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Our menu for tonight Let's not forget our foreplay Endless teasing and flirting Wanting you for my appetizer Hot spicy that waters my mouth Sizzling that burn my tongue How delicious my appetizer Let's jump from the main course To have a taste of dessert Being your chocolaty dessert Do whatever you feel like doing Wanted to be deliciously good Finger licking good Sucking to the bone...

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Dirty Thing

"Where's my favorite pussy?" What a cute thing to do, Followed by some more Naughty things to say. "Miss my horny thing, Want to sink my cock Into that wet pussy." So erotically said to me, In that rustic sexy voice Made me cry laughing. "Start giving you pleasure Sink deep and pump into, My cream to that warm pie." Would reply the same Naughtiness with you, Our nightly...

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As I close my eyes and feel Your warm body behind me. Spooning, snuggled together Feeling every part of your Hard flesh against mine. Your warm hand tracing every Inch of my skin, nipples harden. Fingers walking on my skin, going Down along the slopes of need, Making them hard as a marble. Aching for attention you can give. Lick me, Suck me, Bite me, Till my aching needs be...

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Not just in my dreams, In every waking hour Thinking and dreaming  Of you, yes I do. If you are smiling, Drinking coffee or Working and just stop To look something a far. If you are writing A new story or a poem, Who inspires you To put words together. If what we are to me is How you see as together Just being friends or Sexual as you put them. Never labeled them as such But the only thing...

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Much More

Give me a kiss from my forehead to my toes The one that makes my heart constrict to pure bliss Those kisses that can make you cry with happiness  That deep feeling of belongingness with someone Give me a kiss from my lips to your tongue The one that makes me hungry for more Those kisses that can make you thirsty  That kissing is not enough to satisfy a need Give me a kiss that...

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Let me caress your shapely body Play my fingers to your edges Know every part of you. Let me learn how to play you Strum those strings of yours Flick that cord for you. Let's play music to the air Strumming you deep so the Music will play out from you. Let's hear the gentle sounds That echo from your music As we play the cords of you. Let the symphony accompany This acoustic instrument...

Added 15 Oct 2016 | Category Love Poems | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 266 | 19 Comments

Let Me

My eyes glued, looking at your hand Wrapped around your hardness Sensually moving up and down The way you stroke is mesmerizing Lovingly hypnotizing me to reach out Tempting me in, asking you to let me  Continue do the stroking. The way every muscle in your body Moves and constricts as you stroke Wishing my hand tightly gripped you The way you want to be touched  Stroked as hard...

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Poetry Reading

Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a phrase for you As you touch me with your hand Tracing every word within every curve. Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a stanza for you As you caress me with your lips Trailing every line within every slope. Lost in the valley of every word as I climb Every mountain within our own world And dive to the...

Added 02 Oct 2016 | Category Love Poems | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 363 | 19 Comments

Pleasure Island

Images of you in mind as I Look at the flashing screen. Words that says "Cum for me." Strumming my very core Thinking about you doing the same. Images of you in my mind as I Wonder of something fulfilling  You are doing at the moment. Things I wanted to do to you That gives me pleasure. Images of you in my mind as I Moan, wishing my fingers  Are the same tongue that's  Licking...

Added 21 Sep 2016 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 543 | 25 Comments


Every night as you visit  You teased me as I have teased you I knew where It will lead us to. Sweet kisses on your eyes, Sweet kisses on your nose, Sweet kisses on your lips, That linger in my heart. Hot kisses on your lips, Hot kisses on your chest, Hot kisses on your abs, That go a long way down. Kissing my way down, Licking you there, Sucking you up, Pleasures you like ...

Added 17 Sep 2016 | Category Love Poems | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 733 | 25 Comments

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