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Hunter Stories


Rabbit Season

the hunt invigourates

“I find you interesting Little rabbit.” He murmured. She poised momentarily pondering his words Smiling with glee so full of mystery and endless curiosities “Sir you’ve captured My full imagination.” “Oh, so innocent,” he whispers I must confess Dancing i...

The Beast Within

captured within my snare

I am more beast than man I growled with each stroke under the cover of darkness our souls entwine as she awakens Not from slumber but a euphoric trance We live dangerously Tempting fate her not so innocent mind and sensually lit body has become my preferr...

He Hunts Her Darkness

When someone knows you better than you know yourself

With primal distinction He sees inside her tawdry thoughts her darker side He hunts her down he’s swift and sleek Her shadow side her secret beast She nuzzles against his lovely fur he awakens her and makes her purr With mystery and perception He mesmeriz...

Gaia's Prey

Mummy Monster hunts and fucks her young prey.

Earlier in the day My boy and I are lying in a meadow that overlooks a forest. "That forest gives me the creeps," I say. "It's too dark and crowded." He laughs at me, knowing that while I can change form, my human self is a sweet scared girl. "Frankie mig...

The Hell Cat

She will stalk him, and claim him

She’s a hell cat, stalking in red heels. Her golden mane flowing behind, she prowls, seeking her lover. As she moves, she turns the heads of all who see her., for she is a huntress, almost daring her prey to look at her. She licks her lips at some, until...

Slave to The Sun- Prey

Ariana has another encounter with the dark stranger

He was watching her through her window. His cock hardened at the sight of her limp, sleepy body tangled in the bed sheets. She had thrown her nightshirt off in the night, and now she was laid on her stomach, her head turned to the side, her arms bent at e...