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This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons! Feel free to write about your favorite fetishes in this section, and don't worry, there are sure to be other people who share the love of your particular fetish.


My Fetish--Sex With Older Men

I like sex with older men between forty and sixty

My name is Riley and I am twenty-three years old. I know that I have a strange fetish but I love sex with older men between the ages of forty and sixty. In fact, I lost my virginity the summer I turned seventeen to my neighbor who was fifty years old. His name was Ben and there was nothing really sexy about him. He had a small beer belly and a stubby four-and-a-half-inch cock. Why I chose him...Read On


L013: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Vacation 2

Lizzy and her Daddy begin their new life together. A vacation first before it really begins.

After our amazing arrival at the resort, Babyland it is called, we both are so tired. We crawl into bed together and fall asleep. We do not wake until mid-evening. My diaper is so wet, but that is mostly from the after-effects of before. As we wake, you, my Daddy, check me. Seeing my diaper is soggy, you take me to the changing table and get me into a new diaper. What can I say,...Read On


Cougar on the Prowl (titfight)

A busty teenager and a mature milf compete for the title of 'best rack' - who gets the hot guy?

Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion. He'd certainly earned a bit of rest after his hard work the previous night, having managed not one or two or even three, but full four rounds or hot, steamy sex. Which, incidentally, was exactly why Patricia always went after younger men - what they might lack in...Read On


Rainy Night - Part 4

Now she has to embark on a mission!

As the sun started to break through her eyelids, Tina could feel her body tingling all over as she woke from her deep slumber. She moved her leg to the side of the bed and a hot, fiery orgasm swept over her. “Oh, oh my god, that was good,” she whispered when the feelings started to subside. She thought that any substantial movement would send her into an uncontrollable explosion of...Read On


Having Sex with Strangers

There are some things about me that I just can't control.

My name is Beverly. I am twenty-eight years old, single, career-minded, attractive and petite, and I love sex. Most women won’t admit that. But I am not like most women. I like writing stories about my love for sex. I am not ashamed of the things that I do, although I will admit, most of it is pretty kinky. A good preview of that is my uncanny desire to have sex with strangers.  Sex has...Read On


L012: Lizzy’s story: The vacation: Part 1

Lizzy and her Daddy begin their new life together. A vacation first before it really begins.

The next morning you get me up, we shower and you tell me that for today I need to wear a pull-up, with a booster, as we will be in public until we get to the resort. You just pray I do not have an accident. The truth is I do know how to control myself and use the bathroom when needed. I haven’t forgotten that for goodness sakes. But sometimes, in the excitement of things, or if I...Read On


Sloppy Seconds

A husband and wife spice up their sex lives with her cum filled pussy.

It was 2025, all sexually transmitted diseases had been eliminated. AIDs, HIV, Clap, Syphilis, Chlamydia, all gone. They had even cured the common cold. Now the only reason to use a condom was to prevent pregnancy, although there was a pill in the works to help in that regard. Take it once to stop your body from producing the little swimmers. Take another to turn them back on. They had a...Read On


Turning the tide on an oversexed friend.

He was always a user. John’s particular thing was sex with anyone, male or female. He just wanted to dump his load and leave. We grew up together and throughout our high school and college years he always had a girlfriend.  Of course, that never stopped him from emptying his load into any willing recipient without any remorse.  On occasion, he would even hit on me, hoping to get a...Read On


L011: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy is Free From Work

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me.

The next morning, I am back at work. My co-workers and I finish up packing everything. This is really the end for us. Tomorrow we will be here in the morning reminiscing, then a goodbye staff lunch and call it a day. Lunch will be on the corporate credit card before I turn it in. It’s going to be a good lunch. Then Wednesday, we just have to come in in the morning to sign our RIF (reduction...Read On


L010: Lizzy’s story: Lizzy’s weekend

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me

It has only been two months since I first met Daniel in the bar and you were so kind to me. And eight weeks since you became my Daddy. It all happened so suddenly, in just days, and now I can’t imagine my life before I became your Baby Lizzy. It all seems so right. And I am not sure why. Sure, I had fantasies about someone spanking me and did sometimes dream about being taken care of...Read On


