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Horror Stories

The seduction of horror in the literary world is as captivating now as it has ever been. Entice your audience to experience the forbidden, carnal exhilaration that a cocktail of sex and adrenaline-pumping terror can evoke.

Titillate their minds and senses with consensual masochism as they willingly submit to the pleasures of fear.

From the Gothic desires of sensuous vampires to the spine-tingling suspense of psychological torment, sate your readers unquenchable thirst for blood and bosoms.

Cum-Soaked Sleep Paralysis

A young woman experiences an otherworldly bukkake during Sleep Paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is a state during waking up or falling asleep in which one is conscious but in a complete state of full-body paralysis. During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear. Sia...

The Demon Within (Continued)

The Demon returns to increase his brood.

I was summoned to the coven house. Gretta and Samantha were already there. We were led to the potion room where a young man in a doctor's coat was waiting. A physician’s exam table was in the corner of the room. It had never been there before. Tichaba wal...

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The Return

A young woman refuses to accept the loss of her soulmate

The ringing of an alarm clock woke Richie from his precious slumber. He shut it off in a confused daze. There had to be some sort of mistake, he couldn’t have been asleep for more than a few minutes. He rolled over onto his side for a moment before sittin...

Biel's Tale: Laia and the Cult

An urban exploration trip goes badly awry...

Biel held on tight as the inflatable raced down the tunnel. He was seated more in it than on it, his ass taking up the hole in the ring. He knew he was too old for this, but his friends in Madrid wouldn’t know he had come to the water park. His tire whizz...

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The Sacrifice

An inexperienced young man finds that his Valentine's Day date is too good to be true

Nathan stared at the clock in the lower right corner of his monitor, waiting for it to read 11:30 AM. For some unknown reason on that particular Friday, he was completely famished. He worked at a processing center for a regional insurance company. Occasio...


Would you sacrifice reason for the woman of your dreams?

In my village, there is a place on the beach where my ancient ancestors etched carvings into large boulders. Most of the petroglyphs are only visible at low tide when the ocean recedes far enough to reveal the mysterious markings. My Auntie tells me that...

The Devil and Linda Webster

A Young Widow has One Hell of a Valentine's Day

A sense of dread washed over Linda Webster. Tomorrow was Valentine's Day, the third anniversary of her husband's untimely death. The forty-four-year-old widow sat alone in her kitchen, waiting for her best friend, Kate Faucher, to pick her up. The duo had...

A Valentine's Summoning

Lured to a dark abandoned house in the middle of nowhere: What could go wrong? What could go right?

The sky was dark on Valentine’s eve. The weather report promised three inches of snow by tomorrow, but it hadn’t started yet. I guided my car down a dirt path that didn’t show up on Google Maps, but had been sketched on the back of a napkin along with the...


Like blood, they stained the white sheets

The balloon. Bearing the message, “Happy Valentine’s Day," it bobbed in the breeze created by the slightly open front door. It was helpless, a victim to any passing waft of air, but tethered down by its plastic cord to a shiny weight supplied by The Greet...