. She decided she would take a pee and find out who was in the shower. It was Warren, and he was alone. She entered the shower, and her husband pulled her close. They kissed passionately as her warm piss ran down their legs. Warren told Joan he loved her as they held each other tight.

Joan was still in a daze as they walked to the pool to relax, enjoy the sun, and have some drinks. Neither person talked about the night before as they lay there, taking in the view.

Written by warren1946
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