L009: Lizzy’s Story: Life For Lizzy At Work

How my life has changed in only a couple of months

You keep your word, though it has only been to yourself. The next morning, after dressing and feeding me, you sit me on the big chair, hand me my tablet to play with, and go and shave and dress. Today, you wear a business suit, it is going to be “take your daddy to work” day. When you walk back into the room, I let out a deep sigh. Except for that night when we went to dinner and you...Read On


The Correctional

In a world where male and female prisoners are housed together, all the men are placed in chastity

Six prisoners occupied the bus all facing each other, but handcuffed to their metal chairs. One security guard sat beside the door watching every move the men and women made. Jamie was still in shock from the judge's verdict to give him twenty years in prison for breaking into the government's computer system. He didn't even fully understand the charges made against him, as he was only...Read On


L008: Lizzy’s Story: I See The Plans For My New Nursery

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me

I have my first tantrum today. Never in my forty years of life have I had one before. The cascade of relief was exhilarating from letting myself go--crying, screaming really, pounding, stamping, and a good bit of incoherent shouting. And even with the consequences, I can see myself needing to release in this way again. Needless to say, my Daddy is not pleased. It has been a couple of...Read On


The Blindfold

It reveals submissive desires through imagination alone.

“Short & Sexy Red Lycra Spandex Super Stretch Mini Dress (PVC Wet Look).” Fuck. When I scrolled down to those words, my pussy got wet.  The model had my body type and I just knew it would look amazing on me.  I knew Damon would love it on me as well.  I also knew he would love taking it partially or fully off. I put it and the matching open-toe, red mid-heel pumps in my cart.  Truth...Read On


L007: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Birthday

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me

The next couple of weeks, while still crappy at work, fly by. Every night is bliss, and when the weekends come I’m in paradise as I am my Daddy’s little girl full-time. We don’t go out much. We will occasionally stop for a drink at the bar we had met at on the way home from work. But I am usually too anxious to get home and into my diaper to want to stay long. You know I’m in torment on...Read On


How I Love Them

Slipping between her big, beautiful breasts.

Missed my window. After yet another week of late nights at work had kept us from doing anything but sleeping in bed, I’d finally managed to escape at a reasonable hour.  I knew it was almost that time, but I had hoped I’d beat the clock.  No such luck. She was only wearing her bra and panties, getting ready for a shower when I walked into the bedroom.  Her panties let me know I had come up...Read On


L006: Lizzy’s story: Cleaning Up Lizzy’s house

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me

Monday morning, my Daddy wakes me with plenty of time to get ready for work. And for once I am not grumpy or still tired. All the weekend naps and early bedtimes are helping me. You take me to the other bedroom where you have set up a changing station on the bed, and my “evening clothes” folded on the dresser. You lay me on my pad and take your time removing my diaper and wiping all traces...Read On


L005: Lizzy’s story: Sunday

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me.

The next day, Sunday, the end of our weekend of bliss, we spend much as yesterday. A bath, diapering, feeding, playing, and bottles. But no special one. You tell me that it would come when we are back at my house. My Daddy will be living with me at my house every night now until my last day at work when this house will be transformed for us into my baby palace. In mid-afternoon, you leave...Read On


L004: Lizzy’s story: Saturday

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me.

Daniel gently rubs my back, waking me. It took a minute before I hear, “Baby Lizzy are you ready to get up and enter your new world?” Everything that happened last night floods over me. With a huge intake of breath, as I roll over and look up into your wonderful eyes, I realize you are not Daniel, but my Daddy. How has this all happened? Three days ago, I did not even know you. Now we...Read On


L003: Lizzy’s story: The proposition:

I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me.

L003:  Lizzy’s story: The proposition: Though our life together will not completely start for seven weeks, when my job ends, I realize that in telling this tale, Daniel, now my daddy, is not “him” anymore, but my “you.” We leave the restaurant and go to the car, where you help me in and buckle my seatbelt, with such loving tenderness. You give me a sweet kiss on my forehead....Read On


L002: Lizzy's tale: And building towards what is to come

How my life has changed in only a couple of months.

