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This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons! Feel free to write about your favorite fetishes in this section, and don't worry, there are sure to be other people who share the love of your particular fetish.

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What if your one true friend is just a Barbie doll?

I always had a fascination for Barbies. I still remember my first Barbie that I got when I was just nine years old. It was a snowy Christmas morning and the tree was littered with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Each present contained a small parchment with each of my siblings names written on them. I reached for the yellow rectangular box and hugged it tightly. I scrambled to the fireplace...Read On

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The Little Things

I take the deepest breath I’ve ever asked of my lungs, listening to the rushing water below. One hundred and thirty feet below. My legs dangle in midair as I sit on the ledge, the enormous park behind me oblivious to my presence. A warm breeze ripples through my long brown hair. Holding that breath, I look down. I stare at the distant, fast-paced river below without really seeing it, aware...Read On

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Altocalciphilia: Auntie Rachel's Stilettos

Caught in the act.

Anthony huffed and rolled his eyes at his mother’s question. He was in the back seat of the family SUV, on the way to his uncle’s new house for Sunday lunch. His mother had her back to Anthony and didn’t see his reaction. His dad snickered. He had witnessed Anthony’s reaction in the rear view mirror. They were driving to Anthony’s paternal uncle Mario’s new home. Mario had recently...Read On

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A Bicycle Built For One

Leather or Lace? No contest, they don't make bike seats from lace!

I didn’t realize I might have had something unusual about me until an orgasm hit me halfway through . . . OK, I think I need to spell it out a little better. You see, I like to exercise, but it was always running, weight work, and yoga for flexibility. I was in excellent shape and I knew it. But I hurt myself. Well, that’s not the whole story, but it’s enough. I hurt my knee doing...Read On

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The House of Mirrors

I want to watch you fuck me

It was the end of the summer in Ocean View and soon the tourist trade would start to slow down as students went back to school and parents used up their vacation time. As was the tradition every summer, a carnival came to Ocean View and set up at the edge of town for two weeks. There was the traditional Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-Round, Tilt-a-Whirl, and a lot of other rides for adults and kids....Read On


Pantyhose Worship Indulgence Part 1

I have a slave over to worship.

Sitting on the edge of my bed as I slip into my black sheer pantyhose, a feeling of sensual dominance washes over me. I am to be worshiped tonight. The clock turns 7 and, along with my pantyhose, I'm wearing a black leather mini skirt and a red satin corset. As a Queen dressed like a Goddess I am ready to be worshiped. Feeling myself and my surroundings, there is one thing missing. My slave!...Read On


The Adentures of a Bunny Slut 5. A Game of Cum

The neighbors use me like a slut.

The day promised to be idyllic.  Summer seemed to come and go this year and the sun was intent upon playing hide and seek with a vengeance.  Today, however, it seemed content to float above the distant mountains.  I could almost hear its gentle laughter as it lured me from Sir’s bed.  Padding slowly, bare feet noiseless upon the lush carpet, I headed downstairs, bemused and slightly...Read On

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The Underground

My fetish satisfied

London is the only place to live in England for me. The crowded streets and bars, packed buses and the tube. Yes, the tube, underground, subway. Whatever you want to call it, is my hunting ground. To most people rush hour is a chore to be avoided if at all possible. To me, it is an essential ingredient in my favourite sexual fetish. The close contact with a complete stranger, the interaction,...Read On

A Wild Weekend, Part 5

The voyeuristic couple joins us for dessert.

Sue lay back on the table as I opened the strawberry ice cream container and scooped out a chunk and placed it in her belly button.   Her reaction was to jerk slightly and proclaim, "Damn, that is cold!" as her entire body became covered in goosebumps.  Doreen, meanwhile, was scooping out cool-whip and placing curls of it on Sue's enlarged and hardened nipples.  Since the first scoop of...Read On

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Discovering Melissa’s Dirty Little Secret

Melissa’s fetish just cannot be controlled but it no longer needs to be!

