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face fucking

Line Steppers - Episode 1 - Ain't No Denying

Tyrone is none too pleased about his stepsister, Maya's, choice of attire. While waiting for their dates, Dee brings attention to a trend that reminds her of Maya's past.

Another day destined to fulfill nothing of real use or value. At least, that’s how Tyrone felt. Being an unemployed couch potato wasn’t easy with all of the television choices and marijuana at your disposal, but someone had to do it. What he would’ve pref...

The Pain Slut

A young girl discovers her addiction to pain with her boyfriend's father.

This is the story of how I discovered that I am a Pain Slut. My name is Chloe, and I had been dating Chris for about six months since the beginning of our freshman year of college. He was a great guy, and we did all the typical things that young couples d...

A Good Girls Reward

Something a little naughtier for today

"Come here now" my low growl makes her weak Unable to speak On my hands and knees she crawls to my feet Deliberately slow giving me a show "Quickly now darling" A sweetly warning She picks up the pace to fill the space With a cunning smirk I step back wit...

Joan Exposes Her Neighbor To An Extreme Sexual Experience.

Joan And Millie Are Invited to A Bachelor Party.

Joan walked to her neighbor Milie's to discuss and plan an exciting evening of sexual delight. Millie was topless when she greeted Joan by the pool, with a big hug and passionate kiss. Millie took Joan's hand and led her to the lounge chairs, where the ma...

Oral Apprentice: A Dental Intern Provides Servitude

A dominant curvy dentist makes her new apprentice service her every need. She makes his tongue work overtime.

The first day of my work experience at a dental office. I am nervous, of course, but there is something else in the air - a tangible energy that makes my heart race and my palms sweat. Perhaps it is the anticipation of meeting the attractive dentist who w...

Birthday Surprise

Lilly has a big shock when she realises what her birthday surprise is.

Lilly was standing in the middle of the crowded room, her senses overwhelmed by the sounds of laughter and music. The plugin strobe lights cast a kaleidoscope of colours across the room, making it difficult to focus on any one thing for too long. She reac...

Festival Fun

Spring Break Scenes: Two hot and horny college bros enjoy themselves

Heading down the highway, we were eager to get to the campground. It had been a long week of exams, and Rob and I were ready to blow off some steam. We’d planned the trip to Florida a few weeks ago, and I had been looking forward to it ever since. One of...

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The divorce was final in two months. I owned only women’s clothing and lingerie. Joann let everyone know about the divorce. What we hadn’t considered was that her other friends, as well as colleagues, would want to fix her up with dates. Besides that, the...

Wedding Anniversary Present (Making Of A Hotwife Part 4)

Linda finds herself as the main course in the Indian restaurant.

It was our wedding anniversary. John had booked us a table at the new Indian restaurant in town, which was getting rave reviews for its food and authentic atmosphere. The anniversary fell on a Monday this year, so the restaurant was quieter than on the ot...

Sharon's Tale Chapter 3: Mistake? Or Hidden Desire?

using my knickers to wipe the cum from my legs and pussy.

I did sign the twelve-month contract. Money talks and Ken was despondent when I told him I might not want to. I rationalized my quandary over being a prostitute by convincing myself that the contract was indeed for a consultancy service and, in any case,...

Aimee's Addiction

A Cheating housewife With A Secret Cum Fetish Goes To The Glory Hole

Aimee’s skimpy top did little to conceal the plump roundness of her braless breasts from prying eyes. Her scoop-neck T-shirt, originally a soft, thin, stretchy material that was so sheer her bra could easily be seen showing through it, was quite comfortab...

Identical Twins

Part Two - Jill And Erica Become Intimate Sisters. Mom Learns She Has Twin Daughters

I woke up early Thursday morning and looked at my sister sleeping soundly. Although completely naked, I didn’t look at her as a guy would. I looked at her as my twin sister. I got out of bed and slipped on my panties. I still had a bra on. I grabbed one o...

Road Trip - Part 7

Ann takes a walk on the beach with Daddy

Hi. I’m Ann, Mike’s sister. Even though my brother has told you all about our road trip, I thought it would be helpful to add my perspective. I was pretty naive before the trip. I had kissed a few boys late in high school and had let some of them rub my n...

Road Trip - Part 6

Cousin Jenny and I go for a walk on the beach.

Mom went back to her room to shower while I headed down to the beach. Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jane were there with Dave, Sarah and Dad. Dot was playing volleyball by the next house down with a group of college kids, mostly boys. Cousin Jenny had just retur...