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Deepest passion Stories

deepest passion

She wanted him he was her definition of desire she never knew how engulfing the flames could be till now the only thing that could bring her back to life was his lips his hands she would follow him to the end of time just to have another moment with him a...

My Fulfilled Desires

Passion shared is such a beautiful thing

Your smile eclipses the love in my heart For it bridges the space between my heart and soul The light within your own heart fires my desires We coupled up in an endless pulse of mutual creation Poetic sensations bound to spicy rythms composed by penetrati...

Where Do I Find Love ?

Love just appears when the context is right and the ingredients are present

Where do I find love ? Love as vast as an ocean Love that allows me to plumb the depths of myself but most of all you ? Where but you? For we are like roses that blush their perfume massaging scented oils of jasmine into our sighs Gripping muscles and unb...

Her Dream

The power of words

Dream the words that poet whispers in your mind Feel the dewdrops that turn to a brook in your panties while your consciousness hungers to travel to the dark side of your thoughts Discover the person you have hidden for many years as your sexuality is pep...


Helping her to feed

First, I make her hungry her lust willingly ignited stripping away inhibitions as piece by piece her clothes are cast aside Her need evident for my eyes that see her peaked dark nipples the swelling of her chest as she breathes The glistening between her...

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Gentle Play

Intimacy can be powerful, especially when it is gentle

I stroke her pale, hairless mound, and she rocks with the rhythm of my gentle caresses, deeper now. I kiss her soft mouth, which opens so our tongues can explore. We kiss harder now as our passion builds. I want all of her, she all of me, and this night b...

Sepia Nights

my thirst for her just keeps growing

New moon Sepia nights A spell of seduction as tears flow like rain Careful whispers hushed pain Let me read my poetry with my lips on your skin I have a perpetual thirst for your fiery passion In walls of sleet Breathless and blinded soaked wet sheets of...

Your Dirty Thoughts

How do you see me?

When you draw me in your mind do it so you never forget me at all ~ For the poetry I write across your skin I do so with my tongue for I adore the way it makes you squirm your legs shaking till they come undone ~ I want that my kisses burn that my touches...

A Scribbled Kiss

A kiss that leads, is good for the soul

My sensual scribbles begin like a kiss on the crook of her collarbone sending tingles up and down her spine I grind against her curved ass I hear her mewls as my shaft splits her cheeks I know that I shall write my dirtiest poem tonight I dip in her fire...