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A Shared Prize

A college student indulges her attraction to four much older men.

I had a thing for older men. As a twenty-one-year-old college student, I was well aware of how many girls my age had daddy issues, but I wasn't attracted to men my father's age. No, I longed for men old enough to be my grandfather. While my friends gushed...

Joan's Sexual Needs Take Over Her Lust Filled Body-Part One

Joan Attends A Boat Show Wanting Extreme Sexual Satisfaction

Warren found Joan sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, her hand buried deep between her thighs, as she browsed her phone. He leaned down to kiss his wife and was surprised as she reached up and pulled his lips to hers in a passionate embrace and kiss....

SissyMandy - Insatiable Little Me

I had no idea last night was only a prelude to what's in store for me tonight

It's hard to believe I'm waking up so energetic after my guys pounded the hell out of me last night. The more they gave me, the more I wanted, and I might have gone all night if their cocks could have stayed hard. I'm not sure what time we finally crawled...

Transforming Genevieve Chapter Seven Part One

Gen realizes she has to deal with her addiction to sex, without success.

The ménage à trios I'd had with Marsha and her lover kept my mind occupied for several days as I went through the motions of lecturing to my classes and keeping myself busy with work and other things not involving sex. I still had a sex craving; I still w...

Joan woke up late in the morning, and both Jake and her husband cuddled in close to her fucked body, one on each side. She heard a knock on the door. Jake jumped up naked, his jewels and penis hanging down with his tight butt showing, as he answered the d...

The Pastor’s Wife and The Porno

The pastor’s wife decides she’s done with church, and joins a gang bang porn.

Becca was in the bathroom one morning, putting on her long dress and makeup. This was a routine she had done every Sunday morning for the past eight years. Her husband, Jim, was the pastor at the local mega-church. Thousands of people attended each week,...

Michaela And The Three Bears (Part 1 of 3)

Three football players surrender to college girl's fantasy.

A spring breeze drifted through the college neighborhood as Michaela Birch moved with purpose down the leafy block. Through the twilight dimness, Taylor Swift ballad echoed as she sauntered past the cozy homes in a beeline to her special “friend.” Thinkin...

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The Tavern Gift

June's gift to Mark, and to the much older men

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring... Steve's phone rang. It was Mark, the young man who brought his girlfriend June to The Tavern earlier today. Steve remembered how he had slowly seduced that sweet girl, who had just turned seventeen, right in front of Mark. June h...


Four men, a horny redhead wearing a tight bodysuit: what could happen?

All four men were about to get laid; they just didn’t know it, yet. Perhaps one of them, my husband, was aware of their pending fate. After all, when he mentioned that our friend, who goes by Rolf, and his roommates were coming by to help work on our neig...

The Invitation

The party was great fun, then the sorority challenge took things to stratospheric heights....

I was afraid I was becoming a slut, but Tom's tongue always made me remember why I was doing all those things. After we returned home, Tom volunteered to get the mail. Returning from the mailbox, I could tell he was excited. Here it is! It was addressed t...

CHAPTER IX – Mandi’s Polynesian Odyssey (Part 6)

The seventeen-member championship Aussie Rules Football team is having a “card party” at midnight. Mandi is the eye-candy and maybe Jocelyn too. What could possibly happen?

DISCLAIMER – Our vacation trip to a resort on the French Polynesian Island of Moorea in which we encountered a Championship Australian Rules Football team (that had periodic late-night card games) is true. However, the names applied to members of that tea...