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Female squirting Stories

female squirting

His Korean Stepmother Ch. 2

The first night I had sex with my stepson continues.

Before I continue with my story I would like to try and explain why I am telling it. Not why I did what I did, hopefully that will be understood as the story progresses, but to explain why I am telling it on Lush. They say that confessing your sins can he...

Are You Working?

How I started escorting by selling my pussy for my bf’s debt

It was near Christmas. It was cold. There was snow melting into brown slush in the streets. The town Center was decorated with all the usual lights and festivities. It took an hour longer to get home in the traffic. It had been a long day. I had gotten ba...

Bath Then Bed

‘Bath then bed,’ I always say, ‘If you want a wet and dreamful night with me!’

I cut the lemon in half, cut off the ends, cut uneven slices, choose the thinnest slice, plop it in my glass of Capital Gin Pink Lady, my fourth of the night. A must for open-minded women with an affinity for diversity in our accomplishments. Women like m...

Julie's Stud

Mounting her from behind, he slides his ten-inch, rigid, joint of meat fully inside her sopping wet cunt.

Julie trusts him and likes him a lot, but doesn't love him. He is always gentle, caring, and considerate with her. Above all else, she trusts his cock inside her when they're fucking for the camera. After they finish fucking, she always thanks him, kisses...

Year of the Swing - Ch03 Jon & Pam

We experiance are first hard swap.

After chatting with Jon and Pam for a week, we’d decided to finally meet at a restaurant mid-way between our homes. We arrived early, eager as could be, and requested a table for four. Catherine and I ordered our drinks and didn’t have to wait long for ou...

Exposing My Cleavage Outside

What happens when your friends see you wearing exposing clothes for the first time when they're used to you wearing baggy clothes.

It had been a few days since Elody and Melissa had come over and seen just how curvy I was. We'd talked a few times over the phone, but as it was the weekend, we were all pretty busy and didn't have any more plans together, sadly enough. But now it was Mo...

Fucked By The Best Cock In The World

My cunt squirts as my man fucks me hard!

My cunt squirts as my man fucks me hard, His cock’s huge, I want to take his yard, My cunt creams, my cream pours down his cock, My clit swells, responding to his shock, His balls tense, I feel his ramrod spurt, My cunt squirts, his semen taints my squirt...

Chapter 20 - Surprise

Valerie finds out they are going to the cabin

Valerie beat Jeff to the coffee pot. She went into the bedroom to give Jeff his cup, but he wasn’t there. Then she heard the shower door shut. She had just missed sneaking into the shower with him. She opened the door, Jeff was still drying himself. “My,...

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Trixie Squats Again!

My horny husband let me squat on his lap with no panties on this morning. He was very kind to me.

My husband let me squat on his lap with no panties on this morning. He was very kind to me. He kept whispering sweet nothings in my ear like ‘Like it when I touch you there, don’t you?’ and ‘How’s that feel, bitch, good?’ to which I squirmed and murmured,...

Reflections With The Mirror.

A sugar mommy in my life

She draws an eye with a black pencil, a long curve, a black line, graceful, men don't even realize how this simple sinuous line is capable of enchanting males. The reflection blinks, and a victorious smile appears. The mirror shows a kiss; she adorns her...

Making Melissa Squirt

I’d wanted to make Melissa squirt since our walk in the forest. The fresh air makes her squirt if fucked.

I’d wanted to make Melissa squirt since our walk in the forest. Melissa loves to walk in the forest at this time of year, dressed in her waxed olive jacket, olive tee-shirt, green welly boots, and leggings. The fresh country air makes her highly aroused a...

Chapter 14 - The Plot Thickens

Jeff's next surprise for Valerie

The doctor released Jeff with the condition of using the cane, Jeff was back at work at eight the next morning. Many of the workers were there to greet him. While they were greeting him, Andy also came out to greet him. “Jeff, it’s good to have you back....

Does She Know?

Is there any twist?

“People say they enjoy reading your stories because you add twists,” she says as she finishes my nude painting. “Yep,” I chuckle. “But they don’t know about the actual twist of my life.” “Do I know?” She winks and walks over to me, grinning. I open my leg...

Sthandwa Chapters 1&2 (updated)

Chapters one and two of a novella. I'm looking for feedback, please!! (novella length by the end)

We’re holding onto each other. There’s no other way to describe it. Not cuddling but in each other's arms. Literally holding on. Stood up. Naked. My cock between her legs. Her scent rose through the heat of her wetness. Black flesh goosebumped. Nipples ha...