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anal fucking

The Felicity Chronicles — Chapter 9: Quatre Mains

A four-handed massage gives Martin a new appreciation for his own sex.

Monday, July 1, 1974 “I’d say you’ve dodged a bullet,” scolded Felicity. “I know,” I replied. “I wish I had listened to you. I was stupid. I’m just glad it wasn’t a catastrophe.” Felicity strapped my wrists to hold me in position. “This will makes you fee...

Ass Fucked Twice: Street Walker

I get fucked in the ass by two punters in their cars

Anal sex always makes me cum. Especially as I charge extra for up the bum. It’s the naughtiness that turns me on. Knowing I’m enjoying something forbidden, something taboo that many women will not do for their men, is always a favourite with clients. Even...

My Wife Unexpectedly Takes Control - Chapter 9

One Last Big Change. ...... And it's a "Doozie"!!!

I'm sure you will recall that my wife made me her slave, that she brought in her best friend to assist in dominating me, and that they brought two hot studs into our relationship, rendering me slave to a hot MMFF foursome. You might also recall that, whil...

Joely's Swim

‘That feels fucking lovely,’ she screamed.

He didn’t return to the lake till Monday, a beautifully warm sunny day with a mild south-westerly wind, perfect for swimming. Alone, he plunged into the ice-cold water, crawling as far as the mass of tangled brambles, lichen-petrified trees, bushes coveri...

Spray Me With Your Sperms

'My egg is ripe and wants you to spray her with your sperms.'

'My egg is ripe and wants you to spray her with your sperms,' I murmured seductively, 'Would you like to come to bed with me, Simon, and try for a baby?' I knelt upright on the soiled bedsheets, clasped my hands to my breasts, covering my erect nipples, o...

And Why Not?

She’ll come soon waggling her feet showing her candy socks to voyeurs watching her perform, wanking.

And why not? After all, they keep her feet warm. Other than her candy pink socks, she is naked, pure, ripe for fucking. And she’s about to be fucked, rigidly, deeply, penetratively, harder, than she’s ever been fucked before. He crouches over her, his leg...

The Couch - Chapter Six

Fallout from a reckless threesome threatens to tear Mother and Son apart

After being given some time to think about the events of the previous weekend, I decided that I had overreacted. It was a pretty fun interaction after all, at least at the end. Best of all, however, was Mother’s reaction. I was glad that I got to see her...

Big Ask

He asks me to wear my hat while I am being fucked in the arse by his colossal, fat, ridge-veined cock.

He asks to fuck me with my woolly hat and socks on. I find this a big ask, if I am honest, as I love to thrash my head and legs about wildly, screaming blue murder while I am being fucked in the arse by his colossal, fat, ridge-veined cock. I have a bald...

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My Pregnant Pause

I ask him if we can go upstairs - and fuck.

I am heavy with child. My breasts are swollen with milk, and my abdomen is fully distended. I slump on the wicker chair, feeling my baby prod my stomach. My man marvels at how I push myself to the utter limits of my endurance to birth my miracle. Sure, he...

Thanksgiving With Milord - Chapter 17

Sophia enjoys Thanksgiving with Milord's family

"But why can't we just stay home, cook a simple meal, and, you know, celebrate in our own way," Sophia whined. "Look, we've been over this, Soph. My family is expecting us and I will not disappoint them," Micah explained for the fifteenth time. "I'm tired...


An unforgettable night with a gorgeous transsexual woman

It was a nice autumn day in New Hampshire and a few of my college friends thought it would be nice to dine at a new restaurant. The leaves were turning their bright colors and the temperatures were still in the low sixties, making it perfect evening weath...

The New Neighbors - Josh

When his new neighbor, Josh, drops by for a beer, their interest turns to porn and then sex

JOSH DROPS BY The next day John Vukovic was mowing his lawn when he noticed that Josh had started to mow his as well. As they both neared their common fence, they stopped and chatted with each other. Both were perspiring and Josh had taken off his shirt....

Chapter 8 - Summer Fun

The lovers take Mom to the company picnic. Mom meets a new friend.

Every summer, the owner of the company throws a party for his employees. He has a few acres well out of town. It comes complete with a four-room house and a good-sized pond. All of us chip in Fifty bucks to make it as much fun as possible and help cover t...