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Orgasmic bliss Stories

orgasmic bliss

Joan woke up late in the morning, and both Jake and her husband cuddled in close to her fucked body, one on each side. She heard a knock on the door. Jake jumped up naked, his jewels and penis hanging down with his tight butt showing, as he answered the d...


A tribute to Stanislaw Lem. Genetic engineers create a new organ for the sole purpose of orgasmic pleasure. Four people take part in the test.

I started taking these notes because Dr. Brown asked the four of us to write everything down. "We're making history here," he said. "For the first time, we are not just enabling or improving existing systems, but creating an entirely new organ. Your journ...

He is a Poem

Dare you catch his gaze and come with me to paradise ?

He is a poem That can’t be written on paper For he is a song His heartbeat is the The music beneath Her reverberating heart It's her favorite melody She knows all the words She plays it over and over It soothes her soul And quiets her mind He whispers “Gi...