The next morning waking and finding Daniel still next to me, I relaxed and enjoyed his sleeping arms holding me.  It was not long before he stirred awake.  Something had stirred before this, and I could feel his hard cock just bedded in my crotch.  Oh, to wake to such a lovely feeling there was magnificent.  When he woke, he put that staff to work in me, and we were cumming all over each...Read On


L001: Lizzy's story: How it all began:

Liz begins to become Lizzy, and meets her soon-to-be daddy. Just how it started.

How my life has changed in only a couple of months.  I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such good care of me.  On New Year’s Day, I never would have thought the immense changes which would happen in just three months. January 2nd I was at my executive position at the company I had held for fifteen years.  I was turning forty in a month.  5”3’, a little overweight making my...Read On


Mother Says

Mother loves being son's dominatrix, and his fetishes.

It was around seven in the evening, I had just come back from Stella's place, and she was in a snit for one reason or other. She had no intentions of doing what she had promised me earlier that day. Damn, I was mad, I had spent some time working on her car, and I finally got the generator in her Volkswagon squareback to keep the battery charged. I could have gotten on my Harley Wide Glide...Read On


The Big Belly of Cassie [First Month]

Cassie and Cain embark on a belly growing adventure.

Cain was lying on the couch with Cassie, slowly stroking the flatness of his pretty wife's stomach. Just yesterday, they had happily found out from her doctor she was miraculously blessed with triplets. They had been only married for a year and had finally decided to conceive. It was ironic in the fact that they had both wanted exactly three children, and it was all going to be done in just...Read On

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Hey Baby, Your Daddy Wants You Now

Daddy has a little task for you tonight

I've been missing you my sexy dear. Daddy has a little task for you tonight. I want you hear from you as soon as your done....Read On


The Jogger/ A Sock Snagger Tale

Sock Sniffer finds nirvana

I had just sat down at the picnic table in the local park, when I heard a noise that caused me to turn around and look. I thought I was the only one at the park that morning, but apparently not. Hoping to do a little bird photography but looked like maybe not. I sipped my coffee with a disgruntled look on my face.  A young woman walked past me. She put on some earphones and started to jog...Read On


Seven Days of Lust Part 5

Kay introduces Dan to some of her fetishes.

Kay lay in bed the following morning and opened her eyes slowly. Yesterday had been a wonderful experience and a new one in her lifetime. She had finally felt the sensation of having her tight little ass fucked and fucked thoroughly. She was thankful she had prepared today’s surprise for Dan previously or she may have been a bit behind in trying to come up with something new for their week...Read On


Fucking My Pregnant Neighbor, Chapter 3

She came over to visit again... and the morning coffee wasn't the only hot thing that day!

I sat at my kitchen's breakfast bar trying to concentrate on reading the paper and drink my coffee while waiting for Stacy. I say trying to concentrate because I wasn't having much luck with it.  My thoughts kept drifting back to yesterday, and I started getting a hard-on as I anticipated wrapping my lips around her hard nipples and drinking more of her delicious milk from those luscious...Read On


Dr Milkmaid

A junior doctor in a small country town discovers her bosses are in an adult nursing relationship

Hi, my name is Sally. This is my story; a story that spans some two years of my life whilst living and working in rural Victoria in Australia. I moved to Kyabram in mid-January of 2007 to begin a one-year placement as a General Practice Registrar. It had always been my dream since getting into medical school to work in the country, so I was so excited when I was offered a position as...Read On


Fucking My Pregnant Neighbor, Chapter 2

The next day Stacy came over again... and we picked up where we left off!

The next morning I was sitting on my backyard deck, sipping my coffee, reading my morning paper and trying to get up the ambition to tackle mowing the grass. When I bought this house it came with a larger than normal property line and most of my property was the backyard. I had a riding lawnmower, but at the time it was in the shop for some driveline issues. So I was relegated to my...Read On