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Joan Needs To Satisfy Her Slutty Desires-Chapter-Two

Joan Calls A Plumber To Fix Her Plumbing.

Joan woke up feeling very horny. She poured a cup of coffee and sat at the table, looking out the window and watching the men working in the street, all dirty and sweaty, which added to the lust growing inside of her. She decided she needed to satisfy her...

Joan woke up late in the morning, and both Jake and her husband cuddled in close to her fucked body, one on each side. She heard a knock on the door. Jake jumped up naked, his jewels and penis hanging down with his tight butt showing, as he answered the d...

Joan Uses All Her Assets As A Realtor.-Chapter Two

Joan's finds the perfect couple for her listing and more.

Joan is kept busy responding to clients. Her advertisement and picture in the real estate section of the local paper paid off. She handed off some of the calls to her associates. They appreciated the contacts and worked hard to convince these prospective...

Joan's New Job As Company Sales Person Expands-Chapter 9

Joan Agrees To Meet Her Clients With Her Cuckold Husband.

Joan was wet with anticipation as she drove home. Dan and Lisa had just called Joan requesting a meeting with her and her husband. Joan knew this was not just about the new home she was working on. She hoped that Warren would want to continue to be part o...

In Flagrante - Caught Red Handed

Maid caught with her hand in the cookie jar gets taught a lesson she will never forget!

I had her banged to rights, and there was no denying the evidence of the eyes. The maid had been pilfering money from me for quite some time, taking only small amounts each time and hoping I wouldn't notice. But I had seen and now would confront her with...

Joan Gets A Promotion With Benefits-Chapter-Six

Joan Uses All Her Talents At The Company's Home Show

Joan came into work early on Monday after seducing the framing crew into getting gang fucked on the job last Friday. Hank is already at his desk and asks her how everything went on Friday with the crew. I told him, "It all went well. The men liked the ide...

Joan Takes A Job-Chapter-3

Joan Meets The Men In The Field Up Close And Personal.

Joan came home from work very sore yesterday after being fucked hard in her ass by Hank. Joan was a fucking mess. Her cuckold husband spent all evening caring for his hot horny wife in all ways. She needed to be ready to go to work in the morning. Joan sh...

Joan Takes A Job - Chapter 2

Joan's first day as office manager doesn't disappoint her

Joan arrived at the construction office early. She wanted to get a good start at her new, exciting job. She dressed well, hot and sexy. She wore a silky short skirt with a button-up-the-front see-through blouse, high heels, black nylons, and no panties. J...

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Truth Or Dare [Part 3]

The Dare's get out of hand...

A girl burst from the ensuite bathroom built into the front portion of the two-bed college dorm, where I found myself tied to a chair; the flush of her skin and the sheer excitement of her pose made it obvious she’d been hiding in the bathroom listening t...

Wife Was Home Alone And Very Horny-Part 3

Cuckold Husband Returns To Naughty Horny Fucked Wife

Joan woke up smelling and feeling like a horny fucked cunt, covered in dried cum and piss. She rubbed her fucked cunt which was full of cum and already wet. She knew she would get punished by Warren when he returned home tonight for being such a naughty,...

Little Sierra Must Be Punished

Their second date gets out of hand.

I stood outside little Sierra's apartment door holding a present. Jewelry. The blue velvet box was small, but it wasn't cheap. I thought, for the twelfth time that day, that offering gifts was probably not the master strategy for a new dom and his submiss...