I am happy in my relationship with my new girlfriend, Melissa. We see each other often but still, have those moments of freedom or ‘ free time ’ as we like to call it. The sex is outstanding and she has a voracious appetite for fucking. She is kinky, perverted sometimes, and has proven that anything goes as far as sex is concerned, which is great. I would say we are like-minded in that respect....Read On

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Behind Closed Doors

You never know what goes on behind closed doors

Plumes of sparks rose over the logs as I stoked the flames. Satisfied with my handiwork, I placed the poker in the rack and sat back to enjoy the dancing, orange-red glow. I’d always loved a crackling fire. The heat on my face and the rich scent of burning wood filled me with a relaxing calm. The century-old, stone hearth was our cabins only source of heat. With the December chill deepening...Read On

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My Love Of Bushes

As unusual as it may seem, it seems normal to me.

Telling my story will be a bit difficult, and some of you may find it weird, some may even think I am nuts. But, I assure you, I’ll be horny when I’ve finished. Not exactly sure how it all started but I think I’ve hated clothes all my life. Apparently, even as a toddler, I would remove my clothes every time mom dressed me. As I grew, I would come out of my room naked and mom would yell at...Read On


The Night of the Black Slip

She wanted to watch...

She wasn't a high school sweetheart. She was a high school flame. We'd hooked up going to separate boarding schools in the same town.  We’d gone our separate ways after school, but maintained contact.  Back then it was via letters.  We broke off contact after we both married others.    Then one Christmas I got a card from her.  I decided to see her next time I made it to her town, just...Read On


Enjoying Our Little Fetishes

Since it is time for confessions, I have to admit to a small fetish. Nothing distasteful or shocking, but just a penchant for women with pendulous inner labia that always protrude from the protecting hood of their vulva, and which open out like the petals of a flower when sexually stimulated to reveal their delicious pink inner lining.  Sadly from my point of view, my wife Naomi only has...Read On

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The 'Porn' Folder

"I'm your doll, play with me!"

“Open that ‘Porn’ folder now!” the company Director demanded as I refused his request on first asking. “Why, sir?” I was hoping for some reasonable logic. “Because I say so!” the Director, of what he claimed was an IT company, continued to pressure me. As a developer, I brought my laptop in to showcase the work I have been doing at home. It just happed that ‘Porn’ was alphabetically...Read On

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Wanted: Girl with an extremely open mind will pay handsomely Charlotte was intrigued, she had racked up so much debt during her time at University that she would do anything for money, even if that meant prostituting herself. Her mouse hovered over the link, she was somewhat reluctant to click but her curiosity got the better of her. I’m offering one lucky girl a payment of £5,000...Read On

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A Fantasy Fulfilled

Nicole's fetish for being arrested is fulfilled

Ever since I was seventeen, I’ve been turned on by the idea of being arrested.  Handcuffed, frisked controlled, manhandled, put into a mono-color uniform, and locked in a cell: the whole process was fascinating to me and made me moist just thinking about it.  I was seventeen and I’d taken my dad’s car without permission.  Again.  It wasn’t the first time and he had grown sick of it.  So,...Read On

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Annie and Her Trees

Edward didn't understand, but he accepted her anyways.

August 4, 2019 I hear a knock at my door. I open it and am shocked at who stands there - Edward! Before I can speak, he takes my hand and leads me out the door. "What are you doing?" I yell, trying to escape his grip. "I am taking you somewhere," he says, increasing his pace. "And you will come quietly or you will promptly learn about one of my fetishes. I allowed you your temper...Read On

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Young lady finds an unexpected date leads to unusual sensuality

  Emma Morgan walked, naked, out of the bathroom, fresh from a long session in the shower. On the bed lay the gown, meticulously spread. Emma felt so proud, that she had designed and applied every last stitch to the burgundy silk material. Mainston College, having a course in fashion design, had been her first choice when leaving high school. Emma had shown such flair that she was...Read On


How Did You Like Me?

She asked, "How would you like me?" I asked, "How did you like me?"

I never questioned why you wanted me there. I just knew it would be for something I would also want, or at least I thought it would be. I was only partially correct. As instructed when I arrived, I went directly to your bedroom, undressed and sat on the floor. When you came in, my heart skipped a beat. You wore my favorite black lace bra with your breasts pushing the limits of the fabric,...Read On


Complete Control

Member wants to be dominated...

