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Seductive dressing Stories

seductive dressing

Transforming Genevieve Chapter Six Part One

While avoiding Dick, Gen hooks up with Marsha and her BF Peter

I woke with the realization that even a night's sleep didn't cure the ugly feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. Dick and I had shared an incredible physical experience. Sex with him was spectacular. But I'd allowed him to become attached to me emotiona...

Joan woke up late in the morning, and both Jake and her husband cuddled in close to her fucked body, one on each side. She heard a knock on the door. Jake jumped up naked, his jewels and penis hanging down with his tight butt showing, as he answered the d...

Transforming Genevieve Chapter Three

Gen returns to Boston and unveils her new look.

I woke Monday with an entirely new attitude about my life at Regis. I looked forward to revealing the transformed Genevieve to everyone who hadn't taken the time to notice me before. I planned on spending the next few evenings shopping for an entirely new...

Caught By My Neighbor: A Crossdressing Adventure

An innocent young crossdresser gets discovered by an understanding neighbor

It all started innocently enough when I stumbled upon a box of my mother's old clothes in the garage. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try a few things on. As soon as I put on a silky nightgown and a pair of lacy panties, I was hooked. The...

Joan Gets A Promotion With Benefits-Chapter-Six

Joan Uses All Her Talents At The Company's Home Show

Joan came into work early on Monday after seducing the framing crew into getting gang fucked on the job last Friday. Hank is already at his desk and asks her how everything went on Friday with the crew. I told him, "It all went well. The men liked the ide...