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Love Stories


Jack And Cynthia - Chapter 26 - Christmas Eve

A bitter cold day doesn't stop Cynthia and Jack from a warm loving Christmas

On Christmas Eve morning, Cynthia was buried under the covers. I threw on my robe and bumped up the furnace. The flow of warm air was welcomed. I poured our coffee and headed back to the bedroom. I was curious what the ‘little voice’ was going to ask. “Ba...

Cock Of An Angel part 4

The mystery deepens and the danger increases as Mena sees Azrael with new eyes

As we paused at a stop sign, I caught my reflection in a nearby shop window. The dark circles under my eyes and the sullen set of my mouth betrayed my lack of sleep, a stark contrast to Azrael’s upbeat mood. His seemingly boundless energy only served to h...

The Letter

What you think you have sometimes is not what you have at all, and things are completely different.

I was sitting in my chair in the den, stone-faced, drinking a Redbull. The door opened, and my wife walked in, “Hi honey, I am home.” I didn’t hear that often. I always arrive home later than Marcy or am out of town, so tonight was rare. It was early Octo...

After The Big Deal - Part 4

The dilemma, What ro do about all this mess, Patrice, James and what the future holds?

I was sleeping beautifully, dreaming of Terrance and me on a yacht in the Caribbean, making love in the sun. Then I was awakened by Terrance’s long tongue slithering all over my pussy and flicking my clit. I was so sensitive that I came very quickly. What...

Opening A Marriage Or Not - Part 2

Twists and turns make things look different than they seemed.

I walked out of the room to the kitchen. It was late. I was emotionally drained. I needed to sleep. I put my scotch glass in the sink and leaned on the counter. I looked out the window into the darkness. I could see my faint reflection in the window glass...

Never Leaving, Never Staying

David and Sarah are the best of friends and tortured lovers.

I was in the office, editing one of my articles when he arrived. It was mid-morning, so I wasn’t expecting anyone. I had been working vigilantly on an interview I had recently had with a local chef at the newest hipster restaurant in town when Patty, the...

Perfect day

Fun nympho days

We kiss goodbye outside the station. I turn to ask him if he wants to fuck me. He looks puzzled; you're not even out of sight. I shrug. "I'm a slut." It will prove enough of an explanation through the day. You come home in the evening. Maybe you can taste...

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Colliding Hearts

Two hearts collide in an hour of anguish

I cannot reverse our hands of time And may never see if this may end. I only ask that you please forgive me And dream again, my precious friend. Gaze into my eyes and hold me tight As we let go on a weightless flight. Gliding over our darkest shadows Acro...

Millie, What Have You Done?

Sometimes history repeats itself, unbeknownst to us, but once we know, we see the pattern.

It had been a good week but busier than usual. It was the end of school, and the kids were ready to leave with my parents for a few weeks. Then they were off to Millie’s folks and a trip to Florida to Disney World for a few days, followed by a four-day cr...

Just Once - Final

Mistakes made, pain realized, love prevails and stupidity rewarded.

I couldn’t sleep. Elaine worried me. She has been able to tell me about her doctor sessions with conviction. She had listened to my statements about how her cheating with Mathew had hurt me, leaving me wondering how this woman, my wife, who professed she...

Shard 29: Pearls

“Oh, my, yes,” she purrs. “A pearl? Is that a pearl of sweet cum for me?”

“You haven’t been yourself, baby,” she commiserates, and it’s true. Clouds flatten the cold sky outside the window. Silent birds huddle in the trees. His response to her: a low groan. “Something's missing.” She slides her finger one knuckle deeper into hi...

Make it Quick

Get swept away by the scorching heat of Jack and Jill's electric connection, as they indulge in playful seduction, a provocative encounter, and a bond of love and lust.

The air in the Hawthorne residence was thick with sexual tension as Jack Hawthorne descended the stairs. He stopped abruptly in the doorway of the kitchen, his breath catching in his throat as he beheld the sensual sight before him. His wife, Jill, a volu...