I made friends with Ken a few months ago, Ken is a Lush member who I have got to know very well. During our often lengthy conversations, Ken confided in me that he would like to be dominated by a couple. As many will know, Jaq and I love to indulge in sexy antics. This was an opportunity for us as well as Ken. Ken had been leaving comments on our pictures and stories, Jaq had become...Read On



Claudia tries to resist George’s desire to smell and taste all of her, but the microbes win.

Claudia thought George was weird. Smelling and tasting each other is a normal part of making love, but George carried it too far. “Just what do you think you’re going to find in there?” she said when he pressed his nose between her upper arm and rib cage. “Another part of you,” he answered sincerely. She resisted, worried that the smell or the stubble or whatever would be disappointing...Read On


Rachel's Slumber Party

He's the maid at a party with a dozen rich brats.

I drove through the gate and up a long driveway to the enormous old mansion. I had never been to Rachel’s house before, but I always noticed it from the street, since it was the biggest house in town. Rachel had been friends with my girlfriend, Karen, since junior high, but they usually ran in different circles. Rachel was a petite, gorgeous blonde with dark eyes and a tight little body. I’d...Read On


My Pet Tofu : Best Friend

Tofu is my pet. How did that happen? I will tell you.

This is Tofu. She has brown hair. She has two green eyes. She has a pink tongue. Tofu is my pet. She is not a cat. She is not a dog. What kind of pet is Tofu? She has short hair on her head. She has a very fuzzy cunt. The rest of Tofu is bald. She is twenty-six years old. She has breasts that fit in my hands. She has a soft belly. Tofu is my pet girl! I love Tofu very much.   Tofu is...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 5

Tommy James learns more about the mysterious Ariadne.

It was now after homecoming for Tommy James and he started to wonder... Isn't it a bit ironic currently, that more and more males are on a sexually perverted rampage?  Tommy James, not an angel by any means, but maybe something opened his eyes? Or someone? That someone being Ariadne. Tommy began thinking about her more after homecoming. She had a boyfriend. She worked with him. She gave him...Read On


Fiery Latino Goddess

Mesmerised by my boss's caramel feet...

I started a new job in finance after leaving my previous job due to ridiculous working hours and a boss who was an actual bitch. This new job promised good working hours and ridiculous development, due to their exponential growth.  From the very first day, I liked my new boss she was very kind and sweet. However, things changed after the first few weeks. It all started when they piled on...Read On

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He couldn’t get it out of his head: that thrum, that trill, that quiver.

Alex’s cell vibrated in his pocket and his cock hardened in simple-minded kneejerk Pavlovian response. He knew the vibration signaled a text, and he knew Evie had sent that text, which could mean only one thing.  Evie was back in town. Fuck. She said she’d be here this week. She had keys to his place. Not that she ever bothered to use them. It had to be her. He leaned forward in his...Read On


Diary of A Face Sitter

A wife's fetish awakens.

I don't know whether its the feeling of power, the control, the naughtiness or the orgasms. It may just be all combined. Whichever it is, I know I have never loved my husband more for his wonderful ideas.  It started off a simple sexual suggestion. My husband Liam asked me to sit on his face one time when we were playing around. I told him I really wasn't comfortable doing it. I was scared...Read On


I Am Rose...And I Am A Foot Lover

A foot lover gets a pedicure

Hello, I am Rose, and I am a foot lover. I am neither unapologetic nor ashamed. I have many fetishes but this is one of the strongest.  I have had an interest in feet since I was a kid. I do not discriminate, I enjoy both male and female feet, looking at them, kissing them and licking them. Of course, I enjoy the same on my feet. I hear that it is more common in men than women, but I...Read On


Reann's Night At The Club

Reann has a fun night at the club but so did Tonya working the second floor.

Reann Reann was in her thirties when she realized she had a very odd fetish. She discovered it literally by accident surfing porn sites. She came across a video that just entranced her into watching what was happening to the girl in the scene. Without even realizing it, she had her hand on her pussy, rubbing it. Before long, she had two fingers buried deep inside herself, quickly...Read On